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Make Visually Stunning PowerPoints


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Slides for a workshop I teach on the expert use of PowerPoint. Covers:
Slide Master -- Use to create custom themes and templates
Text -- How to make your content legible and fun/pretty
Images -- Simple formatting and effects
Autoshapes -- Get creative and make your own design elements and clipart
Animations -- My personal passion. Used effectively, animations can help the audience understand a complex topic, or add visual interest (think motion graphics)
Action buttons -- If your presentation will be distributed to individuals rather than presented, use buttons to give them control over navigation and provide interactivity

Past attendees of the 2 hour workshop sing its praises and were excited by the fun and approachable material.

See more of my portfolio at

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Make Visually Stunning PowerPoints

  1. 1. Tips & TricksMakeVisually StunningPowerPointsTeresa Beary May 2013Photo by Fickr user Golden_Ribbon
  2. 2. We will not cover:Presentation Zen Image editing
  3. 3. simple.Keep it
  4. 4. We will cover:Slide master Autoshapes ImagesText formattingAnimations Action buttonsLearn more at
  5. 5. Don’t usethese tips for.
  6. 6. Slide master
  7. 7. Text
  8. 8. AutoshapesCommittedtoCustomer Take it tothe BankHighlyLikelyIffyA B A&B
  9. 9. ImagesPhotos by Flickr user Mosman Council
  10. 10. OutDayPet’sImagesPhotos by Flickr user Mosman Council
  11. 11. Action buttonYour response:“Sorry, bro.”Throw something at him.Ignore him.Play his favorite song.Hey!I’m ticklish.Oh, that’sok.Seriously?Nice music!
  12. 12. Slide masterView > Slide Master
  13. 13. Slide masterHeadingBody{Live class demo here}
  14. 14. TextDrawingTools ribbon (selected)Solid / Gradient / Picture! Use the Format Painter to copy styles.
  15. 15. Text• Morbi eu nisi diam, vitae eleifend libero.• Sed consequat elementum ligula, ac ornareest feugiat eget.• Curabitur adipiscing sodales eros, sit ametvarius tellus condimentum venenatis.• Maecenas ut orci dui, sit amet sollicitudinenim.{Live class demo here}
  16. 16. TextmeTestplease{Live class demo here}
  17. 17. AutoshapesHome ribbon! Ctrl + d = duplicate objects.
  18. 18. Autoshapes{Live class demo here}
  19. 19. Images! Drag & drop images to insert.PictureTools ribbon (selected)
  20. 20. Images{Live class demo here}Photo by Flickr user Moyan_BrennPhoto by Flickr user bryangeek
  21. 21. AnimationsAnimations ribbon
  22. 22. Animations{Live class demo here}
  23. 23. Action buttonInsert ribbonNavigation Play soundOLE action Run macroOpen file / program
  24. 24. Action button?{Live class demo here}