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How to create great online user experiences


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Mini-Cases of great work done by great agencies.

Published in: Technology, Business
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How to create great online user experiences

  1. 1. HOW TO CREATE GREAT ONLINE USER EXPERIENCES CONTACTS [1] +1(888)559-1159 ext 3 [2] +1(888)559 1159 ext 4Wednesday, 14 March, 12 1
  2. 2. 6  Na%ons  ‘Rugby  Boy’ The  Royal  Bank  of  Scotland  (RBS)  has  been  sponsoring   the  6  Na<ons  rugby  tournament  since  2003.    From   February  to  March  every  year,  Scotland,  England,   Integrated  Campaign  Objec-ve Wales,  Ireland,  Italy  and  France  baJle  it  out  to  be   Increase  &  amplify  the  reach  and   crowned  Champion  of  Northern  hemisphere  rugby.   engagement  of  RBS  6  Na-ons  sponsorship Whilst  investment  in  the  sponsorship  meant  that  RBS   had  become  synonymous  with  the  tournament,  the   bank  had  done  liJle  more  than  put  their  name  to  it   and  made  liJle  real  impact  on  fan’s  experience.     Digital  Marke-ng  Objec-ves   • Foster  posi-ve  conversa-ons  around  the   So,  they  asked  their  agency  to  find  ways  to  connect   RBS  6  Na-ons the  bank  with  fans  of  the  tournament  to  increase  the   reach  and  engagement  in  the  sponsorship. The  agency  realized  early  on  that,  above  all  else,  the  6   Na<ons  is  an  outlet  for  patrio<c  expression.  RBS’s   Rugby  Boy! audience  was  already  spending  a  lot  of  <me  on   the  agency  created  “Rugby  Boy”  -­‐  a   Facebook  and  we  were  aware  of  the  power  of  the   credible,  personable  but  enigma-c   plaQorm  to  drive  rapid  growth  when  used  well,  so  the   moderator  of  the  page  whose  job  it  was  to   agency  created  the  “official  RBS  6  Na<ons  facebook   s-r  up  na-onal  pride  and  encourage  rugby-­‐ page”.   2Wednesday, 14 March, 12 2
  3. 3. RBS  +  6  Na%ons  =  “Sing-­‐For-­‐Your-­‐Seat” The  agency  also  created    the  “Sing  For  Your  Seat”   compe<<on  that  encouraged  fans  from  the  six   par<cipa<ng  na<ons  to  upload  videos  of  themselves   singing  their  na<onal  anthems  to  win  <ckets  to   matches.     ! 3Wednesday, 14 March, 12 3
  4. 4. Social  Media  Influencers  &  Growth “Rugby  Boy”,  facilitated  a  welcoming,  exci<ng,  and   above  all  patrio<c  page  for  fans  of  the  6  Na<ons   tournament.  This  accounted  for  the  majority  of  the   103,000  fans  we  aJained  in  less  than  3  months,  well   exceeding  our  target  of  40,000. The  agency added a deeper level of engagement to the FB campaign and generated more conversations around the patriotic content that was produced. Effec<veness  results: • Total  fans:  103,400 • Total  Facebook  impressions  generate  by  Rugby   Boy  posts:  17,957,978 • Total  Facebook  fans:  103,400 • Total  Facebook  fan  ‘likes’:  18,613 • Total  Facebook  fan  ‘posts’:  9,322 • Total  Facebook  fan  ‘comments’:  7,111 • Total  video  comp.  fan  uploads:  73 • Total  comp.  video  fan  views:  10,169 4Wednesday, 14 March, 12 4
  5. 5. Wednesday, 14 March, 12 5
  6. 6. Boston  Bruins  Facebook  App The  Boston  Bruins  wanted  to  bring  their  fans  closer  to   each  other  and  to  the  team.  Launched  during  the   playoffs,  the  app  has  now  been  extend  throughout  the   regular  season. 6Wednesday, 14 March, 12 6
  7. 7. Boston  Bruins  Facebook  App Challenge • To  build  a  facebook  app  a  few  weeks  prior  to  the   NHL  Playoffs  allowing  fans  to  engage  with  their   team  like  never  before   • Data  migra<on/normaliza<on  challenges  with  the   data  provided/feeds  coming  in • Con<nuous  facebook  changes Solu<on • Rapid  applica<on  development  using  custom  built   framework  (also  used  for  Cel<cs  3  point  play)   • Normaliza<on  of  data  through  an  innovate  feed   XML/XSLT  transforma<on   • Development  of  a  plaQorm  extendable  for  the   2011  regular  season  with  an  understanding  of   planned  Facebook  changes 7Wednesday, 14 March, 12 7
  8. 8. 8Wednesday, 14 March, 12 8
  9. 9. Challenge  And  Vision Shelf  space  is  cri-cal  when  selling  athle-c  footwear   in  retail  stores.  The  more  you  have,  the  more  you   sell.  Over  the  years,  Reebok  saw  its  sales  decline  as   they  lost  shelf  space  to  compe-tors  like  Nike,  Puma   and  Converse.    Searching  for  ways  to  counteract   declining  in-­‐store  sales,  Reebok  needed  a  solu-on   that  had  staying  power.   The  agency  answered  this  challenge  using  a  Tridion   CMS  and  a  complete  Hybris  eCommerce  solu-on.  A   visually  engaging,  mul--­‐lingual,  personalized,   Text service-­‐oriented  web  powerhouse,  integra-ng   commerce  and  fulfillment  seamlessly  into  the  user   experience.     9Wednesday, 14 March, 12 9
  10. 10. Reebok’s  Site  Launched  In  2008  In  36  Countries  And  19  Different  Languages   10Wednesday, 14 March, 12 10
  11. 11. Hybris-­‐enabled  Localized  ECommerce  Capabili%es Text 11Wednesday, 14 March, 12 11
  12. 12. The  Site  Underwent  A  Complete  Visual  Design  Overhaul  In  2010 TextWednesday, 14 March, 12 12
  13. 13. The  Plaborm’s  Service-­‐oriented  Architecture  Facilitated  A  Redesign  With  No  Code  Rewrite 13Wednesday, 14 March, 12 13
  14. 14. Service  Oriented  Architecture  Wins • Flash-­‐driven  site  built  en<rely  on  top  of  a  set  of   web  services. • Reebok  agencies  can  use  available  content   and  resources,  focusing  mainly  on  their   forte  –  user  experience  and  crea<ve • Full  flexibility  –  Classic  Web  applica<on,   Flash,  AJAX • Services  offer  access  to  back  end  capabili<es  as   well  as  third  party  offerings • Content  from  CMS • Product  inventory  informa<on  from   eCommerce  system • User  registra<on  and  authen<ca<on • Analy<cs  integrated  into  the  fabric  of  site   interac<ons • Reebok  supports  a  concurrent,  search  engine   friendly,  HTML-­‐driven  version  of  the  site 14Wednesday, 14 March, 12 14
  15. 15. 15Wednesday, 14 March, 12 15
  16. 16. Enabling  Commerce,  Crea%vity,  Efficiency Adidas  was  facing  massive  challenges  reigning  in   effec<vely  managing  product  informa<on,  enabling   commerce  and  asset  reuse  by  agencies. The  work  revolved  around  two  main  areas:   • Product  Informa%on  Management  with   ecommerce  capabili<es  not  yet  rolled  out   worldwide—and  a  legacy  product  catalog  that   made  it  difficult  to  centralize  product  data   across  the  business—the  company  needed  a   way  to  beJer  service  their  customers  and  drive   new  sales  opportuni<es  in  non-­‐ecommerce   markets  around  the  globe.    Adidas  needed  an   innova<ve  solu<on. • Content  +  Asset  Management  Agencies   working  with  adidas  had  difficulty  consuming   and  crea<ng  editorial  content.  Assets  were   distributed  across  new  and  older  content   management  systems  and  file  repositories.   Adidas  sought  to  simplify,  centralize,  reduce  and   reuse.Wednesday, 14 March, 12 16
  17. 17. Single,  Global  Product  Catalog  Des%na%on Designers  and  engineers  stepped  up  to  the  plate,   developing  a  simple  yet  powerful  online  catalog   solu<on  that  drives  business  value  for  adidas—from   front  to  back.  They  delivered  a  new  web  based   administra<on  interface  for  adidas  product  managers.     The  applica<on  was  built  using  the  Hybris  plaQorm   that  consists  of  3  core  parts:   • The  Hybris  PIM  (Product  Informa<on   Management  Suite),  which  is  a  product  catalog   management  applica<on.   • Hybris  E-­‐commerce • Hybris  Print,  this  is  a  print  catalog  solu<on They  also  implemented  our  B2C  product  catalog   admin  interface  using  the  Hybris  PIM  applica<on.    The   Hybris  plaQorm  was  selected,  because  adidas   implemented  their  B2B  catalog  using  the  Hybris  Print   solu<on.    The  Hybris  solu<on  enables  the  global  digital   team  and  the  local  markets  to  add  products  and   maintain  local  product  availability  in  one  shared   database  that  can  be  leveraged  across  mul<ple  media.     17Wednesday, 14 March, 12 17
  18. 18. Single,  Global  Product  Catalog  Des%na%on Search  engine  op<miza<on  best  prac<ces  built  in  from   the  ground  up  also  propelled  the  catalog  to  the  top  of   Google  search  results,  driving  targeted  traffic  to  the   site.    Once  there,  the  slick  AJAX  interface  provides  a   rich  and  seamless  customer  experience,  elimina<ng   the  click-­‐and-­‐wait  game  of  tradi<onal  Web  pages  and   enabling  customers  to  find  the  products  they  need   quickly  and  easily.     On  the  back  end,  an  enterprise-­‐wide  service-­‐oriented   architecture  provides  a  consistent  and  accurate  view   of  product  marke<ng  informa<on  throughout  the   organiza<on.    And  by  u<lizing  open  source   technologies,  the  catalog  provides  a  more  powerful   and  reliable  solu<on,  while  reducing  costs  across  the   enterprise.       The  solu<on  launched  on  <me  and  within  budget  in  42   countries  and  19  languages  worldwide.    The  catalog   supports  over  1500  products.Wednesday, 14 March, 12 18
  19. 19. Wednesday, 14 March, 12 19
  20. 20. One  Content  Source Adidas  Global  Digital  Marke<ng  came  to  the  agency   with  a  vision:  transform  the  adidas  website  into  a   sports  and  style  communica<ons  hub.    In  order  to   achieve  this  vision,  consumers  must  be  able  to  get  up-­‐ to-­‐date  relevant  content  24x7x365.     The  agency  realized  that  the  people  best  able  to  enter   the  <mely  relevant  content  were  the  folks  in  the   adidas  local  market  offices.  However,  these  offices  are   challenged  by  high  turnover,  limited  technical   exper<se  and  constantly  changing  priori<es.    Our   solu<on:  a  CMS  which  was  “as  easy-­‐to-­‐use  and   addic<ve  as  Facebook”. This  project  came  to  be  known  as  the  Micro  Content   Database,  or  MCD.  The  Tridion-­‐supported  MCD  was   built  to  support  mul<-­‐use  content  in  mind.    It   empowers  global  and  local  management  of  adidas   content  for  use  across  mul<ple  adidas  proper<es.   adidas  IT  is  happy  too;  oqen  the  stumbling  block,   overwhelmed  and  overburdened  with  update  requests   spread  across  a  <ght  team,  no  longer  slows  marke<ng   down.   20Wednesday, 14 March, 12 20
  21. 21. ABOUT Ten Thousand Inc is an Internet Strategy and Implementation Boutique that views the internet as [1] an uber business-toolbox, [2] an innovative sales & marketing channel, and [3] a critical customer loyalty and advocacy engine. SOME CLIENTS [1] British Airways [2] Expedia [3] Knightsbridge [4] Macquarie Bank WHY [1] Staff have +10,000 hours of relevant Internet & Business experience ensuring bleeding-edge Internet solutions. [2] Solutions are highly measurable and are accompanied by transparent actionable analytics. [3] Higher returns on internet-spend are demanded by clients and delivered by TenThousand. PRACTICES [1] Social Media: Monitoring, Influencing and Management. [2] Search: Prospect/Lead Generation, Qualification and Conversion. [3] Customer: Profitability Growth, Journeying, Loyalty, Advocacy. [4] Business: New Sales Channels, New Markets, New Online Businesses. CONTACTS [1] +1(888)559-1159 ext 3 [2] +1(888)559 1159 ext 4Wednesday, 14 March, 12 21