Increase Your NonProfit’s     Online Revenue with a       Tendenci Website             Sarah M. Worthy  @Tendenci //sworth...
What We’ll Cover in this Training:   Revenue Generation Tools and How to Use Them Best:        Corporate Memberships      ...
Tendenci Generates Revenue for Your Non-             Profit Website45%                                  Registrations40%  ...
Tendenci Enables You to Accept  Payments On Your Website
Look At This Image!Corporate Memberships
Membership TypesVirtually infinite numberof membershiptypes/levels withcustomized pricingoptions.
Offer Members Selective Pricing
Renewal Notices – Send Them Early  and Often to Boost Renewals! Tendenci has Renewal Templates Included, andYou Can Create...
Event Registrations
Bundled ticket packages fortable sponsorships, golf teams, etc.                Ticket Packages For:                - Golf ...
Early and late registration pricingoptions, trackable discount codes
Job Boards
Job Listings Worth Paying For
Create aSuccessfulJob Board
What Makes a Great Resume?
Earn More from YourBusiness Directories
Look At This Image!     What Can You Do with Tendenci Business Directories?
Look At This Image!Custom Forms with Payments
Give More to Get More From Your Sponsors
Photos, Plugins, Videos and More!
Questions? Contact Me!Sarah M. Worthy@tendencisworthy@tendenci.com
Increase Your NonProfit's Revenue With Your Website - Tendenci CMS for NonProfits
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Increase Your NonProfit's Revenue With Your Website - Tendenci CMS for NonProfits


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This presentation shares fun ideas and creative ways your nonprofit organizations can increase your online revenue. Although the presentation is in the context of Tendenci-hosted CMS websites, most of the tips are applicable for any non-profit website.

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  • This Presentation is One of Tendenci’s Free Online Web Trainings. Register for upcoming Tendenci trainings online at is the first open source CMS platform created specifically to help nonprofit organizations succeed with their online web marketing initiatives. Find out more online at and start your free trial today at http://signup.tendenciapp.comTendenci is more than just a website, this webinar presentation will explain how to make Tendenci your biggest fundraising volunteer for your nonprofit organization!
  • The Tendenci CMS platform creates beautiful, easy to use websites to manage content publishing, memberships and user logins, selective permissions, event registrations and more! Tendenci is more than just your website, it is an all-in-one software solution to managing your organization’s online payments and invoicing for service-based fees earned through membership payments and renewals, event registrations, fundraising payments, and more. This presentation will walk through the different core modules and explain how you can get the most value and earning-power from your Tendenci website.
  • This chart demonstrates which Tendenci modules are earning the most money for our clients online from the past 3 years.As you can see, year after year – Event Registrations and Memberships are the top revenue generating tools. We are constantly developing new features and improving Tendenci’s software with the goal of helping your nonprofit earn more revenue, and in particular – more revenue from Event Registrations and Memberships. The greatest part is that if you are increasing your event registrations and memberships, then you are also growing your community of supporters and providing them with valuable services and products they want to pay for.
  • One of the key functions built into Tendenci software is the ability to accept online payments and manage invoices and receipts directly through your nonprofit’s website from any internet-capable device. Tendenci integrates with Authorize.Net, First Data, Stripe, and PayPal’s PayFlow Merchant account services.Obtaining and managing a merchant account is actually a lot simpler than it sounds. You can learn more online at integrating a Merchant Account with your Tendenci website, you will save money (lower fees than eventbrite and paypal charge) and also keep ownership of your event and registrants, your members, and have more control over your organization’s online revenue. Here’s a little more about online payments integration with the different Tendenci modules: Membership and Corporate Membership Dues and Renewals:Membership applications integrate with Tendenci’s online payments and invoicing so new and existing members can apply and pay for their membership dues all in one step with their credit card. Both the member and your site Admin receives immediate confirmation via email and an invoice is stored on your website and linked to the user’s profile page. Event Registration:Event registrants come to your site, go to your event calendar or registration link, and enter their data and credit card information directly on the site.Tendenci automatically sends an email receipt to the registrant and sends you an email linking to the registration.Tendenci also creates an invoice automatically that shows payment has been made, linked to the user’s profile if they are a registered site user.Since the registration and payment all occurs on your website – you don’t run the risk of losing the potential sale from someone being redirected off to a 3rd party payment site. The registration process is seamless and fast for your visitors and encourages them to come back to register online for future events.Jobs and Directory Listings:Customize pricing and length of display for job postings, and business directory listings easily. Tendenci allows you to charge different pricing for members versus nonmembers too. This gives your organization additional revenue streams and a way to provide selective membership benefits to encourage new membership applicants easily. Custom Forms with Payments: Custom forms with integrated payment options allow you to accept online payment for virtually anything. Create custom donation forms, sell t-shirts for a fundraising event online, and sell training videos and documents from your website using a custom form. The selective permissions settings allow you to customize access to content based on membership so members can do more and receive more on your website than nonmembers. Online payment integration saves your staff time and frustrations – your Tendenci website handles the tedious administrative tasks involved with collecting and organizing financial payments, receipts and invoices. Invoices are easily batch exported via .CSV so you can import them into your accounting software too.
  • NonProfits and Associations earn more revenue annually if they offer Corporate and Group Memberships than when they only offer individual membership plans.Corporate Memberships offer your organization a way to generate larger revenues and more stable cash flow and provide companies, universities, and other groups a way to receive your members-only benefits at a large scale.Here are some additional tips to increase the number of corporate memberships using Tendenci: Offer corporate members additional benefits that will provide more exposure to their company as a member like a listing in the business directory, discounted table sponsorships at events, and opportunities to promote their company at meetings and in the newsletter. Have tiered-levels of corporate memberships that provide more benefits and # of employee memberships for larger corporations/higher priced membershipsOffer a discount for employees of corporate members when they’ve exceeded their threshold # of participating employees in their membership packageOffer corporate members special guest passes to bring their clients and business partners to your events Give corporate members the opportunity to each play the “host” of one of your events and can promote their organizationIf you have a venue or space, offer corporate members a discounted price to rent it and host corporate parties
  • Memberships are a great way for an organization to grow online revenue and build a community of like-minded fans to help share your nonprofit organization’s mission, vision, and goals.Are you concerned about charging your nonprofit supporters membership dues? Don’t be – by asking them to contribute financially to a cause they already believe in and IN RETURN giving them unique ways to contribute and grow your nonprofit, you become true partners working together to make a difference.Tendenci gives you the tools to customize membership types to reflect your community’s unique personality and manage your membership application process.
  • Tendenci knows that each organization is unique – you have a different community structure, members with their own reasons for being part of your cause, and your own, personal stories to tell. Use Tendenci’s flexible membership module to customize your membership types, prices, and the look and feel of the membership groups to better show your members that you appreciate them and truly understand them. Some creative ways to customize membership types that will boost membership:Offer a +1 membership at a higher cost and these members can bring a guest (“+1”) at a discounted rate to events alsoOffer special priced memberships with shorter renewal periods for job seekers and students and internsOffer a “VIP” level membership at a much higher cost and include additional benefits like reserved seating at events, opportunities to promote themselves and their companies on the website, and guest blogging privileges to write content and include it on your website and email newsletters.Create a “Young Professionals” membership level and create a program of events and content, social activities online and offline to engage the next generation of donors and leaders in your community.**Remember to Thank your members who participate in the most events, volunteer, and are more active in your organization with a member appreciation breakfast or banquet. Recognizing your members publicly for their efforts shows them your organization cares about them, values them, and it will help increase membership renewals.**
  • Tendenci’s event form gives Admins the ability to create multiple, tiered-pricing options for event tickets. Use this feature to: * Offer special discounts to members-only to encourage new memberships and increase membership renewals year-round. * Give certain membership groups permission to add and edit events using Tendenci’s permissions settings to allow them to promote their events without your staff having to manage the calendar. Try these ideas to sell more tickets for events:* VIP passes to events with special seating, extra drink tickets, free valet parking, etc. * Members-only Add-On options that you give members when they register for events* Increase membership renewals and new membership sign-ups with special event tickets + membership discount packages (bundling events and memberships together).When you sell additional items like event t-shirts, posters and books, and related materials using the events Add-Ons, you can also charge different prices for members than non-members.
  • When to Send: Renewals generally occur within 2 months of expiration but that doesn’t mean you should just ask them 2 months before they expire!Before membership expires:Use Tendenci’s integrated membership renewal notices to set-up autoresponder renewal notices that will go out throughout the membership period at the rate you determine and you can customize them to look and say exactly what you want.*Remind each member at least 10 separate times. It takes 10 or more renewal “contacts” to capture the members attention at the right time so they will renew. Make sure they’ve received at least 10 different requests before their membership is up for renewal. *Associations with higher renewal rates also start the renewal contact earlier – some start immediately after welcoming a member, average is 3-4 months prior to expiration. Add a box to your page templates and “ask” members on your website to renew and to invite new members every time they login.After Membership Expires:Tendenci has the ability to extend a member’s access (or restrict it) after their membership has expired – utilize this to give members a grace period after expiration with a reminder to renew before they lose access to content on your website and access to your organization’s members-only events and benefits.Enable a discounted rate for renewing within 30 days (or any custom length of time you would like) after their membership has expired – Tendenci includes this optional setting so you can set it once for all members.Rule of Thumb: Don’t stop sending renewal reminders unless you are requested for the best success rate.      
  • Tendenci offers online event registrations allowing your site visitors, users, and members to register and pay for events online, on Your website.As we demonstrated in the chart at the beginning, Event Registrations drive the majority of nonprofit organization’s online revenues. If your website doesn’t provide a way to accept online event registrations and payments for events, you are missing out on the #1 source of revenue for your organization that your website could be providing. Integration with Facebook let’s you and your attendees promote the event to their online community – encourage them to “Like” the event when they register. We also offer custom Facebook integration so that your Tendenci events calendar listings are automatically displayed on your organization’s Facebook page as an Events tab. Stop duplicating your efforts promoting upcoming events and training and have 1 single platform that you can share everywhere for people to register.Learn more about custom Facebook Page Tabs:
  • Tendenci’s custom event pricing software let’s you decide how many people are included in each ticket price so you can offer registrations for teams, companies, and more.When you select to sell a ticket price for more than one person, registrants are asked to submit contact information for each registrant so you will know who is coming and can print the right name badges and send out announcements for bundled tickets. Increase Your Ticket Sales Revenue with these Ideas:Sell corporate table sponsorships for 8 to 10 people at a much higher priceOffer couple’s and family ticket bundles to increase ticket salesSell packages that include the whole family : kids, parents, grandparents – customize to fit your members and attendeesOffer bring a friend bundles to increase attendance
  • Tendenci also offers all the features you and your guests except from an event system like discount codes and the ability to automatically start and end certain ticket pricing options so you can easily set-up early bird, late registration, and unique discount code offers when you are creating your event.Discount Codes:Offer sponsors and members special discount codes to share with their friends/communityOffer partners discount codes and ask if they’d send out the code with your event details to their email subscribersUse the tracking information for discount codes to see who’s code is getting the most new ticket sales and reward those who sell the most tickets Automatic Start and End dates for ticket salesOffer a discount for early bird pricing to start generating sales and buzz around your eventCreate late registration pricing to help cover the costs of last minute registrations instead of closing down registration earlyCreate an event and set the start date and end date to whatever you want, and then you can let tendenci takeover and you can get back to work
  • Tendenci’s Job Boards provide custom pricing options and integrated online payments so you can earn revenue while providing your members with a valuable directory of jobs. Tips to a successful and profitable Job Board:Go Niche – keep the focus of your job listings related to your organization or industry. If you are a professional association for nurses, then limit job postings to nursing positions solely, and make sure they are quality jobs that your members would want to apply for. If you are a nonprofit focused on helping cure cancer – then you may want to post jobs focused for cancer researchers, or perhaps create a niche job board where people who have family members with cancer can find a job with a company who understands the extra flex-time your members would need to support and care for their family member. Make your job board selective – make job postings private to members only. By limiting the target market of potential applicants, you increase the opportunity for your members to find a job on your job board compared to the job postings on public sites like Monster and Linkedin who receive thousands of applications apiece. Offer a discount or free job postings to corporate members to encourage them to post jobs on your board and provide them with an additional benefit of corporate membership.
  • Tips for Pricing YourJobs Board Listings:* Be realistic* Offer bundled job packages* Offer different pricing options with varying active time periodsDid you know Tendenci Job Listings can be custom integrated into your organization’s Facebook page as a Tab? Add a job board tab to your Facebook page and increase visibility for your job listings and your website. Learn more about custom Facebook Page Tabs: Targeted job seeking email newsletters with Tendenci’s integrated newsletter feature, people looking for a job can sign-up and you can easily and automatically create a newsletter with just your recent job postings to send
  • You can come see this job listing on our site: (the He-Man video is pretty awesomely 80’s!)GrowingYour Job Board:Ideas to Promote and Attract New Employers/Job Postings:* Give Paying Job Posters Access to View Resumes from your Members so they can view and look for potential candidates* Promote your premium job listings which Tendenci automatically puts above regular listings and highlights these, you can charge more and/or offer premium listings at a discount to corporate members* Promote your job listings across your website using a box and tags so members and site visitors can view the most recent job postings* Spotlight the employer with Tendenci’s enhanced contact and Description fields on Job Postings: add logo, link to company website, embed a video on the job posting, and more! * Share on your Organization’s Social media networks – tweet job listings, post on your LinkedIn groups, add a “Like” button to the postings, etc.
  • Tendenci’s Resume Module includes all the fields job seekers need to customize and show off their skills and experience. Resumes are also easily searchable by employers so they can find the right candidateHere are some creative ways to use Tendenci’s Resumes to Provide more value to your organization: * Include the option to post Resume listings as a members only benefit* Create a short term “job seekers” membership type that is at a reduced cost and has limited benefits that focus on helping them find a new job like discounts to networking events, posting a resume, and discounts to training that will expand their skills offered through your website* Promote new resume listings using boxes in sidebars and on the homepage to increase visibility and demonstrate more value to job posters* Encourage resume posters to add video, images, links to their portfolio and presentations to help them find a job faster
  • Business Directories are a great way to generate revenue for your nonprofit from your website. How do you ensure your directory is valuable to your members and the businesses that are paying to be listed? Regularly screen businesses and only allow those that you would recommend and that your members recommend to be listed, this will give your members and community a place to go for services from companies they can trustLimit the number of competing businesses that are listed – ie List the best 3 companies across industries instead of allowing 10 competitors to be listed. This will give the listed businesses better exposure to your community so the companies will continue renewing their listings.Keep it relevant to your members, target local businesses if you are primarily in one city and don’t include businesses that your members would never have a reason to shop at. This adds relevance so people will think to visit your directory listing first when they are looking for a recommendation.
  • Creative Ideas for Making Your Business Directory a Success:Create flexible, custom pricing options for Premium and Regular Directory Listings so businesses have optionsOffer members a discounted price to list their businessUse Tags to create easily searchable directory segments based on member status, industry, and other fields. You can even use tags to include rankings and pricing for businesses like restaurants and hotels ie: tag listings “fivestar” , “fourstar” , “threestar” or tag listings “$$$$” , “$$$” , “$$” and you can have an easily searchable directoryEmbed videos, images, Slidesharepresentations and other content that clearly shows the company’s products and services to visitors and increases your site’s SEO
  • Tendenci’s Custom Forms Module has a new Payments option to enable you to create forms with a virtual unlimited number of ways to customize the form and add a payment method and price. Custom forms give you a way to charge for products and services unique to your organization that other modules might not be able to represent as well. Some Creative Ways to use custom forms with payments:Use Tendenci’s permissions control to charge a different price for members versus non-members or for different groups privatelySell products with sizes or other custom options using the form (like a t-shirt) and customers can select their size/options, add their shipping address and other information you want to collect, and pay online with their credit card on one form. Use the upload a file field on a custom form and people can upload applications, documents, and other files and pay. An example might be for a school or university to allow potential students to download the application, fill it out, then upload it through the custom form and pay the application fee. Use custom forms with payment instead of the Donations form when you want to request additional information and survey questions from your donors when they donate
  • Show your sponsors more love by promoting them on your Tendenci website and in newsletters and keep sponsors coming back every year with a check for your nonprofit!Here are some ways Tendenci enables you to promote your appreciation of your sponsors easily:* Create Boxes with sponsor logos, links to their site, and let your sponsors suggest custom messages to include, add the boxes to your website sidebars and homepage, on your events calendar and promote your sponsors to site visitors and membersUse Tendenci’s newsletter module to send email newsletters promoting your sponsors within your communityCreate a Sponsors Page on your website and promote your sponsors there, add a navigation menu button on your homepage to send people to check out your sponsorsUpload your sponsorship documents to your website as a downloadable file to provide interested companies with details about signing up as a sponsorCreate a custom form with payments so sponsors can pay for their sponsorship online with a credit cardPromote your sponsors’ events on your events calendar Give top-tier sponsors their own page on your website with access to update and add a video embed, presentation, and other information that shares what they do with your members
  • Tendenci has tons of other fun features that will drive more traffic to your website so new people learn about you, showcase your nonprofit’s passion and help increase engagement and interest from people.By having a relevant, engaging, and interesting website – you’ll increase memberships, event registrations, job postings, and more… all of which will result in increased revenue generation.Photos and Videos – add digital media to your website pages from past events and to show what your organization is doing to make the world a better place. Use Staff plugin to highlight your staff, volunteers, and Board members so new visitors can get to know your people and build a relationshipUse testimonials to share what others are saying about you and your events: post what sponsors have said about the value of their sponsorship to gain more sponsors, share positive experiences from members to attract new members… Coming Soon: Courses and Trainings Plugins - want to offer courses on your website? I’m happy to let you know when it is ready, just signup for Tendenci’s email newsletter:
  • Need a little more information or have a question about Tendenci for your nonprofit? I want you to love using Tendenci as much as I do and am here to help! You can also find out more information to help nonprofits on the Tendenci blog:
  • Create your own Tendenci nonprofit website and learn how easy it is to grow your association online and offline today!
  • Increase Your NonProfit's Revenue With Your Website - Tendenci CMS for NonProfits

    1. 1. Increase Your NonProfit’s Online Revenue with a Tendenci Website Sarah M. Worthy @Tendenci //sworthy@tendenci.comGet More at
    2. 2. What We’ll Cover in this Training: Revenue Generation Tools and How to Use Them Best: Corporate Memberships Memberships Event Registrations Job Boards and Resumes Business Directories Custom Forms with Payments Sponsorships Other Plugins in Tendenci@Tendenci
    3. 3. Tendenci Generates Revenue for Your Non- Profit Website45% Registrations40% Memberships35% Directories30% Cart Catalog25% Donations Courses20% Payments15% Jobs10%5%0% 2009 2010 2011
    4. 4. Tendenci Enables You to Accept Payments On Your Website
    5. 5. Look At This Image!Corporate Memberships
    6. 6. Memberships
    7. 7. Membership TypesVirtually infinite numberof membershiptypes/levels withcustomized pricingoptions.
    8. 8. Offer Members Selective Pricing
    9. 9. Renewal Notices – Send Them Early and Often to Boost Renewals! Tendenci has Renewal Templates Included, andYou Can Create Your Own Custom Notices
    10. 10. Event Registrations
    11. 11. Bundled ticket packages fortable sponsorships, golf teams, etc. Ticket Packages For: - Golf Teams - Table Sponsorships, Etc.
    12. 12. Early and late registration pricingoptions, trackable discount codes
    13. 13. Job Boards
    14. 14. Job Listings Worth Paying For
    15. 15. Create aSuccessfulJob Board
    16. 16. What Makes a Great Resume?
    17. 17. Earn More from YourBusiness Directories
    18. 18. Look At This Image! What Can You Do with Tendenci Business Directories?
    19. 19. Look At This Image!Custom Forms with Payments
    20. 20. Give More to Get More From Your Sponsors
    21. 21. Photos, Plugins, Videos and More!
    22. 22. Questions? Contact Me!Sarah M. Worthy@tendencisworthy@tendenci.com