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Classroom language

Practising expressions and questions to be used in class.

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Classroom language

  2. 2. What’s this word in English? What’s this word in Spanish? How do you say “…” in English? Student
  3. 3. How do you pronounce this word in English? Student
  4. 4. How much time have we got? Student
  5. 5. Can you spell this word, please? Student
  6. 6. Stand up, please. Get up, please. Teacher
  7. 7. Sit down, please. Teacher
  8. 8. May I come in, please? Student
  9. 9. Close your book, please. Teacher
  10. 10. Open your book, please Teacher
  11. 11. Listen carefully, please. Teacher
  12. 12. Pay attention, please. Teacher
  13. 13. What page is it on? Student
  14. 14. Please be quiet. Silence, please. Teacher
  15. 15. What’s the matter? Teacher ???
  16. 16. Let’s have a look at… Look at …., please. Take a close look at…, please. Teacher
  17. 17. Work in pairs. You are going to work in pairs. Teacher
  18. 18. Have you all finished? Teacher
  19. 19. Close / open the window, please. Could you close/open the window, please? May I close / open the window, please? Teacher or student
  20. 20. Close / open the shutters, please. Could you close / open the shutters, please? May I close / open the shutters, please? Teacher or student
  21. 21. Switch the light on/off , please. Switch on/off the light, please. Turn on/off the light, please. Teacher or student
  22. 22. Can you explain this, please? Teacher or student
  23. 23. Can I borrow your/this dictionary/book, please? Student
  24. 24. When is this homework due? Student
  25. 25. What time is break? Student
  26. 26. Where is your homework? Teacher
  27. 27. Which page are we on? Student
  28. 28. What’s the homework? Do we have any homework? Student
  29. 29. I’m sorry I’m late Teacher or student
  30. 30. Who knows the answer to this question? Teacher