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  1. 1. GasPass the best solution to your gas problems
  2. 2. GasPass Market Analysis
  3. 3. W H Y M O B I L E WA L L E T ? The number of people using electronic wallet is growing dramatically in U.S. and abroad. There are different reasons for people to choose electronic wallet over traditional paying methods. GasPass Market Analysis $979B $295B 2012 $1.68 $1.66T 2017 (Projected) PAYMENT CARDS VS ELECTRONIC WALLETS (global transaction value in U.S. dollars) Source: Worldpay, “Your Global Guide to Alternative Payment, Second Edition”
  4. 4. Using electronic wallets is very faster than traditional card or credit payments. Safety is a key element in using electronic wallets over traditional payments methods. Sign In, Choose the card, Let reader scan the card, Verify the amount, Pay, Sign Out. 1- It is faster 2- It is safer 3- It is easy to use GasPass Market Analysis W H Y M O B I L E WA L L E T ?
  5. 5. C E L L P H O N E U S AG E S TAT I S T I C More than 90% of all adults in U.S. own cellphone and this number is growing. GasPass Market Analysis CELL OWNERS IN 2014 IN U.S. Source: Pew Research Center Internet Project Survey, January 9-12, 2014 N=1,006 adults All Adults 90% Sex Men 93% Women 88% Race/Ethnicity White 90% African-America 90% Hispanic 92% Age Group 18–29 98% 30–49 97% 50–64 88% 65+ 74% Education Level High school grad or less 87% Some College 93% College+ 93% Household income Less than $30,000/yr 84% $30,000–$49,999 90% $50,000–$74,999 99% $75,000+ 98% Community Type Urban 88% Suburban 92% Rural 88% Primary Target Secondary Target
  6. 6. C O M P E T I T I O N There is not a major competitions for GasPass, which can offer the same benefits as it does. However, there are two main group of competitors that need to be considered. Cheap Gas Finding Apps Electronic Payment System GasPass Market Analysis
  7. 7. GasPass User Analysis
  8. 8. He has smart phone and uses it for work, school, and pleasure. GasPass User Analysis P E R S O N A D E V E LO P M E N T JAMES ADAMS Uber driver 38yearsold Male Studying MBA in Cal State LA Tech Savvy
  9. 9. U B E R D R I V E R S Uber drivers are potential market for GasPass. Fortunately, the number of UBER drivers is growing very quickly in U.S. specially in LA. GasPass User Analysis LOS ANGELES SAN FRANSISCO NEW YORK CHICAGO WASHINGTON BOSTON 20,000Number of Drivers 15,00010,0005,0000 (Figure reports the number of UBER drivers, indexed during 30 months after June 2012) Source: Uber ACTIVE UBER DRIVERS IN 6 MAJOR CITIES IN U.S.
  10. 10. OT H E R B E N E F I T S F O R U S E R GasPass offers rewards to its users and lets them redeem their points with one click. GasPass documents the gas usage of user and lets them to get PDF reports via emails. GasPass lets users search and find the cheapest gas providing station in the area. GasPass User Analysis
  11. 11. GasPass Marketing
  12. 12. M A R K E T I N G S T R AT E GY GasPass Marketing Social Network is a key marketing tool for GasPass. Also, offering rewards and free gas for the first group of users will attract some customers.
  13. 13. GasPass Design
  14. 14. S K E TC H E S
  15. 15. S K E TC H E S
  16. 16. S C R E E N S H OT S GasPass Design HOME PAGE SIGN IN HISTORY
  17. 17. GasPass Design S C R E E N S H OT S PAYING PROCESS
  19. 19. P R OTOT Y P E GasPass Design


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