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Audience research – Open Questionnaire


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Audience research – Open Questionnaire

  2. 2. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON OUR HORROR TRAILER?The majority of the answers I received were;• The trailer was good• It consists of blood and gore• The shots were good• It was quite long
  3. 3. WOULD YOU USE A DIFFERENT SONG?For this questions the answers were;• No, I thought the song lyrics fit the story.• No, the song was fitting.• No, the song fit the mood.• Possibly, a lot of trailer don’t use full songs.
  4. 4. WOULD YOU MAKE CHANGES TO THE CAST?The answers were;• No• No, teenagers are good• No, its great• No, the actors were good
  5. 5. WOULD YOU HAVE HAD THE CHARACTERS DIE IN ANY OTHER WAY?For this question the answers were;• No• No, it was good the way it was• Maybe you could have had them drown• No but some of the story could be hidden to raise tension• No
  6. 6. WOULD YOU HAVE MADE IT END DIFFERENTLY?The answer to this question was the same the majority of thetime;• Maybe left on more of a cliff hanger• Maybe don’t give to much of the plot line• Maybe not give away the endingHowever some of the answers were;• No• No, I liked the way it ends
  7. 7. DO YOU LIKE THE NAME ‘VENGEANCE’ FOR OUR HORROR TRAILER? EXPLAIN WHY…The answers for this was mostly positive;• It seems very creepy• Its fitting to what happens in the trailer• Relates to the storyline• Yes, VENGEANCE fits the story
  8. 8. WHAT TYPES OF CLOTHING WOULD YOU HAVE MADE THE CAST WEAR TO GIVE BETTER REPRESENTATIONS OF THEIR CHARACTERS?These answers again were very similar;• Wear dark clothing for killer and lighter colours for victims• Have the killer in black• Dark clothingAlthough a lot said;• No changes• I liked the costume the way it is• It was great
  9. 9. WHAT IS YOUR INTERPRETATION OF THE PLOT LINE?A lot of the people asked got the plot line right;• A group of friends, one girl gets drugged and dies. Then she gets revenge on her friends.