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Telepresence and Video Products Directory

  1. 1. Polycom Telepresence and Video Products ® Immersive Room Telepresence Telepresence for A/V Integrators Polycom® RealPresence™ Experience High Definition (RPX™ HD) 400 Series Polycom HDX™ 9000 Series Purpose built for executive and boardroom meetings, Polycom Telepresence Experience ® The ultimate high definition integrator’s codec, designed corporate trainings and higher education. High Definition (TPX® HD) Series to be the core of any visual communication deployment. • Seating capacity from 8—28 participants Designed for management teams, small groups • H.323, SIP and H.320 standards support • Full screen, 48:9 cinematic view or client engagements. • HD 720p 30 fps resolution • Facilitates large group meetings • Seating capacity from 4—6 participants • Up to 4 Mbps, H.264 with Polycom HD Voice™ • Fully immersive solution that creates the illusion of • HD video, HD audio and flexible content sharing • H.239 Polycom People+Content™ and Polycom being in the same room • Up to three 60-inch plasma displays create the illusion People+Content IP Polycom RPX 200 Series of sitting across the table from distance colleagues • Polycom People On Content™ chroma key Comprehensive solution-designed for executive • Easy to use – Simple and consistent touch-screen • AES, HTTPS, TLS and board room meetings, project teams, and client user interface across all locations • VCR/DVD input/output engagements. • Investment protection – Standards-based and • 4-way or 8-way HD embedded multipoint • Seating capacity from 4—18 participants interoperable with over 2 million installed video • Single or dual 50-inch display on executive stand • Seamless 24:9 video wall conferencing systems • H.320 BRI, PRI or serial modules available • Facilitates small to medium groups • Analog port for audio-only participants • Superior realism delivered with HD video and audio • Serial port API support Room Telepresence Polycom HDX 8000 Series Polycom HDX 7000 Series Polycom HDX 6000 Series Advanced solution bringing Mainstream telepresence A fully featured low-cost small HD video, voice and content solution for organizations seeking group telepresence system sharing capabilities to conference to quickly and easily enhance that allows teams of people to rooms, classrooms and meeting collaboration by linking dispersed easily connect over distance and spaces across the enterprise. team members. enjoy high definition voice, video and • H.323, SIP and H.320 standards support • H.323, SIP and H.320 standards support content sharing. • HD 1080p 30 fps resolution • HD 720p 30 fps resolution • H.323 & SIP standards support • HD 720p 60 fps • Up to 2 Mbps, H.264 with Polycom HD Voice • HD 720p 30 fps resolution • Up to 6 Mbps, H.264 with Polycom HD Voice • H.239 People+Content and People+Content IP • Up to 2 Mbps, H.264 with • H.239 People+Content & People+Content IP • AES, HTTPS, TLS Polycom HD Voice • People On Content chroma key • VCR/DVD input/output • H.239 People+Content and People+Content IP • AES, HTTPS, TLS • 4-way SD embedded multipoint • AES, HTTPS, TLS • VCR/DVD input/output • Single/dual 42-inch display on pedestal or wall mount • Single 42-inch or 50-inch display on HDX pedestal • 4-Way HD embedded multipoint • Dual 50-inch displays on executive stand (shown) or wall mount • Single/dual 42-inch display on pedestal or wall mount • HDX stand or HDX wall mount (shown) options • Single 50-inch display on pedestal • H.320 BRI, PRI or serial modules available • Dual 50-inch display on executive stand (shown) or wall mount – H.320 BRI, PRI or serial modules available • Analog port for audio-only participants • Serial port API support Personal Telepresence Polycom HDX 4000 Series Polycom VVX™ 1500 D Polycom Converged Management High definition video solution for Business Media Phone Application™ (CMA™) Desktop executives to regularly communicate Unifies voice, video and applications Desktop video conferencing application over video from their offices and capabilities in a simple-to-use for knowledge workers enabling high- require the best high definition business media phone. Unique quality video and voice communication experiences, with the option to touch screen interface makes and standards-based content sharing. easily share content with others. video calls as simple as using a phone. • H.323 standard support • H.323, SIP & H.320 standards support • Native, simultaneous H.323 and SIP standards support • HD 720p receive video • HD 720p 30 fps • Six-line, feature-rich Polycom IP phone with a certified • Up to 2 Mbps H.264 video with Polycom HD Voice • Up to 4 Mbps H.264 video with Polycom HD Voice call control system • H.239 content • 20.1-inch widescreen display with keypad • Up to CIF (768kbps) H.263, H.263+ and H.264 video • Uses Polycom CMA Directory or your corporate directory • H.239 People+Content and People+Content IP with Polycom HD Voice • Chat with one or multiple users • People On Content chroma key technology • Records audio calls locally via USB port • AES & far-end camera control • AES, HTTPS and TLS • Polycom’s Open API for third party applications • External connectivity with access proxy • 4-Way SD embedded multipoint • Adjustable camera, base, and display • Included with the Polycom CMA 4000/5000 solutions • H.320 BRI, PRI or serial modules available • AES, HTTPS and TLS • Analog port for audio-only participants • Integrated gigabit switch with PoE • Seamlessly connects to other standards-based room systems and MCUs
  2. 2. Polycom Telepresence and Video Products ® Management Application Polycom Converged Management Application™ (CMA™) 5000 and CMA 4000 Highly scalable and fully redundant application that manages and deploys highly scalable video throughout the enterprise. Allows organizations to fully video-enable personal workspaces, desktops, conference rooms, mobile devices and more Management Gatekeeper Directory Scheduling • Profile provisioning • Policy and BW management • LDAP/H.350 service • Multiple scheduling options • Account management • Participant admission • Microsoft AD support • Web, Microsoft® Outlook, Lotus Notes • Software upgrades • Least cost routing • Global address book (GAB) • Scheduling wizard • Centralized diagnostics • Up to 5000 registered users service • Free/Busy • Real-time conference monitoring • Standards-based presence • Resource reservation • RMX Portal • One-dial easy call solution • GAB & AD integration Conference Platforms Polycom RMX™ 4000 Polycom RMX 2000® Polycom RMX™ 1000 The ultimate collaboration Standards-based collaboration Easy to set up, easy to use and a solution featuring highly solution, ideal for medium-to-large powerful tool for collaboration for small to scalable design with organizations. Delivers high quality performance, mid-size organizations and enterprise branch offices. redundancy built-in, ideal for scale, and cost-effective integration of IP (H.323 Provides intuitive, high quality multipoint conferencing large enterprise and service provider environments. and SIP), PSTN and ISDN conferencing services. to end users Resolution Resources Resolution Resources Resolution Resources Voice 1600 Voice 800 Voice 20 CIF/HD video switching 320 CIF/HD video switching 160 CIF/HD video switching 20 SD/4CIF 120 SD/4CIF 60 HD/SD/4CIF 10 HD 720p 30fps 80 HD 720p 30fps 40 HD 720p 60fps 40 HD 720p 60fps 20 HD 1080p 30fps 40 HD 1080p 30fps 20 • Standards-based and scalable multipoint conferencing • Standards-based multipoint conferencing • IP-only multipoint conferencing • Resolutions up to 1080p • H.323, SIP, PSTN and ISDN on a single chassis • Polycom Video Clarity up-scaling and Polycom L QoS • H.323, SIP, PSTN and ISDN on a single chassis • Integrated dial-through gateway capabilities • Cost-effective multipoint solution • Telepresence option offers a variety of immersive • On demand or scheduled calls • On demand or scheduled calls Polycom Video ClarityT telepresence layouts • Polycom Video Clarity™ up-scales non-HD video up-scales non-HD video streams • On demand or scheduled calls streams • Polycom Lost Packet Recovery protects conference • Integrated dial-through gateway capabilities • Polycom Lost Packet Recovery™ (LPR™) protects quality • Polycom Video ClarityTM up-scales non-HD video streams conference quality • H.239 cascade links between Polycom MCUs • Polycom Lost Packet RecoveryTM protects conference • Modular with hot-swappable parts quality • Telepresence option offers a variety of immersive • Modular with hot-swappable parts telepresence layouts • Redundant AC/DC power supplies • Flexible and fixed resource capacity options • Flexible and fixed resource capacity options • Integration with Polycom DMA 7000 delivers • Integration with Polycom DMA 7000 delivers unmatched scale and reliability unmatched scale and reliability Distributed Media Application Security and Remote Access Polycom Distributed Media Application™ Polycom Video Border Proxy™ E (VBP™ E) Polycom VBP ST (DMA™) 7000 (application layer gateway) Enables remote users the same services and experience Fully redundant and resilient platform that utilizes Enables one public IP to serve all the video as the internal users. Bandwidths throughput from advanced routing policies to distribute audio and video communications needs, and with availability for 10 Mbps to 85 Mbps. VBP ST series are ideal for calls to multiple media servers. Optimizes conference bandwidths from 1 Mbps to 85 Mbps, IT managers can centralized dial plans. experiences and uptime by automatically circumventing configure the Polycom VBP E series for decentralized • VBP ST AP – Requires external registration bridge issues, network outages, and downtime during dial plans. Ideal secured for business to business • 10Mbps, 25Mbps or 85Mbps upgrades and maintenance. collaboration. • ITU-T H.460 18/19 standard support • Centralized administration and provisioning • VBP E ALG - No external registration required • Firewall traversal for H.323 devices • Manages port allocation across multiple MCUs • 3 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 25 Mbps or 85 Mbps • Call directory services from Polycom CMA server • Load balancing to maximize utilization • H.323 application-aware firewall • XMPP presence via Polycom CMA Server • Less impact in fault scenarios • NAT/PAT server hides enterprise LAN topology • AES, HTTPS, TLS, SSH • Redundancy with no single points of failure • Media routing via the shortest possible path • Protects devices from network-based attacks • Uneven usage less likely • Traffic management capabilities • Access proxy for Polycom CMA Desktop • Intelligent routing for better resource utilization • AES, HTTPS and SSH (no VPN required) • Routing happens in real time, not beforehand • Embedded gatekeeper support • Up to 10 MCUs and 1200 concurrent calls • External LAN/WAN gatekeeper support
  3. 3. Polycom Telepresence and Video Products ® Recording and Streaming Video Content Management Installed Voice Solutions Polycom RSS™ 4000 Polycom Video Media Center™ (VMC™) 1000 Polycom SoundStructure® Network-based appliance that records, archives, Content management system that streams telepresence System that delivers clear and immersive audio for more and streams telepresence and video conferences to and video conferences, live broadcasts, training sessions productive voice and video conferences. desktops, conference rooms, and more. and more to thousands of employees, customers and • Deep robust integration with HDX systems • Stream to live audiences in up to HD 720p partners. • Breakthrough feedback elimination • Automatically archive in HD 1080p • Upload content from multiple sources • Modular PSTN telephony cards • Record directly from H.323 endpoints and MCUs • Organize, manage and track large libraries of video • Stereo echo cancellation from 20 Hz to 22 kHz • Record up to 15 simultaneous conferences • Video-on-demand media man¬agement • AEC with no compromises • Full management and authentication with AD • Unicast and multicast support • Redundant RAID hard drives & Power supplies • Management of multiple Polycom RSS servers • Create and scheduled live broadcasts Integrated Video and Microsoft Collaboration Industry Solutions Voice Solutions Solutions Polycom Polycom CX 5000 Polycom Judicial Wall Units SoundStation® IP 7000 Unified collaboration solution that Video system that support Table top solution that integrates voice, video, and data one-to-one and one-to-many integrates with Polycom HDX Room collaboration. communication in courtrooms, Telepresence solutions for high quality conferencing • Used with Microsoft Office offices, conference rooms, • Connects directly to any HDX Communications Server or prisons, visitation centers and other LiveMeeting meeting areas. • Replaces HDX Microphone Arrays • Dial Audio or Video Calls from IP 7000 phone • Automatically focus on the current speaker • 17-inch display in a fully lockable cart • Start content sharing right from the phone • A 360-degree view of the conference room • 80-lb. (36 kg), 14-gauge steel cabinet • 20-foot Microphone Pickup Range • USB plug-and-play features for easy setup and use • 3/8” unbreakable transparent Lexan® window • Use HDX table mic arrays as Extension Mics Polycom Instructor™ FS Combines video conferencing PC Speakerphone and interactive white boarding into a single cost-effective, powerful package. Polycom Communicator™ Polycom CX100, CX200, CX300 and CX700 • HD 1080p 30 fps or 720p C100 and C100S 30/60 fps The Polycom CX product family delivers the high quality, • 50-inch flat-panel plasma display Integrates with CMA desktop, high definition wideband audio experience users expect • Powered by HDX and smart as well as a growing number of certified from Polycom. technologies IP soft phones. The C100S is Skype certified. • Works with Office Communications Server 2007 • Small size and weight makes it • Hands-free functionality easy to move • Optimized for MS Office Communicator • Polycom HD Voice™ for high-fidelity sound • Simple touch-screen controls • Convenient buttons for controlling calls • Echo cancellation and full duplex technology • High definition audio for best possible • Connects and powers through the USB cable voice and video calls Polycom Practitioner Cart™ A mobile solution that brings high definition video, audio Accessories Cisco® Certified Solutions and image sharing to medical professionals and patients located anywhere. Polycom HDX Ceiling Polycom VVX™ 1500 C • HD 1080p 30 fps or 720p 30/60 fps Microphone Array Certified for interoperability with • 26-inch LCD with integrated Conferencing accessory that Cisco’s Unified Communications speakers delivers high quality audio across a 360-degree area, Manager, Polycom standards- • Highly mobile, small footprint giving focus to the active speaker without physical based solutions extend • AES encryption for HIPAA intervention. interoperable telepresence Compliancy • Connects directly to any HDX system across UC environments. • Height is adjustable to maintain • 360-degree voice pickup • Integrates seamlessly into Cisco UC environments eye contact • Three microphone elements • Connects to CUCM via SIP • Easy and flexible Installation • Can maintain dual-stack H.323 connection • Unobtrusive design • As easy as making a telephone call • Available in black or white • Simplifies multimedia communications
  4. 4. Polycom Solution Architecture ® Headquarters Immersive Room Personal Telepresence Telepresence Telepresence Regional Office Immersive Telepresence Dedicated Wireless Installed Business VoIP Desktop Voice Media Phone Phone Client UC Ecosystems Small Branch IP Based PBX • Telephony Call Control • Directory Server Conference E-mail /Calendaring • IM Presence Server Room Conference Telepresence Server Polycom Collaboration Core Room Telepresence Video Management Applications Monitoring • Provisioning • Presence • Scheduling • Gatekeeping • Distributed Media Control and Management Conference Platforms VoIP Personal VoIP Business Personal VoIP Conference Telepresence Phone Media Phone Video Content Management Telepresence Phone Phone Recording & Streaming Video Border Proxy Internet ISDN / Enterprise PSTN/V.35 DECT Wi - Fi Wireless Analog Conference Phone Cell Phone VoIP Conference Desktop Personal VoIP Conference Desktop Personal Phone Client Telepresence Phone Client Telepresence Traditional Video Teleworkers Customer/Partners Legacy Networks The complete Polycom Product portfolio can be found at Polycom Worldwide Headquarters 4750 Willow Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588 1.800.POLYCOM or +1.925.924.6000 | © 2009 Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. POLYCOM®, the Polycom “Triangles” logo and the names and marks associated with Polycom’s products are trademarks and/or service marks of Polycom, Inc. and are registered and/or common law marks in the United States and various other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. No portion hereof may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, for any purpose other than the recipient’s personal use, without the express written permission of Polycom. Part Number 3726-47848-001 Rev 112409