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Cv hr


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Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Cv hr

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae of TEODOR STOICA PERSONAL INFORMATION Languages: Romanian, English Current location: Bucharest, Romania SUMMARY  Senior HR professional with strong expertise in HR & Business Acumen in matrix organisations  Superior skills on customer focus, with strong focus on operational excellence  Excellent coaching and people development skills, change mobiliser skills  Strong reasoning abilities and sound judgement  Superior interpersonal and communication skills, excellent capabilities builder  Very comfortable in performing multifaceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities  15 years of experience in HR related roles, with 10 years in HR Management positions EDUCATION AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT 2005 – 2007 ASEBUSS – The Institute for Business & Public Administration Business Management EMBA - Executive MBA Master’s Degree 1996 Law School, Bucharest University Bachelor Degree PROFESSIONAL TRAINING:  HR Manager Certification - Strategic HR Management Program. 6-months intensive program designed for Senior HR professionals - Exec Edu ASEBUSS (May 2008).  CNFPA Trainer Certification – Exec Edu ASEBUSS (March 2010)  Graduate of ICH ACSTH Coaching Certification Program (October 13 – March 2014). Enrolled into ICF accreditation. CAREER HISTORY: REGIONAL HR LEAD March 2012 – onwards / Wipro Technologies (IT & BPO) Role Purpose: Providing strategic and operational HR support aligned to business strategy and functional expertise in all areas of Human Resources, including staffing, employee relations, compensation, benefits, organization development, training, regulatory compliance, coaching, employee advocacy, performance management and other HR functions.  Developing and managing the implementation of the HR strategy & operational plans for the region, with strong focus on operational excellence  Proposing innovative employment options & practices to enable Business cutting edge models  Developing appropriate sourcing methodology for managers’ hiring and leading Selection Process for internal promotions  Conducting Talent reviews and advising business stakeholders on succession planning in critical roles  Developing Talent Management programs in accordance to the plan of growth for the area 1
  2. 2.  Overseeing Strategic Leadership Development programs. Conducting Training Identification Needs assessments  Providing HR support to critical cross functional groups such as Sales and Extended Sales  Driving Employee Engagement, Employee Welfare and Retention programs  Overseeing development and implementation of Performance Management, Employee Feedback, Career Development and Employee Grievance Handling processes  Enabling the Business by providing critical HR, legal & industry inputs for new Business deals  Gaining a clear understanding of current and future business strategies in order to define and implement effective people strategies  Managing cross-functional initiatives at different levels of the organization that involve people implications  Defining & implementing compensation strategy. Framing innovative benefit programs for the Business to enable cost effective employer branding  Liaison with external vendors for Salary surveys, HR benchmarking, employee satisfaction surveys & other branding on employee Communication, payroll and benefits Key Achievements:  Revised C&B structure enabling the Business to drive revenues growth. Manpower costs reduced by 5.2% => Sales teams being better positioned in winning deals • Awarded for Engagement Champion HR COUNTRY LEAD July 2010 – February 2012 (20 months) / Wipro Technologies Romania (IT & BPO)  Leading Romania HR Function. End to end HR deliverables, covering all facets of HR.  Driving Employee Engagement Index. Implementing Employees Engagement initiatives that served as best practices within Geo and represent HR strategic differentiators  Managing end to end Performance Evaluation. Implementing Assessment Centers for mid management roles  Overseeing Strategic Leadership Development programs. Conducting Training Identification Needs assessments  C&B alignment against targets. Implement C&B merit process in order to achieve internal parity against budgetary targets  Partnering actively with Business to drive employees’ retention and attrition control  Support in providing help for internal/external trainings. Foster accountability for employee development and performance by ensuring training/goal - setting and recognition plans/programs are in place.  Managing industrial relations focused on maintaining and decreasing the operating costs  Responsible for projects rolled out in Eastern Europe region (covering Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic; Russia and Kazakhstan). Key Achievements:  Renegotiated the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Union resulting into 11% cost saving  Redesigned the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) for the country and enhanced the engagement programs => lowering attrition from 24.5% annualized to below 14%. Market stands anywhere between 20 to 24% annualized attrition. HR MANAGER – Bucharest location May 2008 – June 2010 (25 months) / Wipro Technologies Romania (IT & BPO)  Responsible for ensuring that all HR processes and policies are established and in line with the country, regional and global strategy. Managing the HR team.  Providing full employee life cycle management and ensure that KOPs for all HR products and services are in place and reviewed 2
  3. 3.  Ensuring audits of HR are passed, and that any follow up actions are implemented  Coordinating transfers and new hires from recruitment process to contract establishment and onboarding  Talent Acquisition within given timelines and budgets  Support building low cost sourcing model and backfilling for attrition as required by Business.  Strategize innovative methods to increase talent retention: STAR – Saving Talent At Risk.  Workplace sensitivity initiatives & internal employee communication  Facilitate setting up of employee facilities including boarding and lodging for nonresidential employees. Overseeing vendor development, maintenance of services and cost efficiency improvements initiatives.  Maintain relations with local state bodies & ensure compliance with all labour related standards.  Plan and present for client visits and address People capabilities & availability trends. Standing in front of the customer for HR function sessions.  Support Business to address RFPs in terms of skill set availability and manpower costs Key Achievements:  2011 awarded for Execution Excellence Wipro worldwide HR MANAGER November 2007 – May 2008 (7 months) / Mira Telecom SRL (IT & Telecom)  Managing end to end HR function. Setting up and coordinating the HR team  Ensuring that the core HR information systems and employees files are updated and maintained accurately  Support training activities and maintain accurate records for regulatory and development purposes  Overseeing headcount planning and development  Implementation of appropriate recruitment plans. Coordinating the recruitment and selection process. Reviewing resumes and credentials for appropriateness of skills, experience and knowledge in relation to position requirements. Providing complete & accurate information to candidates about the company & position. Interviewing candidates using face-to-face behavioural-based interviewing methodologies.  HR Partner: Providing operational HR support to meet the business plans of the company. Setting up the three years HR Company Strategy.  Development and implementation of internal policies & procedures to enhance EVP  Liaison with external vendors for payroll, health / safety, medical benefits and HR admin Key Achievements:  Introducing job grade system and revising/realigning the job competencies  Revising the health and labor process given the existence of risk personnel groups HR & GENERAL AFFAIRS MANAGER April 2002 - August 2007 (6.3 years) / CPE Training/Consultancy & Non-profit organisation HR Responsibilities  Drive operational efficiency and effectiveness (employee productivity) in the organisation  Drafting and implementing HR Strategy, including establishing performance targets and correlation of business targets with human capital. Implementing core HR procedures.  Recruitment: Job analysis, job descriptions, candidates short listing, interviewing.  Workforce assessment and Job grading. Structuring performance management policies.  Responsible for staff training programs implementation and coaching employees. Designing induction and on boarding programs.  Ensuring that HR information systems / employees files are updated / maintained accurately 3
  4. 4.  Managing cost of all HR services within the set and agreed budgets  Managing end to end payroll and benefits system  Representing the organization in interactions with external parties and HR vendors CORE SKILLS: People Oriented: Excellent relationship abilities in a business environment with strong communication skills Leadership skills, capacity to build followers and trust High feedback skills and providing motivational support Understanding others and leveraging diversity Developing others, very good coaching skills, team player Business Oriented: Very high customer focus skills, internal and external Excellent skills on organisational awareness & dual focus skills (employees and management) Presentation skills Analytical, conceptual and strategic thinking Achievements oriented and risk taker Multi-tasking abilities Self-Management Oriented: Creative thinking Positive thinking and self-motivation Active listening Capacity of controlling own body language Ability of self management High ability to prioritize and handle deadlines REFEREES: Name of Referee: Company Name: Position Held: Contact Number: Name of Referee: Company Name: Position Held: Contact Number: Name of Referee: Company Name: Genpact Romania Position Held: Contact Number: TBP NOTICE PERIOD: 30 calendar days CONTACT INFORMATION E-mail: Mobile phone: +4 4