Forced feminization-guide


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How to get women to feminize you

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Forced feminization-guide

  1. 1. Lets dress him up as a girl!How long have you wanted to hear those words? Im guessing for a very long time. Buthow is it going to happen? Will you be kidnapped by a group of large breasted makeupartists and transformed into a beautiful girl? Drugged in a bar and driven to a mansionfar, far away to be used as an experiment by an evil Dominatrix? Forced to become oneof the cheerleaders at school and entertain the football team? I hate to tell you this, reallyI do, but there is a chance that this may not happen.So how can you fulfill your fantasy of being caught in panties by women you know,blackmailed, and forced to become a feminine little plaything for their amusement? Ihave a plan.First of all, you need to have your own clothes. Thats right, everything from panties tostockings to heels. Fortunately you dont have to have any makeup or even know how toapply it. The girls will take care of that for you. I suggest something like thisThumbelina sissy dress from Feminize MeYoull want to get the matching panties and stockings as well. Think pink.Let me tell you about this beauty. The Thumbelina is a beautiful fairy-tale dress that willmake you feel like a sweet princess. Its made from high-quality shiny satin, and features
  2. 2. a flattering neckline, with dainty fixed bows at the front. It has cute, puff-ball sleeves,with a ruffle hem. The Thumbelina is elasticated from under the bust to the waist, foryour ease and comfort - which also gives a perfect fit. The very short ballerina-style skirtsits on the underskirt for a really dramatic look, with the petticoat fully exposed.The little satin pinafore, which is also edged in satin ruffles, has an extra long sash to tieat the back. The petticoat has layers and layers of net, and each layer is hemmed withbeautiful lace which finishes it off to perfection. THIS is what you will be wearing andyou will be loving every second of it. (pretend to be embarrassed)Now for the plan.Step 1:You invite some women you know over to your house, invent a reason. Maybe you needhelp choosing paint colors for your bedroom. Or maybe youre thinking of renting out aroom, and you need a woman with a sense of style to help you decorate and set the price.You want the women to be flattered that youve asked them for help. You are just a manand know nothing about anything. Make that very clear. Its a good idea to promise themlunch, drinks, a swim in your pool, and a ride in your new Corvette. The fact that youdont have any lunch, drinks, a pool, or a Corvette is going to work in your favor, trustme.
  3. 3. Now who will you invite over? Good question. Hopefully you know some women thatyou are friendly enough with to help you. Maybe some of the girls from work. Youknow the ones. The stars of the office that get all the attention and get away with murderbecause they have huge, firm breasts, perfect bodies, and legs that you want wrappedaround your head. (you may have to promise them that they can drive your Corvette).How about your neighbors? The divorced housewife that always wears those prettysundresses and has perfect makeup even in the hottest weather. Or the college girls thatshare the house down the block and are always laughing long into the night. What arethey laughing about? With the proper preparation they will soon be laughing at youtrying to walk in heels.If necessary, ask your wifes sister or Mother in law. Or your girlfriends best friend. Becreative, if you spend as much time planning this as you do fantasizing about beingfeminized youll have it made.Step 2:The girls have agreed to come over for drinks, a swim, and to drive your imaginaryCorvette. Now all you have to do is get ready.Leave the door open and tell them to just let themselves in. Have some music playing soyou can act like you dont hear them when they arrive. Ideally youll have the radio on inyour bedroom so they can find you easily. Simple right?Meanwhile, you are very busy in your room prancing around in a pair of Bambi lacecovered pink satin panties. Make sure you practice your prancing, its very important.Your Thumbelina dress, stockings, and accessories should all be laid out on the bed.Make it very easy for the girls, give them ideas. Leave your dresser drawer open so thatthey can see your collection of lingerie. Once they realize that you have no pool or carthey are going to be fairly annoyed, and blackmailing you will be the perfect payback.Are you following me so far? Picture this: They walk in all happy and cheerful, readyfor a fantastic afternoon. Theyre thinking about drinks, and beating the hell out of abrand new sports car. But there are no drinks, and there is no car, what the fuck? And totop it off youre prancing around the room in panties!Now the girls are mad and guess who theyll take it out on? Ill give you one guess.They want to get back at you for making them get all dressed up, and driving all the wayover to your house. Theyve put on their sexiest outfits, spent extra time on their makeupand hair, and planned on meeting their friends at the beach driving a shiny new 2011Corvette as you promised. But none of thats going to happen is it? You flat out lied tothem, you conned them. You wasted their time. They would like to beat you to a pulp,but that gets messy. So youre prancing around in panties in front of angry women thatwant revenge.
  4. 4. “OH MY GOD, HES A SISSY!” The words give you an instant erection which is onlygoing to make this even more fun.“Look at all these panties, and that dress, and those stockings. Lets go girls-we have totell everyone about this.”Step 3:Youre fucked and you know it. There is absolutely no way to explain this and you’repopping out of your panties. They are going to tell everyone you know that you are asissy, a very well dressed sissy but still. Chances are you dont want that to happen. Soyou beg.“Wait a minute girls, please dont tell anyone about this. Ill make it up to you I promise”Your promises are about as real as the new Corvette and they know that. Now you begsome more.“Please-please-Ill do anything. Anything!”They look around the room, at the clothes on the bed, and at each other. Suddenly theyall have the same idea and its perfect: “Lets dress him up as a girl!”Finally, its going to happen. Of course theyll probably tell everyone anyway but youdont care at this point.They open your closet and find a beautiful, Electra long length blonde wig.
  5. 5. They open their bags and take out the makeup they need. Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow,blush, and of course lipstick. You are now completely helpless and they proceed to dressyou up like a little doll.They tease you relentlessly, “Were going to have to find you a boyfriend. What kind ofboys do you like sweetheart?”You try to speak but find that you cant. This is much more intense then you everimagined. They go through their lipstick and find you a nice bright red.“Oh no, not the lipstick!” you say as your erection grows.At this point you want to concentrate very hard on not exploding into your panties,because you know there is so much more to come. The humiliation, the teasing, and thepictures of you that will be all over the internet. You are going to be nothing more thena plaything for their amusement. You princess, are going to be completely feminized.All the way from the top of your long, blond curls to the tips of your freshly paintedtoenails. This is what youve dreamed about for so long. This is what you spend yourdays and nights imagining in vivid detail. This is what got you off thousands, if not tensof thousands of times. Your fantasy is now going to become a reality. Its time to dressyou up as a girl. But not just any girl, an ultra feminine, sissy girl. You will rememberthis day for the rest of your life, and so will everyone you know. This is your 15 minutesof fame. More if you can postpone an orgasm until the girls are finished with you.
  6. 6. Nail polish is next. Concentrate, make it last. This is your dream!
  7. 7. As you sit waiting for the polish to dry, they decide to take some pictures. All the girlshave a Facebook page and they also want to print a few for the bulletin board at work.So far so good right?They reapply your lipstick and give you a tissue to blot your lips before the photo shoot.“I think he needs a little something extra to help him feel more feminine,” and theysearch for some perfume to help you out.They dab a tiny bit behind your ears and the fragrance hits you like a hammer.Its too much, its happening too fast. The panties, wig, nail polish, lipstick, and now themost feminine perfume that you could imagine. You close your eyes and try to holdback, but its no use. You shoot hard into those pretty pink panties for what seems like avery long time. It feels fantastic.When you open your eyes the girls all have their mouths open in shock. They want nomore of this and begin to gather their things.“No wait-dont leave!”But theyre already on their way out. You never got to wear the dress for them, or walkin heels, or even have your picture taken. Who knows what they would have done to youonce you were completely dressed?As you hear the car doors slam, you realize you blew it. You sigh, and say to the nowempty room:“Feminize Me....Feminize Me....Feminize Me....Feminize Me....”I told you to concentrate! Copyright © Share-share, thats fair