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Yoga, Elbow Hyperextension And Poses To Be Careful In


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If you practice Yoga, and have a degree of joint Hypermobility, be careful that you don't "Hyperextend" your elbows, especially in certain upper-body, weight-bearing positions.

This may be particularly important if you have Tennis Elbow – In which case, it might be wise to temporarily avoid these and a few other "extended elbow" poses. (Where you're putting weight on your arms.)

If you have a tendency toward Hypermobility due to Ligament Laxity (looseness) it's possible to damage your elbow joint by overstretching already lax ligaments.

Unfortunately, this tends to happen cumulatively - sneaking up on you gradually with minimal symptoms to warn you in the early stages.

Is it wise to continue practicing Yoga while you’re recovering from Tennis Elbow in the first place? Probably...

There's a good chance Yoga will be beneficial to your recovery - It's just that these poses could potentially aggravate your symptoms if done incorrectly. (By Hyperextending your elbows.)

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Yoga, Elbow Hyperextension And Poses To Be Careful In

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