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Learn The Characteristics Of World Class Communities


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Today, everything is social. It’s the most revolutionary change in business since the introduction of email. Social is the “new normal” – every business has to have it. So why is it that some social strategies thrive while others wither and die?

Once you remove the shiny wrapper, there is an incredible amount of depth and value in using community software as a way to reach your customers. Join Telligent CTO Rob Howard and Sr. Director of Strategy Cecilia Edwards for their ground-breaking webinar, Learn the Characteristics of World Class Communities. Take this opportunity to hear expert views on how to transform your community from stale to “world class”, including how to:

Identify business objectives

Leverage the wisdom of the crowd

Provide privileged membership

View these slides to learn how your organization can build a world-class community.

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Learn The Characteristics Of World Class Communities

  1. 1. Today’s  Webinar:  Learn  the  Characteris;cs  of  World  Class  Communi;es   Webinar  starts  at  11:00AM  CST   Audio  Dial-­‐in:   #WCCTelligent   Call-­‐in  toll-­‐free  number  (US/Canada):  1-­‐866-­‐469-­‐3239   List  of  global  call-­‐in  numbers:  hCp://   Access  code:  806  626  634   Read  the  Mashable  ar;cle   hCp://   Download  the  white  paper   hCp://   Learn  More  About  Telligent  |  |  #telligent  Upcoming  World  Class  CommuniSes  webinar:    March  23,  2011  -­‐  Strategies  for  Building  World  Class  Communi;es  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  2. 2. World Class Communities Rob Howard, Founder & CTO Cecilia Edwards, Sr. Director of StrategyToday’s  Webinar:  Learn  the  Characteris;cs  of  World  Class  Communi;es  Upcoming  Webinar  (March  23rd):  Strategies  for  Building  World  Class  Communi;es  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  3. 3. February,  1995  about  the  Internet…   hCp://­‐internet-­‐bah.html#  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  4. 4. Social  is  the  new  normal  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  5. 5. Ignoring  social  is  a  real  business  risk.      Facebook  larger  than   Spending  expected     US  PopulaSon   to  conSnue   15.7%  growth   2010   2011   1.3b   500m   300m   $664m   $769m  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  6. 6. Why  do  some  communi;es  succeed?  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  7. 7. While  others  communi;es  whither  and  die?  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  8. 8. The  Social  Ecosystem   Par;cipa;ng   Listening,  establishing  reputaSon   Managed   Listening,  supporSng,  building   reputaSon,  markeSng   External   CommuniSes   Owned   Closed  Network   Listening,  supporSng,   building  relaSonships,   collaboraSng   Example:  customer  communiSes   Internal   Example:  channels,  members   CommuniSes   Example:  Intranets,  communiSes  of  pracSce   Copyright  Telligent  2011  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  9. 9. Nine Characteristics of World Class CommunitiesWorld Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  10. 10. 1.  A  well-­‐defined  purpose   Social  Networks   Online  CommuniSes   RelaSonships   Business  ObjecSve   Primary  Purpose   Primary  Enabler   Common  AcSvity   RelaSonships   Copyright  Telligent  2011  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  11. 11. Lionel Menchaca Dell Scott Guthrie Microsoft 2.  An  emphasis  on  being  personal  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  12. 12. 3.  Foster  a  culture  of  belonging  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  13. 13. 4.  Relevant  and  unique  content  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  14. 14. 5.  Leverage  the  wisdom  of  the  crowd  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  15. 15. 6.  Influen;al  members  are  highlighted  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  16. 16. 7.  Reward  with  pixels,  not  pennies  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  17. 17. 8.  Guidelines  for  par;cipa;on  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  18. 18. 9.  Membership  has  its  privileges  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  19. 19. Characteristics of World Class Communities Iden;fiable  business  objec;ves   An  emphasis  on  being  personal   A  culture  of  belonging   Major  source  of  relevant  content   Leverage  the  wisdom  of  the  crowd   Influen;al  members  are  highlighted   Reward  with  pixels,  not  pennies   Establish  and  enforce  guidelines   Membership  has  its  privileges  World Class Communities World  Class  Checklist   ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  20. 20. Think   Back  to   big,  Start   basics   Small   Constantly   Su ccess   Evolve   Me trics   Be  visible   and   engaged  World Class Communities How  to  become  world  class   ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  21. 21. Social  commerce  is  how  we  buy   Integrate  with  consumer  social  networks   Relevance,  RecommendaSons,  and  RaSngs   People  expect  mobility  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  22. 22. Follow  us!  Where  to  learn  more   @telligent  World  Class  Communi;es  whitepaper  •  Digital  copy  from  •  Read  the  arScle  Contact  Telligent  –    •  Want  More?  DemonstraSon  for  your  team    •  Want  More?  Half-­‐day  workshop  on  World  Class  CommuniSes  Acend  our  next  Thought  Leadership  Webinar  Series    •  Strategies  for  Building  World  Class  CommuniSes      •  March  23,  2011,    11:00  CST  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  23. 23. Upcoming  Telligent  Round  Table  Ci;es  •  Toronto,  February  15th  •  New  York,  February  17th  •  SeaCle,  March  7th  •  London,  March  10th  World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.  
  24. 24. Ques;ons  &  Discussion  Webinar Presented by Telligent Rob | +1 (877) 492-9484 rhoward@telligent.comFollow us on Twitter: @telligent @robhoward World Class Communities ©  Copyright  2011  Telligent  Systems.  All  Rights  Reserved.