Worldwide collaboration by design


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Worldwide collaboration by design

  1. 1. A BT Conferencing case study HOK Bringing it all together Worldwide collaboration by design “Every business line in HOK Cisco TelePresence™ from BT Conferencing helps has a different reason why they global architect empower its worldwide workforce love TelePresence. Marketing people love the fact that they can Client conserving initiatives, that policy requires develop campaigns face-to-face. a minimum 10 per cent overall reduction in Project teams love the way they Founded in 1955, HOK is a global provider business travel. of architectural planning, design, and can collaborate and contribute delivery solutions. Today it is one of the on design aspects in real time. world’s largest, most diverse, and respected John Bartolomi, Director of IT Services at HOK, explains: “We were pretty good at HR people love the ability to such practices with more than 2,000 collaborating already, but our people were interview and sift potential professionals linked across a network of 24 still spending too much time and money offices on four continents. As a world leader employees at a distance. My IT in design concepts that protect the natural moving to and from meetings. We’d tried people love more effective team ordinary video conferencing products environment and enrich people’s lives, HOK but encountered problems ranging from meetings. The list just goes on has enjoyed six consecutive years in the complexity and poor quality, to more prosaic American Institute of Architects’ Top 10 and on.” issues such as fiddly remote controls on which Green Projects List. John Bartolomi it was all too easy to press the wrong button.” Director of IT Services HOK Challenge When HOK considers a major technology A truly global organisation, HOK effectively investment it first works with manufacturers leverages its highly skilled people to gain a fundamental understanding of irrespective of where they may be located. the technology on offer. So it was that For example, the creative team working on Cisco TelePresence™ was selected. With a major project such as an airport or a civic TelePresence, Cisco Systems has combined building could have members in HOK offices high definition video and high quality spatial virtually anywhere in the world. audio that sustain the experience of sitting around the same table. The experience is so immediate and so real that participants HOK had to figure out how that agile business quickly suspend disbelief that they’re not model – already highly successful – could actually all right there in the one room. John be lifted to a new level. Equally importantly, Bartolomi confirms: “The Cisco product HOK has a formal green policy that requires combines, I believe, the best video image the company to reduce its effect upon the and spatial sound quality on the market with environment, with specific targets for carbon absolute simplicity of operation. It’s as easy reduction by 2010. Alongside other energy as dialling a four-digit extension number and up pop the parties on the other side.” BT Conferencing differentiators • In-depth understanding of the business and technical aspects of conferencing and collaboration technologies • The simplicity of operation of Cisco TelePresence, together with its market leading video image and spatial sound quality • Willingness to treat the entire project as a single entity, encompassing the products and services of other suppliers • Value added services such as project management, integration, and user training, together with readiness to customise services to meet clients’ needs
  2. 2. A BT Conferencing case study HOK (for custom XML programming), and One Value “I believe that with TelePresence Workplace (who supplied the Thunder a 20 per cent overall reduction application and furnished the specialised With all seven first phase sites just now in business travel is within virtual meeting rooms required). In addition, operational it’s too early to provide hard BT Conferencing installed and configured data on the business and environmental reach, potentially doubling the the central TelePresence hardware and benefits that HOK is realising. However, John achievement against our green software in the HOK data centre in St Louis. Bartolomi is in no doubt about the likely policy targets.” User training saw seamless sessions, with outcome. “I believe that with TelePresence One Workplace explaining Thunder while BT a 20 per cent overall reduction in business John Bartolomi Conferencing covered TelePresence. travel is within reach,” he says, “potentially Director of IT Services HOK doubling the achievement required against our green policy targets.” Furthermore “BT Conferencing assumed co-ordination he estimates that return on investment However, the highly involved nature of HOK responsibility for everything, including (ROI) is as fast as 24 months, including the projects prompted the choice of PolyVision solution elements in which they had no real value recouped from eliminating travelling Thunder™ technology to complement the financial interest,” says John Bartolomi. “By time, better decision-making, employee Cisco TelePresence solution. Thunder replaces treating the whole project as a single entity retention, and efficiency gains. traditional paper flipcharts with dynamic they assured a headache-free experience digital images, allowing the creation of a wall for HOK.” of projected images that flows freely between Not that HOK is in any way relying upon remote collaborative groups. estimates. In fact, the Engage Meeting In terms of scheduling and management Manager sign-on processes have been facilities – a critical success factor in any designed to automatically capture Solution TelePresence implementation – HOK quantification data – direct from virtual chose Engage Meeting Manager from BT With the solution fully scoped, HOK set meeting attendees – to calculate ongoing Conferencing. This is a web-hosted tool about selecting an implementation partner. return on investment and environmental that allows users to manage and schedule John Bartolomi recalls: “We came down to dividends. conferences and resources, as well as a shortlist of two. BT Conferencing proved download system reliability and usage itself to be far and away more responsive reports. Although alternatives were available, In the eyes of its customers, TelePresence will and more educated about TelePresence including Cisco’s own TelePresence Remote make HOK even more efficient and responsive during the proposal process.” Management Service, HOK had most than it now is. Important though this is, the confidence in the BT Conferencing solution. business benefits to HOK extend still further. Seven sites – London, San Francisco, Los John Bartolomi bases his optimism on the Angeles, Houston, Toronto, St Louis, and enthusiastic reception from all communities HOK also chose to utilise BT’s One Care Washington DC – were installed by BT within the company. “Every business line in Preferred concierge service, which simplifies Conferencing in the first TelePresence HOK has a different reason why they love the technology and provides 24*7*365 deployment phase. Integrating Cisco TelePresence,” he says. “Marketing people support. John Bartolomi brings this to TelePresence with PolyVision Thunder love the fact that they can develop campaigns life: “The concierge is a fantastic customer required custom XML development by face-to-face. Project teams love the way they experience. It provides a personalised Cloud Systems, enabling control of both can collaborate and contribute on design first point of contact for everything in the applications from a single Cisco IP Phone. aspects in real time. HR people love the ability meeting room, not just TelePresence, and John Bartolomi notes: “The goal was to to interview and sift potential employees at it’s staffed by people who understand the make it feel like one system from the a distance. My IT people love more effective details of our installations.” users’ perspective.” team meetings. The list just goes on and on.” To enable this, BT Conferencing had BT Conferencing managed the activities With teams now connected in the US, its concierge team Thunder-trained of all suppliers involved in the HOK Canada, and London, HOK has plans in by PolyVision so that the highest level TelePresence project including Fusion Storm place to implement TelePresence at six of support could be provided to HOK. (for integration with an existing Cisco IP more global sites (Hong Kong, Atlanta Furthermore, at their fingertips they have Telephony deployment), Cloud Systems Dallas, Tampa, New York and Chicago). all the contact information they need The company also looks forward to the – both inside and outside HOK – to get time when it will be possible to extend problems resolved in the shortest possible Offices worldwide TelePresence virtual meetings beyond the time. High occupancy rates drive best value The services described in this publication are subject firewall to include partners and customers. to availability and may be modified from time to time. from TelePresence and, with the help of BT Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions Conferencing, HOK was able to tailor the of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of system to provide for example, built-in start any contract. and stop time flexibility. © British Telecommunications plc 2009. Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England No: 1800000