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Teacher handout for Edpuzzle


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Teacher handout for Edpuzzle

  1. 1. EDPuzzle - as a TEACHER
  2. 2. EDPuzzle Steps - as a Teacher Once you log in to, you will first see:
  3. 3. Next, you can now search for . . .
  4. 4. Type “proportions” (for example) and then, choose Use it
  5. 5. Now you see the 4 steps to edit the video.
  6. 6. To crop the video, click & slide the red tabs
  7. 7. This will allow you to crop what you want out.
  8. 8. Next, you can add your voice or edit the audio, so click the next button.
  9. 9. (If you forget any step, no worries, just look to the right) & choose the Show me how option.
  10. 10. To add your voice, click the microphone
  11. 11. Next, you can add an audio note
  12. 12. Why record audio notes?
  13. 13. Next, you can add your own questions, so click the next button at the top right.
  14. 14. Here you can add an open ended type of question. Click on the green question mark to add. And to the right, enter your text. And then click Done.
  15. 15. You can also add comments, not just questions.
  16. 16. Now you just title and save it. Click Save & Exit when you are done.
  17. 17. The last step is to place it in the specific class(es). You can choose prevent skipping and the due date (and time).Then click Save Assignments.
  18. 18. As a teacher . . to see how a student did, click on Progress
  19. 19. If you choose a multiple choice type of question (as a teacher), the student can see if they got it correct, or not, (text is green is correct, text in red is incorrect.) They can also rewatch any part of the video.