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  • Social Media is not the same as Digital Marketing
    Been around for hundreds of years since communities and networks developed.
    More connected now, connections don’t break down between people
  • For every hour spent online, 14 minutes on social media
  • Tumblr – 170 million blogs
    Google+ - integrated with SEO so if you have a website and are on Google+ it will help raise your website in search results
    Instagram, video – visual content will be come very important (talk later about Amy on Instagram)
    Myspace still growing
    LinkediN very important for business to business and selling services – eg selling nutrition consulting services to corporate companies (use healthshare example)
  • Early 2012
  • July 2013, DAA did survey with 700 members
    Professional use – 9% regular, mostly forums
    90% are observers only – may have changed in recent years but over 40% say its important
  • Twitter for businesses is not just about tweeting, it's about 'farming' for people who value the wisdom/content/tweets you put out.
    Twitter is not for “young people”. The average age of the person using twitter is 39 years old
    72% of twitter users publish blog posts monthly – they could be blogging about you or your industry
    61% write at least one product review every month
    23% follow businesses to find special deals and promotions
    2.2 million Australians on Twitter
    Average time on site : 9.5 minutes
  • 5000 tweets every second
    3 million websites integrated with Twitter
  • Journalists used twitter to communicate updates to the public – when bomber was on loose, when he had been caught, etc
  • Osama bin laden death saw highest sustained rate of tweets ever – 3,440 over 2 hours between 10:35 and 12:30pm ET
    Japanese earthquake and tsunami – 5530 tweets per second (went over 5000 mark 5 times and a total of 177 million tweets that day
    Royal wedding – 3966 tweets per second at 4pm (British time)
    And on 9/11 twitter didn’t exist!
    Boston marathon – huge influx of social media comments, photos and videos. Development of a social media vigilante – average citizens feeling it was their duty to help FBI pursue the terrorists. Clues, tips and speculation led to at least 3 people being misidentified as the suspect bombers.
    There were also people posting graphic images which could be seen to be insensitive. Some people felt that if they received a tweet about a “normal event”like a photo from a kids birthday party it was insensitive but others felt that we cant let terrorism stop our lives.
  • B& J wanted to develop a new flavour and engage fans
    Invested time to create hashtag that had brand name but gave fans ownership
  • As fans began tweeting their desired concoctions, the brand rewarded users with personalized infographics of their suggestions
    The best performing tweets during campaign were favourited and retweeted – shareable content
  • Before engaging with users, you should understand their influence, relevance, background
  • Emma – tweet guru in Aus. Creating community for dietitians across the world. Connecting colleagues, blog/website content generation, driving traffic, updating on new nutrition news – open, balance of industry related tweets as well as personal, always positive tone. Director (with Catherine) of Eatkit
    FoodWatch – nutrition news, updated regularly, offering outside of twitter – healthy eating daily,
    Janet Helm – Emma of the states – Registered dietitian connecting colleagues, providing updates, >10,000 followers, number one most influential dietitian on twitter according to we follow
    Marion Nestle – >100,000 followers, built on reputation, credibility, media dietitian, published books, blog and drives content towards
    Tiffany Williams – graduate dietitian 1100 followers. Gen X embracing social media to network, learn and grow her career
    Hannah Gilbert – another dietitian embracing social media. Editorial job at healthy aperture despite never interviewed face to face and job US based
  • Uks largest heart charity
    Challenge was to create a compelling campaign that educated people about an alternative way to administer CPR, especially for those that felt uncomfortable with mouth to mouth resuscitation.
    The organisation needed a way to capture the publics attention and ensure their message made an impact.
    1.7 million video views
    Hashtag trended organically 5 times
    Wide media coverage
    The campaign was so successful at raising hands-only CPR awareness that several followers tweeted @BHF that they had saved a life using that technique alone.
  • Departments of health in Aus + USA
    Cancer Council
  • And please get in touch. There is a growing number of APD’s on Twitter and I am curating a list called ‘dietitians-down-under’. Just send me an @ message as above.
    Talk to other dietitians in this space and network with those that are social-savvy
  • Get your tips by searching online rather than books which are out of date
  • Who influences you and who can you influence
    How can you build your networks
    Start connecting with high profile dietitians, especially in an industry that you would like to work in when you graduate
    Connect and follow your dream employer
  • Good way to connect with colleagues – very much a professional tool – good if you want to keep your professional life away from your other personal social media contacts and conversations
  • Million blogs in 2012
    65% of bloggers are aged 18-44
  • Emma – popular blog showcasing different guest dietitians. Sign up for sub of the month for great experience
    Heidi – real foodie and amazing food travel stories
    BE – Camilla is a student who is blogging
    Ash – hilarious blog. Great recipes
    Jemma – blogging for a company
    Foodwatch – high profile media dietitian via blog. Sells books on blog
  • Julie Rochefort – dietitetics student from Ryerson University in Canada.
    Julie is very much a child of the digital revolution and over
    the course of her studies, utilised hersocialmedia knowledge and
    experience with great success.
    Julie’s academic work gave way to
    a national advocacy campaign, “Shift the focus away from weight”,
    and included a submission to the Public Health Agency of Canada,
    which received the top votes among over 80 submissions that
    were contributed to the dialogue around weight management.
    Julie attributed her success factors to the powerful role that
    social media plays in leveraging advocacy. Over a very short time
    frame (three months), she managed to mobilise her message via
    social sites including YouTube, Twitter, Face book and her blog
    and thereby created a viral campaign that could reach the critical
    mass required for the Canadian government to take notice
  • Youtube second biggest search engine. In 2012 generated more revenue than TV media
    In 2011, more than 1 trillion views, which is 140 video views for every person on earth
    72 hours of video uploaded every minute
    4+ billion videos watched online around the globe every day
    1 billion views per day on mobile
    Good way to do “how to”
    It will take 5 years to watch the amount of video that will cross the global networks every second in 2015
  • When Matt O’Neil, who’s here today, got so sick of people asking him about the lemon Detox Diet. He grabbed a kit, a handy cam and tripod and filmed himself discussing the low points and traps. This video has had close to 180,000 views.
  • Consider ease of use, templates, technical support, free vs paid themes
    Hosting requirements
  • What are you going to blog about?
    Niche area ?
    Weigh up being specific and more targeted (but you may change caeeer focus) vs more general but more competitive
  • Or the dietitians behind the monthly recipe challenge I’m in called Recipe Redux
  • The opportunity for a brand on Instagram is do storytelling through visual imagery.  This is in contrast to Facebook which is much more about direct communication targeted precisely (rather than evoking a feeling).  The environment on Instagram and the mindset of the user is much more about exploring beautiful stories. There are some pitfalls we want to avoid with Instagram, namely that we don't want to push the growth of followers for a brand (either organically or through a potential IG ads product).  If we do, it will not only limit the size of the IG ads business eventually but also would likely just cannibalize from any of the budgets that FB currently has.  
  • I’m giving nutrition tips on the instgram photo sharing app
  • Celebrity chef Tyler Florence (@tylerflorence) can be seen cooking on the set of the Food Network (@foodnetwork), in his world-renowned restaurants, and now from his very own kitchen. Through Instagram, Florence is bringing followers into the kitchen with him to demonstrate some of his favorite recipes.
    Florence starts by posting an image of the ingredients required and a description of the dish he is about to prepare. He posts photos at every step in the preparation so that fans can follow along. The end result typically consists of 8-12 photos per recipe, topped off with a mouth-watering image of the finished product.
    Florence showcases a broad range of recipes, from German Pancakes to Ricotta Gnudi. He also gives followers a glimpse into his daily life, highlights of the projects he’s working on, and previews of the dishes he serves up in his restaurants. Follow along with the Peach-Blackberry Pie recipe above and get your fix of Florence’s behind-the-scenes shots on his Instagram profile page.
  • doesn’t just feature its different yogurt types, but it also shares
    recipes of how users can use its products differently. chobani also has a featured board called
    “Nothing but good,” the company’s tagline, which only showcases fun and funny pictures that go
    along with its brand image; there’s no yogurt to be seen. In this way, chobani is embracing the
    main goal of pinterest -- to focus on the concept of a person’s lifestyle and encouraging users to
    share their tastes and interests with others and discover those of like-minded people. In other
    words, by promoting the lifestyle its products promote, chobani is using its pinterest account to
    enable people to learn more about its brand beyond just its signature products
  • peapod pinterest page tells stories of
    how the food gets to your office/home
    and what sort of produce peapod has in
    stock this season. The company features
    a behind-the-scenes board devoted just
    to peapod’s delivery trucks. Showing the
    cities it’s traveling through or watching its
    signature green bins getting loaded onto
    its trucks is a great way to give customers
    an inside look into a business that, on
    the outside, may not seem so glamorous.
    even if your company isn’t exactly devoted to ‘pretty things,’ it doesn’t mean you can’t be on
    pinterest. It just means you have to get creative about showing off your brand in an interesting
    and unique way. you can do this by showcasing some behind-the-scenes content that shows the
    people behind your brand, injecting some personality into your business and make it easy to
    relate to.
  • And have shared Pinterest board for like minded foodies
    70% of brand engagement on pinterest is generated by users
  • For many people, mobile screen will be first and only screen
  • The average aussie has 27 apps installed on their phone but only 7 are paid for
  • Essential for everyone
    Example of how health professionals create tools to help the community
  • Quick easy meals, brings it all together in one application, videos on how to prepare, shopping list
    7000 recipes
    Store locator
  • Rapid Calc – insulin calculation
    slide-and-tap controls let you enter your blood glucose and carbohydrate values quickly and easily. Simply drag the slider close to your value and then tap on the slider rail to make fine adjustments. As you adjust your values RapidCalc instantly calculates suggested meal and correction insulin doses
    Added support for Basal insulin dose recording.➤ Now you can choose to enter carbohydrate intake either in grams or in portions of 10, 12, or 15g.➤ Improved dose history summary with drill-down to dose detail.➤ Suggested Rapid Acting Insulin doses are now rounded to match the smallest dose available on your insulin pen.➤ Improved data export options.
    Insulin pro
    With Insulin Dose Calculator Pro you can easily calculate your insulin dose. Entering data is easily done with just a touch on the pickers, increasing accuracy and speeding up data entry. Now with support for up to three different factor settings (Morning, Day & Evening) for which you can choose manual or automatic selection based on time of the day.Studies shows that a calculation tool increases dose accuracy and improves HbA1c levels.Highly configurable and super easy to use it will fit everybody from beginners to professionals. Several alerts can be set to make the user aware of situations that needs extra attention.Supports both mmol/L and mg/dL.
  • Wt watchers 360 program anytime, anywhere
    Interactive tool
  • Dominos pizza app accounts for over 50% of total sales
    In Germany, McDonalds ran a ‘McSundae Melt’ campaign, using billboards and mobile technology to promote an offer that expired if shoppers didn’t rush to receive it. The fast-food retailer advertised its McSundae desert on a large billboard featuring a QR code that users could scan to download a coupon for free ice cream at their local McDonalds
    The user’s smartphone directed them to their nearest restaurant, which they had to hurry to reach, as the coupon (which appeared as an image of a McSundae on the smartphone) appeared to melt as time ran out
    GS1 Go scan has almost 500 Twitter followers in 3 months.
  • testimonials (including on social media channels) are against DAA’s Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Ethical Practice.
    As a self-regulated profession, DAA aims to maintain or exceed the standards and requirements for registered professions. These standards have been developed by individual boards governed by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in many aspects of practice. A breach also includes a testimonial that another person has placed online (e.g. on your webpage, Facebook or Twitter account). The owner of the account is responsible for what is placed there and is considered in breach if they have not monitored and taken steps to remove the content.
  • These 4 dimensions are the things that people are most likely to share. Always ask yourself whether your content falls into at least one of these categories. The post on the right clearly falls under the 2nd dimension of entertaining.
  • On behalf of Janet and myself, we hope you liked the session
  • But most of all we hope we inspired you to go forward and embrace social media. You already have the upper hand on the social network. You won’t be a twit face. You are surrounded by support and you’re an expert in nutrition.
  • For anyone feeling a tad out of place let me tell you a little story.
    About this time 3 years ago I didn’t have any social media or web presence apart from my writing work that was hosted. No, not even a facebook account. But I was interested in this little bird called Twitter and realised it was an easy way to dial into the digital world. So I set up a page with great design but no cost at all. And in a very short space of time…..
  • Deakin social media presentation february 2014

    1. 1. Teri Lichtenstein Twitter handle: Terilichten A Whole New World of Social Dietetics #HSN752
    2. 2. Social Media is a conversation Supported by online tools and technology
    3. 3. From this…
    4. 4. To this…
    5. 5. The important thing is Social Media is the real people who use it and their social interactions.
    6. 6. Why We Communicate? To make life easier To build relationships To help others To craft identity
    7. 7. You can tailor information to your needs and find people..... ......who like what you stand for in your business and your life..... .....who may spread your word for you..... ......for very little cost Build your reputation!
    8. 8. Social Media in Australia
    9. 9. Reach >12M people monthly >9M people daily of monthly active users return daily75% Source: Facebook Internal Data based on stated and inferred data, average for June 2013; percentage of internet and mobile phone users calculated with data from eMarketer, April/May 2013 >7.3M people daily on mobile >9.8M people monthly on mobile Every day. Every month. 71% of internet users in Australia That’s 54% of mobile phone users in Australia That’s
    10. 10. Top social media sites in Australia • Twitter: 2,500,000 users • LinkedIn: 3,500,000 users • Google+: 75,000 users • Pinterest: 490,000 users • Tumblr: 4,100,000 users • Myspace: 210,000 users • Instagram: 1,600,000 users
    11. 11. Dietitians on social media
    12. 12. Dietitians on social media 80% use social media personally 78% Social network sites 52% use social media professionally 63% Network with colleagues 38% Keep up with technology 25% Provide nutrition info to the public
    13. 13. A twitter follow is the most loyal explicit expression of loyalty and interest online. A follow doesn’t just confirm an existing affinity, it increases purchase intent and the willingness to listen
    14. 14. Twitter Global Stats:
    15. 15. 23 The world’s events happen on Twitter
    16. 16. Twitter Osama bin laden death – 3,440 tweets per second!
    17. 17. •@BHF created “Hard and Fast” campaign •Promoted tweets to drive users to watch video online before TV •#hard-and-fast •Pre-populated message to easily share with followers •Promoted tweets continued once on TV to amplify campaign message
    18. 18. Expand your networks – nutrition & beyond
    19. 19. @EmmaStirling please add me to dietitians-down-under
    20. 20. Listen up….Listen up…. Visit Have a go at searching for key words, it works just like Google! Think about what types of things people would be saying... Some ideas: 1.“dietitian” 2.“nutrition for X” 3.Health condition
    21. 21. Top 10 Reasons Why I Probably AM Following You on Twitter: • You make me laugh. • You make me think. • You've changed my mind. • You've sent me places online, pointed me to articles and blogposts and provided resources I might not have found as quickly on my own. • You've cheered me on when I'm excited about something. • You've helped me promote something that's important to me (a blogpost, a contest, a cause, a friend). • You've told me when you think I'm wrong. • You've argued with me, respectfully. • You've taught me something. • You make me feel like I'm a part of something global.
    22. 22. Twitter terminology • FEED – the main item you see when logged into your twitter account. List of tweets of people you follow • TWEET – message you send out . Maximum 140 characters, including photos and weblinks (use to shorten links) • RT- retweet. Sharing a tweet created by someone else. Can RT original or with added comments. • @MENTION – using someone’s Twitter handle in a Tweet so it links back to their account • #HASHTAG using # before a word makes it a clickable search term in Twitter • DM – Direct Message. Twitter’s non-public communication channel. • Twitter chat / Tweetchat – designated time for people to discuss a topic using a hashtag to join conversation.
    23. 23. Twitter terminology
    24. 24. Tea break • Set up your own twitter account • Recommend: use your name • Tweet using #HSN752 At home • Personalise a custom twitter background • Follow colleagues, mentors, industry experts • Secure your preferred name / handles on a range of accounts • Listen and participate in the conversation
    25. 25. LinkedIn Global Statistics More than 150 million members worldwide Top 3 countries are USA, India and UK (Australia 5th ) 41% female, 59% male Over 4 million users in Australia (19% penetration) A new user joins every second Source:
    26. 26. Dietitian Bloggers in Australia og
    27. 27. Largest bloggers’ network with more than 200k bloggers and 500k social media users. Collection of blogs written by registered dietitians. Trusted nutrition advice Online cooking community voted to health, delicious recipes Food photos by bloggers of healthy food (dietitians only)
    28. 28. Follow me on Twitter @shift_the_focus
    29. 29. Be transparent, honest, evidence basedBe transparent, honest, evidence based • Blog with integrity • Respect copyright, provide links, cite sources • Disclose all marketing relationships • Include section on your blog, profiles
    30. 30. Collaborate with global colleagues @NutritionBlogs
    31. 31. What is Instagram?
    32. 32. Instagram is a fast, beautiful way to share photos and videos.
    33. 33. 1. Create an Instagram Account and complete your profile information 2. Start posting Photos and Videos 3. Link your Instagram account to Facebook 4. Start building a community 5. Bring your brand to life with photos and videos relevant for your brand Getting started with Instagram
    34. 34. Starbucks – moments of connection
    35. 35. Everybody is an athlete. “You’re not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.” – Oscar Pistorius Never look back. Don’t let hump day take you under. Make your own rainbows. Red Bull – Uplift people’s minds.
    36. 36. Cyclists conquer France – experience the sights of Paris with Oreo! 23. July Oreo – Brings out the child in you.
    37. 37. CocaCola - evoking a feeling
    38. 38. 1. Extend Instagram conversations on Facebook 2. Use @mentions for users and #hashtags to create collections around an event or campaign 3. Experiment and learn about your audience 4. Use the Instagram API to bring the Instagram experience into your website 5. Promote your campaigns and hashtags on Facebook How to leverage Instagram
    39. 39. What is Pinterest?
    40. 40. “Succeeding on Pinterest is about finding how your products or services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience”
    41. 41. Why mobile matters Source: comScore MobiLens, Google Use their mobile to buy things at least once per week have researched a product or service on their phone 95% smartphone penetration in the top 5 EU markets by October 2012, growing 13% against the same period in 2011 55% Over 60% 70% penetration in Australia – the second highest around the globe 17% access the internet on their smartphone at least once a day
    42. 42. The Mobile Apps Explosion • Over 5 billion iTunes apps downloads and counting •Average android user downloads 40 apps •25% of iPhone & Android users spend 2 hours per day in apps
    43. 43. First Aid
    44. 44. Kraft iFood Assistant
    45. 45. Diabetes
    46. 46. Weight Watchers Mobile
    47. 47. Food Industry
    48. 48. Whole Foods Social Media Case Study
    49. 49. Whole Foods executes a brilliant Social Media Strategy.
    50. 50. BLOG: to interact with users & share inside stories.
    51. 51. Shares fresh organic tweets - news, updates, special events, sales, customer feedback and more. Social Tech Strategy –
    52. 52. Shares natural and organic foods news, recipes, photos, videos, fun information, business happenings. • Special recipes • Tips on healthy food choices • Events & promotions • Career opportunities • Customer feedback Social Tech Strategy –
    53. 53. Social Tech Strategy –
    54. 54. Real employees on YouTube. Supplier stories. Recipes. Social Tech Strategy –
    55. 55. Mobile Strategy - Recipe in your pocket - Store locator near you - Nutrition info in your pocket - Special diets
    56. 56. Twitter accounts for individual stores. Over 250 Twitter accounts
    57. 57. FB fan pages for individual stores. Over 250 FB pages
    58. 58. Now it’s your turn
    59. 59. Social Success You are a qualified dietitian working in a community centre and want to promote an upcoming healthy cooking class How can social media help you promote this event? • Post on Facebook and ask friends to share. • Tweet about event • University blog – invite students to volunteer • Recipes on Youtube (with permission from centre) • At event, refer patients back to video • Position yourself as the ‘go to’ person within your community for accurate and practical nutrition information
    60. 60. Risky Business Student dietitian on a rural placement was feeling isolated and overwhelmed. One night she had a rant on Twitter about how much she hated her workplace. What are the flow on effects and is her behaviour “socially acceptable”? • Someone at the hospital follows this student on Twitter and read her public tweet. His mother had attended an outpatient clinic with the same student that day. He retweeted her tweet to his colleagues and expressed his dismay at the student’s attitude • The next day many other colleagues had read this tweet and were gossiping about this student. One of the staff made a formal compliant to her supervisor.
    61. 61. Social Success A dietitian involved in a clinical research trial is struggling to get subject’s to enrol. She is looking for new mothers that had Gestational Diabetes during their pregnancy. She advertised in major and local papers with little success. What social channels can she tap into to generate enrolments? How would she go about this • Create a Twitter list of people with popular “mummy” blogs with lots of followers • Form a rapport by commenting and listening to blogs • Once rapport established, approach blogger and explain research project (WIIFM) • Blogger wrote a post about prevalence of gestational diabetes and included call to action for people to sign up to trial
    62. 62. Risky Business Dietitian on way to work one morning stopped at her local newsagent in a shopping centre. She took a “happy snap” on her iPhone of the queue of people at the nearby fast food counter and posted to her Face book page with the message “it’s not even 8am and look at the huge number of people eating fried food.”. Is there anything wrong with doing this? What could happen? Have you taken a similar photo in public and shared via social media? • Photo on phone was fuzzy but when enlarged on a computer faces could be identified. A facebook friend of the dietitian recognised her neighbour in the queue and tagged the photo with her full name, Jane Smith. • Jane (lawyer) was not happy as she was merely buying a coffee and took great pride in her health and fitness. She write a stern letter to the dietitian threatening a defamation case.
    63. 63. To share or not to share You are the owner of a private practise and you have a Facebook page blog where you post nutrition information and updates about your practise. Recently a patient of yours posted a comment on your page thanking you for helping her to get her diabetes under control and achieve a healthy weight. She also recommended your dietetic services to anyone needing help with their nutrition. How would you react to this? Would you be happy to have a positive personal story communicated to your fans, especially as it is authentic and your patient was happy to post it so you did not need to ask her permission?
    64. 64. A breach is a testimonial that another person has placed online (e.g. Your website, Facebook or Twitter account) Using testimonials is against DAA’s Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Ethical Practise
    66. 66. Ensure brand relevance Guess the brand? Guess the brand?
    67. 67. Ensure brand relevance
    68. 68. Use rich images
    69. 69. Keep text short & sweet
    70. 70. Highlight the product
    71. 71. Compelling lightweight action
    72. 72. Make it about your fans
    73. 73. Be timely
    74. 74. 1. To make my life easier Tips / tricks, advice, discover something new 2. To build relationships Reward fans (exclusive access, fan-only promotions, spotlight), entertain fans 3. To help others Ask for feedback, enable/encourage fans to help each other and their friends 4. To craft our identity Enable me to express who I am Why people communicate? Post content people want to share
    75. 75. The sit down social test • I have uploaded a photo of myself to a website • I have a Twitter account • I have bought or sold on ebay • I have posted a video on Youtube • I have commented on a blog post • I take photos of my food and upload to Instagram • I have used the internet to find a date • I broke up with my internet date via Twitter or Facebook
    76. 76. Twitter @Terilichten Pinterest @tezza Instagram @terilichtenstein LinkedIn Terilichtenstein