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Documents 5742 file [autosaved]

  1. 1. IrelandFLAG ->
  2. 2. Where is it?A small island on the edge of Europe Theirnext door neighbour is the Island of Britain America is on the other side of them to the west
  3. 3. This is the large mapof the Ireland. Theisland is divided ontwo countries. First isIreland and thesecond is NorthernIreland.
  4. 4.  Dublin is the capital city of Ireland (for North is Belfast) Vikings founded Dublin (Dubhlin) There are about 6,400,000 people in Ireland (The diaspora, maximally interpreted, contains more than 100 million people) Castle near Dublin
  5. 5. Monuments Spire of Dublin Monument of Light (121m) Mitchelstown Cave Father Matthew Statue Liam Mellowes Statue, Galway General Post Office (GPO) James Joyce Monument Turoe Monument, Galway Cathedral In Dublin
  6. 6. Irish Culture Religion :  Rep. Of Ireland : 86.8% Catholic, 3% Anglican  Northern Ireland : 40.3% Catholic, 20.7% Presbyterian, 15.3% Anglican Irish Festivals  Autumn - Autumn Harvest Festival, Samhain, November Eve, Saint Martins Day.  Spring - Chalk Sunday, Saint Patricks Day, Easter, May Day.  Summer - Bonfire Night, Midsummers Eve, Midsummers Day, Orange Day Parade, Lughnasa, Pucks Fair.  Winter - Christmas, Saint Stephens Day, Saint Brigids Day. River in St. Patrick Chikago <-Leprechaun
  7. 7. Irish Culture National Drink -Guinness(beer) -Tea NationalSports -Hurling -Gaelic Football
  8. 8. Food ChampFull Irish Breakfast Steak and chips Sunday Roast dinner.
  9. 9. Bodhrán Uilleann pipesIrish Music Traditional Played at ceile’s and pubs, generally in groups of musicins Ceili – Dancing sessions where for Irish music and Irish dance Instruments The Bodhrán – made from animal skin and is like a drum Whistles and flutes – Tin whistle is mainly played Uilleann Bagpipes - uilleann pipes are not blown with the mouth; air is pumped into the bag by means of an elbow bellows. Also, uilleann pipes are not as loud.
  10. 10. Rock U2 – Very successful Irish rock band joshua tree, All that you cant leave behind Thin Lizzy – Dublin band from 70’s and 80’s Rory Gallaher – Blues Rock, great guitar player U2 The Corrs
  11. 11. Sport in IrelandIn Ireland most sports, including boxing, hockey, rowing, cricket, rugbyunion, Gaelic football and hurling, are organised in an all-island basis, with asingle team representing the whole of Ireland in international competitions. Othersports, such as soccer and netball, have separate organising bodies in NorthernIreland and the Republic of Ireland.The many sports played and followed in Ireland also include horse racing, showjumping, greyhound racing, basketball, fishing, handball, motor sport, targetshooting, and tennis. At the Olympic Games, a person from Northern Ireland canchoose to represent either Ireland or Great Britain.
  12. 12. Films & Celebrities Intermission (2001), Man About Dog (2004), Michael Collins (1996), Angelas Ashes (1999), My Left Foot (1989), The Crying Game (1992), In the Name of the Father (1994) The Commitments (1991)
  13. 13. Actors andactresses  Saoirse Ronan  Colin Farrell  Jonathan Rhys Meyers  Cillian Murphy  Pierce Brosnan
  14. 14. FaunaThe fauna of Ireland is basically similar to that of Britain, but thereare some notable gaps. Among those absent are weasel, polecat,wildcat, most shrews, moles, water voles, roe deer, snakes, andcommon toads.
  15. 15. Flora  Ireland is in the Atlantic European Province of the Circumboreal Region a floristic region within the Holarctic. Sea mayweed Spring gentianBog Rosemary
  16. 16. The Burren (Nationalthe result of an ancient volcanic eruptionn, Giants Causeway, park) protected by UNESCO!