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Form and Conventions - Use


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Form and Conventions - Use

  1. 1. Also we use the typical convention The base of the storyline is of a group of teenagers that the ‘Revenge’; many horror movies trailer focuses on films which use have used this as the base of their this are; Scream, Friday the 13TH, plot for example; Taken, The Hills The Last House On The Left and Have Eyes, The Last House on the Cherry Falls. Left and House of Wax (1953). In what ways does your media product USE forms and conventions of real media products? In our horror movie we also use Like every single horror movie out someone who has come back from there we use blood. Every single the dead to kill the group of friends; horror movie will use blood, gore which happens in movies such as; and a weapon of choice that is used Friday the 13TH, Halloween and to kill the victims. These elements Freddy Kruger. are used for people to tell it is the horror genre.