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Improve Your Email Marketing Results with Tendenci


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Learn how the Tendenci CMS for Non-Profit Websites can improve your email marketing:
1. Why Email Marketing is Important to You?
2. How to create and send email newsletters using Tendenci's Newsletter Module
3. Tendenci’s Tools to Increase Your Email Marketing Success, including:
List Management and Segmentation
A/B Split Testing and Other Email Tests to Try
Understanding Reporting Features
How to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Come find out how Tendenci can improve your web marketing results and generate more revenue:
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Improve Your Email Marketing Results with Tendenci

  1. 1. Improve Your Email Marketing Results with Tendenci Connect and Communicate Using Tendenci’s Email Marketing Dashboard Sarah M. Worthy @Tendenci //sworthy@tendenci.comGet More at
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover in this Training: • Why Email Marketing is Important to You • How to create and send email newsletters using Tendencis Newsletter Module • Tendenci’s Tools to Increase Your Email Marketing Success, including: – List Management and Segmentation – A/B Split Testing and Other Email Tests to Try – Understanding Reporting Features – How to Improve Your Email Marketing Results • Q&A Time@Tendenci
  3. 3. Look At This Image! Why Email Marketing? Chart/Survey from:
  4. 4. Tendenci’s Newsletter DashboardWe Found the Most AwesomeEmail Marketing Software: and Integrated it with Your Awesome Tendenci Website – Come See How it Works…@Tendenci
  5. 5. Access Your Email Marketing Dashboard From Tendenci’s Admin Navigation Menu:@Tendenci
  6. 6. Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard View Campaigns You’ve Created and Sent as well As Saved Drafts from the Tendenci Newsletter Dashboard. Select a Campaign to see date sent, recipients, and view the newsletter template@Tendenci
  7. 7. Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard Add a New Email Campaign From Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard and Select Content to Automatically Include in Your Email Newsletter.@Tendenci
  8. 8. Tendenci’s Newsletter Dashboard Now that You’ve Selected Content and Events from Your Website – Head over to the full Newsletter Dashboard to finish Editing Your Newsletter and Send to Your Subscribers.@Tendenci
  9. 9. The Newsletter Editor with Side-by-Side View@Tendenci
  10. 10. Subscriber Permissions and What You Need to Know Before You Send Spam is any email you send to someone who hasn’t given you their direct permission to contact them on the topic of the email. EACH separate violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $16,000!@Tendenci
  11. 11. Who Can You Email? People who have specifically signed up through your website For example, by ticking a checkbox (not checked by default) on your signup or sales form People who completed offline forms & indicated they wanted to be emailed Eg: By filling in a competition or survey form where they specifically agree to receive email People who gave you their business card and asked to receive email If someone gives you their business card and you have also explained to them that you will be in touch by email, you can contact them. They purchased something off you in the last 2 years By making a purchase from you they have provided their permission implicitly, although it is much better to explicitly ask them.@Tendenci
  12. 12. Who Can’t You Email? Lists or email addresses received from a third party Includes any list you bought or rented, got from a partner or membership organization. No matter the claims of the source of this list, you cannot send email to them. Addresses you collected or "copy & pasted" from the Internet Even if they look like ideal customers for you, you cant email someone just because you found their address. Addresses you havent emailed in the last 2 years Permission doesnt age well. Even if you got their permission legitimately, they wont remember giving it to you. If you havent sent something to that address in the last 2 years, you cant start now.@Tendenci
  13. 13. Tendenci Simplifies Subscriber List Management I created this Group on Tendenci… … And This List Was Automatically Created!@Tendenci
  14. 14. Learn and Engage with Your Subscribers@Tendenci
  15. 15. Personalize Your Message with Segments@Tendenci
  16. 16. More Ways to Manage Your Subscribers • Create New Lists • Search for Subscribers • Add and Remove Subscribers • Create Autoresponders • Auto-Supresses Duplicates@Tendenci
  17. 17. Tendenci Reports to Improve Your Results Campaign Reports Tell You What Your Subscribers Want to Open, Read, and Click to Get Them on Your Website and Coming Back!@Tendenci
  18. 18. Create and Analyze A/B Segments@Tendenci
  19. 19. Your Campaign Snapshot@Tendenci
  20. 20. Opens Over Time Report@Tendenci
  21. 21. Recipient Activity@Tendenci
  22. 22. Link Activity Report@Tendenci
  23. 23. Bounce Summary@Tendenci
  24. 24. Compare Your Campaigns@Tendenci
  25. 25. Discover What Your Subscribers Are Clicking On@Tendenci
  26. 26. Now Let’s Improve Our Results! What Makes Your Newsletters More Effective? Content that is: • Social • Personalized • Relevant • Visually Awesome@Tendenci
  27. 27. Get Read: Increase Your Open Rates• Start with a Great Subject Line• Send it when your Subscribers have time to read it• Share Content that Matters to Your Subscribers@Tendenci
  28. 28. Look At This Image! • Chart provided by:
  29. 29. We love Campaign Monitor’s Email MarketingSoftware and totally understand – Here aresome other website platforms that integrateand let you send awesome email newsletters! Don’t Have Tendenci and Want the Newsletter Features?
  30. 30. WordPress Integration@Tendenci
  31. 31. Drupal Integration@Tendenci
  32. 32. Affordably Priced Email Marketing@Tendenci
  33. 33. Questions? Contact Me!Sarah M. Worthy@tendencisworthy@tendenci.com