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Murphys law

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Murphys law

  1. 1. MURPHY’S LAW1. If you’re single and you meet somebody you really like … … he’ll be married. … you’ll stammer. … he wont’ like you. … she’ll be a man.2. If you throw something away … … you’ll need the next day.3. If you park a long way from where you’re going … … you’ll find another parking space closer to the place where you’re going. … when you get there, you’ll remember you forgot your bag in the car.4. If your baby goes to sleep late … … (s)he’ll wake up early. … you’ll have to get up early the next morning. … he’ll wake up at the same time as usual, or even earlier. … your neighbour will make a noise that wakes him/her up.5. If you’re driving somewhere and you’re in a hurry … … you’ll be in a traffic jam. … a policeman will stop you. … the garbage truck will be in front of you. … your car will break down. … someone will probably drive slowly in front of you.6. If you arrive very early to catch a plane … … the flight will be delayed. … the flight will be cancelled.7. If you get to work late …
  2. 2. … your boss will be waiting for you. … your boss will be early.8. If you leave your mobile phone at home … … you’ll receive an important call. … somebody important will call you. … your phone will ring a lot. … your boss will call you.9. If you push a door … … the door will only open if you pull. … you’ll probably hit your boss.

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  • paydeya

    Jan. 28, 2015

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