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The Silent Roar of the Internet of Things – Mobile Operators & IoT

IoT has real-world consequences for mobile operators and the networks that connect them. This plain English guide looks at the emerging security, reliability and performance demands of IoT – and how to choose a backbone to meet them.

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The Silent Roar of the Internet of Things – Mobile Operators & IoT

  1. 1. And why mobile operators need to listen
  2. 2. The Internet of Things means billions of connections that don’t say a word.
  3. 3. That’s exciting. But also kind of scary.
  4. 4. IoT traffic will make up less than of that The GSMA estimates that by 2022, the IoT market will be worth
  5. 5. …the other will be dependent on it.
  6. 6. IoT will also make mobile operators central to opportunities from self-driving cars to wearables and connected healthcare. The upside is
  7. 7. But what happens if your self-driving car loses connection?
  8. 8. What happens if your wearables get hacked?
  9. 9. What happens if your connected pacemaker can’t connect?!!
  10. 10. The Internet of things means real-life applications with real-time delivery demands and very real consequences.
  11. 11. Delivering the reliability, security and scalability that IoT demands, takes a chain of connectivity.
  12. 12. Mobile operators need to connect devices to device managers all over the world.
  13. 13. That’s where multi-hop peering models face a challenge.
  14. 14. When data hops network you lose: SECURITY VISIBILITY RELIABILITY
  15. 15. And it’s your customers’ brands that are on the line.
  16. 16. For end-to-end quality you need end-to-end control.