Eco smart overview-august 2012


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Eco smart overview-august 2012

  1. 1. Telkonet & EcoSmartLet Telkonet Help You Take Control.August 2012
  2. 2. www.telkonet.comCompany ProfileTelkonet • EthoStream • EcoSmart Publicly Traded: TKOI.OB Clean Technology company with a focus on intermittently occupied spaces Founded in 1999 • Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Major target markets include Hospitality, Education, and Military EthoStream provides public access networking and high-speed Internet access solutions for nearly 5 million users monthly at 2,400 locations. EcoSmart offers a state-of-the-art energy management system designed for spaces with intermittent occupancy, which integrates with other systems (e.g. BAS, PMS). EcoSmart is deployed in several hundred thousand rooms and managed through a cloud-based monitoring network.
  3. 3. www.telkonet.comIntermittently Occupied Spaces?Solution: Control the Unexpected with EcoSmart What are intermittently occupied spaces? Hotel rooms, college dormitories, military barracks, assisted living facilities, K-12 classrooms, etc. Why is energy management a solution for intermittently occupied spaces? Manually monitoring room temperature is practically impossible: -Requires full participation of staff -Requires room checks and occupant disruption -Typically affects lighting and appliances as well EcoSmart saves 20-40% of energy consumption and runtime. Use occupancy-based energy management to control: HVAC Plug loads Lighting Shades Appliances A networked energy management system provides control through a web-based platform. Demand Response Ready – reduce peak demand by 50% or more Minimal impact on comfort and productivity Designed for simplicity. Flexible wired or wireless installation, simple to program and commission Built-in measurement and verification
  4. 4. www.telkonet.com2010 Electricity Rates in the U.S.U.S. Average Retail Price per kWh is 11.53¢Highest Average Prices (per kWh):Hawaii: 24.13¢Connecticut: 18.67¢New York: 17.05¢Lowest Average Prices (per kWh):Wyoming: 7.73¢Idaho: 6.35¢West Virginia: 6.63¢ Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector, by State, Year-to-Date through August 2010 and 2009 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-861, *2010 Annual Energy Power Industry Report
  5. 5. Energy Consumption in Hospitality Raise Your Energy Saving Expectations Make an impact without the wait... Together, the products in the EcoSmart solution reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool unoccupied rooms. With our innovative technology, intelligent hardware, and remote management system, Telkonet provides an average decrease in energy consumption from 25% - 45%, with ROI typically achieved in 18-36 months. Many utilities have incentives and rebates which make these investments even more attractive. Other Other Cooking Lighting Water heating Water heatingSpace heating Space heating Cooking Office equipment Cooling Ventilation Refrigeration US Lodging: US Lodging: * Natural Gas Use Electricity Use
  6. 6. www.telkonet.comEnergy ManagementA Green Commitment to Your Valued Guests Optimizing guest satisfaction, energy usage and green programs • Your hotel and resort guests have increasing concerns regarding sustainability and energy efficiency. In fact, in a study appearing in the August 2011 issue of Cornell Hospitality Quarterly that examined responses from 571 business and leisure travelers, the most influential single attribute for hotel room preference was green certification. • Informal surveys performed by Telkonet executives suggest only 15-25% of the hotels in the United States have an energy management system. • Based on Telkonet’s experience gained from tracking occupancy patterns in several hundred thousand hotel rooms, a typical room is vacant 60% - 70% of a 24-hour day. • An energy management system will not compromise guest satisfaction to reduce energy expenses. In fact, an energy management system has the power to improve the guest experience by: Fulfilling guest expectations of comfort, safety, and satisfaction Meeting the hotel management’s need for efficiency and reliability Satisfying customers’ desire to buy from socially responsible and environmentally sensitive businesses
  7. 7. www.telkonet.comCore StrategiesThink Green. Be Green. Get Green. With an EcoSmart energy management system, energy savings is just the beginning... The hospitality industry in the United States spends close to $7.5 billion on energy each year.* Given that energy costs will only continue to increase, reducing energy expenditures has become a viable way to reduce overall expenses. The EcoSmart energy management platform provides HVAC efficiency that can yield energy usage reductions as high as 45%. When an entire EcoSmart suite is installed, typical properties see significant reductions in utility bills and a rapid 18-36 month ROI. EcoInsight or EcoAir intelligent thermostats minimize the energy wasted to heat and cool unoccupied rooms EcoGuard plug-load devices monitor the usage of electricity through in-room outlets EcoSmart helps increase HVAC efficiency by extending the unit’s working life
  8. 8. www.telkonet.comRoom Savings ComparisonThe EcoSmart Value Proposition Controlling in-room heating and cooling can significantly impact a property’s bottom line. Below are just a few real-world examples of hotels where Telkonet’s energy management technology has decreased energy costs between 22% and 38%. Hotel Location
  9. 9. www.telkonet.comEcoSmart TechnologyIntelligent Occupancy-Based Energy Management Control EcoInsight EcoView EcoConnect EcoWave EcoGuard EcoSwitch EcoContact EcoCommander
  10. 10. www.telkonet.comEcoInsightRevolutionary Energy Management Thermostat Overview - Onboard occupancy sensor for more accurate room checks - 100% ZigBee™ compatible for more robust control over your property - Two configurable soft buttons Key Features - Highly compatible across many heating and cooling systems - Easily installed and programmed - Hardwired to HVAC unit, no batteries required - Patented Recovery Time Technology - Networked or stand-alone operations - Full remote control capability with any web browser via our EcoCentral platform - Communicates wirelessly with other EcoSmart products to ensure the highest energy savings
  11. 11. www.telkonet.comEcoWaveWireless Thermostat and Control Package Overview - Onboard occupancy sensor for more accurate room occupancy checks - 100% ZigBee™ compatible for more robust control over your property - Two configurable soft buttons Key Features - Highly compatible across many heating and cooling systems - Easily installed and programmed - Display thermostat communicates wirelessly with control unit for flexibility - Patented Recovery Time technology - Networked or stand-alone operations - Full remote control capability with any web browser via our EcoCentral platform - Communicates wirelessly with other EcoSmart products to ensure the highest energy savings
  12. 12. www.telkonet.comEcoViewWired or Wireless In-Room Occupancy Detection Sensor Overview - Visual appearance to resemble in-room smoke detectors - Onboard PIR occupancy sensor for more accurate room checks - 802.15.4 compatible for more robust control over your property Key Features - Easily installed and programmed - Optional IP network - Patented Recovery Time technology - Interface available for door contacts - Full remote control capability with any web browser via our EcoCentral platform - Available in any Pantone color to match your property’s color scheme
  13. 13. www.telkonet.comEcoContactComprehensive Infra-Red Sensor for Accurate Occupancy Checks Overview - Compact size is unobtrusive - 802.15.4 wireless compatible with all EcoSmart products - Two separate dry contact inputs for multiple door monitoring from one device Key Features - Robust wireless communications - Association to multiple thermostats or other EcoSmart devices - Compatible with Button or Reed style magnetic contacts - Configurable for Normally Open [N/O] or Normally Closed [N/C] magnetic contacts
  14. 14. www.telkonet.comEcoGuard and EcoSwitchPlug Load Control and Metering Devices Overview -Controls power usage with the added benefit of measuring energy consumption - Supports Simple Metering in ZigBee™ Smart Energy profile Key Features - Available with a single or dual outlet - Available in 120V and 240V configurations - Easily installed and programmed - Able to curtail load via EcoCentral - Networked or stand-alone operations -Communicates wirelessly with other EcoSmart products to ensure the highest energy savings - Small LEDs communicate network status
  15. 15. www.telkonet.comEcoConnectReliable Energy Management Communications Overview - Creates a ZigBee™ Personal Area Network - IP enabled for easy management - Easy web configuration Key Features - Easy installation and maintenance - 10/100Base-T Ethernet RJ45 - DHCP, Web Interface for IP configuration - ZigBee™ Certified - LED lights for easy troubleshooting
  16. 16. www.telkonet.comEcoCommanderNetwork-Edge EMS Gateway Server Overview Key Features - On-site system server - Supports over 4000 802.11q VLANs - Aggregation of signals from all EcoConnects - 3 onboard RJ45 ports - Communicates upstream with EcoCentral - BACnet™ compatible - Provides interface to supported property management systems - Easily installed and programmed
  17. 17. www.telkonet.comEcoSmartIn-Room Operation
  18. 18. www.telkonet.comEcoSmart Installation OptionsWired & Wireless Integration EcoInsight HVAC Standard Installation: Wired EcoSource EcoAir HVAC Standard Installation: Wireless
  19. 19. www.telkonet.comEcoSmart Installation OptionsWired & Wireless Integration with Keycard Controller EcoInsight HVAC Keycard Controller Standard Installation: Wired EcoSource Keycard Controller EcoAir HVAC Standard Installation: Wireless
  20. 20. www.telkonet.comEcoSmart Installation OptionsWired & Wireless Integration with the EcoContact EcoInsight HVAC EcoContact Standard Installation: Wired EcoSource EcoAir HVAC EcoContact Standard Installation: Wireless
  21. 21. www.telkonet.comEcoSmart Installation OptionsNetworked HVAC Control System (Wired + Wireless) EcoInsight PMS BAS HVAC EcoCentral EcoContact EcoCommander Standard Installation: Wired EcoSource EcoAir PMS BAS HVAC EcoCentral EcoConnect EcoContact EcoCommander Standard Installation: Wireless
  22. 22. www.telkonet.comEcoSmart Installation OptionsNetworked HVAC Control System (Lights + Drapes) *Any 110v-130v device EcoGuard* / Lights EcoGuard* / Drapes EcoInsight PMS BAS HVAC EcoSwitch EcoCentral EcoContact EcoCommander Standard Installation: Wired EcoGuard* / Lights EcoGuard* / Drapes EcoSource EcoSwitch EcoAir PMS BAS HVAC EcoCentral EcoConnect EcoContact EcoCommander Standard Installation: Wireless
  23. 23. www.telkonet.comZigBee-Enabled SolutionsSimple, Seamless ControlComplete in-room automation for maximized savingsTo maximize energy savings, hospitality properties can control all in-room devices. Fortunately, EcoSmart is a ZigBee-enabled solution, which allows us tointegrate other ZigBee-enabled technology and transport the data through the energy management network. When integrated with our occupancy sensors,EcoSmart can control the following in-room devices: - Drapes - Minibars - Lighting -Entertainment Systems - Door locks -Safes
  24. 24. www.telkonet.comEcoSmart Installation OptionsNetworked HVAC Control System (Wireless ZigBee Mesh) EcoAir PMS BAS ZigBee Wireless Mesh EcoCentral EcoCommander Inside each guest room EcoSource EcoConnect EcoContact
  25. 25. www.telkonet.comEcoCentralEcoSmart’s Remote Management PlatformAt the core of every EcoSmart solution is EcoCentral, the command center for yourenergy management network.EcoCentral provides property and asset managers with the most comprehensive occupancy-based management program available.EcoCentral even allows you to track energy savings room by room--and the aggregate total property savings so you’ll know exactly whenyour EcoSmart system has paid for itself. Real-time status updates for all networked equipment Alerts via text or e-mail Tracking of energy savings and reporting statistics Load shedding capability - Demand Response ready
  26. 26. www.telkonet.comEcoCentralEcoSmart’s Remote Management Platform EcoCentral reports can illustrate HVAC activity and room occupancy.
  27. 27. www.telkonet.comThe Green ButtonGet the Most Out of Your ThermostatYou can empower your guests to take part in additional energy conservationAvailable on all EcoSmart thermostats, the Green Button allows guests to actively participate in a number of environmentally friendly initiatives - fromenergy conservation to reuse of towels and linens. Though the function of the Green Button varies according to property request, some of the optionsavailable for the Green Button are: Deeper setback points Longer drift times Longer recovery times When integrated with Property Management Systems, guests can receive affinity program bonus points for their environmentally conscious decisions during their stay.
  28. 28. Recovery Time Telkonet’s Patented Technology Recovery Time ensures that rooms are never uncomfortably warm or cool. • Evaluates each room independently in real time to determine its energy efficient temperature, or setback • Considers environmental and other characteristics in each room • Constantly calculates how far each room’s temperature can drift from the setpoint and still return within the Recovery Time • Room temperatures quickly return to occupant’s preferred setpoint upon re-entryAssumptions:•Recovery Time defined as 12 minutes by property•User Setpoint = 72F•Hysteresis = 2 degrees•Sunny day, south façade, drapes open
  29. 29. www.telkonet.comThe Benefits of EcoSmartIt’s Easy Being Green For you... For your guests... For the environment... • Significant energy savings • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions • Optimized thermal comfort • Reduced operating costs • Minimized need for new power • Complete thermostat control • Extended equipment life plants and associated infrastructure • Consistent guest experience • Satisfied guests • Improved responsiveness
  30. 30. www.telkonet.comDemand ResponseEarn Compensation for “Negawatts”What is demand response? Demand Response Reduces your Energy Load at Peak Times, Generating Substantial SavingsDemand response is the process of reducing peak demand to balanceelectricity production and consumption. An imbalance means the Peak Energy Demand Occurs at 3pmenergy company must run peak power plants, generate extraemissions, and charge higher prices for electricity. SAVINGS Power (MW)What is load shedding?Load shedding is part of demand response. Power plants may notalways meet the need of “peak demand,” the greatest amount ofelectricity required by all utility customers within a given region. Toreduce the electric demand on power grids at critical periods, hotelscan shed load by drastically reducing energy consumption.The energy that a property would have consumed but did notbecomes “negative energy,” or negawatts, which can be sold back to Normal Electric Energy Usethe power company. Use with Demand ResponseBy prioritizing and targeting spaces that are unsold and unoccupied,savings can be maximized without affecting guest comfort. Time of Day
  31. 31. www.telkonet.comEcoCentral and the Smart GridIntelligent Grid CommunicationsEcoSmart Grid ManagementTelkonet’s EcoSmart suite provides a solution for the final steps of intelligent grid communications, allowing you to remotely control all the devicesconnected to the network Intelligent Energy Management EcoCentral Control Energy Usage Web-Based Management By creating an intelligent and proactive network, Telkonet connects you, the consumer, to the smart grid. Smart Grid Load Shedding Events
  32. 32. www.telkonet.comLet Telkonet Help You Take ControlContact Us Anytime for More Information Telkonet, Inc. 10200 West Innovation Dr., Suite #300 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226 P: +1 414.223.0473 F: +1 414.258.8307 EcoSmart Sales Toll-Free: +1 888.703.9398 EcoSmart Support Toll-Free: +1 800.380.9640 Investor Relations P: +1 414.721.7988