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High Definition Video Communications


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High Definition Video Communications

  1. 1. High Definition Video Communications With the industry’s only complete HD video product portfolio, LifeSize delivers on the promise of video communications by providing a telepresence experience that is lifelike, useful, reliable and affordable. LifeSize believes that video communications will change the way people communicate and has designed revolutionary technology that helps people everywhere do more, travel less and be present in any environment.
  2. 2. LifeSize systems deliver stunning telepresence quality video communications—true 1280x720 video resolution at 30 frames per second—over existing broadband networks with as little as 1Mbps of bandwidth. All LifeSize products are fully standards compliant and can interoperate with nearly any videoconferencing system. The result is clear, natural, face to face communications across town or across the globe. Do More. Travel Less. Be Present. Use video to work smarter and Connect with your colleagues LifeSize combines an immersive, accelerate your business. Get across the globe in seconds high definition video experience the rich interaction of face- instead of wasting hours in with a rich set of features to to-face interaction and leave airports and on planes. Touch deliver a powerful, flexible and the confusion and ambiguity base with business partners easy-to-use video communication of email and phone calls in different locations without solution. All LifeSize products behind. Share presentations, leaving your office or bring deliver telepresence quality documents and multimedia them together for a video high definition video and audio with everyone at the same time, conference call. It’s simple, cost providing for authentic user allowing dispersed colleagues to effective and doesn’t require experiences, allowing users to feel collaborate more effectively. advanced scheduling or a as if they are in the same room as technician—not to mention a colleagues, sharing documents passport or plane ticket. and presentations real time.
  3. 3. LifeSize High Definition Video Communications Product Suite Clear. Simple. Intuitive. Our comprehensive product suite enables high definition video communications to make voices, viewpoints and expressions come to life. LifeSize offers a complete range of high definition video communications solutions with telepresence quality that are absolutely simple to use. Share multimedia in high definition and connect to multiple sites around the world over standard networks. LifeSize provides high definition at 1Mbps and better quality at any bandwidth. Video Across our HD product portfolio, the one feature that doesn’t change is the quality of the experience. LifeSize allows you to choose your video system based on the features you want without jeopardizing the HD quality experience. LifeSize HD Product Portfolio LifeSize® LifeSize® LifeSize® LifeSize® Express™ Team MP™ Room™ Conference™ Telepresence Quality HD Video and Audio Video 1280 x 720 HD Quality 30 Frames per Second 16 : 9 Aspect Ratio H.239 / Dual Streaming Single Camera Single Camera Dual Camera Multi Camera Single Monitor Single Monitor Dual Monitor Multi Monitor Features Point-to-Point 4-way Continuous 4-way CP or 6-way Voice Telepresence Up to 2 Mbps Presence (CP) Multipoint Activated Switching Configuration Up to 4 Mbps (VAS) Multipoint Up to 18 Mbps Up to 6 Mbps
  4. 4. LifeSize HD Product Portfolio Audio LifeSize® Phone™ Built with 16 omni-directional microphones, LifeSize Phone delivers revolutionary audio conferencing sound quality and room coverage. Dial audio or video calls from the phone with many IP PBXs for easy management and integration. A compact LifeSize® MicPod™ is also available as an alternative microphone with all video systems. Infrastructure LifeSize® Transit™ LifeSize Transit is SIP-based and provides signaling, media and registrar services. Supports up to 20 simultaneous calls up to 1Mbps. LifeSize® Networker™ – An all-in-one, enhanced gateway which provides connectivity between IP and circuit switched networks. Multiple compact interfaces in one unit: 1x LAN/Ethernet; 4x BRI (ISDN); 1x PRI (ISDN). LifeSize® Gateway™ intuitive web-based user interface. LifeSize® Multipoint™ Multipoint is standards-based for interoperability with a wide range of systems and can be managed through a web-based interface. Management LifeSize® Control™ – Management software to manage multi-vendor video devices. demand reporting and export to PDF, and centralized software upgrades. Built on Microsoft.NET® platform with industry standard RDBMS. LifeSize® Gatekeeper™ – IP communications software that provides comprehensive, intelligent management of IP telephony and video communications networks. Register MCUs, gateways and endpoints using a web-based user interface. Distributor in Switzerland: Phone: +41 44 310 27 00 AVDIS AG Fax: +41 44 310 27 01 Scha hauserstrasse 358 Email: CH-8050 Zürich LifeSize is a registered trademark or trademark of LifeSize Communications in the U.S. and other countries. Copyright 2007-2008. All rights reserved. April 2008.