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How Technology Has Changed the World of Technical Translation


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Technical translation has been around for decades, but with the recent strides in technology lately, translation has become much easier.

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How Technology Has Changed the World of Technical Translation

  1. 1. How Technology Has Changed the World of Technical Translation
  2. 2. Today’s Technology Our world is saturated with technology: • Smartphones • Holograms • Google Glass • Video messaging The list goes on…
  3. 3. Technology in Translation • Technology has carried over to almost every industry. • That includes translation. • Translation has become easier thanks to technology.
  4. 4. Terminology Management • Technical terminology is highly specialized. • Terminology management helps keep terminology consistent throughout a project. • Words are stored in a database for the translator to reference.
  5. 5. Machine Translation • Machine translation works well as a resource. • Can be used to translate low-priority documents that could be useful in another language. • Too flawed for high-stakes translation.
  6. 6. The EPO’s Free Machine Translator • • • • Translates from English into 31 different languages. Free translation service. Useful for prior art. Example of successful machine translation.
  7. 7. Project Tracking Tracking programs can help with several different things: • Deadlines • Priorities • Completion • Editing • Quality Control This makes it very useful for patent translation in particular, as well as other technical materials.
  8. 8. Accuracy Improves • Fewer mistakes occur in vocabulary. • Documents are less likely to slip through the cracks. • Paired with technology, technical document translation is far more effective.
  9. 9. Efficiency Improves • Translation process is now much quicker. • No shortcuts in the process, but the process itself is faster. • Businesses can compete better when they have efficient technical document translation services available.
  10. 10. Man vs. Machine • Machines can never completely replace human translation. • Language is too abstract, and too constantly changing. • Machine translation is sufficient for some types of writing, but not all.
  11. 11. Need a Technical Translation? • Find a company with the right translation model for your enterprise. • MultiLing is a translation company that pairs technology with the expertise of human translation.