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Tempo November 2014


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Tempo November 2014

Cover Story: Don't just watch movies. Learn how to make one with Arab Film Studio

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Tempo November 2014

  1. 1. NOVEMBER2014 @tempoplanet @tempoplanet ADVERTISEMENT
  4. 4. www. 5www. 5 Sana Bagersh Managing Editor Twitter @bagersh ADDRESS: To reach editorial at Tempo email: If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. NOTE TO ADVERTISERS: Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising: tel: 02 491 8624/25 | fax: 02 491 8626 | email: DISCLAIMER: Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 See Abu Dhabi like you’ve never seen before! 42 d’s note November is probably the busiest month in the whole year! So much so that we were totally conflicted whilst putting this issue together - on what to keep, and what to trim out. Close on the heels of the pure cinematic indulgence of the Abu Dhabi Film festival is the art and music smorgasbord that is​​Abu Dhabi​Art​, the Yasalam music scene and the world-class musicals. Then there are all the delightful bursts of creativity around the country’s museums and educational institutions. Within our pages you’ll find cool stories on everything from music to photography; design to film production; all the way to social causes and lifestyle must dos. As this goes to press, the Tempo team prepares to help host a November 6 social mixer for international and locally based designers. The event, which will be at MoxieZone in twofour54 Rotana Complex, is part​of​the exciting 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art brought to the UAE by Zayed University. We’re hoping it will be an evening where artists share their passion for design and revel in the magic of art and creativity. If you are a digital artist and want to attend, connect with our Facebook group Tempo Beat, to know more. Feed the soul. Peace. MANAGING EDITOR Sana Bagersh EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Vera Rosales MARKETING COORDINATOR Bilal Yaman DESIGN & LAYOUT Shihabudheen Hamza DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR Melaku Muluneh TEMPO GROUP: CONTRIBUTORS: Alma Kadragic Amal Naseem Angeli Castillo Anthony Freeman Azza El Masri Blakniss Dorian “Paul D” Rogers Donna Howarth Heather Long Vandevoorde Kimberly Moultrie Lana Nasser Marien Oomen Maryam Rashed Alzaabi Melissa Lowry Mirriam Akbar Nauf Al Shaikh Nikith Nath Nisma Hamid Noora Al Ali Paul Freeman Puneet Wagh Salma Al Mansoori Seumas Gallacher Shahid Saeed Sophia Grifferty Theresa F. Weber Vanessa Middleton Viktoria Vinnikava ontents 06 notes &cyberchatter / librarian’s lounge 07 quest for quirky / generation z 08 what’s hot 09 what’s cool / people calendar 10 tempo top 10 / high five/ #temporeviews 13 infographix: remembering sheikh zayed 14 phototripping 15 shutterbug adp 16 the epicurean 20 time capsule: maha chatila 22 grindline: krousiano r-kelly’s apprentice 25 blueprint: ragdha 26 #mindyourhashtags 27 arab film studio / making money 29 against all odds: mamoon sultan 30 articulate café / dhabi dames 31 youth talk / parental guide 33 flash fiction 34 game hedz / tech talk 35 women in business /expat returns home 37 one love, one tango 38 king of the cable: omeir saeed 39 instafame / tempo skillmarket 41 teen vox pop / improving education 42 360 view: the horizon beckons
  5. 5. www. tempoplanet.com6 POST YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ON OUR FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM notes cyberchatter ON THIRD CULTURE PARENTING TEMPO POLL OF THE MONTH LIBRARIANS’ LOUNGE: HELPING BUILD THE KNOWLEDGE BASED ECONOMY What is November most famous for? Very relatable! – Rania Hassan Mohammed ElAmin ON PHOTOTRIPPING: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Nothing like taking a walk with your camera, the world is waiting! – Yusuf Samad ON ARAB PRIDE: HAMZA CHRAIBI AND ‘ARAB EXCELLENCE’ Arab initiative at its best! Kudos to Hamza Chraibi and Arab Excellence! – Kadeem Hadi tweet@tempoplanet follow@tempoplanetlikeusonfacebook/abudhabitempo By Vanessa Middleton #ASKTEMPO I am 35 and have been a Tempo reader for some time. I am in a bit of a dilemma. My high school teacher recently sent me a friend request on Facebook. This is the same teacher that once flunked me. Should I ignore her or try to develop a more mature (and cathartic) relationship with her and accept her request? Should I try to connect with her even if I don’t like her? Not if you don’t like her- it’s your choice. No one is obliged to accept anybody on FB. I blocked half of my work colleagues just cause I didn’t want them nosing into my private life outside office. – Susanna Teachers assign failing grades to students who don’t do their work. Unless the teacher came out of nowhere with some sort of assessment that no one in the class had seen before, the responsibility for the ‘flunking’ rests on the students. If you want to be friends with your former teacher, great. If you still feel bad about your own behavior or the teacher’s behavior, it could be resolved by a FB connection. – Michele Depends on your relationship with the teacher. It can either be awkward and creepy, or it can be a new friendship based on respect and understanding. -Deena This happened to me…but it didn’t work. For some reason I saw him still as my teacher, and I felt a need to always ‘behave’ and ‘censor’ my comments. After a while I quietly ‘unfriended’ him. I hope he hasn’t noticed. -Arcat POST YOUR QUESTIONS IN OUR FB GROUP: TEMPO UAE The month before National Day, let the practices begin! (33%) Tech season! New gadgets out just in time for the holidays! (27%) It’s Diwali! Where are my rockets? (22%) Guns ‘n’ Roses, November Rain! That Slash solo was out of this world! (18%) Librarians are critical to the development of the knowledge based economy; librarians are essential players. As big data abounds and pervasive information overload persists; an information specialist is necessary to empower individuals with the tools and special skills required to navigate through vast data to meet their specific needs. Ultimately, they help to develop, create and innovate ideas into viable solutions. UNESCO’s development target emphasizes the importance of ensuring people have the skills and abilities needed for critical reception, assessment and use of information and media in their professional and personal lives. According to UNESCO, “empowerment of people through information and media literacy is an important prerequisite for fostering equitable access to information and knowledge, and building inclusive knowledge societies.” Most people assume librarians don’t have to do much all day except read books. Not so - our duties represent a multitude of activities, which include development, information and instructional technology, teaching, research support, data analysis, planning and much, much more. Most people assume librarians don’t require any qualifications. Not so - the terminal degree for the profession is a Master of Library and Information Science. PhD opportunities are also available in this discipline. Most librarians have a wide range of undergraduate degrees in many different disciplines. Therefore these individuals with a rich and diverse educational background and discipline bring their expertise to the field. The American University of the Emirates in Dubai offers one of the only Master of Library and Information Science Degree for those interested in pursuing further studies in Library and Information Science in the UAE. The University College of London has recently opened a branch in Doha exclusively offering Master Degrees in Museum Studies, Cultural Heritage, Conservation and Archaeology. Most people assume librarians are all in the same field however there are many different areas of specialization including school librarianship, academic/university librarianship, museums, law, government, special or corporate librarianship as well as public librarianship. Even more specialized fields include archivists, information literacy specialists, geographic information systems specialists, instructional technologists and more. You can learn more about librarianship at the upcoming Sharjah International Book Fair. The American Library Association has teamed up with the organizers of the festival to present a three-day Librarian’s Professional Development series. The event will take place during the Sharjah International Book Fair, November 11th – 13th. Meet and greet the president of the American Library Association, which is one of the oldest and largest library associations in the world. Over 40 international speakers will share their expertise and insight on trends in the profession; you would be able to experience a wide variety of programmes as well as network with regional library professionals.
  6. 6. www. 7 Aviation History Month National Novel Writing Month Historic Bridge Awareness Banana Pudding Lovers Month SOCIAL MEDIA: November is the month of Aviation History, Novel Writing, and Historical Bridges and finally…..Banana Pudding!QUIRKY FINDS! From 1903, when the Wright Brothers finally got the first airplane in history off the ground (pictured), to 2014, beautiful Boeing 787 Dreamliners with luxurious interiors. Aren’t inventions awesome?! We’ve come a looooooong way!! Could you write a “novel” on what you know about women? This unique novel comes with over a hundred blank pages…take that as a statement of what men really know about women or write your own pages! What would you say? Bridging the gap between past and present. Which is scarier? Historic Bridge Awareness month brings to mind the Hussaini rope bridge in Pakistan. Not exactly the safest bridge in the world and only the most courageous dare to cross it. The Millau Viaduct, which is the world’s tallest bridge is located in southern France and is close to 2,500 meters in length. Which would you cross? And finally, for Banana Pudding Lovers Month, satisfy that sweet tooth with some banana pudding, an American Southern favourite! This delicious sweet treat comes packed with bananas, vanilla wafers (biscuits), cream and other tasty ingredients. Magnolia Bakery in Galleria Mall does it the best! Check out this video and dance your way over to the Mall! quest for quirkyBy Kimberly Moultrie @Friedwanderer generation zBy Mirriam Akbar @InMirzWords Bringing People Closer or Driving Them Apart? It’s no doubt that social media, and technology in general, have had the greatest impact on our times. We are so dependent on social media and technology that we forget little of this existed just 10 years ago. Imagine if all of it were to stop right now… Imagine the trouble we’ll have finishing the simplest of tasks. We rely on social media in our everyday activities - in fact I’m sure as you read this, you’re going to pull out your phone a couple times. That’s the problem - or at least that’s the question… This question of the impact of social media in our lives has been up for discussion for the past few years. With technology enhancing each day, and social network sites becoming a common source of information for people all over the world, you can’t help but ask the question: have social media and technology brought people closer or driven them further apart? Right off the bat, we can all agree that social media and technology have made it easier for people to connect with family, friends, workers, and even with people from other parts of the globe. They’re able to share pictures, videos, links and other pieces of information. We have to agree that technology has brought people closer. Take for example my family who lives in Toronto, Canada who my grandparents haven’t met, but Skype changed that completely. It’s not the full experience, but it’s a big deal when you think about it. Now we know everything good has its fair share of bad too, and you’re probably wondering how social media has drifted people apart when it’s done so much to bring them closer in a virtual world. Through this virtual world people are always connected, but its never like the real thing. You see, technology has also changed the way we interact - when we meet! I go to gatherings of family or friends, and there’s less quality socializing because everyone’s busy communicating on their phones. That means that social networks have, in many ways, made us anti-social! Think about the miscommunication that happens in the virtual world. I’m sure everyone knows at least one person who no longer speaks to another person because of an argument that might have taken place through a social network site like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It makes you wonder if this would still happen if social media was limited in scope, or didn’t exist at all. We know that social media technology won’t be leaving us anytime soon and that it is integral to our lives. But moving forward, we need to figure out not only how to utilize it to best effect, but also how to mitigate the problems that it can cause. Street Art by Banksy
  7. 7. www. tempoplanet.com8 TheSpaceAD TO ADVERTISE YOUR EVENT AND BE INCLUDED IN OUR ISSUE, CONTACT US AT: or e-mail 2 491 8624 Art Class Mondays | 10AM-12PM Unleash your hidden talents with art classes open to all skill levels! This drawing and painting course covers the basics of the subject and gives the student the skills to continue with painting along the right lines. For more info contact local artist Matt McCobb 0551454595. Rooftop Rythyms November 5 | 7:00PM - 9:00PM After two years of hosting a successful poetry open mic night (predominantly in English) to Abu Dhabi, Rooftop Rhythms has decided to pay homage to the rich Arabic history of poetry with a new event hosted and performed exclusively in Arabic. For more info, visit the Rooftop Rhythms page on Facebook. Mobipix UAE November 5 - November 12 MOBIPIXUAE’s fundraising roadshow is part of a series of #mobile photography exhibitions across the UAE. The roadshow aims at raising funds for 100CAMERAS, a registered NGO based in New York that empowers kids to create tangible change in their communities by teaching them to capture their lives through photography. I’m Feeling 22 November 13 - November 27 An NYU student curated art exhibition exploring youth culture and experimentation for artists and all creatives based in the UAE, with the main focus on university students and recent graduates. Abu Dhabi Art 5 November – 8 November Saadiyat Cultural District, Abu Dhabi This year’s Abu Dhabi Art will present an exciting lineup of art, talks and performances that bring together the world’s top galleries, artists, cultural icons, collectors and visitors from across the globe. The sixth edition will present the two key elements launched last year; the Artists’ Waves section which showcases curated works by artists, as well as Durab Al Tawaya, a performing arts programme that takes Abu Dhabi Art beyond Saadiyat Island and into the city. Info: Abu Dhabi Alive 13 November – 15 November Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi The UAE’s most exciting fitness and lifestyle event is back for a second time! Thousands of visitors will again have the chance to take advantage of live fitness classes and sports activities, cooking demonstrations, free health consultations and giveaways as well as a host of competitions. Pre-registered visitors will have free use of all facilities like bowling centre, tennis courts, beach tennis and the rugby field. Info: Abu Dhabi Science Festival 13 November – 22 November Abu Dhabi Corniche (East Plaza) & Al Ain Zoo, Abu Dhabi This annual festival brings science to life in the United Arab Emirates. Each year thousands of visitors experience and enjoy a wide variety of thrilling scientific activities through an array of exciting workshops, shows and interactive exhibits. This 10-day event returns to its popular Abu Dhabi Corniche (East Plaza) location, and for the first time to two new activations in Al Ain (Al Ain Zoo) and Sharjah (Al Majaz Waterfront). Info: 2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 20 November – 23 November Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi This year will see the most exciting Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ever, with the circuit hosting the season’s last race and with double points on offer to drivers. Abu Dhabi will come alive with musical excitement with the return of Yasalam, the largest city- wide programme run by any F1 host city. Crowds will be treated to a packed programme of world-class events including international performers, stunning firework displays and a flypast of Etihad Airways’ new Dreamliner. Info: SHOES, A MONOLOGUE 19 November – 20 December MoxieZone, Abu Dhabi As we embark on a journey through life we learn and experience a myriad of things. Every walk is different, but the one thing we have in common is the task of taking the journey and choosing which pair of shoes to do it in. ‘SHOES’ is a compilation of witty, heartfelt, and thought provoking monologues written by C. Cunningham. This brilliant show is the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi and is sure to be a hit. To book your event’s space in MoxieZone, contact Vera at 02 491 8624/
  8. 8. www. 9 < Angeli Castillo nov20 nov nov26 30 nov dec30 3Stay upTEMPO! Like and follow us on our social media: Also join our FB group, TEMPO UAE, to stay updated on our community events dedicated to the arts, music, and fashion! Abu Dhabi Tempo @tempoplanet @tempoplanet THE TALK OF THE TOWN CHIC LADY SHOW ABU DHABI @ ADNEC UAE NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATIONS at Emirate Wide ramzi khansa • Lebanese • 20 • Student IBN BATTUTA: THE VOYAGER OF ISLAM I at Emirates Palace ISAF SAILING WORLD CUP FINAL 2014 at Next to Lulu Island HAVE A WORD - A ONE DAY LITERARY FESTIVAL | 16 NOVEMBER | DUCTAC, MALL OF THE EMIRATES | DUBAI The Have a Word day-long literary festival is a celebration of the written and spoken word. Visitors will have a chance to purchase second-hand books as well as arts and craft items. The afternoon will feature a selection of stalls selling new and second-hand books as well as all artworks, talking books, word games, puzzles, knitwear, stickers and homeware. Alongside the stalls will be a multi-faceted line-up of readings, music, recitals, slam poetry and other spoken word horseplay, all live onstage. | Info: EMIRATES AWARD FOR ARABIAN GULF YOUTH 2014 | 18 NOVEMBER | ABU DHABI The Emirates Award for Arabian Gulf Youth is a social business competition that aims to unlock the creativity of the GCC region’s young people to solve the challenges facing society through the creation of a social enterprise. The Emirates Foundation seeks to support youth initiatives that can create real and sustainable social change. This initiative showcases for social enterprise ideas and is a platform for young venture philanthropists in the Arabian Gulf region to bring their ideas to life and connect with the people who can help them make them happen. The top 15 competition entries with the most creative and impactful social enterprise ideas will be selected to come together to the UAE to attend the mentorship program on 16th November and showcase their ideas to the judging committee on 17th November. The three winning ideas will be announced at the awards event which will take place in Abu Dhabi on 18th November 2014. | Info: TO GIVE THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL… EDUCATION This holiday season, The Body Shop is teaming up with War Child, the global charity for children affected by war, to grant children the wish of education. With your help, The Body Shop aims to provide more than six million lessons in war-torn areas. For every specially selected gift you buy, no matter how big or small, The Body Shop will make a contribution that funds a class for a child. Rob Williams, the CEO at War Child UK says: “In areas of conflict, getting a child back into school keeps them safe. Building their confidence, knowledge and skills opens the doors of opportunity. That’s why we have teamed up with The Body Shop this Christmas. Buy a gift, help a child. It’s so simple, but so brilliant.”
  9. 9. www. tempoplanet.com10 songs in the uae | Abu Dhabi | Ajman | Dubai | Fujairah | Ras Al Khaimah | Sharjah | Umm Al Quwain 6 7 8 9 10 Lovers on the Sun > David Guetta Feat. Sam Martin New Thang > Red Foo Won’t Look Back > Duke Dumont Steal My Girl > One Direction Wait On Me > Rixton1 2 3 4 5 Thinking Out Loud > Ed Sheeran Animals > Maroon 5 Cool Kids > Echosmith New Flame > Chris Brown Feat. Usher & Rick Ross Centuries > Fall Out Boy now showing this month Tempo’s movie buffs came together and discovered this month’s latest flicks in the Gulf. For contests, ticket giveaways and freebies, Like & Follow Tempo on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! tempo movie reviews Follow #TempoReviews on Twitter for more. The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes. Fun Fact: The first animated Marvel film to be released theatrically via Walt Disney Animation Studios. Several characters from the Big Hero 6 comic didn’t appear in the film due to copyright issues. Directed by: Don Hall, Chris Williams Cast: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung Katniss Everdeen is in District 13 after she shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her courage. Fun Fact: First film in the series to be shot digitally. Directed by: Francis Lawrence Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney. Fun Fact: The film will be released 20 years after the original. Directed by: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly Cast: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Laurie Holden Dale, Kurt and Nick decide to start their own business but things don’t go as planned because of a slick investor, prompting the trio to pull off a harebrained and misguided kidnapping scheme. Fun Fact: This is the first sequel Jennifer Aniston has ever done in her entire career. Directed by: Sean Anders Cast: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis Big Hero 6 Genre: Animation | Action | Comedy TEMPO PREDICTION: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Genre: Adventure | Sci-Fi TEMPO PREDICTION: Dumb and Dumber To Genre: Comedy Tempo Prediction: Horrible Bosses 2 Genre: Comedy Tempo Prediction: POWERED BY Melissa Oval Age: 17 Social Media: Melissa11rocks (YouTube) Nationality: Canadian Genre(s): Pop Inspiration(s): Birdy, Gabrielle Aplin Favorite Artist/s: Ed Sheeran Music Dreams: To be a successful singer and perform around the world. SHOUT OUT: ARE YOU A SINGER/BAND AND WANT TO BE FEATURED IN “MUSIC HIGH FIVE”? DROP A LINE ON EDITORIAL@TEMPOPLANET.COM AND BE SURE TO JOIN THE TEMPO - TEMPOPLANET FACEBOOK GROUP Watch my High Five video here SHOUT OUT: DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED IN TEMPO HIGH FIVE? JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP ‘‘TEMPO BEAT” AND TELL US MORE ABOUT YOUR TALENT!
  10. 10. www. 11www. TALKING BOOKS By Seumas Gallacher @seumasgallacher …in some of the science fiction movies, yer heroes and heroines are often endowed with the ability to clone themselves… to be more than one thing at the one time… to be in more than one location at the one time… and as yeez sat there in the kids’ section at the cinema, chomping away at yer crisps and slopping yer ice cream all over the seats, yeez thought, ‘right! that’ll do me!’… …then, as yeez grew into older versions of yer youth, that wish would become more wistful… the realisation that being just one presence is hard enuff going sum’times… comes now the age of the internet… the era of the SOSYAL NETWURKS is inescapably upon on us… for we scribblers, a wee chink of light appears that tells us that p’raps those childhood fantasies of self-cloning may not be so unachievable after all… coz, here’s the thing… the distilled wisdom currently dictates that to have a better chance of ‘succeeding’ (there’s that daft WURD again, whatever it means to yeez as an author), yeez are recommended to clone yerselves… is that possible, Mabel?… you bet yer redolent rectum it is… first up, getting yer wee masterpieces written demands yer Writer persona… over time, along comes sum’thing else, called yer ’Author’s Voice’… the style and regular content that is recognisable as yer own, even if people don’t see yer name on the book cover… (fr’example, if yeez pick up any book by Charlie Dickens and start reading it in the middle, before long yeez would know it’s by Dickens… that’s the ‘Author’s Voice’)… then on to the ‘getting yerselves out there’ gig… lots of novelists and scriveners abhor this bit… being ‘present’ on the internet in a plethora of guises.. Twitter-ing, Facebook-ing, Google+-ing, LinkedIn-ing, Stumbleupon-ing, any-other-bluudy-netwurking-yeez-can-find- ing, …and prob’ly most vital of all of these, Blogging… in all of that chattering, communicating, networking, yer ‘Author’s Brand’ develops… yer SOSYAL NETWURK presence is key to yer ‘Author’s Brand’ recognition on the Web… (yer unique distinctive personality, or whatever version yeez choose to display of it as such)… so, as a quill-scraper, are yeez an Author?… are yeez a Voice?… are yeez a Brand?… yes!… yes!… and yes!… yeez are the composite of all of that to the outside readers and writers’ universe… the fantasy sci-fi is possible… beam me up Scottie!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!… David Moore is an Australian Digital Poet/ Filmmaker/ ponderer and is the senior lecturer in video production at Abu Dhabi Women’s College. I recently read that we ALL live 80 milliseconds in the PAST… that by the time we recognize the NOW, it has already become living memory. This actually explained a lot to me, how we sometimes feel disconnected from reality, when we open our mouths and utter something, instantly regretting or rejoicing in our ignorance or joyousness or both. This concept, the ephemeral, intangible quality of time continued to lodge in my mind, not unlike the transporting moment from the movie American Beauty, in which Ricky Fitt’s video’s a swirling plastic shopping bag, whilst underscored by the beautiful dialogue “… it helps me remember... I need to remember... Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.” It was also about this time my first-born left home, something all parents go through, but nothing prepares you for… the impact of which is rarely discussed. I grieved for almost a year… starting six months before he even left. I would no longer wake to see him everyday, hear his voice, argue with him, my son was now relegated to misbegotten Skype calls with lamenting parents, to being a visitor in his own home when visiting to Australia. A quote from a movie at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival several years ago kept echoing through my mind. A young Chinese woman grieves to a friend that she had done the sums, and from the time your children leave home to their subsequent visits, if you add it all up… you’re lucky if they spend a collective year with their parents in the next 30 years. Sadly this rings true for all of us, and what do we have left, but our memories… For my son’s impending 21st birthday, an event which distance and schedule prevented spending together, I devised something that I hoped would be special. 88 Milliseconds was a book that I wrote to celebrate our expat lives together in Abu Dhabi and the specialness of my son. In writing and editing nearly a thousand pictures… I came up with 100 pages of photographs and short stories to celebrate life, art, culture, travel and our time together. I presented it to my son who, with the demure attitude of 21-year-old, thanked me, thumbed through a few pages and put it away. That’s ok… because I didn’t write it for now, I wrote it for later, because one day I know he will find it, read it… and treasure it, because, whether we like to admit it or not, we all become nostalgic. I only printed two copies (one for him, one for me), with the wonder of the digital age printing technology. It was surprisingly cheap and of excellent quality (my other hat is running a graphic design company for 10 years). What did surprise me was the reaction to the people I showed my copy to… I started to receive encouragement to reprint for it other people, possibly even to sell, but this book was special, I wanted to keep 88 milliseconds for him… for us (if you’re wondering why 88 and not the current title, it was 80 milliseconds for the past, and 2 milliseconds extra for each member of our immediate family. 88 seemed like a nice round number, not unlike me). I started to treat the project as a new book, took out some of the more personal stories that were just for him and replaced them with stories of equal joyousness and humour, but also involving friends as well as family. With the help of Susan-Sojourna (Sojo) Collier, a highly experienced writer in Applied Communications at Higher Colleges of Technology’s Abu Dhabi Women’s College, Sojo began to curate the pictures and stories to generate an exhibition to support the book launch. 80 milliseconds is the past... it is the time it takes you to blink, the time to touch your toes (for some of us anyway) the time it takes for your children to leave home.... it is a celebration of time, art, family, travel and the (not to distant) past. Copies of the book may be purchased online at or the direct link http://blur. by/1CV0pWX for $34.63 plus delivery. The Photographic Exhibition and Book Launch will be on Display at Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi Women’s College, City Campus on the 12th of November, 2014. 80 MILLISECONDS THE BLOG by David Moore/@concretesockz
  12. 12. www. 13 It’s been 10 years since Sheikh Zayed ruled this amazing nation. Emiratis Noora Al Ali and Maryam Alzaabi tell, through this infographic that they created, what made the founding father the extraordinary leader that he was.infographix R emembering Sheikh Zayed
  13. 13. www. tempoplanet.com14 FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Fashion photography is a genre that is most often associated with advertising and fashion magazines. It has developed its own protocols and aesthetics over time, enhanced by choice of location and accessories. Fashion photography has been in existence since the early days of photography, capturing time and place, as well as documenting prevailing trends. MY NAME IS NIKITH NATH... I am 22 years old, and I’m from Kerala, India. I have loved photography since I was young and took it up as my passion when my father gave me a Canon EOS 1100D two years ago. I have taught myself, and am mainly into fashion and landscape photography. I conduct workshops for aspiring photographers and love to promote photography. phototripping By Nikith Nath FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY BEAUTY WITH ATTITUDE Camera: Canon EOS 1100D Lens: Canon 50mm/1.8f Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec Aperture: f/1.8 ISO: 100 Focal Length 50mm A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Camera: Canon EOS 1100D Lens: Canon 50mm/1.8f Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec Aperture: f/2 ISO: 100 Focal Length 50mm LADY IN THE WILDERNESS Camera: Canon EOS 1100D Lens: Canon 50mm/1.8f Shutter Speed: 1/5 sec Aperture: f/5.6 ISO: 1600 Focal Length 50mm A SMILE IS A GIRL’S BEST ACCESSORY Camera: Canon EOS 1100D Lens: Canon 50mm/1.8f Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec Aperture: f/3.5 ISO: 400 Focal Length 50mm IN TIME Camera: Canon EOS 1100D Lens: Canon 50mm/1.8f Shutter Speed: 1/640 sec Aperture: f/2.8 ISO: 400 Focal Length 50mm
  14. 14. www. 15 shutterbug adp The Group: Abu Dhabi Photographers ‘‘I am a self-taught photographer, born and raised in Belarus. I developed interest in photography during my childhood. I was fascinated by the mystery of dark rooms and got inspired by family photographs taken by my father. I have won several awards in local photography competitions. My latest and biggest, so far is 1st place in the 3rd annual ‘Spaces of Light’ Photography Competition under the Category ‘Architectural Beauty of the Emirates Palace’. I am still searching for my specific style of photography. I enjoy traveling around the world and experimenting with colours, textures, contrasts, selective focusing, slow shutter speed, unique angles, interesting lighting conditions and new approaches in post-processing photographs. My photography was featured in several magazines, online publications, calendars, coffee table books. I am a member of Abu Dhabi International Photographic Society (ADIPS) and hold a FIAP distinction from The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).’’ ABOUT: Abu Dhabi Photographers is a group of photography enthusiasts who meet regularly to capture beautiful shots and to share knowledge and creative experiences. The group is managed by BrandMoxie. THE CHALLENGE: PATTERNSPhotographer: ViktoriaVinnikava
  15. 15. www. tempoplanet.com16 the epicureanBy Lana Nasser Instagram: @l4n4n I’m buzzing from an intense post workout high. I still have the shakes and nothing can quite quench my thirst as a fruit and veggie liquid heaven. One of my favourites would have to be the Morning Glory from Nectar at Bodytree Studio – blueberries, bananas, orange, organic acai powder and organic goji berries. The best part for me is pushing my body to reach crazy mental goals, sweating out all the toxins and then rewarding it with a freshly made juice full of nutrients and antioxidants, kick-starting its repair cycle into hyper-drive. That’s my reason for loving juice, what’s yours? Juice bars have become a trend, a style cooler than fashion; a status symbol. Nowadays it’s hipper to look after your body from the inside out. So how did this obsession come about? Juice has been sloshing around waiting for it’s grand entrance since the thirties. It paired perfectly with the crusades for fitness, the popularization of Gerson therapy, which was a treatment of juice, supplements and coffee enemas for cancer patients and the work of Norman Walker, a pioneer in the raw food movement and vegetarianism. As a young man he couldn’t accept the idea of ill health or a sick body and was able to cure himself by grinding carrots for juice. He believed in juicing your way to vibrant health and disease prevention: parsley for maintaining adrenal and thyroid glands, turnip for soft bones and teeth and green peppers for quality nails and hair. Today his famed Norwalk cold press juice machine is touted as an innovation as it delivers smoother, less pulpy nectars that allow the body to better absorb the benefits of juice. Unfortunately his concept had a very small cult following and the ideas never caught on; Walker passed away in 1985 at age 99 but some say at 118. Juice picked up again in the nineties when it was closely tied to the super-foods and veganism. If you wanted a disconnection THE JUICE ON JUICE from mass-produced sustenance then juice was your answer. Juice was natural and allowed you a kind of float-on-a-cloud feeling through life, a little nutsy and hungry but full of energy, epiphanies and goodness. At that time there was another health culture taking hold, better known as the pamper-yourself culture with expensive hot stone massages. So when the pampering world collided with the all the natural high of the hippie juice world, the juice craze was born with lots of excitement to go with it. Companies like iZo Cleanse in California and Blue Print in New York by Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss pioneered juice’s revolution. Each tackles juice through a different process but the general message is the same: to promote health and strength and now is your chance to ride the bandwagon to rebirth. This vibe has burst on the scene in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the last two years; especially as health and fitness awareness campaigns and events gain momentum and popularity. The hardest decision would have to be choosing which of the juice bars is the one for you. According to Mira Naaman, owner of Nectar, “you choose the juice that best suits your lifestyle!” There are the juice bars in Abu Dhabi that offer freshly blended elixirs, which you can also custom design with the energy boosting extras such as organic wheatgrass, organic aloe vera, organic flaxseeds or organic chia seeds or even preorder your juice so it’s ready right after your workout. While others offer pre-bottled cold pressed juices, which are smoother because of the pressing process the fruits and vegetables go through. You can’t create your own, but the juices have an increased shelf life and allow you to experience the benefits as close to eating the actual fruit. Then you have the stores in Dubai that specialize in various detoxifying juice cleanse programs, depending on how much detoxifying you’d like to do on your body and for how long. Customers can choose to detox anywhere from 5 to 20 days and results are best achieved the longer they remain on the programme. “I feel like I have so much more energy and my skin looks amazing!” was what one of my friends had told me after she completed the program. Some people take it one step further and just replace some of their meals with juice. Personally I enjoy my food and texture way too much to give it up for any number of days. Trying out kale with my juice is about the only juice adventure I’m willing to go on. Actually, the only time I prefer to get juiced is after a tough crossfit class, freshly blended with all my favorite accessories!
  16. 16. www. 17 Let me start by admitting it took me longer than usual to write this column, especially since the topic, “mental strength,” has eluded me. Besides, I’ve only been able to get at its core and lock it down for brief periods of time. Why? Mental strength is like muscle strength; no one has unlimited supply. However, if we put mind into muscle and engage “resiliency” – the common denominator when seeking wisdom from a yogi, CEO and journalist – we are likely to soldier on despite challenges and setbacks. So, what do a yogi, CEO and journalist have in common? Each adjusts to discomfort, market fluctuations, and looming deadlines, respectively. They have the ability to adjust, recover and succeed in the face of adversity – that’s resiliency and it’s applicable to physical and mental strength. You can’t approach fitness or sport without the right mindset and ultimately, realistic expectations,but what happens when you plateau in weight loss or lose a competition? What will foster continued daily physical activity and delayed gratification while healing a bruised ego? Mental strength, of course, and that also entails flexibility, like having alternatives to your goal. Mark Twight, a demanding and highly effective celebrity trainer, credited for mind- body transformations from Spartan-actors in “300” and its sequel and more recently, “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill, says “the mind is primary…the actual physical effort and transformative process originates in the mind.” So, focus on what you can control, like strength of character. His training sessions begin with an interview and based on his ENGAGE YOUR CORE KNOW YOUR FISH! clients’ responses, he adjusts training and diet to adapt to everything else. “Training doesn’t exist alone, and it’s not the most important thing. It’s an integrated part,” says Twight. If you’ve ever set sights on a goal, you are essentially uncovering what you’re capable of – what is already there – like leaning out to show off your hard-earned six-pack. However, it is natural to feel apprehensive when embarking on a new endeavor. My client tells me she must unearth confidence deep within herself every time she kits up for kite-surfing. Yet, she gains courage and insight each and every time she surfaces. Just think, “While this is tough, I’m tougher.” Don’t risk giving in or giving up because living below your ideal or standards leads to frustration and worse, self-destruction. Instead, risk vulnerability by enlisting others for accountability and inspiration. Focus on impressing yourself and always count your blessings. Mix the ingredients together and cover both sides of each fillet, place in an oblong dish, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Remove fish from the fridge to come to room temperature. In the meantime, empty one tin of coconut milk in a large pan - allow to simmer. Gently place the fillets and the juices in to the pan. Don’t allow the sauce to boil or the fillets will fall apart. Simmer for 5 minutes – turning once (ensure cooked). Remove the fillets on to a warm plate and cover. Boil the sauce to reduce the liquid (approx. 5 minutes), lightly drizzle the sauce over the fish and serve immediately. The remaining sauce can be served on the side. The fish would work well with steamed brown rice or brown noodles, served with green vegetables. lean and cleanBy Melissa Lowry @fitandfaithfulforever By Donna Howarth @cleaneatuae I hold my hands up, I made a mistake this month – I purchased Hamour! What is the matter with that, I hear you ask? Whilst researching Hamour recipes and how I could cook this lovely chunky fish, my web browser revealed an article, which stated; “Hamour is currently being fished at seven times the sustainable rate and is the most overfished species in the UAE!” I was racked with guilt and scolded myself for not being aware of the UAE’s fish crisis, how could I be so ignorant? I was also reminded of UK’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s “Big Fish Fight” Channel4 Series and “The Fish Fight Campaign” of which I watched and signed the online petition! I was compelled to write this article as my reaction was, if I did not know then, I am sure there will be others – especially with our society being so transient. I was eager to learn if the UAE was taking any action to protect their fish reserves and I was relieved to discover that there is a charity called ‘Choose Wisely’ (supported by WWF) - that is based in Abu Dhabi - to address such issues. I invite you all to visit www. to learn more about what is being done to protect the UAE’s reserves. The website includes a handy consumer guide to assist when choosing your fish and a recipe book in English and Arabic – both can be downloaded. For this month’s clean recipe I have decided to use Yellow Tail Scad as this is on the ‘green’ scale of the consumer guide. I purchased my fish from one of the large supermarkets… the cost was Dh 20.50 per kilo – which I thought was very reasonable and affordable by the majority of families. Yellow Tail is a ‘medium’ tasting fish and when poached, the meat comes away quite easily from the bones. The fish can be baked, fried, barbecued and grilled, therefore, making it quite a versatile fish. Thai Style Yellow Tail Scad poached in Coconut Milk. (Serves 4) - Fillets from 2 large fish - Juice of 1 lime - 1tsp each - fresh ginger, garlic & lemon grass - 4 spring onions – green parts only, chopped - 1 heaped tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley - 3 tablespoons of nut oil - Season with black pepper and sea salt
  17. 17. www. tempoplanet.com20 time capsule LIFE MUSIC FOOD TRAVELABOUT ME Your most valued possession? My laptop, because I can stay connected with friends, work, and play games. Where can we find you most? In my bedroom. One thing you cannot live without? Again, my laptop, because I use it for everything. Who inspires you the most? Mark Ryden. I’ve always admired his surreal style of art and hope I can be as talented as him someday. Five things you need for survival? Food, water, shelter, internet connection, and friends. Car you would like to own? I don’t really care, as long as it’s eco-friendly and safe. Your idea of peace? I don’t really know. Your goal in life? To just be happy and able to support myself. Items you keep on buying even though you have plenty of them? Body jewelry and pullovers. An early memory? When I was in elementary school, my friend and I would play at her house after school. We’d pretend to be on a cooking show and make food out of sand, flowers, dirt, and leaves. If your life were a book, what would it be called…? Life and Stuff If you could wake up tomorrow in someone else’s body, it would be…? Wake up in a billionaire’s body and donate their money to charity. Music you would want played at your funeral? Death Cab for Cutie and Silversun Pickups. Current Last Song Syndrome (LSS)? I don’t really have a last song, but an album I can’t stop listening to is Bloom by Beach House. It’s too hard to choose a favorite song because they’re all equally good. Favorite hangout? It doesn’t really matter as long as I have good company. If today were your last day, where would you rush to go? I wouldn’t really want to travel, just see family and close friends. Idea of a perfect weekend? Hanging out with close friends, playing video games, catching up on reading series, and doing some art. Recent place you travelled to… I went to Montreal in May to visit my aunt. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? A veggie burger with fries. And dessert? A Cinnabon. Maha Chatila Profession: Surreal Artist Age: 20 Nationality: American-Lebanese Motto: Be open-minded and accepting.
  18. 18. www. tempoplanet.com22 GRINDLINE: KROUSIANO R-KELLY’S APPRENTICEBy Angeli Castillo Tempo: What do we need to know about Krousiano? Krousiano: Well, my real name is Kevin Krouse. Most call me Kevkrouse but you can call me Krousiano. I’m 22, from Detroit, Michigan. I’m an artist-songwriter. Tempo: How does a rapper from Detroit deal with challenges here? Krousiano: The biggest challenge I’ve come across so far is trying to connect with the right people for studio time, professional photos, and videos, as well as building local fan base. Tempo: We heard you trained with R-Kelly – how did that happen? Krousiano: It was heaven, I learned a lot. That man is a pure genius. I’ve had a chance to be one on one with somebody who’s been in this industry before I was born…and is still relevant today. His teachings have made me be a better writer. He taught me that it’s important to make your audience see and feel what your writing as if it were a picture I was painting; to adopt a strong work ethic; discipline in making music; and professionally representing myself. Tempo: Any funny moments with R-Kelly? Krousiano: Some were surreal. For example Kelly’s studio, ‘the Blue Room’ has many of his platinum plaques mounted. It’s hypnotic…same as meeting other celebrities whether it was basketball or in the club. I remember Kelly saying, “Don’t be all- star struck”. But my most favourite moment was going to Club Excalibur in downtown Chicago. Idris Elba (actor) and Dj Pharris were there. R-Kelly and I stepped off the tour bus with his entourage from the cameras straight to the VIP room as if we were in a movie scene. He treated me like family; I can say he is one of the most influential male figures in my life. Tempo: What sets you apart from other rappers? Krousiano: I feel like this… Where I’m from its all about who has the most money, sells the most drugs, and who got the most street credibility. I feel that since this is the main focus of many rappers in my city and across America that I can create and bring forth my own message… one that Ambition is nothing without hard work and for singer-songwriter, Kevin Krouse aka Krousiano, the sky is the limit to his dream of being the next big thing in the R&B/Hip-Hop scene. Tempo gave the mike to Krousiano and let him drop the beat…
  19. 19. www. 23 want to make your dreams come true there’s no time to sleep. Me personally, I’m up like a vampire ALL NIGHT chasing my dreams! Tempo: What’s your ‘tempo’? Krousiano: Speed! My music and my work ethic has a fast tempo. I’m at a 170+ bpm (beat per minute) when it comes to working. Every day I write… record, write… record, and write… record. It is hectic and very hard work, but for me it’s a way of life. Back home my partner, Chase Dinero is the same way. We both work ridiculously hard and act as if doing music is as important as breathing. So when I hear the word tempo, I relate it to what we call “the grind of life” because coming from a fast paced city I too must have a steady fast and upbeat tempo…a strong rhythm that flows to the beat of my heart! promotes hope and inspiration to all people. What I feel sets me apart from them in my story, my lyrics. I simply want to bring real hip-hop back. As an upcoming artist, it’s about creating uplifting lyrics and a new sound that everybody can relate to. Tempo: Would you let us in on your upcoming music video? Krousiano: It’s called ‘Meditation / F.T.P.’ and it’s short for Fight the Power. It’s about clearing my mind and getting away from stress and drama and finding inner peace. It’s also to raise awareness about how unarmed black youth in America are being treated by law enforcement. Tempo: What’s your take on the UAE’s music scene? Krousiano: There is potential! But it hasn’t yet been brought out. I come from Detroit, the Home of Motown Music, so it’s in my blood to bring out music wherever I go. The UAE is becoming more modernized by the day and I want to be the pioneer to help music develop. I asked a group of young men in the local mall if they listen to Hip-Hop. They told me no and I felt that Hip-Hop has a negative image in the UAE. So, I want to bring that “change” in thinking… to promote a positive Hip-Hop image not only in the UAE and beyond. I’m also interested in linking up with local talent in the UAE. I believe crossing Arabic and American music will help build a new platform for anyone who has a dream of becoming an entertainer in the Hip-Hop industry. Tempo: Any advice for aspiring rappers? Krousiano: Yes! Always pursue your dreams regardless of your situation or reality. Make it your job, your study. You need to live, eat, sleep what you desire to do in life to be great. When I say sleep I don’t mean it in a literal since. If you
  20. 20. Under the Patronage of H.E. Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi Minister of International Cooperation and Development, President of Zayed University ISEA2014 @ISEA_2014 30 October — 8 November, 2014 SE INTERNATIONAL #ISEA2014 The 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art Abu Dhabi 24.4667° North 54.3667° East Sharjah 25.4333 ° North 55.3833 ° East Dubai 24.9500° North 55.3333° East
  21. 21. www. 25 Raghda Profession: Student Age: 21 Nationality: Sudanese FASHION STATEMENT: I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet! PERSONAL STYLE: Simple and open to change, depending on the mood. FAVE BUY OF THE PAST MONTH: The “Celfie” shirt from Bershka FAVE STORE? Bershka, Forever21, H&M, Zara, and Garage. ANY FASHION PET HATES? Loose on loose clothing. PHOTOGRAPH BY: Angeli Castillo
  22. 22. www. tempoplanet.com26 MIND YOUR HASHTAGS POP CULTURE ART Pop art, ink drawings, artworks using coffee, gold, found objects, oil, acrylic, miniatures, collage, as well as sound and video art, are behind the most obvious contemporary social topic of online life, hashtags! Mind Your Hashtags is an art exhibition by THE (The Henosis Events) team held at The Space Abu Dhabi. “Abu Dhabi is the buzzing centre of contemporary art in the Middle East not just because Guggenheim and Louvre museums are opening here but also because of the wealth of artists who reside in the capital,” says Ashvin, one of the artist-curators for Mind Your Hashtags. “These artists have a unique view about the world around them, and they feel the need to express it. That has always been our focus. And the result was spectacular. The word Hashtags in the title does not take itself too seriously… it is used tongue-in- cheek to present the new-age vices through which our daily ‘social’ lives are ‘tagged’ and ‘hash tagged’. The open call challenge asked artists’ expression of the mindboggling realities of the 21st century… and their personal interpretations of the details around them. The 50 new artworks showing at this event are by 17 artists from 9 countries: Eman Hakim (Egypt), Saif Mhaisen (Palestine), Desislava Dare (Bulgaria), Mark Barretto (Philippines), Ram Nath (UK), IS (Palestine) Suhair Fakhoury (Jordan), Laurette Kovary (USA), Ashvin (India), B’lu (India), Sofia Chatzisaranti (Greece), Sara Amer (Philippines), Haafiza Sayed (India), Sumanta Dahda (India), Michael Turda (Philippines), Romy Ravindran (India) and Nissa Riyas (India). “We believe that it is a social responsibility to encourage artists to keep producing the thought-provoking environment they are able to create for the community. Let us contribute towards enriching our community from within,” says Ram Nath, one of the participating artists.
  23. 23. www. 27 IMAGE NATION PRESENTS ARAB FILM STUDIO MAKING MONEY: NOORA ABDULLA EBRAHIM ABDULLA ATEEQ AL ALI Arab Film Studios (AFS) by Image Nation Abu Dhabi is back for the fourth year with its annual short film competition which sees amateur film makers from across the region compete for the Dh 50,000 development grant. Launched in conjunction with twofour54, AFS provides opportunities for aspiring film makers to learn the tools of the movie- making trade and to get their break into the industry. Entries are open from now until early December 2014. Eligible contestants can enter by uploading short films between 1-3 minutes long on Vimeo with the caption “Use Your Imagination”. These submissions can be filmed in any format from using mobile phones to HD cameras and can be in English or Arabic without subtitles. Twelve successful finalists will be selected from the initial stage to take part in a three month multi-disciplinary training held in conjunction with twofour54. During this time, they will have the opportunity to learn from leading film professionals who will provide them with the inside knowledge of the film industry. Following the bootcamp stage, contestants will be required to develop and produce their own short film with the help of mentors and skills acquired in the course of their bootcamp training. The films will be judged by a panel of industry experts from around the world to choose the winner, who will receive a 50,000 AED development deal with Image Nation Abu Dhabi. Some winners from 2013 have been fortunate to make successful breaks into the film industry. One such contestant is Belal Anteple whose award-winning film Mr. Idea will be screened at this year’s Abu Dhabi Film Festival. As Mohammed Al Mubarak, Chairman of Image Nation Abu Dhabi stated, “Image Nation Abu Dhabi continues to be committed to the development and support of aspiring filmmakers in the UAE, and Arab Film Studio is a key initiative in developing filmmaking talent. The competition provides a unique opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to learn from industry professionals and our trusted partners such as twofour54, who provide best in-class training and the experience to see firsthand what it takes to produce a short film from scripting to screen. We look forward to receiving our first submissions.” For more information on entry and competition details, visit “It all started in June when we had the opportunity to attend a one-week workshop by KBA-NotaSys in banknote security and designing, as a part of our graphic design curriculum. Fatima Abdulla Farah Abdulrahman and I applied what we have been learning, and used that to design of two banknotes. Later we designed two more banknotes to complete a series. We also got the help from a third team member, Shaima Al Amari, who also got the chance to attend the whole workshop and understand the rules of bank note security. During the process, we received lots of encouragement and feedback from our teachers, families and fellow students. Experiencing the field of banknote designing made us think about extending our knowledge and experience into applying it in real jobs. Winning the banknote design contest, we were thrilled to visit KBA-NotaSys in Switzerland and meet experienced designers and learn the printing process of banknotes.”
  24. 24. www. 29 AGAINST ALL ODDS: MAMOON SULTANBy Vera Rosales We all have our aspirations in life, from wanting to become a grade school teacher to managing a successful startup company - maybe even becoming a famous celebrity. However for visually impaired Mamoon Sultan, being able to lead a normal life and find a way to contribute to society, in his own way, is his goal in life. Diagnosed with cataract at the age of six, Mamoon Sultan was born in Yemen and moved with his family at a young age to the UAE. Doctors kept telling his parents that it would be an easy procedure to treat the cataract however luck was not on Mamoon’s side when lost sight in his left eye. The son of a production controller and a housewife, Mamoon’s education was planned only until the ninth grade. After seeing him doing very well, his teachers and friends urged him to continue his schooling. His mother coached him at home, helping him with his reading and writing and Mamoon was able to complete high school. But he hit a roadblock that lasted for eleven years: there were not many colleges that provided support for the visually impaired. “During this time, people told me that I couldn’t do anything because of my blindness – even my father told me that he did not expect much from me. This made me feel envious of my brothers whom my father was always watchful of. This made me want to prove myself to them”. Mamoon stayed at home until an institute for the visually impaired called“Tamkeen” was established in Dubai. The institution developed and equipped the blind through courses that helped them attain jobs in various organizations. After his completion of Tamkeen’s specialized programme, Mamoon started his job hunt by sending CVs to different companies. Then Standard Chartered Bank showed interest in him. After interviewing him the bank hired him in their Abu Dhabi branch. Mamoon says the bank appreciated his performance as customer service representative turned floor manager. “They told me how much the branch’s image improved because of me. I even received a letter of thanks from management commending me for a job well done”. One day his manager introduced him to the head of Higher Colleges of Technology and invited him to continue his education at New York Institute of Technology – Abu Dhabi on a full scholarship. A few weeks later he found himself in the college studying Business Administration. Mamoon struggled at first. “To be honest with you I was feeling a bit strange, I did not know anyone, and nobody knew me. I started by taking one to two courses in the first three semesters because no one could help me and as a visually impaired person I need more time to finish my work. A normal person could read a simple page in five minutes, but for me it would take at least twenty to read and understand”. But with generous help from friends he calls the “The Three Musketeers,” Mamoon was able to complete his Bachelor’s Degree. Mamoon loves living in Abu Dhabi. “The streets here are very simple to remember. And if I need to catch a taxi, I would just use my phone. If you go to any companies and tell them about your disability, the staff is accommodating and gives you priority. Sadly, I can’t use the bus system.” Whenever Mamoon receives praise from his peers he points out that anybody can do what he did, the only difference is that he can’t see as well as everybody else. “We must always believe in ourselves and be open to learning. It’s a matter of showing interest and doing the hard work. Many people are given opportunities but fail to seize them; it is because they do not have the interest.’ Still employed at Standard Chartered Bank Mamoon is planning on pursuing his MBA at New York Institute of Technology - Abu Dhabi. His favourite subjects are marketing, management and business. Despite his father’s reservations, he plays football and swims. Mamoon with Sarah El Gohary, Marketing and Recruitment Director of NYIT-AD Mamoon showing us his nifty gadget for reading.
  25. 25. dhabi dames My Facebook Revolution By Marien Oomen By Dorian “Paul D” Rogers/@pauldTHERIPY www. tempoplanet.com30 A KICK OUT OF KICKBALL I sat down recently with Dennis Crump, organizer of the UAE’s first ever kickball league, to share a coffee and good conversation about everything related to the art of this unique game and how a dream was turned into reality... Paul D: You were born in Chicago, Illinois. What was life like growing up there? Dennis: Growing up in Chicago made me a survivor. The negative media Chicago receives is sometimes the truth and sometimes not. If you can make it out of Chicago, you can make it anywhere. My view on life is to take advantage of it and find a plan to ensure you are successful. Paul D: How has growing up there shaped your perspective? Dennis: Many friends and family members’ lives were cut short in Chicago due to violence. These unfortunate incidents taught me to cherish life. My parents had four sons which include me, Shaun, Darius, and Johnathan. All of my parents’ children have been shot or killed except for me, and I am the oldest at thirty-five years old. Shaun was murdered by gun violence in 1996, Darius is paralyzed from the waist down due to gun violence in 1999, and my younger brother, Johnathan, was shot in the back and hip in 2010. These tragedies pushed me to have a better life. My main goal was to get out of Chicago to find a better way. The great aspect about Chicago is the togetherness of the city. We come together when times get tough. Paul D: Your story is an impressive one of survival and triumph. I joined your kickball league last year and playing on my team, The Desert Kickers, has been one of my best experiences in the UAE thus far. Explain the art of kickball for those that have never heard of it. Dennis: Kickball is by far the easiest sport to learn and play. It is played similarly to baseball and softball. Instead of using a bat, players use their feet to kick the ball and run to the various bases. The ball is a 10-12 inch sized, red, rubber ball that is rolled to the kicker. Once the ball is kicked, the kicker can be hit with the ball to be called out or have the ball thrown to the base. Paul D: Kickball was popular for many in the USA during childhood. Why are adults so excited about this sport? Dennis: I think it’s because adults want to be kids again. Everyone wants to have fun, and everyone wants to get fit. It’s popular because people of all shapes and sizes can play. We not only play kickball but party, travel, and socialize as a family. Paul D: When did you first notice it taking off with adults in the US? Dennis: I noticed it when I was approached by a group of women who were playing it recreationally. I also have a refereeing company so they contacted me and asked me if I can provide officials for their respective leagues. I helped improve the league by adding elements of organization with which the ladies were not aware. After that, leagues started popping up in Atlanta everywhere and word spread that I organized them and provided officials. That’s how it took off in the adult world. Paul D: Your sports company that oversees your kickball events is called 3C Sports. Can you explain the inspiration of that name? Dennis: 3C is named after my three daughters who last names are Crump like mine. While trying to find a name for my company, I wanted to find a meaning that would remind me to stay motivated and give my all to the company. The best thing to do was name it after the people for whom I would die. The name means something. Paul D: How can people find out more about your activities in the UAE? Dennis: They can e-mail me at Paul D: Well, I have to say I got a kick out of this interview. Can you back away to the other side of the restaurant, so I can ball up the check and kick it to you? It is the best of times; it is the worst of times. It has insidiously entered our home and taken over our lives. It used to be the teenagers’ prerogative, but its glamour disappeared when their moms got on board… keeping tab on their movements! The ‘clever’ ones have two accounts. A safe FB for family, and a ‘cool’ one for their friends. Who wants their moms to patronize their wall anyway? Or an old, unfashionable aunt saying something outrageous? This week we heard of the oldest woman on FB: the 114-year-old woman had to lie to join Facebook. Due to its age limitations, a newly tech-savvy Minnesotan had to lie about her age to join the social network. In another case a 70 year old mama told her husband, ‘O hon, did you post that hippo picture? Do it quick.” After ten minutes, her hubby happily announces there are ‘two likes’. They both sip coffee, munching on their doughnut in glee. Rewriting a Steve Jobs Quote On a FB wall, you come across the ‘crazy ones, misfits, rebels, and troublemakers’. Some who see things differently – who are not fond of rules. You can share their quotes, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but you can’t ignore them. Part of the human race surges forward with a brilliant quote - while one half sees them as the crazy ones, the other half sees genius. The highly motivated ones think that they can change the world; and sometimes they actually do. Jump in the Fray; its Good for Your Mind When you don’t have a mind boggling, debatable, insightful, ecstatic update- deserving thought in your mind, consider it bad. Thinking positive and powerful thoughts can keep Alzheimer’s and boredom away. It can start you giggling inwards, with a sense of joy and achievement. The mind benefits when on full alert. Watching television news these days does awful things to your brain. You Can Update While Waiting for Oven to Beep Visiting somebody else’s wall is like dropping in to someone’s home. Often times we are caught up within our own (home’s) walls: sprucing it, making it look intelligent, worldly wise, funny, holy, spiritual, linguistically superior, and as ethical as the moment seizes us. And after we ‘post’, we sit back and wait for our guests to enter and ‘like’ our decor and little appetizers. There’s also the desire to keep up with the Joneses! Even coveting your neighbor’s good (updates) and wishing you had got there first. There’s a race to show one’s intelligence quotient, one’s travel diary, one’s charitable vein, one’s luscious curves… the list is endless. The truth is nobody wants to own a colourless home… or a blank Facebook page. This is a good revolution. So write on my wall, please! articulate cafe
  26. 26. www. 31 Parenting: Not such a bubble after all Worldwide Friendships By Nisma Hamid/@nismahamid By Heather Long Vandevoorde, Ph.D./@hvdvoorde Over coffee, my girlfriends and I often discuss how fortunate we are to be parents in this relatively safe UAE society with the low crime rate. The risk of kidnapping and theft is far lower than in our home countries. Our kids can, by and large, speak to strangers without reservation. “Stranger danger” is a foreign concept. But, inevitably that is when the conversation turns to the downside of the way we live: traveling. We all feel the same, the moment we leave the UAE; we become different parents, telling our kids not to talk to strangers and holding them firmly by the hand at all times. I’ve said, time after time, to my friends how concerned I am about my kids when they have to leave the bubble of safety in the UAE for the “real world.” How will they survive coming from such a secure setting and being released into the cold, harsh, real world? It was just this line of conversation I was rattling off with Patricia, the woman I consider my mentor, during her recent visit to Abu Dhabi from the USA. “My kids live in such a bubble. Their exposure to crime, drugs, alcohol and other teenage problems faced by kids in Europe and North America is so minimal that I fear what will happen when they go off to university there,” I sighed. “I don’t know how to prepare them.” To my surprise, she was not at all sympathetic to my cause. In fact, what she said threw me completely off-track. “Heather,” she said, “your kids are so much better prepared than most kids their age around the world. They have a wealth and depth of experience that cannot compare.” Specifically, she went on to describe that my kids: • Can speak easily, without hesitation, to non-native English speakers. During her visit, Patricia saw my girls interact with people with every level of English. They never skipped a beat or failed to get their point across, regardless of whom they were speaking with. They have developed patience and perseverance. They are good communicators. • Interact easily with people from different cultures. Along the same lines as the previous point, we see every type of native dress in the UAE. “I’ll admit, even I was a little overwhelmed by the fully-covered local ladies here. It’s really different for me to see,” Patricia said. What she noticed was that my girls will talk to anyone with ease. They are not prejudiced or intimidated by any style of dress or makeup. • Are independent and not always at Mommy’s side. While I had only seen the negative side of this for their future, she pointed out that my girls are self-confident travelers, leaders who are comfortable in a variety of situations. Patricia cited an example from when we were in an unfamiliar souk and were momentarily uncertain of how to return to the car. They didn’t freak out, they asked for help and made a resourceful plan. • Have strong negotiation skills. When shopping at the Gold Souk, Patricia found a bracelet she wanted to buy. The girls were instantly at my husband’s side, confidently helping him negotiate a price. “Most of the kids their age in the USA would never even think a price was negotiable, let alone care about helping to reduce it,” she said. “Negotiation is a skill that will directly translate to their success professionally.” Patricia’s comments opened my eyes. I have always been proud of the fact that my daughters are not shy and don’t lack self- confidence. But she showed me that this is a direct reflection of the life they have had and the environment they operate in. She pointed out that my kids have every chance of making intelligent choices when released into the “real world” for university because of the internal filters we have helped them build by the experiences they are having daily right now. “Kids can develop danger-awareness easily,” she said. “But how to be resourceful and get out of tricky situations is a bigger challenge. Your kids have a real leg up in that department.” I was grateful for the relief she stirred in me. My responses will be very different the next time the conversation arises with my girlfriends. parental guide Living in the UAE comes with so many benefits; if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be here, would we? But life here isn’t perfect; some of the few downfalls of living here are the friendships you make. How can friendships be bad? Because everyone leaves! The UAE is a ‘transit’ country. People come and go, on to their new lives or back to their old ones. I can’t relate to most of these people because I’ve been in the UAE since I was three. I have rarely met another expat who’s been in the country for a big a percentage of their lives as me. I now find myself trying to distance myself from intimate friendships. I try to stray between cliques, where my friends are all ages, religions, and nationalities. I do this because I do not want to be hurt when reality strikes and someone I care about has to leave the country. I want to avoid the pain that happened when some of my closest friends left. My neighbor was in my grade 3 through 7, and was also my best friend. In the summer of the sixth grade she told me she was moving to Canada. I was absolutely shattered. Who was I going to spend my time with? Since I wasn’t ‘popular’, was I going to be alone? Those questions haunted me, filling me with dread and selfishness. We began our long-distance relationship with late phone calls and Facebook messages. Soon contact became less and farther apart until, eventually, they stopped altogether. I still like to say that she was an extremely important part of my life. Another friend I met in 5th grade also met with the same fate. We were really close - we bonded well because we saw ourselves as outcasts, shunned by our peers. She was shy and not a lot of people heard her speak, but she did not feel insecure around me. Just when we were at the height of our friendship, she left to Sweden. I’m still in touch with her: we Skype, snapchat, and call each other often. She’s now a big shot model in Sweden, Tokyo, and LA. If she could go from an introvert to a confident model, I too can achieve my goals and follow my dreams. I am so thankful for the friendship we share, but I also resent the distance that has come between us. Ever since she left, I’ve come out of my shell and have begun to socialize with different people, with many groups of friends. I still don’t have a best friend for fear of the day one of us moves or graduates. When I graduate I know all my friends will no longer be with me, proving that avoiding the pain of separation is pointless. On the bright side, who knows, maybe I’ll end up reuniting with the friends that have left before.
  27. 27. www. 33 Swaydat Khassaf By Salma Saif Mohamed Rashed Harmash Al Mansoori Flying Beds and Invisibility Suits By Anthony Freeman and Paul Freeman THE OTHER EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD By Amal Naseem ZAYED UNIVERSITY’S AL KHARAREEF STORYTELLING CLUB was created to enrich the legacy of the Emirati storytelling tradition and contribute to the revival of this important cultural heritage within the United Arab Emirates. Last year, the Club in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation launched an Emirati cultural literacy project titled the Story Mile, a collection of 48 original fables and folktales, written by students from the Academic Bridge Program, illustrated by the College of Arts and Creative Enterprise majors and translated by ZOWD volunteers into the language of its characters, Emirati dialect. The Story Mile tales, which are the first of a three volume series, were recently published as a book in English and titled “Tales from the Emirates” in Arabic. The stories not only share the storytelling tradition of the Emirates, but have also introduced other key aspects of Emirati culture and are creating new footprints in the sands of the cultural landscape of the UAE. FLASH FICTION IS A STYLE OF FICTIONAL LITERATURE CHARACTERIZED BY BREVITY; WITH THE STANDARD BEING A STORY OF UNDER 1000 WORDS. A family lived on a farm that people said was haunted. One of the rooms, guarded by a jinni, stored dates filled with woven baskets called Swaydat Khassaf. One day, Ahmed heard a sound from the hallway and ran away. Then, the same thing happened to his sister Hamda. The next day, they told their father Zayed, but he just laughed. The twins didn’t stop until their father checked. “Look, there is nothing here!” he said. Suddenly, they heard a sound. Zayed went to see. “Go and wait for me,” he said. He stretched out his hand and opened the room. He saw nothing but Swaydat Khassaf. As he stepped inside, the door suddenly closed! Zayed tried to open it, but couldn’t. In the dusky room, he saw a small light in one corner. He yelled for help, but no one heard. Night came and Zayed was still locked in, so he decided to see what the light was. There were two yellow eyes and a black shadow. A jinni was standing behind him. “Zayed, I’m not the kind of jinni you think,” it said. “How do you know my name?” shouted Zayed. The jinni laughed, “I am a jinni. How do you expect me not to know?” Zayed fell to the ground, crying, “Why? Why? Why?” The jinni felt bad, so he opened the door. Zayed jumped up but felt so dizzy he nearly fell over. Luckily, the jinni caught him. “I’ll let you go, but you must not tell anyone about me,” it whispered. Zayed promised and the jinni set him free. Outside, Hamda, Ahmed and their mother were waiting. When they saw Zayed, they ran towards him, but the jinni made a noise. Sara got a knife and pulled Zayed towards the cottage. Once inside, they asked what had happened. Zayed only said there were rats in the storage room. All of a sudden Zayed woke up! He realized that it was just a dream. Zayed told this tale to his twins for the rest of their childhoods so that they would never go into dark places alone. I was digging in the garden while mum was at work when I found a dirty old lamp. As I rubbed off the dirt, a genie appeared. “I’ll grant you three wishes,” said the genie. “I wish I had a flying bed,” I said, because I wanted to take a ride to far away places. The next moment my bedroom windows swung open. My bed flew out of the room and disappeared. The genie laughed. “What’s your next wish?” “I wish I had an invisibility suit,” I replied. With an invisibility suit I could trip up the school bullies in the corridors or push them off their bikes. The genie laughed again. “Your wish is granted. But if you can’t see your invisibility suit, you’ll never find it. What’s your final wish?” Angry with the genie, I said, “I wish you were back in the lamp.” The genie was furious, but he disappeared back into the lamp, so I went and threw it in the sea. When I got back home, I found that my bed had returned; and when I opened the fridge to get a cold drink, I found an invisibility suit inside. “School bullies, watch out!” I said. What’s the difference? I ask as an 18-year- old blessed to have been born into a loving, well to do family - living in one of the richest countries in the world. I ask as an 18 year old who has been given all that she’s ever asked for…and not asked for. I am ever thankful to the one and only for being so merciful and gracious. But now I ask, what’s the difference between me and that other 18-year-old girl… the one who is exactly like me, yet miles away from me? Whilst I enjoy reading my favourite books sipping my green tea in my backyard, she is walking the streets begging for food. Why? Whilst I tease my younger sister and my brother, she is being sold to criminals by her own brother. Why? Whilst I shop with my mother, she shrieks out for her dead mother. Why? Whilst I have a heart to heart conversation with my father, she is getting a beating from her father for being born a girl. Why? What is the difference? What have I done that she hasn’t? What is in me that isn’t in her? Why do I get to enjoy all these worldly pleasures while she suffers each and every second of her life? Her heart is pure as gold, her tears speak a thousand words, her eyes hide a million dreadful stories. She sees herself as defective; a damaged piece being torn alive. All she prays for is to go back to her Master. Her poor body is tired. She feels hollow inside. She needs love and compassion to fill her. She needs God. She loves Him despite the trials and hardships He has put her through. She knows she will be blessed in the afterlife. She cherishes life despite being tired of it. Now I understand the difference between her and me. I believe that I shall be answerable for both her life and mine, because I have the power to help her. I can change the helpless state that she seems destined to live. She is no different from me; we’ve sprouted from the same roots and bloomed in different directions. She is a sister, a consciousness, and a duty.
  28. 28. CAMCORDER WARS BITS AND BYTES AEROMOBIL THE WORLD’S FIRST PRODUCTION READY FLYING CAR COMING SOON How many times have you pined for a flying car while blocked in a traffic jam on road? AeroMobil a Slovakian company has been working since 1990 to turn that dream in to reality. AeroMobil is a “flying car” that makes perfect use of existing infrastructures created for automobiles and planes, and opens the door to real door- to-door travel. It fits into a standard parking space, its engine enables it to tank at any gas station, and it can take off and land at any airport. Powering the AeroMobil 3.0 is a Rotax 912 engine that has a range of 700 kms while flying and 875 kms on the road. The flying car is said to consume 15 litres per hour for flying, and 12.5Km/l while driving. tech talkShahid Saeed Talker for the Non-Techies SONY HDR-PJ820E The Sony PJ820E records Full High Definition video and features a built-in 50 Lumen projector with Auto Keystone adjustment. Perfect for recording and playing footage for friends and family, the PJ820E also features a HDMI multi- terminal which accepts HDMI output from other devices such as Digital TV Tuners and DVD players. A back- illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor is combined with a powerful BIONZ X image processor to deliver sharp Full HD video with exceptionally low-noise results when shooting in low-light conditions. The Sony HDR-PJ820E HandyCam will propel your movies and storytelling to new heights and new audiences. www. tempoplanet.com34 Watch the AeroMobil here CANON LEGRIA HF G30 The Canon Legria HF G30 is a very wide Full HD camcorder with a 20x optical zoom, 400x digital zoom and a large 3.5in OLED touchscreen monitor. It also has an electronic viewfinder, built-in Wi-Fi and a host of enthusiast- oriented features such as a zoom and focus ring. The G30 is based around the latest spin of Canon’s Advanced HD CMOS Pro, a sensor that has been specifically tailored for enhanced video performance. This is a relatively large 1/2.84-inch unit with a gross 3.09 Mpixels, of which 2.91 Mpixels are used when shooting video. The Legria HF G30 is a consumer camcorder, but it has plenty of features that will make enthusiasts very happy, such as the audio jacks, lens ring and two accessory shoes. Plus, its image quality is excellent. game hedzBlakniss Original game head from Atari to XBox! GAMES CON 2014 AND SOMETHING EXTRA Good news everyone!! Hodor, Booker DeWitt and Last of Us Hero Joel will all be at Dubai’s IGN convention this year! There’ll be other guests too and depending on your area of interest, direct your giddy excitement accordingly. What? Yes, what is the IGN convention? IGN is an online portal for all things comic, game and cartoon related. It’s where many go to get the latest reviews, updates and opinions on the world of geekdom. As for the convention itself, the website describes it as, “The region’s biggest film, video games, technology, and comic’s convention”. It promises to, “host a number of spectacular activities for enthusiasts as international celebrities mingle with the crowds. Fan favourite Sci-Fi and Super Hero movies will be screened. Fans will also get to interact with regional artists in Q&A sessions. “It goes on to say that a gaming tournament, cosplay competition and workshops on animation and manga as well as panel discussions and quizzes will be on tap. Sounds pretty sweet. Who? The celebrity guests are pretty exciting and include the actor Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor the giant oaf on Game of Thrones, Troy Baker - one of gaming’s most prolific voices - whose played the lead roles in Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us. Oh yea. Female cosplayer Riddle will also feature. She’s exceptionally popular in the world of cosplay and is known for her convincing portrayals of famous characters. If you’re a cosplayer, you’ll want to learn from her. Closer to home, acclaimed Emirati filmmaker Mohammed Fikree will be in attendance, sharing his wisdom in flash animation, music composition, voice acting and short films. Accomplished Arab actor/director/composer Falah Hashim will also bring his wealth of talent to the IGN stage, adding a very strong showing of homegrown talent. That’s how it should be. When and where? It all happens November 21 and 22. The site doesn’t have a location up, but reports say it’ll go down at The Meydan. Check it out at
  29. 29. www. 35 MEETING MIAMI HEAT Government Ranking In developing this ranking, Forbes considered and analyzed each government in the MENA region before identifying specific individuals. They then contacted those shortlisted and requested all relevant information, while also consulting official government websites and public documents to ensure an accurate ranking. Criteria included 1) The individual’s role in influencing revenues and budget; 2) Degree of power associated with their position; 3) Economic indicators of the country – World Bank’s KAM Index, GDP and GDP per capita; and 4) Length of time in their position. In the government ranking, the UAE secured the top spot with Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister for International Cooperation AND Development and President of Zayed University. Of the 59 entries, 5 Emirati women were honored. They include Maryam Mohammed Al Roumi, Minister of Social Affairs (#10); Dr. Maitha Salem Al Shamsi, Minister of State/Chairwoman of the Marriage Fund (#13); Reem Ebrahim Al Hashimy, Minister of State who has headed the Dubai 2020 Expo (#14); and Najla Mohammed Al Awar, Secretary General of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs (#32). Executive Management Ranking The Executive Management ranking includes women who hold high corporate posts in private or government owned companies and women at the helm of publicly listed enterprises. Forbes consulted published financial statements and official websites, and contacted each respective company to access the required information. Criteria included: 1) Degree of power associated with the position; 2) Years of professional experience 3) Individual’s media interaction and online presence; 4) Number of years in operation; 5) Number of countries in which the organization has operations; and 6) Number of employees. Six out of the 56 entries are Emiratis. Salma Ali Saif Bin Hareb, CEO Economic Zones World was ranked #3 just behind Shaikha K. Al Bahar, Deputy Group CEO of the National Bank of Kuwait (#1) and Dr. Nayla Hayek, Chairperson of Swatch Group in Lebanon (#2). Other UAE notables include Dr. Amina Al Rustamani, Group CEO TECOM Investments (#6); Dalya Al Muthanna, President and CEO, GEO Gulf (#13); Suzzane Al Anani, CEO Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (#21); Noura Al Kaabi, CEO Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi (twofour54) (#29); and Hala Badri, EVP Brand and Communications, du (#33). The growing list of Emirati women on the Forbes list is impressive. To learn more check out: Forbes List 2014: 26 Emiratis among 200 Most Powerful Arab Women The 2014 ranking of the 200 Most Powerful Arab Women was recently published by Forbes. This year the rankings were divided into three categories: 1) Government, 2) Family Business and 3) Executive Management. Given the size of its economy and population, the UAE has done remarkably well. It only had one less entry than Saudi Arabia, the largest economy in the region, and three less than Egypt, the most populous country. In two of the three sector lists - government and family business - an Emirati woman came out on top as number one! Family Business Ranking This ranking includes family businesses, as well as those set up by enterprising first generation entrepreneurs. To create this ranking Forbes considered privately held companies and used published financial statements and official websites. Each respective company was then contacted and asked to provide further detailed information. Criteria included 1) Degree of power associated with the position; 2) Years of professional experience; 3) Family generation the individual belongs to (in the case of family businesses only); 4) Individual’s media interaction and online presence; 5) Number of years in operation; 6) Number of countries in which the organization has operations and 7) Number of employees. The UAE leads the list with Raja Easa Al Gurg, Managing Director of the Easa Salaeh Al Gurg Group in the first position. Of the 85 entries 15 are Emiratis. Other top ranked Emirati women included Fatima Al Jaber, COO Al Jaber Group (#13); Amna Bin Hendi, CEO Bin Hendi Enterprises (#14); Hind Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, VP of Marketing, Ahmed Sediaai and Sons (#21); Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouei, COO Mazrui Holdings LLC (#26); Hamideh Ismail Harizi, Chairperson Gourmet House (#30); and Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Founder and CEO Kalimat Publishing House (#34). The publishing house is the first in the UAE dedicated solely to publishing and distributing Arabic children’s books and Arabic educational content. On the third Thursday of every month, trustee members of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce attend an upscale luncheon at the historic Biltmore Hotel and listen to a business leader outline a new company project or summarize recent achievements. Every so often, there’s a change of pace as we say in baseball, a slower ball than expected, and at the trustee luncheons that can mean something less serious and more fun than a business presentation. Once a year, the Coral Gables Chamber promotes the Miami Heat, one of the dominant teams in the NBA since 2010. Recently, however, the Heat have begun spiraling downward. First, they lost the NBA final series to the San Antonio Spurs, and, worse, they lost superstar LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he had left in 2010 to move south. Many American business men and women are enthusiastic sports fans, and professional sports teams benefit from sponsorship by local and national companies. The Heat have been the joy of Miami and the Chamber since 2010. The football Dolphins were local favourites when they won the Super Bowl in 1972 and 1973. The baseball Marlins were cheered when they won the championship World Series in 1997 and 2003. Then came the drought in national championships for Miami-based professional sports teams that lasted until the Heat began serious winning four years ago. That phase is now over, and we’ll see how long it takes for the Heat without LeBron to become dominant again. Regardless, the Coral Gables Chamber supports the Heat and holds an annual luncheon for the team before the season begins. Several players attend and participate in a panel, talk about their plans and hopes for 2014-15, and answer questions. The best part, however, was before the luncheon began. As we approached the ballroom entrance, a line formed. Why? Because inside, on a small platform, stood three of the Heat’s players: colourful and multi-tattooed forward Chris “Birdman” Anderson and rival point guards Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers. As each guest climbed on the platform, Ada Stevens, the official photographer, snapped a picture. No time to see how it came out, no chance to redo anything, one shot, that’s it. I had given my camera to the guy on line behind me who took a picture as I was turning away. Ada’s was much better. The players and I are standing at the same level. On the left is the short guy, Mario Chalmers. In the middle is Birdman who is taller than anyone you’ll ever meet outside of a basketball court, and on the right, Norris Cole, the other short guy. I’m 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68 meters and wearing low heels. No one in professional basketball is short. As we ate lunch, the players talked about how the team will manage without LeBron and how they handled injuries. They said there would be changes in offense and defense and agreed that several players – themselves included - would have to raise their game. Former Heat center and star Alonzo Mourning who is now Vice President of Player Programs for the Heat joined Anderson, Chalmers, and Cole in being optimistic about the team’s future. The fifth guest on the panel, Dr. Harlan Selesnick, never played but is crucial for stars and journeymen alike. He has been team doctor for the Heat since 1988, dealing with the injuries that afflict players during the long NBA season. Dr. Alma Kadragic Follow Alma on Twitter: @almakad Theresa F. Weber an expat returns home women in business Follow Theresa on Twitter: @TheresaFWeber and @ACT_LLC Alma Kadragic with Chris, Norris and Mario of Miami Heat. PhotobyAdaStevens,SnapHappyPhotos
  30. 30. www. 37 ONE LOVE, ONE TANGO WITH OLIVER AND LIN “Tango has a way of bringing people together no matter who you are and where you are from.” Oliver and Lin Krstic met back in February 2012 in Barcelona at a ‘milonga’, a place or an event where Argentine Tango is danced. The two are founders and instructors of TANGO-OK™, a Dubai-based tango company that teaches the art of Argentine Tango to people of different ages and walks of life. Tempo got to dance with the couple and chat about what sparked their love for the social dance that is tango. Tempo: How did you two meet to create a school for Tango here? Oliver: I had just returned from my annual Buenos Aires trip where I spent three months intensively working on my Tango. Apart from teaching Tango, I was then traveling a lot in Europe and Asia as a professional Tango DJ. I was invited to play at one of the milongas in Barcelona in February 2012, and on my day off, I went to a milonga ‘Casa Valencia’ to relax. There, I met Lin whom I knew I had to marry! Lin: I was in Barcelona for work - I wasn’t into Tango professionally then. I took a few days off to have a vacation in Barcelona and went to a milonga with a friend and there I met him, the love of my life - Oliver. Ever since then we have been inseparable. Oliver was living in Switzerland. I had a job in Dubai at that time so Oliver moved here to be with me and to figure out what he would do here. Oliver: I couldn’t imagine doing anything else other than Tango. I thought to go back to my previous profession - private banking, but Tango was always on my mind. We decided we would give it a shot. In November 2012, we created our first group class at The Fridge Dubai, and to our most pleasant surprise, received 14 students. We were excited and encouraged. We never looked back from then. Today, we have our own studio in Dubai and a really wonderful group of students, some of whom came to Buenos Aires with us this past August. Lin: When the classes started taking off it was impossible for me to sustain my day job. I left my job and dedicated myself to Tango full-time with Oliver. Tempo: Argentine Tango was declared by UNESCO as part of the world’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’. What makes it so unique? Oliver: Argentine Tango developed in the late 19th century among the working class in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay). In that period, Argentina experienced massive immigration with predominantly Europeans arriving to seek a better life. This melting pot of cultures of the Europeans, Africans and native- born Argentinians created the dance and music, which borrowed elements from one another. UNESCO has defined the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ as that which “... is transmitted from generation to generation, and is constantly recreated by communities and groups, in response to their environment, their interaction with nature, and their history. It provides people with a sense of identity and continuity, and promotes respect for cultural diversity and human creativity.” Tempo: You will be holding the first ever Tango marathon this month. Can you tell us more about it? What are you most excited about? Lin: The Tango marathon is a popular concept in especially Europe. It’s basically an extended milonga, sometimes 3-4 days in duration. The Tango marathon is an event by social Tango dancers for social Tango dancers. Tango DJs are invited to play the music for these marathons to motivate the crowd to keep on dancing. Our first Tango Marathon here in Dubai is called miMARATHON and it will take place on 21st November 2014 (Friday) at The Fridge Dubai. It’s a 10-Hour event and we have a promising group of DJs to play the music. These DJs will play music from the Golden Age of Tango (1940s and 1950s). We’re excited as this is our first marathon and we can’t wait to see all our friends, and students in one place, sharing Tango together in one long magical evening. Tempo: Any message to those interested in learning Tango? Oliver: Anyone can dance Tango. Tango is about embrace-and-walk. It is said to be a ‘walking-dance’. If you can walk, if you can embrace, you can dance Tango. Social Tango which is danced in milongas in Buenos Aires and all over the world, and one which we teach at TANGO-OK™, is different. What is most powerful and beautiful is rarely visible to the eye but felt between the two dancers in an embrace. Social Tango is about connection - with the partner, with the music and with the whole dance floor. It’s an internal expression of Tango. Tempo: Your future plans for TANGO-OK™? Oliver: We would like to focus on enriching our current Tango classes and to give our students the best possible Tango experiences. We have plans to invite great teachers and dancers to come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for special workshops. In the months moving forward, we have teachers lined up and will announce their visits as soon as we can confirm the details. In July/ August 2015, we will conduct our 2nd Buenos Aires Tango Holiday - the last one was a resounding success. Of course, we would like to host miMARATHON - Dubai Tango Marathon 2nd Edition. Apart from that, let’s see! We live in the moment so we will just have to go with the flow. More info: | By Vera Rosales