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Mobile and shopping insights and apps


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Top mobile shopping apps and shopping insights

Published in: Business, Technology
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Mobile and shopping insights and apps

  1. 1. MOBILE AND SHOPPING INSIGHTS AND APPS CONTACTS [1] +1(888)559-1159 ext 3 [2] +1(888)559 1159 ext 4Thursday, 15 March, 12 1
  2. 2. Mobile  &  Shopping 2Thursday, 15 March, 12 2
  3. 3. Mobile • Mobile will soon be bigger than desk/home computers 3Thursday, 15 March, 12 3
  4. 4. Mobile will soon be bigger than desk/home computers (Source:  Morgan  Stanly  Research  2010) 4Thursday, 15 March, 12 4
  5. 5. Japan social networking trends show how quickly mobile can overtake desktop internet access (Source:  Morgan  Stanly  Research  2010) 5Thursday, 15 March, 12 5
  6. 6. Mobile is becoming social media lifeline • The  New  York  Times  iPhone  applica9on   recently  added  sharing  func9onality  which   • Sales  of  smartphones  on  the  rise  as     allows  a  user  to  easily  broadcast  an  ar9cle   people  seek  to  feed  their  social  media   across  networks  such  as  Facebook  and  TwiDer.   addic9ons  on  their  mobile  devices. Many  websites  already  support  this   func9onality,  but  its  likely  that  we  will  see  an   increase  in  user  behavior  as  it  becomes  more   mainstream  for  people  to  share  with  networks   what  they  used  to  do  with  e-­‐mail  lists.   6Thursday, 15 March, 12 6
  7. 7. • Using  mobile  devices  in-­‐store  to  help  make  a  final  decision  on  an  item  is  a  newer  and  notable  influence  along   the  purchase  path:  The  study  found  38%  of  US  shoppers  said  they  used  their  mobile  devices  to  help  make  a  final   decision  to  make  a  store  purchase.  And  31%  of  those  polled  purchased  a  new  item  aQer  using  their  phone  in-­‐ store.  This  finding  signifies  the  rise  of  yet  another  media  channel  in  the  convoluted  path  to  purchase 7Thursday, 15 March, 12 7
  8. 8. Mobile is revolutionizing shopping 8 (Source:  Morgan  Stanly  Research  2010)Thursday, 15 March, 12 8
  9. 9. Buying Process: Crowdsourcing Styles, Better • Companies  like  StyleHop  are  allowing  fashion  merchants  and  buyers  to  leverage  crowdsourcing  to   get  forward-­‐looking,  fast-­‐turnaround,  predic9ve  analy9cs  that  drama9cally  improve  their  style   picking  capabili9es  helping  retailers  pick  more  produc9ve  inventory,  leading  to  lower  markdowns,   higher  profits  and  a  beDer  selec9on  for  fashion-­‐hungry  consumers. • FashioStake  allows  customers  to  invest  in  a  designer  or  a  brand  by  pre-­‐ordering  the  items.  That   way,  the  company  allows  the  designers  to  produce  to  order,  instead  of  pushing  quan99es  that   may  not  sell  later.  This  minimizes  the  risk  and  allows  informed  planning  of  the  produced   quan99es 9Thursday, 15 March, 12 9
  10. 10. Online Shopping: Smarter Tools Mean Fewer • MyShape  matches  shoppers  with  items  that  correspond  to  their  personal  measurements  and   preferences  and  pushes  clothes  to  them  online. •  is  a  Virtual  FiWng  Room  that  helps  to  solve  the  single  biggest  problem  for  apparel  e-­‐ commerce:  that  consumers  can’t  try  the  clothes  on  before  they  buy.  The  site’s  shape-­‐shiQing   robo9c  mannequin  takes  your  body  measurements  and  mimics  your  shape  so  that  you  can  see   exactly  how  clothing  would  fit  you. 10Thursday, 15 March, 12 10
  11. 11. In-store Shopping: Collecting Data to Maximize Purchases • Novitaz  created  a  complete  pla[orm  for  tracking   and  managing  in-­‐store  customer  experience  by   offering  a  unique  device  with  an  ac9ve-­‐RFID  chip   embedded  into  a  credit  card  or  loyalty  card,   which  shows  consumer  loca9on.  It  also  requires   a  mobile  phone  to  communicate  with  the   consumer.  The  pla[orm  provides  session  metrics   about  consumer  preferences,  which  can  then  be   compiled  into  a  customer  profile  so  later  offers   can  be  tailored  individually • ShopKick,  instead  of  supplying  the  customer  with   a  special  device,  relies  on  their  exis9ng  mobile   phones.  In  this  case,  the  main  implementa9on  is   done  on  the  retailer’s  side  —  ShopKick  installs   devices  in-­‐store,  similar  to  Wi-­‐Fi  access  points,   and  the  device  sends  inaudible  audio  signals,   which  interact  with  a  phone’s  microphone.  The   offers  get  sent  to  the  phone,  which  include  the   ability  to  earn  points,  Facebook  currency,  song   downloads,  and  instant  giQ  cards  that  can  be   redeemed  in-­‐store. 11Thursday, 15 March, 12 11
  12. 12. Media Coverage: Tracking Influence on Sales 12Thursday, 15 March, 12 12
  13. 13. • SnapTell  allows  you  to  take  a  photo  of  the  cover  of  any  CD,  DVD,  book,  or  video  game,  and  the   applica9on  will  automa9cally  iden9fy  the  product  and  find  ra9ngs  and  pricing  informa9on  online,   even  brick  and  mortar  store  loca9ons. 13Thursday, 15 March, 12 13
  14. 14. • Canon  tapped  direct  digital  marke9ng  soQware  and  service  provider  Kno9ce  to  power  the  mobile   Web  and  2D  bar  code  technology.  Labels  containing  a  MicrosoQ  Tag  2D  bar  code  have  been   placed  on  select  Canon  products  at  retailers  such  as  Best  Buy  and  Staples. • Consumers  or  store  associates  can  use  a  smartphone  to  scan  a  MicrosoQ  Tag  that  launches  a   device-­‐op9mized  mobile  microsite.  The  site  contains  user-­‐generated  ra9ngs  and  reviews,  video   product  demonstra9ons  and  detailed  product  informa9on 14Thursday, 15 March, 12 14
  15. 15. • QR  codes  are  a  specialized  version   of  a  two-­‐dimensional  bar  code.   QR  codes  are  intended  to  be   scanned  by  the  camera  on  a   mobile  phone,  providing  a  fast   and  easy  way  to  transfer   informa9on.     • The  customer  can  use  the  QR   Reader  on  his  smartphone  to  get   detailed  informa9on  about  the   product  he  is  considering.  He  can   read  consumer  reviews,  compare   features  with  similar  products,   and  e-­‐mail  details  to  a  friend  who   might  be  giving  advice 15Thursday, 15 March, 12 15
  16. 16. 16Thursday, 15 March, 12 16
  17. 17. ABOUT Ten Thousand Inc is an Internet Strategy and Implementation Boutique that views the internet as [1] an uber business-toolbox, [2] an innovative sales & marketing channel, and [3] a critical customer loyalty and advocacy engine. SOME CLIENTS [1] British Airways [2] Expedia [3] Knightsbridge [4] Macquarie Bank WHY [1] Staff have +10,000 hours of relevant Internet & Business experience ensuring bleeding-edge Internet solutions. [2] Solutions are highly measurable and are accompanied by transparent actionable analytics. [3] Higher returns on internet-spend are demanded by clients and delivered by TenThousand. PRACTICES [1] Social Media: Monitoring, Influencing and Management. [2] Search: Prospect/Lead Generation, Qualification and Conversion. [3] Customer: Profitability Growth, Journeying, Loyalty, Advocacy. [4] Business: New Sales Channels, New Markets, New Online Businesses. CONTACTS [1] +1(888)559-1159 ext 3 [2] +1(888)559 1159 ext 4Thursday, 15 March, 12 17