15. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 - How to make it work?


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Cross-Platform Mobile Development @ Telerik Academy
Telerik Software Academy: http://mobiledevcourse.telerik.com
The website and all video materials are in Bulgarian
Windows Phone Mango (7.5)
Windows Phone SDK 7.1
Installation of WP SDK 7.1
Visual Studio
Windows Phone SDK
PhoneGap Plugin
"Hello PhoneGap" project

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15. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 - How to make it work?

  1. 1. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 How to make it work?Doncho MinkovTechnical Trainerhttp://minkov.it/Telerik Software Academyhttp://academy.telerik.com
  2. 2. Table of Contents Windows Phone Mango (7.5) Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Installation of WP SDK 7.1 Visual Studio  Windows Phone SDK  PhoneGap Plugin "Hello PhoneGap" project
  3. 3. Windows Phone Mango The Next Version of Windows Phone
  4. 4. Windows Phone Mango Windows Phone Mango is the next generation of Microsoft Mobile OS  Earlier Microsoft OS  Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5  Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone Mango SDK 7.1 provides necessary tools and APIs to develop applications  Using C# and Silverlight  Using HTML5 and JavaScript
  5. 5. Installation of Windows Phone SDK 7.1 How to start WP 7.5 Development?
  6. 6. Steps for Installing Android SDK1. Installing Visual Studio IDE2. Install Visual Studio Service Pack 13. Install Windows Phone SDK 7.14. Add components needed for development
  7. 7. Visual Studio What is Visual Studio?  A multi-language software development environment  An integrated development environment (IDE)  Mostly used for C# and Visual Basic
  8. 8. Visual Studio (2) Visual Studio is used to develop applications  In C#, VB.NET, C, C++, F#, J#, etc.  For Windows Phone (using Silverlight) Download at http://bit.ly/VSExpressPhone  Comes with WP SDK 7.1  No need to install it separately
  9. 9. New PhoneGap Project With Visual Studio
  10. 10. PhoneGap in Visual Studio? How to create a PhoneGap Project in VS?  A hard way and a easy way The hard way is to download the assembly that connects of VS and PhoneGap  We will not cover it here The easy way – download a Project Template  Donwload at: http://bit.ly/VSPhoneGap  Copy the contents to …DocumentsVisual Studio 2010TemplatesProjectTemplatesVisual C#  Create a project with this template
  11. 11. PhoneGap in VS – Example
  12. 12. New PhoneGap Project Live Demo
  13. 13. Hello World PhoneGapFirst Application with Windows Phone Mango
  14. 14. Hello World PhoneGap Lets make our "Hello World, PhoneGap!" application  Till now we have an empty PhoneGap project  All we need to do is to edit the index.html file  Created by us  Located in /assets/www  This is the Entry point of our Application
  15. 15. Hello World PhoneGap – Example Hello World, PhoneGap!  Open the index.html and copy the following <!Doctype html> <html> <head> <title> First PhoneGap Application </title><head> <body> <h1>Hello PhoneGap</h1> </body> </html> Go to Debug -> Start without Debugging or CTRL+F5  The emulator should start  And the app run!
  16. 16. Hello World PhoneGap Live Demo
  17. 17. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 курсове и уроци по програмиране, уеб дизайн – безплатно BG Coder - онлайн състезателна система - online judge курсове и уроци по програмиране – Телерик академия форум програмиране, форум уеб дизайн уроци по програмиране и уеб дизайн за ученици ASP.NET курс - уеб програмиране, бази данни, C#, .NET, ASP.NET http://mobiledevcourse.telerik.com програмиране за деца – безплатни курсове и уроци ASP.NET MVC курс – HTML, SQL, C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC безплатен SEO курс - оптимизация за търсачки алго академия – състезателно програмиране, състезаниякурсове и уроци по програмиране, книги – безплатно от Наков курс мобилни приложения с iPhone, Android, WP7, PhoneGap уроци по уеб дизайн, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop Дончо Минков - сайт за програмиране free C# book, безплатна книга C#, книга Java, книга C# Николай Костов - блог за програмиране безплатен курс "Качествен програмен код" безплатен курс "Разработка на софтуер в cloud среда" C# курс, програмиране, безплатно
  18. 18. Free Trainings @ Telerik Academy Cross-Platform Mobile Development http://mobiledevcourse.telerik.com Telerik Software Academy  academy.telerik.com Telerik Academy @ Facebook  facebook.com/TelerikAcademy Telerik Software Academy Forums  forums.academy.telerik.com