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Teresa Butler's Presentation for Home Buyers


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Thinking of buying a new home?

Let Teresa represent you!

Choosing a Realtor with experience is key.

As a lifelong resident of Central Ohio with over 30 years experience in selling real estate, Teresa has the know-how to successfully find your next home. She has the expertise to help you get the right
financing, negotiate your contract and easily guide you to a successful closing. She will represent your best interests throughout the transaction.

New Builds
Pre-owned Homes
First Homes
Luxury Homes
Short Sales

Downtown, around town or out-of-town, call Teresa for all your real estate needs.

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Teresa Butler's Presentation for Home Buyers

  1. 1. Buying a Home In Today’s Market Buy orSell Your House with Teresa Teresa Butler "Seeking the best for our clients" ©
  2. 2. A home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make • Good investment • Hedge against inflation • Build equity • Tax advantages • Pride of ownership • Live the way you want The Advantages of Home Ownership
  3. 3. Now, let’s find out how I can help you do it! What you want: • To get a great deal a home • As quickly as you can get it • And with the fewest problems
  4. 4. Find the Right House My goal is simple . . . To find you the right house in your time frame in the area you want to live To realize this goal . . . I need to understand and analyze the market to find the best value for you
  5. 5. Find the Right House The process of buying or selling a home is no small decision. In fact, it’s one of the more significant decisions people have to make in their lifetime. I understand the importance of the decisions you have to make and want you to know that you can count on me to guide you through the process with the knowledge and expertise you deserve. As your Realtor® I’ll serve as your primary contact. I’ll oversee the entire buying and selling process.
  6. 6. She is dedicated to helping you find the right house. Why Choose Teresa? With so many agents available, why choose Teresa? A positive attitude and enthusiastic creativity are two of the driving forces behind Teresa Butler’s real estate practice. A real estate agent in the Columbus Metro area since 1983, Teresa still loves her business today as much as she did when she first started 34 years ago. She is totally dedicated to helping her clients’ real estate dreams come true. Teresa’s clients are some of the happiest and most knowledgeable buyers in Central Ohio. She works diligently to keep them informed through technology with reports, statistics, neighborhood and area information, all to help them make an informed decision.
  7. 7. Unmatched knowledge of Central Ohio as a lifelong resident What you get when you work with Teresa • Help to determine your buying power • Help arrange your financing • Help to find the right house for you • Provide detailed information on properties • Provide neighborhood reports and statistics • Help you determine what houses are selling for in the area • Help you negotiate the terms of the sale • Provide you my team of experts to facilitate a smooth process from start to close
  8. 8. Proven Experience You Can Count On! Here’s what Teresa Offers: Teresa is an indispensable partner in the home buying process. Without her experience and knowledge to guide you, you may overpay for your house or may lose out on the house of your dreams. Also, unlike a parent, friend, spouse or others, Teresa can give you a completely objective opinion on the properties you are considering. Keep in mind that Teresa’s fee is typically paid by the seller. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by utilizing Teresa’s expertise. • Will save you endless amounts of time, money and frustration • Access to all homes in MLS, FSBO and New Home Builders • Teresa knows the best lenders in the area • You will see only homes suited to your needs
  9. 9. About Worthington Realty • For over 100 years Worthington Realty has been a name that Central Ohio trusts with their real estate decisions. • Worthington Realty is a full service independent real estate brokerage offering residential and commercial real estate services. • Worthington Realty is headquartered in Worthington, Ohio and serves the entire Central Ohio area and referrals anywhere in the United States. • Worthington Realty is a member in good standing of Columbus Realtors, Ohio Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors. “Seeking the best for our clients”©
  10. 10. Finding your home is my #1 Priority Serving Central Ohio Since 1983 •34 Years Experience •Member of the National Association of Realtors •Member of the Ohio Association of Realtors •Member of the Columbus Board of Realtors •Member of the Columbus Multiple Listing Service •Past president Gahanna Area Realty Association •Member Independent Brokers Association •Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI) •New Build Experience •Professional Photographer and Artist
  11. 11. Responsibility and Equal Opportunity My Ethical Responsibilities as your Realtor® include... • Loyalty, obedience, disclosure, confidentiality, reasonable skill and care, accountability. Equal Opportunity • Equal Opportunity is “the law of the land,” and the right of every person in this country. • Everyone benefits from an open housing market. Restrictions limit the pool of potential buyers and hinders those who are hoping to sell. It’s Worthington Realty’s privilege to provide the broadest market of potential buyers for your home.
  12. 12. How we get paid Your fee to me is paid on your behalf by the seller. Nothing is due to me until a successful closing.
  13. 13. Initial Consultation 1st Step Set a roadmap to a successful path to your dream home
  14. 14. What do you require in your next home? Needs Assessment Distinguishing between “needs” and “wants” will be important as we move toward your next home purchase. Let’s be sure to discuss the following items, and where you’d rate their importance: • Location • Price range • Style/architecture • Age of home • Number of bedrooms • Number of baths • Formal living room • Formal dining room • Basement/finished basement • Fireplace • Central air • Lot size • Garage size
  15. 15. Teresa’s Signature Approach Staging & Photography Presentation Home Search Teresa Life is complicated and busy. Work with me and I’ll provide you full service to make the buying process smoother and the results spectacular! Contract & Negotiation Market Data MLS Home Building Inspections Financing Down Payment Short Sales & Foreclosures Transaction Management
  16. 16. One Stop Shop • Lender • Home inspector • Environmental tests • Insurance • Home Warranty • Title Search
  17. 17. Cost of Renting
  18. 18. Cost of Waiting to Buy
  19. 19. Your largest asset deserves a professional Steps to buying a home 1. Get pre-approved for financing 2. Determine how much you can buy 3. Determine where you want to live 4. Enjoy the hunt 5. Find the right house
  20. 20. Get Pre-Approved Before you start your home search
  21. 21. Prequalification vs. Pre-approval The process of buying a home can be challenging —and exhilarating! It’s my objective to help you move smoothly and systematically through a satisfying transaction. There’s nothing worse than finding your dream home ... and then finding you can’t afford it. Avoid the heartbreak by getting pre-approved before you start house hunting. When you get pre-approved, a lender commits to a specific mortgage amount. So, you’ll know your buying power before you fall in love with a house that’s just out of reach. Having a pre-approved mortgage: • Helps you narrow your price range and shop with confidence • Shows sellers and real estate agents you’re a serious buyer • Gives you a leg up over buyers who haven’t been pre-approved • Speeds up the mortgage process when you do find that perfect home
  22. 22. Service is KEY to getting a good loan! What to look for in your Lender • Competitive Rates • Commitment • Flexibility • Stability • Reputation • SERVICE
  23. 23. Ready & Able Ready to begin Your home search Once approved, it’s time to begin your home search
  24. 24. The Home Search Process Your home search most likely starts on the internet There are many venues on the web to search for homes. Send any of the homes you are interested in to Teresa and she will get the latest, most accurate information for you for each house. All homes are shown by appointment only.
  25. 25. With thousands of homes on the market, I will help you find the right one. In addition, Teresa will be sending you some tools to help you find homes easily. She will also set you up to automatically get the newest listings the moment they hit the market. The latest information will hit your inbox daily. The Right Tools
  26. 26. Don’t miss a thing! Enjoy the search Finding the right home through the internet Many venues to search You might start your search on the internet. There are many places to search to find your home. Send the houses you find right over to Teresa. She will get the latest and most accurate information from the MLS. Teresa will also be sharing home search tools with you so you won’t miss a thing.
  27. 27. Multiple Listing Service
  28. 28. Look at homes that interest you By appointment only! Teresa will schedule the showings for the list of houses you would like to see. According to HUD, the average buyer will look at 15 homes before finding the right one. That is just an average. It is possible you will buy the first home you see!
  29. 29. Experience with New Home Builders New Home Would you like to explore building a home? Let Teresa bring her expertise to represent you. She has and extensive background in new home sales (both as a real estate agent and a builder sales rep) and home construction. She has a good working relationship with all the local builders. She will help you find the right builder for you.
  30. 30. Teresa will watch out for your interests Do I need representation? Q. Why does Teresa need to represent me in working with a builder? A. The sales rep is working for the benefit of the builder (their employer) and not on your behalf. They are hired to sell all the homes they can for the benefit of the builder, whether or not that home is of benefit to you.
  31. 31. Working with Builders . . . Q. Won’t the builder give me a discount if I don’t have a Realtor®? A. NO! The pricing is the same whether or not you have a Realtor®. The builder pays the Realtor® fee, therefore, there is no cost to you to have Realtor® representation.
  32. 32. Be sure you are represented Avoid Hassles Builder reps are aggressive. They must sell all the units they can for their employers. Therefore, they will contact you frequently to close the deal. With Teresa representing you, the rep will contact her on your behalf and save you being hounded by pushy salespeople.
  33. 33. Working with Builders . . . So be sure to have Teresa represent your interests in building a new home. Her extensive background in new home construction, financing and sales will ensure that you are getting the most home for your money!
  34. 34. Open House If you happen to attend open houses without Teresa, mention that you are working with her so that you don’t get inundated with calls. All comments and questions agents have will be directed to Teresa Teresa will give you a set of cards to give to agents at those open houses to make the sign-in process easier
  35. 35. Narrow Down Your Search Discuss Each House Do discuss each house candidly with Teresa. Tell her what you like and don’t like. That will give her valuable feedback to be able to adjust the parameters of what you are looking for to zero in on the right home for you.
  36. 36. Determine the right offer Time to make an offer When you find the home you wish to make an offer on, Teresa will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to help you formulate your offer.
  37. 37. Making the right offer As we narrow your home choices to a particular home, I’ll create a Comparative Market Analysis, highlighting similar properties in the neighborhood. This important tool will give you a “snapshot” of homes that are currently listed for sale, as well as those that have sold recently or expired from the market without selling. Reviewing this report together, we’ll determine an appropriate price to offer the seller. As your agent, it’s my job to provide you with information that will help you make smart decisions.
  38. 38. Buyers’ CMA Comparative Market Analysis 1.Similar homes recently sold. This tells what buyers have been willing to pay for this kind of home in the area at this time. 2.Similar homes now for sale. This is compare how this house stack up against others for sale in the neighborhood.
  39. 39. So it is important to act quickly and make an educated offer based on a rational approach to pricing and negotiating Make a good offer Once you find a house you love, most likely others will love it, too.
  40. 40. Offer to Purchase To start the process rolling, Teresa will draw up the paperwork to make the offer of your price and terms. You can include any terms you like, but the more you ask for the more likely the seller is to reject
  41. 41. Elements of the offer: • Price – the market will determine the price. Teresa will help you formulate a price based on the current market activity and current market conditions. • Finance Contingency – even with your pre-approval, you will want to make the offer contingent on obtaining financing • Home Inspection – you will want to make the appropriate inspections to determine the condition of the house and find any material defects. • Earnest Money - the amount of money you want to give to secure the contract until closing. Held in the broker’s escrow account until closing. • Closing Date & Possession - closing date and possession may not coincide, depending on what you negotiate with the seller
  42. 42. Negotiation & Counter Offer Many times there is a fair amount of negotiation before arriving at the final agreed contract. This is where Teresa is invaluable . She can serve as a buffer between you and the seller to arrive at the best terms possible. The seller may accept, reject or counter your offer. Price is not the only thing you negotiate. There are many other items in a contract to negotiate. The original offer can look very different the final signed contract. As your buyer’s agent, Teresa will negotiate (sometimes vigorously!) to ensure that your best interests are protected. She will work with the sellers’ listing agent to protect what’s important to you, and to create a “win/win” transaction in which both you and the seller are satisfied
  43. 43. Get a Home Inspection For Your Protection Teresa strongly believes in the value of a thorough home inspection by a qualified licensed professional. Identify any flaws, learn about maintenance issues and get educated about how your new house works Once you are in contract, the first thing you want to do is schedule your home inspection.
  44. 44. Peace of Mind Home Warranty A home warranty protects you from: • Unexpected breakdowns • Expensive repairs • Associated costs Protect your assets when you purchase a home in order to ensure peace of mind. A home warranty is an excellent investment, insuring the working systems of your new home for the year following your purchase. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with guarding against unforeseen repairs.
  45. 45. Title insurance protects against many types of risks, including: • Forged deeds or other documents • Claims by previously undisclosed heirs • Inaccurate descriptions of property and boundaries • Mistakes in public records • Fraudulent acts … and many other problems. Title Once you and the seller have finalized your contract, the title company will research your new property’s ownership history and enable the purchase of a Title Insurance policy. This protects both buyers and sellers, should someone make a claim to own all or a portion of the property.
  46. 46. Smooth Sailing Prepare for Closing Teresa works closely with you, your lender, the title company and the sellers’ agent to make sure everything is in place for a smooth and efficient closing.
  47. 47. Closing Once all contingencies of the contract have been met, it is time to go to closing. At closing you will sign all the documents required to transfer ownership to you from the seller. When your home purchase “closes” title will transfer from the seller’s name to yours.
  48. 48. And now it’s YOURS!
  49. 49. Get Started Today! The Choice is Clear Why Choose me as your Realtor®? • My knowledge • My services • My access to technology … all gives you outstanding results! You can count on me for expert advice and a satisfying transaction. Once you start working with me, I will begin the process to get you on the road to home ownership. So, contact me today to get started!
  50. 50. Where to go for more information: Find a Wealth of Information at Teresa’s Website
  51. 51. Home Buying Guide Download your step- by-step guide to finding, financing and buying a home A Free Gift from Teresa
  52. 52. Choose Teresa as your Realtor®