Dungeon kagato's keep


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Dungeon kagato's keep

  1. 1. Kagato’s Keep Page 1 As the party tops the cloud, towers and a tall spire topped by a sparkling ball can be seen jutting upward from the billows of the cloud. Looking carefully a castle can be seen in the center of the cloud, partially hidden as if by fog. Somewhere in that castle Kagato is holding Ryoko and Tenchi’s sword. He’s more powerful than all of you combined, or is he? He defeated you all so easily, but this time it will be different, you hope. This module contains a lot of NPC’s because it is dangerous but it contains a wish that can bring back all dead group members at the end. There is nothing worse than sitting there after your character dies. Players can be told about the wish, and allowed to play an NPC character if needed. [Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.]
  2. 2. Kagato’s Keep Page 2 PART A: Kagato Attacks: Kagato will fly in on his magic carpet and wait invisibly to attack Tenchi when he is alone or in a small group. Have the party detail their buddy system. Kagato will have cast fly (120 rounds), protection from normal missiles (120 rounds), stone skin (untill hit), Telekinesis (14 rounds) and minor globe of invulnerability vs. 1st - 3rd level spells (12 rounds) just prior to appearing. He will hit the group Tenchi’s is with (if any) with hold person (1 - 4 persons; -1 to save if only 2 persons; -3 to save if only 1 person). If successful he will try to charm Tenchi. Failing this or if the group around Tenchi is still active, he will get Tenchi to draw his sword probably by using his wand of force sword and challenging him, then he will try to remove the sword from Tenchi by pulling it upward with 300 lbs of force with the Telekinesis spell as he flies upward himself. If Ryoko is present he will grasp the sword (even if by the blade, he only takes normal damage from it and none the first round if he still has stone skin) and command Ryoko to stay back using the command word. Note: Ryoko’s eyes turn green when she is under the command of the sword. He will then pry the sword from Tenchi (he has 18(00) strength). If Tenchi falls, Ryoko (if present) will catch him. Kagato will order Ryoko to kill Tenchi, she will resist this order. If other members of the group are attacking, Kagato will order Ryoko to blast them, she will resist this order one round then blast them when the order is repeated the next round. Kagato will order Ryoko to come with him and they fly to his carpet and take off at 36” movement. If pursued he will order Ryoko to destroy the pursuers. Dialog: 1) Hold Person if needed. (24 rounds held in place if target fails saving throw) 2) “Hello cousin, I heard you found our great-great grandfather’s sword. How prophetic, since you bear its name.” Eyes of Charming, save at -2 vs. Charm Person. 3) “I’ve been looking for it for some time, would you mind allowing me to touch it, I’ve dreamed of finding it for so long. May I hold it for a second?” a) If the charm succeeds: “And you resurrected his dragon-queen, Ryoko, too. I’d love to meet her. I hear she can be quite dangerous unless you have this sword. Let me borrow the sword for a minute and go meet the old dear.” Kagato takes the sword and goes off to command
  3. 3. Kagato’s Keep Page 3 Ryoko. Assume it takes till round 6 to find her and he will command her to come with him. (read 3b and skip to round 9) a. Yosho will possess Tenchi as Kagato leaves, snapping him out of the charm person. Then allow Tenchi free action again. 4) If the charm fails: “I’m afraid I must have the sword. Let’s see if you are worthy enough to use it.” He then forms the force sword from the wand of force. 5) Telekinesis on Tenchi’s sword. Kagato flies upward at same time. 6) 20’ 2”/round Called shot on Tenchi’s hand (-4) if sword not released. Grapple with sword if Ryoko is present. If grappling see who rolls under their strength by the most using 3 d6. a) Command Ryoko if present to back off (if attacking), or to come with him if no one is resisting. Ryoko obeys. Ryoko will catch Tenchi if he falls. Her eyes will turn normal for one round when holding Tenchi. 7) 60’ 4”/ round Called shot on Tenchi’s hand (-4) if sword not released or continue to grapple. a) Command Ryoko to come with him or to attack the group if any are interfering. (Ryoko will resist this round but her eyes are green and her fists are clenched.) Ryoko will catch Tenchi if he falls. 8) 140’ 8”/ round Called shot on Tenchi’s hand if sword not released or continue to grapple. a) Command Ryoko to attack the group or a specific member if they are interfering. “You must obey me Ryoko!” Ryoko will obey unless she needs to catch Tenchi. 9) Ryoko will defend Kagato vs. any group members attacking him with Fire, lightning or energy sword. Tenchi will not be targeted. 10) Telekinesis spell and minor globe spell end. Kagato will leave on his carpet ordering Ryoko to follow. 36” move. 11) If pursued he will order Ryoko to destroy the pursuers while he waits at a distance for her to rejoin him. “Would you mind if I invited great-great Aunt Ryoko up to my keep to meet my dragons? They’re a handsome pair, I’m sure she would like them. She might even decide to move in. She’s still young for a dragon you know.” PART B: The Group Pursues Kagato: If the group waits to recharge then Kagato will also recharge his spells. I.) Kagato will send his dragons to intercept the party. 24” move (48” if diving) / maneuver D, (600) When they are 2 miles away (5280 x 2 = 1056”) and 2000 ft (200”) feet below him.
  4. 4. Kagato’s Keep Page 4 II.) Kagato will then begin to form a tornado beneath and around the cloud castle (1 turn [10 rounds]). This will travel at the party at 30 mph = 30” move to suck them in. Kagato will leave the organ which will end the whirlwind when the party gets over the top of the whirlwind (2000ft). If the whirlwind passes over the campsite or town the party is staying at it will wreck the area and cause 2-20 damage per round to all left behind. a) Entry into the whirlwind will cause 2-20 damage per round. Getting within 300 ft (30”) of it will require a bend bars roll by the pilot to prevent being sucked in. (00% always succeeds though.) Getting out also requires bend bars roll and then 2nd roll to prevent being sucked back in. III.) Kagato’s dragons, if out of breath weapons and wounded but still alive, will flee back to the cloud castle. a) They will keep their distance from the whirlwind until they fly over the top of the whirlwind and into the center. They will approach the keep from the front gate and dive under the two flanking towers and into the hidden caves beneath. One method, perhaps the best method, of entering Kagato’s keep is to follow them.
  5. 5. Kagato’s Keep Page 5 VI.) When the party tops the whirlwind they should be shown the picture of Kagato’s keep in the clouds (front cover) for 6 seconds and informed of the actions of the dragons if they are following them. This view is from 500 ft. above the castle. This is out of range of the siege weapons and of 7th level fireballs. Questions asked during the 6 seconds (what’s that, what’s this) should be answered even if the answers continue longer than the 6 seconds, but the picture should be taken away. VII.) The pilot must decide on their course and speed. (Follow dragons, fly over the castle, descend, strafe, hover, land) a) Follow the dragons. This is probably the best course to follow. 1) As they pass 300 feet then may see the overview map with the rear area covered for 6 seconds. Again questions should be answered. 2) Siege weapons on front towers will fire. 3) 10 & 14 Entrance into the caves should be possible for anything up to twice dragon size (80’ x 40’) or less with dragon maneuverability (D, 60O) or better. 4) The Dragon followed will turn in the 2nd cave #11 or #15 and fight the group at the pinch point between the first two caves. The dragon should be wounded and out
  6. 6. Kagato’s Keep Page 6 of breath weapons since they fought it in the air and if the group has survived up till now it should be able to finish the dragon. b) Descend (Where and General Course) What are you going to do? Strafe, Hover, Land. 1) As they pass 300 feet then may see the overview map for 6 seconds and each round after that they spend at low altitude. Again questions should be answered. And their course should be determined. 2) Siege weapons will fire. A great modifier is given for speed and evasive maneuvering. [¼ of speed “ x (1.5 for maneuver D, 2 for maneuver C, 3 for maneuver B, 4 for maneuver A) if taking evasive action] Catapults will not fire until players descend to 100’. Crossbows will not have a modifier for speed and maneuvering. (This is like shooting birds) Being hit by a ballista bolt knocks players back 10’ unless they are restrained. 3) Passing over the hatched areas of the cloud at less than 400 feet will cause everything to flip over, above 400 ft inform players that they feel dizzy. A 12 sided dice should be rolled and the direction of the “1” on the dice determines the direction of travel as players attempt to compensate for the reverse gravity. Players should roll for surprise. If there are no hand holds or restraints, the group members should save vs paralyzation or fall off the vehicle. 4) Strafing or Hovering: After siege weapons and crossbows are used, if party is strafing or hovering and destroying guards, Kagato will appear using a project image through a glass steel tube masked by 2D Illusion at base of the roof cone of the great central tower. Kagato will attack using fireball and lightning bolt spells on the group, and using fear to repel opponents that are flying at him. Magic Missiles after that. 5) Landing: except for the landing strip, for every 10” of horizontal movement the pilot must save vs. paralyzation or hit a chain or wall. Maneuver E roll at -6, Maneuver D roll at -4, Maneuver C roll at -2. 6) Landed: Party is subject to any remaining crossbow or siege weapons not used in adjacent towers. Guards remaining on adjacent towers, who have expended their distance weapons, will descend one 30’ level per round to meet the group with hand weapons. The Skeletal Guards cannot negotiate wizard locked doors or take circuitous routes through or around the castle.
  7. 7. Kagato’s Keep Page 7 If at any time Tenchi is killed, Ryoko goes berserk, escapes her prison tank and joins the party in 1 turn. She will not rest until she has taken revenge on Kagato. Important: As soon as the group enters the keep and is attacked Mihoshi will run down a side passage or through a doorway and disappear. Anyone specifically going with her can go too. She will wind up in room 29, Kagato’s Treasure Room, with the Jennie Washu’s bottle. (She was looking for the source of Kagato’s power.) If no one is with her then she automatically defeats the giant snakes using up half of her ammo and all her luck rolls. Finding herself lost and alone she will begin drinking and eventually uncork Washu’s bottle. If another member of the party is with her and prevents this scenario Mihoshi pockets the bottles for future drinking. Defeating the snakes, exploring the room, crying, getting drunk and finding Washu’s bottle can take time. At an opportune time in the adventure, when the party is defeated, Mihoshi (with prompting from Washu of how to phrase the wish) will wish the group to join her there, alive and unharmed. The group should then be prompted to help Mihoshi with her next two wishes explaining that if she relinquishes the bottle she will lose them forever. As soon as the first wish is made, Mihoshi drops the bottle and breaks it, freeing Washu. If something prevents this then Mihoshi will wish Washu free with her last wish as in Disney’s Alladin. (She agreed to this before the group arrived.) Note: Wishing Kagoto to lose his power or cancelling his wishes leaves Kagato as little elf girl with levels capped at 5th level fighter and 9th level magic user and a lot of pent up anger. She will appear about 12 years old although she is 125 elven years old (Kagato became a human male 25 years ago and has aged as human since then). VIII.) Outside the Keep 1. Landed: Party is subject to any remaining crossbow or siege weapons not used in adjacent towers. Guards remaining on adjacent towers, who have expended their distance weapons, will descend one 30’ level per round to meet the group with hand weapons. The Skeletal Guards cannot negotiate wizard locked doors or take circuitous routes through or around the castle. 2. Doors: Unlocked doors require 500 lbs of force to open (3 in 6 chance per try) and the latch must be manipulated with 100 lbs of force. Assume a characters can lift or pull an amount = strength x 10 + their weight allowance (10 gp = 1 lb). Pry bars can double strength but require 3 rounds per try.
  8. 8. Kagato’s Keep Page 8 3. Outside Areas: Wander Monsters: Garden and Orchard Areas Once an NPC is rolled substitute Giant Skeleton thereafter. 1) Giant Rat (1) 6) Giant Skeleton (1) 2) Giant Spider (1) 7) Giant Beetle (1) 3) Giant Centipede (1) 8) Violet Fungi (4-16) 5’ AOE each 4) Giant Wasp (1) 9) Sprite NPC Arimus fighter 6th HP 20 1 2 3 ) Garden and Orchard Areas: These are so overgrown that anything below 15’ tall cannot be seen. Giant Skeletons will descend and search for the party. (Wandering Monster). Movement here is half normal movement. Roll for wandering monsters every 5 rounds (50%). Battle will attract Giant Skeletons but not other creatures (5% cumulative each round: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, … . Large fire based spells (>10’ AOE) are 50% likely to start the whole area ablaze. (< 50% a fire starts and just burns out.) Fire: Fire will spread in a circle at 10” per round toward the back of the castle and 5” per round toward the front and sides. All players within 30 yards take 1-4 points damage per round from heat and smoke if outside the circle (this damage can be recovered in 1 hour away from fire) and an additional 3-12 damage per round if inside the circle. 4 & 5 4 & 5 ) Drill Yard and Practice Yard: The group can be seen by the Giant Skeletons in these open areas. Adjacent Giant Skeletons will exhaust their distance weapons then descend to attack. 6 ) Landing strip: This is probably the easiest place to land but is worst landing area because it is so heavily defended. There are dead end tunnels beneath the strip that used to house the wyverns that pulled the chariots for the cloud giants. Giant skeletons will descend the landing strip towers (2 rounds) and pursue the group down these dead end caves. The group can move along the front of the tunnels and below the ramp to the castle door under cover. 7 8 9 )Roof top: Adjacent Giant Skeletons will exhaust their distance weapons then descend to attack. If fighting a pitched battle on the castle roof or guard house roof Kagato will appear when the Giant Skeletons are losing using project image through a glass steel area at the base of the main tower roof masked by 2-D illusion and blast the party with a fireball.
  9. 9. Kagato’s Keep Page 9 THE CAVES BELOW THE CASTLE: 10 & 14 ) Entrance Cave: Under outer wall front towers. Rough cave about 90’ x 60’ x 60’ fully open at front end narrowing to a 20’ diameter opening at the far end. It takes a dragon 2 round to squeeze through this pinch point. 11 & 15 ) Large Cave: 210’ x 90’ x 90’ The dragon will use this cave to turn around and attack anyone following it at the 20’ diameter pinch point. 12 ) Underground lake. (Better check the range of light sources being used) .The large cave ends in a sudden drop off 30’ down to a huge black lake and upward over 60’ to a rough arched ceiling covered with stalactites. Below, the lake’s waters are stirred by dark waves topped with white foam. A gentle rushing of the waves breaking fills the cavern. Across the expanse, 150’ away and 30’ up is a huge black opening fully 120’ across and 60’ tall, the mouth of another large cave. The lake is filled with large blind fish and a 6 Giant Gars. 13 & 16) The lairs of the dragons. These caves are huge and covered with coins (100,000) copper (80%) and silver pieces (19%), with a few gold (1%) mixed in as well as pieces of armor and weapons
  10. 10. Kagato’s Keep Page 10 (all broken, no magic) and dragon scales. In some places the walls are worn smooth. If not yet destroyed the dragon will be here. 17 & 18 ) Escape chutes: The back of the dragon lairs narrow to 20’ by 20’ caverns and extend into the anti-gravity area. Dragons can wiggle in here and turn over as floor becomes ceiling then dive up the chute. As soon as they fall up over 500’ they can right themselves and fly off. The exits are hid below the cloud vapor and the sides of the shafts are fairly smooth. 19 ) Balconey: This can only be seen from the lair caves of the dragon or someone flying over the lake. It is a circular 90’ diameter room carved into the solid stone of the cavern. The side toward the lake is open with a railing. And the back end contains three 20’ diameter hollow glass tubes. The center one glows from the passage of light within and is sealed. The tubes on either side of it have a 25’ arched opening in them like a doorway. The tubes seem to go up and down through the stone floor and ceiling as far as the eye can see. If a player listens intently they can hear faint organ music coming from above. This is where Kagato gives orders to his dragons. The tubes do lead out the bottom of the foundation rock of the cloud castle, the exit trap door (resembling somewhat the hatch on a submarine) is locked from the inside, wizard locked and is completely concealed from the outside. The tubes end at the top in the room Kagato has refurbished as his laboratory. The tube on the right has -10% gravity (lift tube) and the tube on the left has 10% gravity (drop tube). This is accomplished by bands of reverse gravity material built around the outsides of the tubes every so many feet. Players can jump 10 times as far or lift 10 times as much weight in the tubes. They are 20’ wide and a lot of stuff can be transported in this way. If the gravity or light tubes are ever destroyed, cracked or shattered the keep will begin to fall apart like Kagato’s ship in the series. They are made of glass steel and will require a lot of structural damage even to crack (say that required to collapse a 30’ high by 10’ deep wall of stone). If the group acquired the horn of blasting following up the “Group Meets Mihoshi” adventure then use of the horn of blasting in a tube will shatter that tube. Using it next to a tube will crack that tube.
  11. 11. Kagato’s Keep Page 11 KAGATO’S PRIVATE ROOMS: All rooms except 23, 24, 25 & 29 are lit with continual light (although 22 is red light). All the doors have a real lock requiring a key and are wizard locked. As soon as the party enters any room a magic mouth on the wall yells, “Intruders in the ______ room ! ” When Kagato enters a room afterwards another magic mouth will inform him, “Intruders have violated this room!” or “Warning, intruders present!” if someone is still there. Magic Mouth (Alteration) Player’s Handbook page 71 Level: 2 Components: V, S, M Range: Special Casting Time: 2 segments Duration: Special Saving Throw: None Area of Effect: One object Explanation/Description: When this spell is cast, the magic-user empowers the chosen object with an enchanted mouth which suddenly appears and speaks the message which the spell caster imparted upon the occurrence of a specified event. The magic mouth can speak any message of 25 words or less in a language known by the spell caster, over a 1 turn period from start to finish. It cannot speak magic spells. The mouth moves to the words articulated, so if it is placed upon a statue, for example, the mouth of the statue would actually move and appear to speak. Of course, the magic mouth can be placed upon a tree, rock, door or any other object excluding intelligent members of the animal or vegetable kingdoms. The spell will function upon specific occurrence according to the command of the spell caster, i.e. speak to the first creature that touches you - or to the first creature that passes within 30'. Command can be as general or specific and detailed as desired, such as the following: "Speak only when an octogenarian female human carrying a sack of groat clusters sits cross legged within 1”. Command range is ½ " per level of the magic-user, so a 6th level magic-user can command the magic mouth to speak at a maximum encounter range of 3", i.e. "Speak when a winged creature comes within 3'." Until the speak command can be fulfilled, the magic mouth will remain in effect, thus spell duration is variable. A magic mouth cannot distinguish invisible creatures, alignments, level or hit dice, nor class, except by external garb. The material component of this spell is a small bit of honeycomb.
  12. 12. Kagato’s Keep Page 12 20 ) Dining Room: A huge table over 50’ long and 10’ wide with one enormous throne-like chair at the head. A huge candelabra illuminates the center of the table. The table is set with spotless empty dishes and golden utensils. Kagato prefers to conjure his own food and unseen servants to wait on him. He will not come back here to dine until the party is destroyed and he is done with Ryoko. 21 ) Entry Room: A prism-like mirror is angled in the light tube and light is reflected at a right angle into a branching glass tube which goes through the wall toward the front of castle and back. The walls of this chamber are ornately carved and deeply colored. The floor is spotlessly polished. The invisible stalker and the cloud giant skeleton behind the illusionary wall only attack someone exits the tubes and enters the room. The stalker will allow the giant to charge and attack while it tries to get behind the group for a surprise attack on any spell casters or someone using a magical ranged weapon. They will not follow players up the tubes. 22 ) This “T” shaped room is lit by a diffused ruby red light from the ceiling. While the walls are still ornate, the design and color is lost in the red light. The entire ceiling softly glows and sparkles from powdered rubies and continual light. This room allows eyes to adjust before entering the projection room. 23 ) Projection Room. This room is very dark. The floor is heavily carpeted. It appears to be octagonal in shape. If the party enters the dark room they will note that light plays and shimmers on the walls. If the party uses a light source then they will not see the light patterns on the walls. If the room is dark and the party studies the patterns they will realize they are seeing a 360° view of everything around the castle. At the center of the room is a semi octagon of tall wooden partitions about 10’ high and 5’ thick. The wood is smooth and highly polished. A metal post is at the center of the octagon. The top of these partitions (if the group gets up there) have a the controls and instruments for controlling the flight of the castle. The controls and instruments glow dimly. They determine altitude, the M ap direction the castle faces, and the amount of push B ra s s H o rn and Tube received relative to wind speed (amount of sail) and torque (keel). The instruments include; a compass, As s astrolabe, barometer, air temperature readout, and wind ge tro au la speed indicator. All controls are locked. If unlocked they be G require 300 lbs of force to operate. W h e e l C h a in Lever Lever The gauges indicate speed and direction, the wheel allows the castle to turn or tack in the wind (up to 90° C h a in from wind direction), the levers increase or decrease the resistance to the wind this can be used to slow or speed up the castle (10% – 50% of wind speed) and to prevent the castle from spinning and to orient the way the castle faces. The chain is looped
  13. 13. Kagato’s Keep Page 13 over a pulley, pull down on one and the other rises. Pulling down the forward chain raises the castle, pulling the back chain lowers the castle. Altitude can be 0 – 5,000 feet. A speaking tube leads up to Kagato’s organ and organ music can be heard through the tube. A large map (15’ x 15’) of the continent sits under a dimly illuminated glass cover atop the front control panel. A special grease pencil can make glowing lines on the glass cover of the map, lots of marks are visible.
  14. 14. Kagato’s Keep Page 14 24 ) Stairs to the projector balcony: 25 ) Projector Balcony: In the dark a shifting beam of light goes through several arrangements of mirrors and lenses. The arrangement seems to be adjustable, there are levers and knobs and the various lenses and mirrors seem to mounted on movable wheels and gimbals. With a lot of trial and error various parts of the screen can be magnified like viewing through a giant telescope so that distant towns and mountains can be seen. (On a clear day.) 26 ) Study chamber: Rooms 26, 28, 29 are warded with protection from good (which prevents teleportation in my world) add whatever you need to prevent teleportation or dimension door spells from working. Study chamber: Here is Kagato’s spell books and reference library. Three of the four walls are lined with bookshelves, a large table with writing instruments and a chair lies at the center. Small tables are placed haphazardly about, with books and scrolls and scraps of paper on them. A large upholstered chair lies toward the far corner with a table on each side and a lamp stand behind it glowing with a bright warm pleasant light. 27 ) Hallway: 28 ) Bed Chamber: Large 20’ Canopy bed with a chest at the headboard lies along the right wall. Along the west wall are hung many fine immaculate coats, cloaks, robes, shirts, and trousers, on the floor beneath the clothes stand polished boots and shoes of various styles set in pairs at spaced intervals. A huge silver mirror is mounted to the south wall opposite the door. On a hat stand next to the mirror are hung various ribbons, scarves, belts, sashes and golden chains. Loud barking and growling sounds commence from somewhere near the back wall. Mordenkainen'r Faithful Hound (Con juration/Summoning) Player’s Handbook page 61 Level: 5 Components: V, S, M Range: I" Casting Time: 5 segments Duration: 2 rounds/level Saving Throw; None Area of Effect: Special Explanation/Description: By means of this spell the magic-user summons up a phantom watchdog which only he or she can see. He or she may then command it to perform as guardian of a passage, room, door, or similar space or portal. The phantom watchdog will immediately commence a loud barking if any creature larger than a cat approaches the place it guards. As the Faithful Hound is able to detect invisible, astral, ethereal, out of phase, duo-dimensional, or similarly non-visible creatures, it is an excellent guardian. In addition, if the intruding creature or creatures allow their backs to be exposed to the phantom watchdog, it will deliver a vicious attack as if it were a 10 hit dice monster, striking for 3-18 hit points of damage, and being able to hit opponents of all sorts, even those normally subject only to magical weapons of +3 or greater. The Faithful Hound cannot be attacked, but it can be dispelled. Note, however, that the spell caster can never be more than 3" distant from the area that the phantom watchdog is guarding, or the magic is automatically dispelled. The material components of this spell ore a tiny silver whistle, a piece of bone, and a thread.
  15. 15. Kagato’s Keep Page 15 The Faithful Hound cannot be attacked, but can be kept away by a protection from evil spell. It is permanent, so a dispel magic will not work. It will not attack unless someone enters the room and then faces a direction such that their back is toward the back wall. After the attack it will return to the back wall and bark and growl. 29 ) Treasure Room: This huge room is dark (no light) and dusty and almost empty. A wooden table with a dark table cloth and set with two wooden chairs stands nearby. On the table there are three ornate bottles on the table and two glasses. If light allows (120’) a few chests may be seen way back against the far wall. Two Giant Skeletal Snakes slither over the chests. They will move in to and attack as soon as anyone enters light or no light. Bottles: Washu is in a bottle made of colored glass. See: I Dream of Jenie’s bottle. The other two bottles contain liquor, one is of dark green glass with a macramé weave, and the other is ornately formed with looping handles and opalescent in color. Kagato has been plying Washu for information on Ryoko, Yosho, Yosho’s sword, Jurai, Jurian History, etc... Jewelry and gems, platinum pieces, mithril ingots, and magic items that Kagato possessed but could not use are stored here in the four chests. Other treasure: Gold, silver, brass and copper pieces as well as costume jewelry and ceremonial devices (swords, maces, staves) are kept in the tower storeroom as bait or given to the dragons. In the right hand chest is a portable hole, for emergency escape.
  16. 16. Kagato’s Keep Page 16 Dungeons and Storerooms: Just passing through. These levels must be entered from the main level, going down. If the group is looking for Kagato then they are lost. If they are retreating or hiding; these corridors are narrow (for giants) so that only one giant sized opponent can come at them at once and his attacks will be hampered (½ damage). Roll for wandering monsters once per turn (1 in 6 chance). Giant Skeletons can only come from the direction of the main floor, sent by Kagato to search for the group. He will use Giant Skeletons that were stationed on the balcony. Wander Monsters: Once an NPC is rolled substitute a Giant Skeleton thereafter. 6) 1) Giant Rat (1-10) 5) Giant Ant (1-20) 7) 2) Giant Spider (1) 6) Giant Skeleton (1) 8) 3) Giant Centipede (1) 7) Sprite NPC Arimus fighter 6th HP 20 * 4) Carrion Crawler (1) 8) Brownie NPC Balfor MU/Th 5th / 5th HP 15** *Arimus can map the outside grounds and roof tops, the barracks, and the women’s tower. He knows Kagato is in the top floor of the great tower. If in the dungeons, he knows where the giant prisoners are. ** Balfor can map the main floor including the barracks. He does know about the stairs behind the table on the raised dais in the great hall and that it leads to a secret door guarded by a Giant Skeleton. He will not face that skeleton again, but he’s sure he can find and open the door if the group destroys the skeleton.
  17. 17. Kagato’s Keep Page 17 31 ) Kitchen Storerooms passage There is a giant sized hand dolly for barrels and chests in the alcove, a giant sized wheelbarrow and a (3) giant sized water pitchers. Kagato didn’t spend much time here, he has his own food and dining area. Doors are locked and the keys lost with the giantess in charge of the kitchen. Type a doors all have the same key. Wine cellar doors are keyed differently. Chests and Barrels are labeled with markings denoting contents. Barrels found will be 12’ tall and 6’ round; holding 660 ft3 which is Chests are 12’ x 6’ x 8‘ holding 125 ft3 which is 32 ) Cistern: Water from cloud condensation along the walls fills the cistern which overflows to the lake below. The water is not stagnant but will have some moss and algae growing in it from lack of use. As long as you don’t kick up to much muck and push away the surface growth the water is very good. 33 ) Good china and silverware storage: Dungeon Area: The doors to this area are locked as and the keys lost as above. The doors are massive and reinforced with iron bands. They have heavy draw bars and a padlock on the sides leading out of the dungeon. The doors to and from the torture chamber and the first four doors in the dungeon have been left unlocked, unbarred and open. (Barracks down, Torture Chamber in, Torture Chamber out, Door to the deeper dungeons, both doors at the 1st Tee.) (At this point Kagato just cast cloud kill down every corridor, with plans to come back for skeletons later if needed) Doors here require 500 lbs of force to move if unlocked. The bars require 200 lbs of force to move out of their rests. 34 ) Torture Chamber: The front of the cells are iron bars with a locked gate. There is an enormous rack for stretching giant prisoners and a giant sized chair with manacles and screws in the center of the room. There is a 10 foot diameter brick lined pit for fire and various giant sized iron pincers, tongs, and clamps. There are four giant sized cells with iron bars built into the walls round about. Between the cells are manacles where a giant could be chained awaiting his turn on the rack.
  18. 18. Kagato’s Keep Page 18 35 ) Dungeon Passageways: The doors in the dungeon area are massive and reinforced with iron bands. They have heavy draw bars and a padlock on the sides leading out of the dungeon. The doors to and from the torture chamber and the first four doors in the dungeon have been left unlocked and unbarred. (At this point Kagato just cast cloud kill down every corridor, with plans to come back for skeletons later if needed) Doors here require 500 lbs of force to move if unlocked. The bars require 200 lbs of force to move out of their rests. The front of the cells are iron bars with a locked door. These cells contain NPC giants if needed who will aid the party to some extent: They survived the cloudkill and have been living on raw giant rats and water oozing down the walls. They are starving and are at ½ strength (½ Hit points, ½ damage, ½ movement). If the group does not go here before defeating Kagato or doesn’t need extra NPCs remove them. These NPC were captured by the cloud giants before Kagato took their keep. They know that the Cloud Giants were routed from the castle and the new owner killed almost everything in the dungeons with poison gas and left the rest to starve to death. a ) Hill Giant named “Hummock” He is Chaotic Evil and stupid, but he wants out. He can open unlocked doors. He wants a club and a large sack (available in the barracks). He will fill the sack with whatever the group finds. He will smash and eat the remains of wandering monster that the party destroys. He will smell food if it is nearby and will insist the group go that way. If good food is found he will stop and not budge until he has eaten himself unconscious. He will fight until he takes damage then run away. He will betray the group if an easy opportunity presents itself. B ) Stone Giant named “Spar (Field Spar)” Grim and neutral in alignment. He will help the party even swearing an oath if required. He will tell the party they are doomed. He is silent but if his opinion is asked he will prophesy the worst fate awaiting them around every corner or behind every door. He will keep his oath unless some method for him to escape the cloud is found, then he will leave believing he has fulfilled his oath by helping the group up to this point. If they want to go on and be killed they can. He has all the abilities of a dwarf in respect to stone and underground passages. He wants a club, stone implements and a sack. He will put stones to throw in the sack but is not above grabbing some giant sized gold. C ) Fire Giant VulcrumWarg son of BringingsHarm son of FyreeBrand. VulcrumWarg is Lawful Evil and has a code of honor and if bound by an oath he will fulfill it to the letter even fighting to the death for the group. If a loophole exists in the oath or if the group doesn’t fulfill their part, he will take what he can after the battle, even killing the group if they are weak, and leave. He wants revenge and iron weapons; a giant sword or spear, a long chain to wrap around himself, or a short chain to flail with. Worst of all he feels infested with vermin and would love to be immersed in fire even begging to be fireballed if he sees the magic user use such a spell.
  19. 19. Kagato’s Keep Page 19 He has a quick temper and goes into a berserker rage in combat, not stopping until all enemies are destroyed. He will want to set the keep on fire. Castle Main Level: 41 ) Ramp down from landing strip: The ramp ends at the castle door and the sides drop off 30’ at lower end near door. Giants from the landing strip towers, if not destroyed, should be pursuing the party down the ramp. 41a ) Entry way through the castle wall: Massive iron bound door is barred on the inside and wizard locked, It opens inward. If the group does manage to get passed the door the inner portcullis is open and the leads through the wall and into a gigantic room. When half the party passes under the portcullis the giant skeleton in the Guard House (61) will drop the portcullis dividing the party.
  20. 20. Kagato’s Keep Page 20 42 ) The Grand Room: This room is 190 feet long by 120 feet wide. Huge white carved pillars are spaced around the circumference of the room towering up to the roof 60 feet above. A crystal skylight in the center of the roof allows sunlight to illuminate the white marble walls and red and white marble polished checkerboard floor. A very wide balcony also encircles three sides of the room 30’ above the floor. On the walls of the balcony are huge murals of cloud giants, dancing, fighting battles, and hunting. At the far end of the room is a wide staircase leading up to the balcony. On the balcony are four cloud giant skeletons armed with 3 crossbows and 3 javelins each. A single cloud giant skeleton is on the grand room floor at the far end with a ballista. The ballista is aimed to fire down the center of the room, pass through the center of the portcullis, and through the door passage. As soon as the portcullis drops he will fire. The skeletons on the balcony will also fire at anyone on their side of the portcullis. When their ranged weapons are exhausted they will descend and fight with clubs. 43 & 44 ) Common Waiting Areas: These circular tower rooms have chairs around the walls and a large table set with chairs at the center. The room is lit by high narrow windows. 45a & 45b ) Arched Hallway: IF NOISE IS MADE HERE IT WILL ATTRACT GIANT SKELETONS FROM 41: THE GRAND ROOM These hallways are long and dark. 20 foot wide, 90 feet long and 30 feet tall. The rooms at either end are lit by skylights so there is a light visible at the end. The walls are carved and painted, the continual light globes have been removed. 46 ) The Great Hall: IF LOUD NOISES ARE MADE HERE IT WILL ATTRACT GIANT SKELETONS FROM 41: THE GRAND ROOM. Two giant sized long wooden tables with giant sized high backed wooden chairs face another table on a raised dais. The room is lit by a crystal skylight. Above the left side of the raised dais is a balcony upon whose railing hangs to giant sized shields one embossed with a stylized red lion, the other with a black dragon. Below the balcony is a ramp leading downward. a ) Raised Dais: Along the back wall of the raised dais is a huge 60’ x 30’ tapestry depicting a battle between two cloud giant kingdoms with giants in flying chariots pulled by wyverns. Behind the tapestry is a passage with stairs leading up. From the backside of the tapestry there are translucent areas through which the room can be observed. 47 ) Women’s Hall: A large giant sized square 20’ x 20’ table is at the center of the room surrounded by cushioned high back chairs. Other chairs are scattered about the room with small tables upon which are piled dusty cloth goods, needles and threads. 48 ) Kitchen: A large 20’ x 20’ well used, solid table occupies the center this tower, along the wall to the right of the table is fire place with an iron ring and a spit, the wall to the left contains two stone
  21. 21. Kagato’s Keep Page 21 ovens, on the back wall is a stone table with two sinks. Pots and pans dangle from the ceiling 25’ above. Soot and smoke cover the walls above 25’. 49 ) Barracks: a) Barrack Commander’s Office: A giant sized desk behind which is a giant sized cot. The walls are paneled with wood and large parchments are tacked to them. Two shields, two spears, and a sword are mounted to the walls. b) Barracks: The room is well lit by barred windows along the right wall. Three giant sized 10’ x 30’ tables form a line down the center of this long 50’ x 200’ room. Along the right wall of the room are spaced 12 identical giant sized bunk beds, at the foot of each bed and against the wall between each set of beds is a giant chest. Along the left wall are hung spears and clubs on evenly spaced hooks. At the back of the room is a heavy open door and stairs leading down.
  22. 22. Kagato’s Keep Page 22 51 ) & 52 ) Dignity Waiting Rooms: A 10’ x 10’ table is in the center of this room. The room is lit by narrow windows high above the floor. Ornately carved high backed and cushioned wooden chairs are placed along the wall between each chair is a small table. The walls are hung with tapestries and an alcove leads to a balcony overlooking the front entry way of the castle. 53 ) From the balcony stairs lead upward to a landing in front of a Huge leather bound door studded with silver nails forming a the image of a griffin against the dark leather. The door is locked from the other side. 54 ) Audience waiting chamber. Another leather bound door with silver studs forming a silver griffin is on the right hand wall. This room is empty. The floor is polished marble; the walls are white with a carved relief on them. The door is locked from the inside. 55 ) Raised Dias in Great Hall (46) A giant sized table, 40’ x 10’, with high backed chairs overlooks a room with two other tables set with chairs. Behind the table on the dais along the back wall is a huge 60’ x 30’ tapestry depicting a battle between two cloud giant kingdoms with giants in flying chariots pulled by wyverns. Behind the tapestry is a passage with stairs leading up. From the backside of the tapestry there are translucent areas in the fabric through which the room can be observed. 55a ) Stairs leading up to the King’s Office: IF NOISE IS MADE HERE THE GIANT SKELETON FROM 56 WILL CHARGE DOWN THE STAIRS TO ATTACK. 56) The King’s Office: The walls of this chamber are paneled with dark stained wood and the floor is thickly carpeted, though now dusty and spoiled. A large desk sits in the center of the room and two chairs across from it and one behind it. The room is warmly lit by a slightly reddish continual light from each corner of the ceiling. A heavy dark leather bound door lies at each end of the room a bar secures each door. A cloud giant skeleton will attack anyone entering this room if he hasn’t already attacked on the stairway. One of the dark wooden panels behind and to the side of the desk conceals a secret door. 56 a ) Secret Chamber and lift tube:
  23. 23. Kagato’s Keep Page 23 A glass tube 20’ across comes through the floor and continues up through the ceiling. An arched opening in the glass like a doorway allows entry into the tube. Organ music can be heard from above coming down the tube. Gravity within the tube is reversed but at 1/10 of normal gravity allowing easy transport of heavy items. 57 ) Balcony above the Great Hall: 58 ) Women’s Tower: 2nd Level: Upolstered chairs and small endtables are arranged haphazardly about this room: Embroidery hoops, knitting needles, yarn, thread, cloth, and a harp are scattered about. 59 ) The Top of the Barracks Roof: This is a large flat roof alongside the castle open to the air with stairs leading up to the back castle roof.
  24. 24. Kagato’s Keep Page 24 61 ) Guardhouse: Giant sized clubs, spears, crossbows and boxes of rocks stand against the back wall. A large winch is near the center of the front wall. Near the center of the room a workbench is set up for metal working and carpentry and a small forge is against the north wall. A cloud giant skeleton stands guard at the winch ready to drop the portcullis if the group should enter by the front castle door. He will leave to attack the party if the group lands on the front rooftop of the castle. 62 ) Weapon Smithy’s Room: Bed, table chair, chest 63 ) Master at Arms’ Room: Bed, table chair. chest 64 ) Front Castle Rooftop: Open Flat Rooftop. In the center is a glass-steel box 70’ long x 20’ wide x 10’ high which is the skylight for the grand room. The skylight is sealed and strong as steel. 65 ) Rear Castle Rooftop: Open Flat Rooftop. In the center is a glass-steel sculpture 20’ long x 20’ wide x 20’ high which is the skylight for the great hall. The skylight is sealed and strong as steel. Along the great tower wall are planter boxes full of giant weeds and dead flowers. Against the rear stone wall of the castle are giant stone benches. 66 ) Princess’ Chamber
  25. 25. Kagato’s Keep Page 25 This room was once richly furnished, but the colors are too bright like a child’s room. The room contains; tables, chairs, a chest of drawers, a large chest. A shelf is built along the wall, on it are various figures of animals and humans. Pink is the predominant color. 67 ) Women’s Tower 3rd Level This room contains (4) 10’ x 20’ canopy beds, a nightstand with a pitcher and bowl and a large mirror. 68 ) Throne Room: At the far end of this room on a raised dais, 10’ high and about 30’ wide and 20’ deep, sits an enormous throne, fully 10’ wide and 20’ tall. Both its arm rests are carved as gryphon heads the eyes glinting, the front legs their lion’s paws and the back of the chair designed as two overlapping wings. It is overlaid in gold, lacquered to make the recesses of the carving stand out and upholstered in plush red velvet. On the left side of the room is another lower dais, with steps along the edge and a rail round about it. Behind this dais is a tall glazed window. The secret door behind the throne is locked requiring a key and is also wizard locked. 69 ) Steps going up to next level.
  26. 26. Kagato’s Keep Page 26 71 ) Guard House Roof: This open air roof overlooks the front castle rooftop. There are iron rings and chains set into the front wall of the castle. It appears some type of animal or animals were once penned here. (The captains pet wyverns were chained here for his private chariot.) If the party goes here then giant skeletons from the side walls and the front two towers (if not already destroyed) will attack with their remaining distance weapons then descend to attack. 72 ) Giant Weapons Storeroom: Spears, Javelins, Short Swords, Axes, Crossbows, Bows Arrows, Bolts and of course clubs. 73) Captains Chariot Storeroom: This huge chariot is 10’ wide by 20’ long with two sets of wheels. The chariot is open in back and the front and sides are about 10’ high. Two metal rings and a set of chain harnesses dangle from the front. While grimy with dust and dirt the metal underneath is polished gold and platinum, probably an overlay. The inside contains a leather harness anchored to the sides and floor of the chariot. Quivers of spears, crossbow bolts and javelins as well as a crossbow and a hunting horn are mounted along the inside, all giant sized. The chariot is magic, any giant sized humanoid wearing the harness inside
  27. 27. Kagato’s Keep Page 27 the chariot can cause the chariot to levitate as per the spell except the weight limit is 2,500 lbs and movement is 6” per round up or down. The chariot automatically feather falls if the rider is unconscious or commanded to feather fall if a pin is pulled releasing the wyvern harnesses. 74 ) same as 69 ) Stairs up from secret door in Throne Room. 75 ) Store Room / False Treasure: This room has four giant sized chests full of coins, with three piles of coins about 6’ tall and 12’ across between them. 2 swords are sticking out of the center pile of coins and some jewelry can be seen here and there in the piles. The center pile is a conical 2-D Illusion, underneath is a roper. The roper can see out, but outside the pile no one can see in. In addition there is a large silver mirror on the ceiling to help the roper find his prey among the chests. Kagato keeps the roper content with meat, low grade gems and jewelry and a few platinum coins. A gem with a permanent silence 15’ radius is in the roper’s gizzard. The floor under the pile has an attraction spell cast on it. The chests also have attraction spells on them. The chests are mostly full of wood with about 6 inches of coins on top to make them look full. The inside of the chests are glyphed with a shocking glyph which does 24 points of damage (save for half damage). The piles of coins are poured over stone cones 4’ x 8’. On the wall behind each chest is a limerick containing an explosive rune. Each chest contains a small wooden box 12” x 6” x 3” which is fire trapped. The invisible stalkers will leave group member in the room alone waiting for the roper and traps to kill them. The will pursue and attack any person but Kagato going up or down the lift tubes. They will of course attack anyone who attacks them. Persons approaching the center pile of coins have their feet stick to floor, requires a bend bars roll to move. They are also entering into a silence spell. Persons touching a chest have their hands stick to the chest requiring a bend bars roll to free hands. Chests are securely bolted to the floor. Persons reaching into the inside of a chest are shocked by a glyph of warding: 24 points of damage with a save for half damage. Persons stuck on chests may be told of writing on the wall behind the chests and a small wooden box on top of the coins in the chests. Beware the center pile The chest grips your hands With tentacles most vile For the ropers strands Beware the chest you touch To pull you into his maw Is full of traps and such But your eyes sealed your doom Beware the words you read By Explosive Runes Are Explosive Runes indeed. ‘Fore his face ye ever saw.
  28. 28. Kagato’s Keep Page 28 Reading the poem behind the chests detonates the explosive runes for 12-30 (6d4 +6) points of fire damage in a 10’ radius area. The person reading the rune takes full damage and others in the area of effect may save for half damage. Magic Users have a 5% per level chance of detecting and avoiding explosive runes, thieves have a 5% chance. Opening the box detonates the Fire Trap spell on the box delivering 1-4 + 12 points of damage within a 5’ radius with a save for half damage. At the best moment (for the monster) the roper will shoot his 6 tentacles out of the middle pile of coins and grab anyone not already stuck or in any case the least injured most dangerous party members first. His tentacles can reach 50’ so anyone in the area of the treasure is in range. The roper is strong enough to pull people free of the attraction spells. The tentacles pull victims 10’ per round toward the roper, a hit with a tentacle requires a save vs. poison or loss of strength (50%) occurs within 1-3 rounds. Tentacles can be severed with 10 point damage or broken by a successful open doors roll. The roper is very intelligent and can let go if its tentacles are in danger and wait for the poison to take effect. Multiple hits due not cause additional strength loss but require 1 hour recovery time for every failed saving throw Elowa will fall for this trap, wanting to stop and check it out. If prevented she will suggest she go up the tube last so that she can prevent anything from coming up behind them. When the party goes up the tube she will go to grab a few Jewels from the treasure. If no rescue is made and she is left alone, she returns to the party at ½ strength, ½ of whatever hit points she had before she went for the treasure, and half of her remaining spells gone. She is burned and blackened and pieces of charred wood are stuck to her here and there with small flecks of gold. She will not offer any explanations. 76 ) Women’s Tower 4th Level: Upolstered chairs and small endtables are arranged haphazardly about this room: Embroidery hoops, knitting needles, yarn, thread, cloth, and harps are scattered about, cribs and playpens and toys are placed here and there. 77 ) Princess’ Sleeping Chamber This tower room contains a giant canopy bed with a silken canopy and sheets and a large plush bedcover and a dresser with a mirror and washbasin.
  29. 29. Kagato’s Keep Page 29 81 ) see 71 ) Guard House Roof. 82 ) & 83 ) empty tower passages between wall tops. Arrow slits in the walls round about. A ladder leads up through a trap door onto the flat tower roof. Doors are open but may be shut and barred from the inside. (the skeletons will not do this). 84 a ) b ) c ) d ) e) Wall tops. Twenty foot wide walkway atop the walls with crenellations on both sides for cover while firing. Ladders at the end of b ) & e ) lead to the rear tower roofs. 85 ) This room is full of toys. Wide windows with glass shutters overlook the gardens far below. 86 ) This room is contains a giant loom with some half woven fabric, a frame for embroidery, and a frame for making and embossing boots. Wide windows with glass shutters overlook the gardens and drill yard far below. 87 ) Aquatic Laboratory. At the back of this huge circular room three huge glass tubes of water run from floor to ceiling against the far wall. A long low set of double shelves containing many smaller rectangular glass tanks runs nearly from wall to wall in front of the glass tubes. The tanks are dimly lit somehow and in many tanks small fishy creatures dart back and forth. In front of the shelves are workbenches many of which seem to have fish or eel parts on them.
  30. 30. Kagato’s Keep Page 30 88 ) Conjuring Room: This room is quiet and lit, but not brightly. There are 2 manikins dressed as soldiers and holding weapons in a corner, an archery target in the other corner and a large mirror along the inner wall. The inner curtains are woven metallic fabric the room is otherwise bare. This room is used to practice spells.
  31. 31. Kagato’s Keep Page 31 91) Bestiary : This room contains long tables with cages arranged along the tops of them. Many different creatures move within the cages some cute other grotesque, some cages are covered with a thick clothe. In a line in front of the cages are many small workbenches containing many different tools, some for vivisection others for torture or unknown purposes. King Brian of the Brownies is here. He will call and Balfor (if with the group) will hasten to free him, asking the group for help. Balfor’s duty to his king is greater than his duty to anyone else. He will lead the king out of the keep and home. Rapunzel the Sprite, Arimus’ girlfriend is here also. Arimus (if with the group) will demand the party release her before going on to probable death. He will promise that once she is free he will gladly give his life to aid the party in rescuing Ryoko. 92 ) Summoning Chamber: This circular port in the tower has a smooth seamless white floor inscribed with a silver pentagram fully 40’ across. Entrance to this area is through a 20’ wide 30’ tall gate of silver bars. In fact the fence
  32. 32. Kagato’s Keep Page 32 of silver bars runs along the entire outside of the pentagram and arch up to meet in a dome high overhead, forming a giant bird cage arrangement filling the room. Opposite the gate, along the wall, is a large table set with candles and a stand holding a large thick book. Some small glass dishes hold various colored powder. On both sides of the table is a brass brazier for burning incense. The gate is locked but anyone reaching into, entering the room, or even touching the bars can feel the magic. Those of evil or good alignment will feel very uncomfortable. No teleportation (even dimension door) can pass into or out of the pentagram. 101 ) Laboratory: This room again has three giant glass tubes filled with water running from floor to ceiling against the back wall. Four large workbenches with tools from every conceivable trade are arranged in a rough line. There is also a forge and anvil and a brick kiln, both lit and glowing red with hot coals. Behind and on both sides of the transport tubes two large curving stairways lead up to a landing directly above and behind you. If Ryoko is still captured she is in the center glass tube. Her eyes are green and she has fangs, her jumpsuit looks more like it is made of scales and there are spiky things growing out of her neck. She looks like she is half dragon. If Ryoko has escaped because Tenchi was killed, then the center tube is broken. Kagato is at the top of the landing, he will laugh at them and mock them for their weakness and mistakes. Use any episodes that have happened so far in the dungeon. This is a project image of Kogato projected on a glass steel pillar. The real Kagato is behind the illusory ceiling. All attacks on the Kagato image will hit the pillar and bounce off. Kagato will tell them his force field is impenetrable. Kagato can speak and cast spells from the image but cannot use magic items, weapons or physical attacks. Ayekah will charge to attack and hit him with a full set of attacks. She will take damage on her hands from hitting the steel column, but she will continue until she drops unconscious or is stopped.
  33. 33. Kagato’s Keep Page 33 Ryoko (if free) will also charge to attack but she will need to push Ayekah out of the way to avoid harming her. Kagato’s Attacks: He will avoid casting lightning and fireballs in his laboratory unless he is desperate. He will cast slow and hold person on the group if he has surprise or time. This should limit the number that can attack him at once. He will cast a 40’ x 30’ x 1’ thick ice wall horizontally above the stairway to drop on group members as soon as they begin to climb. This will do 3-30 points damage (no save) and require a save vs. spell or group members will be knock down the stairs. He will cast cone of cold 6” long and 6” wide at the base for 12d4 + 12 points of damage. He will cast his magic missiles if he has only a single attacker. (six missiles d4 +1 damage each) If group members try attacking from the opposite stairs and coming up behind him then he will cast stinking cloud down the far stairs. Save vs. Poison or be helpless due to nausea 2-5 rounds. If Ryoko is free he will cast flesh to stone on Ryoko. When the project image spell expires (10 rounds) then Kagato will step out with Tenchi’s sword. If there is still danger from the party Kagato will cast fire shield (cold flames) first and then step out. Anyone hitting him with a hand held weapon will take double the damage inflicted. Fire based attacks (like Ryoko’s sword, Elowa’s wand, etc.) will cause Kagato half damage (or no damage if saving throw is made). Solution: If the party has not been wished back to life, then let the combat roll. Worse case is that they all wind up with Mihoshi and Kagato uses up more spells. If the party has already been wished back then Yosho will possess Tenchi and cast an Anti-Magic Shell of 12 rounds duration and as a 12’ diameter sphere around Tenchi, of course as soon as this happens Yosho is gone from Tenchi’s mind. Tenchi is then immune to all Kagato’s spells, and magic items like his force blade, and if Tenchi stays close to Kagato he cannot escape by teleporting. Allow entering into this spell’s AOE to act as an automatic dispel magic on people affected by Kagoto’s spells. 102a 102b ) Stairways
  34. 34. Kagato’s Keep Page 34 103 ) Organ Room: A giant sized organ fills the back of the room and a semi-circle of huge brass organ pipes line the walls jutting upward some 50’. In the center of the room is a man-sized organ with a man-sized high back chair with red velvet cushions. Cables lead from the man-sized organ underneath the giant-sized organ. This organ controls the weather in a 1 mile (5,280ft) diameter globe about the castle. Changing the weather requires 1 turn of playing and will dissipate as soon as playing is stopped. Normally it is used to steer the castle by changing the wind direction and speed, but it can also be used to form tornados, lightning storms, hail storms, rain, sleet, snow, etc. Washu can operate the organ but won’t waste time doing it unless it’s an emergency. She will however instruct a bard on how to operate it. 104 105 106 107 ) Tops of castle towers.
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