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Telepathy Presentation at AWE2013


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Telepathy presentation at Augmented World Expo 2013 at Santa Clara, California on June 5th by Chris Grayson

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Telepathy Presentation at AWE2013

  1. 1. Chris Grayson, June 4, Santa Clara Convention Center
  2. 2. Telepathy One
  3. 3. For What?
  4. 4. 250,000,000 photos,500,000 videos,uploaded every day.
  5. 5. 72 hours of video areuploaded ...every minute.
  6. 6. photo by Snowpea & Bokchoi on FlickrCreative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
  7. 7. What are theysaying?
  8. 8. Google Glass Competitor?Startup Creates Its OwnComputerized Headset ”“April 24
  9. 9. What It’s Like UsingTelepathy One, TheGoogle Glass CompetitorAiming To Launch This Year ”“April 24
  10. 10. Telepathy One: Japan’sAnswer to Google Glass ”“May 17
  11. 11. And let the Google Glasscompetitors enter the ring ”“April 26
  12. 12. Google Glass CompetitorTelepathy’ Aims to Get toMarket First ”“April 24‘
  13. 13. Telepathy One sets sightson Google Glass ”“June 2
  14. 14. A Google Glass rivalemerges from an upstartin Japan ”“April 23
  15. 15. Telepathy One guns forGoogle Glass ”“April 24
  16. 16. Fashionable tech: Tokyocompany developingrival to Google Glass ”“June 6NOTE: This slide wasadded later as the storydid not run until the dayafter the AWE event.
  17. 17. TextFlying the pirate flag against Google has served us well in getting exposure (the mediachooses to position us there, by the way), we candidly feel we’re in a slightly different space.Google Glass aims to be a full-fledged face-worn android device aimed at the technorati.Telepathy One is a more single purpose peer-to-peer and social-sharing device aimed at themass market.But there’s one last headline that I want to share here.
  18. 18. 10 Million Smart Glassesto ship in Next 4 Years ”“April 25
  19. 19. Wear Your Love