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                                                 Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY                  Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

organisation. Tackling the procurement...
DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY                     Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Once the IT equipment arrived at ea...
DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY                                  Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

s    Risk mitigation  ...
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Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


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Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  1. 1. DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Dimension Data orchestrates a seamless multinational visual communications deployment for a global pharmaceutical manufacturer Careful planning and a forward – thinking approach to an ambitious visual communications deployment paves the way to success. Industry Pharmaceutical Region Like many forward- Business Challenge Global thinking organisations, The pharmaceutical manufacturer Challenge a global pharmaceutical faced an ongoing and uphill battle Having taken the decision to invest manufacturer recently took to balance the need for regular in a visual communications solution, the decision to invest in executive-level communication and making sure the equipment was a visual communications interaction with the spiralling cost of properly procured, shipped, installed, solution, in order to reduce international travel, not to mention integrated, tested and operational – at the right place and in a timely costs, enhance employee the negative impact rigorous travel fashion – represented the client’s productivity, and maintain schedules had on the affected critical next step. strong relationships through executives’ quality of life. The Solution better collaboration and company recognised the potential that Dimension Data took responsibility face to face communication. visual communications – specifically, for co-ordinating the deployment of After undertaking a a Cisco TelePresence solution – could TelePresence equipment to 43 sites thorough assessment bring to bear, in terms of reducing across the globe in less than ten months. of its needs and having travel expenses, enabling meetings This decision gave the client access to selected the right visual to take place more frequently and a dedicated team who used the latest global procurement and logistics and communications technology fostering a healthy work-life balance. track and trace tools and enabled it to for its business, making meet its ambitious rollout deadlines. sure the equipment was Having taken the decision to opt properly procured, shipped, into TelePresence, the next step Results installed, integrated, tested was ensuring that the solution was and operational – at the deployed globally, in a risk and Dimension Data’s right place and in a timely s hassle free fashion, without delays understanding of customs fashion – represented the and budget overruns. A tall order, regulations and local taxes client’s critical next step. given the fact that the deployment ensured smooth delivery of That’s where partnering with involved multiple geographies and hardware and components. Dimension Data made therefore a host of different cultures, Internal resources were freed-up all the difference. s time zones, currencies and import to concentrate on core business regulations. Also significant was issues – as opposed to Client Overview the ambitious rollout schedule – the co-ordinating multi-geography Our client is a manufacturer of installation of Cisco TelePresence TelePresence deployments product ranges including personal System (CTS) 3000 and CTS 1000 fraught with risk. care, household cleaning, laundry units to 43 sites needed to be s Since the visual detergents and prescription drugs. completed in less than ten months. communications deployment, The company currently provides the company has slashed products and services to consumers A number of rollout strategies its travel budget by more in over 180 countries. were available to the client’s IT than 40%.
  2. 2. DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer organisation. Tackling the procurement and deployment of Relationship History its infrastructure, using in-house resources was one option. In 2007, Dimension Data was appointed to assist with Using a mix of in-country vendors to handle deployment at the co-ordination and deployment of the TelePresence each individual site was another. Leveraging the expertise solution at 43 sites across the globe on five continents. of provider(s) with global logistical capabilities and on the Upon reviewing the list of countries to which the client ground, in-country partners was a third alternative. With wished to deploy the solution, Cisco (who held the primary heightened executive and stakeholder expectations, the relationship with the client), realised it needed to leverage company needed to act quickly and decisively. Dimension Data’s unique global footprint to ensure the rollout was achieved on time and on-budget. The rollout of “In order to move forward with its visual communication 43 Cisco CPS 3000 and CPS 1000 units commenced in the investment with confidence, the client needed to be sure Americas was complete in less than ten months. Dimension that the equipment would arrive at the right place, Data’s strength in the domain of global procurement at the right time and that it would be seamlessly integrated and logistics and our unique ability to execute visual into its current environment. Given that the deployment communications technologies globally, due to our wealth involved the installation of extremely valuable equipment of skills in TelePresence across the globe, made us the at multiple sites, across many different geographies, obvious choice of partner. a host of potential challenges and pitfalls existed,” explains Jeffrey Yauger, Dimension Data’s director, Off the back of this successful engagement, the client managed services programmes for Dimension Data recently appointed Dimension Data as prime contractor Americas. “What’s more, in an economic climate that to deploy Cisco CPS 1000 units at 160 – 200 sites mandates that every cent associated with technology globally, an initiative which forms the second phase investments be accounted for, the company needed to be of the company’s ambitious visual communications sure it could demonstrate ROI as quickly as possible.” adoption programme. Services Provided Dimension Data’s global shipping and delivery approach combines global procurement and logistics specialists, a client support team, an online track and trace system and partnerships with best-of-breed global carriers. With this multi-faceted approach, and our ability to deliver to over 140 countries worldwide, we were able to ensure that the client’s TelePresence equipment was delivered to the right place, at the right time and for the right cost. For each and every deployment we co-ordinated with the client and our partners to establish the optimal and most cost effective shipping mode and route, as well as provide optimum duty planning to ensure that each shipment was processed without delay, and the risk of penalties was alleviated. Ultimately, the company’s IT department realised that its key value and relevance came from a focus on developing Visibility was maintained throughout the shipping and innovative, high quality personal and healthcare products delivery process, with real-time updates and tracking. – not co-ordinating multi-geography TelePresence Last, but not least, we provided personal client-support, deployments fraught with risk. Once this was known it was answering any questions the client had and offering relatively quick and easy to decide how to address the advice and guidance on global tax and import laws and deployment challenge. The company chose to work with a requirements. Our Supply Chain Services team remained third-party with specific expertise in visual communications solely focused on the client and ensuring that its orders deployments – Dimension Data, as well as with Cisco – arrived safely at the final destination. the manufacturer.
  3. 3. DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Once the IT equipment arrived at each site, we took infrastructure at the company’s premises in 43 locations responsibility for ensuring it was timeously installed, across the globe. Next, also as part of the Build Service tested and operating. According to Yauger, TelePresence function, we embarked on the second phase of the deployments can be particularly tricky, given the sheer visual communications deployment programme – physical size (not to mention the value) of the equipment which involves the rollout of Cisco CPS 1000 units being deployed. “A CTS 3000 TelePresence deployment at to 160-200 sites globally. a single site typically involves 10 palettes piled high with boxes requiring a minimum 25’x25x8’ footprint in a secure location! You can’t afford to have this equipment – which represents an investment of hundreds of thousands of “Dimension Data’s global shipping dollars – standing around or worse still having to deal with and delivery approach is a a situation where the order is incomplete, the equipment is damaged … or it simply doesn’t arrive at all.” combination of global procurement and logistics specialists, a client Dimension Data’s experience had taught us that when it comes to visual communications deployments, success support team, an online track and lies in the planning, scheduling and logistics – the physical installation of the equipment itself is relatively straightforward. trace system and partnerships with Before we could install the TelePresence systems, significant best-of-breed global carriers.” effort went into preparing the rooms and ensuring that each one was properly remediated in line with Cisco’s specifications and that it was thoroughly ‘TelePresence-ready’. Given the fact that TelePresence involves the transmission of broadcast- Value Derived quality video, factors such as the room’s paint colour, heating, Although the issues faced by the pharmaceutical cooling and sound-dampening systems all come into play. manufacturer may seem isolated and unique, “There are a myriad of facilities-related considerations that it’s representative of the broader questions and challenges need to taken into account and appropriate measures taken that many of today’s CIOs face, namely managing critical upfront,” explains Yauger. “In fact, some manufacturers of multi-geography projects with limited staff, smaller budgets visual communications technologies will not release the and fewer resources. equipment to you, until they are satisfied that all room- readiness and network assessments have been successfully By engaging with Dimension Data, the global passed.” Of equal importance is network readiness. A pharmaceutical manufacturer was able to avoid these painstaking review of every device along the network path that problems and pitfalls. passes TelePresence traffic was necessary to ensure a trouble free TelePresence experience. “After close inspection of and s Hassle-free global procurement any needed remediation of network devices, the elimination We were able to provide the global pharmaceutical of congestion and jitter through careful application of Quality manufacturer with the high level of visibility and control of Service (QOS) mechanisms and testing ensured that the needed to manage IT procurement on a global basis client’s network was ready to support TelePresence traffic,” while still driving economies of scale, by leveraging our Yauger adds. global eProcurement system, Dimension Data Direct. The benefits of eProcurement to global organisations How We Delivered are significant. Global IT departments can make use Dimension Data demonstrates a holistic approach to Service of Dimension Data Direct across all locations, applying Delivery with its Services Continuum, allowing clients to local business rules whilst simultaneously managing engage in at any point and in any order. At each stage, global purchasing policy and workflow, reducing the Dimension Data uses proven methodologies, which are risk of incompatible equipment or over-spending. governed by industry best practice and integrated toolsets. Additionally, our system provides IT departments with increased transparency around global order status Our initial engagement with this client was in the and can improve their ability to plan and budget large Build Service function where we deployed TelePresence projects and cross-border deployments.
  4. 4. DIMENSION DATA SUCCESS STORY Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer s Risk mitigation s Real-time visibility of orders With the fragile economy, the client realised that it We were able to provide the client with realtime could not afford project delays and budget overruns. visibility and status updates by leveraging Track, our It’s estimated that international deployments impose proprietary online track and trace tool that gives clients two to three times the management load of national 24x7 access to order shipping and delivery status. The ones. Omnipresent complexities and risks often de-rail system provides a single source for up-to-the-minute international projects including finding the appropriate status information for all of orders. It also centralises resources in specific geographies … ensuring services and records vital information, thus giving the client are delivered with consistent quality … importation and access to complete shipping history, delivery and invoice tax regulations … not to mention a host of potential addresses, status of current shipments, and electronic language and cultural issues. Getting equipment copies of all supporting documentation, delivered, set-up and running in locations with barriers such as proof of delivery. such as strict import regulations, government trade policies, or broadband limitations can significantly slow Less than ten months after electing to deploy the or even halt progress and expansion. Cisco TelePresence solution, the global pharmaceutical manufacturer’s executives across 43 locations are “The shipping and delivery of IT equipment to multiple enjoying regular real-time TelePresence meetings at the geographies is fraught with potential risk including click of a button and the company has slashed its travel delays, customs holds and lost or damaged goods,” budget by more than 40%. explains Yauger. “It typically takes three to four times longer to get equipment into countries like Venezuela The deployment of the second phase of the visual and Russia than it does the United Kingdom, for communications rollout to an additional 160-200 sites example. That is why it’s important to partner with a around the globe, is currently underway. We look supplier that has expertise in the import/export of IT forward to growing our relationship with the global equipment into both established and emerging markets – pharmaceutical manufacturer in the years ahead, and so you can mitigate these risks.” exploring other opportunities to assist it to move its business forward, from a technology perspective. Plan Build Support Manage Improve Innovate Identify Business Implement Break Fix Full Lifecycle Support of Strategy and Commercialisation Plan Benefits Build Technology Support and Monitoring Manage Infrastructure and Systems Improve Evolution Innovate of New Ideas Consult Procure Step 1 Maintain Service Delivery IT Alignment Breakthrough Use of Identify Business Implement Break Fix Full Lifecycle Support of Strategy and Commercialisation Design Deploy TelePresence Integrate (Uptime) (Service Level, Availability, Capacity, Service Benchmarking Technology Benefits Technology infrastructure in 43 locations and Monitoring Infrastructure and Systems Evolution of New Ideas Deploy Monitor IT Service Continuity and Financial Management) across the globe. Service Support Consult Procure Maintain Service Delivery IT Alignment Breakthrough Use of Step 2 (Release, Change, Problem, Incident and Design Integrate (Uptime) (Service Level, Availability, Capacity, Service Benchmarking Technology Manage second phase of Configuration Management) Deploy the visual communications Monitor IT Service Continuity and Financial Management) deployment programme Service Support involving the rollout of Cisco (Release, Change, To Maximise Return on Investment Problem, Incident and Justify Technology Manage To Reduce Costs Innovation CPS 1000 units to 160-200 Investment Project Risk Configuration Management) sites globally. Justify Technology Manage To Reduce Costs To Maximise Return on Investment Innovation Investment Project Risk For more information please visit