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One Future ...One Planet Project


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One Future ...One Planet Project

  1. 1. Index: Project Context Project Rationale Project Pillars Methodology Progress to DateGovernance Matrix Project Partners
  2. 2. Project Context Some individuals from different organizations,reflecting on how they could support society move towards sustainability and willing to createmomentum around the United Nations InternationalConference for Sustainable Development – RIO+20, initiated a process that creates synergy amongst society’s stakeholders.
  3. 3. Project RationaleShare a process and common language withdecision-makers and society’s stakeholders thatengages both in creating the future that wewant, using the bigger context of Rio+20Conference to create momentum: Shared process: Global Dialogues and “TheCall” - the global game for social change. Common language: Through a UnifyingFramework for Sustainable Development; Whole Society Engagement: Involvement fromall levels of society and all generations; a wholesystem’s approach to change for sustainability.
  4. 4. The Unifying Framework Pillar Developers and users of sustainability frameworks such as A Unifying Framework will integrate a framework that ZERI, Natural Capitalism, Cradle to Cradle, GRI, TNS (just to A Unifying reflects the essentials of the most commonly used name a few), will be invited to co-create the Unifying Framework sustainability frameworks as well as broadening to include Framework concept to support alignment and synergyConcept that any critical missing elements. Such a framework, once amongst existing sustainability tools and frameworks. creates a ground-truthed by users, can become a useful and This framework will be communicated to UNCSD at Rio+20 common widespread tool to support sustainable development and after that, become a resource to support planning andlanguage for strategic planning at many levels. implementation of sustainable development society in all sustainable A neutral and internationally recognized organization (or a relevant domains.development multi-stakeholder coalition) involved in sustainability is being It will also serve to nurture a common language to bridge the identified to be the Institutional Host of this initiative. gaps among governments, businesses and society.
  5. 5. Global Dialogues Pillar  We are invitingRio+20 Conference, Global Dialogues are Leading up to individuals, networks, and organisations Global held in countries around the world to empower people who feel inspired to participate in shaping the future we Dialogues on a and providing them the guidelines for wantlocal level in co-creating withfuture they‘The Future  At the Dialogues. Global Rio+20 Conference we will organize a 1.000 Tables We Want’  Dialogue – 10.000 people; 1.000 be recorded through These dialogues and actions willfacilitators involved. anculminating  This will be communicated globally and promote be online platform to: 1. disseminate and people will the in the invited around 2. world to host Global Dialogues Global Dialogue, the harvest (collect) their outcomes, 3.1.000 Tables simultaneously and, with the 4. prioritise projects using generate and develop ideas, help of technology, connect Rio+20 them to the main event connect sustainability criteria, 5. in Rio. people and projects and  A communicate it to local and global leaders. 6. report will be produced and submitted to the UNCSD.
  6. 6. Global Dialogues MethodologyInvite people Dialogues Inspired by from all Reflections outcomes the feeds into anbackgrounds, People vision, people on what one life envision and learned online global look at current platform to experiences experience reality, identify about inform and THE FUTURE the gaps and oneself Governments worldviews we want to engage in , about the and toto connect to create actions and world and inspire each other together partnerships about the people to in a Global for actualising others take the Dialogue the vision same thread
  7. 7. S w e d e n B u r u n dVideo Harvesting i
  8. 8. Mauritius
  9. 9. ”The Call” Global Game Pillar  “The One - is an is collaboratingthe youth Call’ project to GAME … Call”Future invitation for with ‘The worldwide in 7Bi RULES 5F’s :  create networks of collaborative with easyfor social and the following ways: FAST - create something simple, projects actions to be  Connect change in their environmentalordinary people, homes, neighbourhoods performed by the 1.000 Tables with the pre-launch at“The Call”  and around theuse your talents; free actions or very low FREERio+20 to create momentum Game is be within the – Aim globe. The Global with youth presentedThe Global as an reach everyone, that (official launchin Dec 2012) cost to online environment is played - the real conference game Game for  world, what if we changed the and concept to support  - integrating physical world while space by FUN Provide the Unifying Framework digital playing? No Social connecting andto ensure thathas fun, actions, world by one gets game challenging people and the hurt and everybody tasks around the taken to Change  play players, - make more friends, meet new people,foster FRIENDSHIP with each are other to performtowards leading tasks that sustainable can  transformational change. create a positive impact: film, FANTASTIC - actions will The goal is to have 2 billion development.  Help develop the 4 years. people playing the game inthe gameMeter’ to measure photograph, upload it on ‘Impact platform and inspire other players. sustainability impact within the game.
  10. 10. “The Call” Global Game Methodology Celebrate Through the By playingInvite youth, and share the Unifying the Reflectionschildren and, with Framework game, player on what one through local, region for SD, s engage in learned about them, also al and players individual or oneself , thethe adults to global envision the group actions world and transform community world they to create the others the world that it is want to live positive and on how while possible to in and feel social and to scale up HAVING change the inspired to environmental impacts FUN! world with act upon impacts the 5F’s
  11. 11. Progress to Date Connected volunteers working on the Around 20 with the Stockholm+40 Conference: proposal to the the bridge project, representing be following between Stockholm and Rio; countries: Global Dialogues already happened: Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Den Sweden, Switzerland, Burundi region mark, Mauritius, New (involving Ruanda, Kenya, Congo and Zealand, USA, UK, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Uganda), and Mauritius Islands; Belgium, Japan and Mexico. Global Game to Brazilian web-based Connected with a be piloted during Stockholm+40 Conference.specialized in TV, “TV Meio-Ambiente”, Conversations underway with broadcast ecological matters, which will UNEP, ITC - International Trade Center and CNI Rio+20 alive, and through our project (Brazilian potential toConfederation) as has the Industries do the same in potential institutional hosts for the Stockholm. Unifying Framework initiative).
  12. 12. Countries engaged with the Project Netherlands Belgium Sweden UK DenmarkUSA Portugal Switzerland Japan Spain NetherlandMexico Brazil Burundi Mauritius 16 countries New Zealand
  13. 13. Governance Matrix Roles Responsibilities Meta-facilitate: connection/articulation among keyCoordination Team stakeholders and initiatives; manage budget and project schedule.Down to Action Facilitate Dialogues; connectTeam people to the project; ‘The Call’ pre-launchWisdom Guardians Advise the Coordination Team; ensure the project in on track and in line the shared vision.
  14. 14. Project Partners NAME ROLE Initiate Global Dialogues through its extensive network of partners whoThe Natural Step – International are already familiar with the dialogue approach. TNS TNS will be the official applicant for funds, in Sweden, on behalf of the project. TNS will also provide experienced facilitators Website: He is one of the initiators of the project and will continue to provide Stanley Nyoni strategic leadership to the project, initiate and manage partnerships. He will use his extensive global network, especially in Africa to initiate dialogues. Website: Together with Stanley, she initiated the project and is playing the role Telma Gomes of project host and liaison between the project and Brazil
  15. 15. Project Partners NAME ROLE The Art of Hosting AoH Practitioners will act as Facilitators (Hosts) in Global Dialogues, AoH including Stockholm+40 and Rio+20 1.000 Tables Website: The HUB Israel is providing support with their experience with the 1.000 Tables Israel. The HUB São Paulo network has partnered with theThe HUB São Paulo (Brazil) / The HUB Tel project to co-create this society engagement process. They have the Aviv (Israel) support of the Brazilian company NATURA. They will be the official applicant for funds, in Brazil, on behalf of the 1.000 Tables project. Website: on Strategic Leadership towards MSLSers are hosting Global Dialogues in different parts of the world Sustainability and they will be invited to be Facilitators both for Stockholm+40 and MSLS Rio+20 Dialogues. Website:
  16. 16. Project Partners Name ROLE Anneloes is the founding Director of ELIA and an international trainer and facilitator. She designed the five step process – Connect, Envision, Anneloes Smitsman Engage, Reflect and Share. She will also support in the training of facilitators. ELIA partnered with the project to co-create the Guideline for the Global Dialogue Framework and they will run a series of Dialogues in ELIA Mauritius and New Zealand. They will also use their extensive networkEcological Living in Action in Africa to initiate these dialogues. Website: Barrett is the point strategist for the architecture of the Unifying Framework for Sustainable Development concept. He will use his Barrett C. Brown, PhDc extensive network to also initiate dialogues especially within the business community. Website: Martin gives strategic advice to the project. He is a facilitator and Martin Kalungu-Banda connector to global leaders. Website: has partnered with the project to broadcast the 1.000 Tables Dialogue at Rio+20 and Stockholm+40 Website:
  17. 17. If this initiative made you feel connected and inspired tobe part of it or contribute in any ways, please contact us: Stanley Nyoni Telma Gomes