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It is nice of you for finding time to know about us.

We are a group of IIT Bombay graduates who are working hard to make significant contribution in telecom industry by creating innovative mobile apps targeted for Indian market and training young engineering graduates to make them globally competitive.

We started in 2011 with a vision of becoming the most innovative start-up Telecommunication LAB in India. We work rigorously and create innovative mobile apps for a number of clients in health solutions, education, jobs and weather information and test wireless products for OEMs from China and South Korea.

We are the first in India to emulate wireless networks to be used for training the fresh engineering graduates. We believe that our success is largely due to our obsession with providing our customers the best experience.

It is all because of you. Thanks!

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Telelabs Wireless Corporate Brouchure

  1. 1. Mobile Apps Development Prototype Testing Outsourcing Hi-Tech Telecom Training Telelabs Wireless Corporate Brochure An IIT Bombay Start-up TM
  2. 2. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION TELECOM INDUSTRY HAS BEEN CONSTANTLY UPGRADING ITSELF WITH THE EVER CHANGING TECHNOLOGIES, BUSINESS MODELS AND OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES. THIS IS UNDERGOING A FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT AT PRESENT NOT ONLY IN DEVELOPED MARKETS LIKE U.S. AND EUROPE BUT ALSO IN DEVELOPING AND TRANSITION ECONOMIES LIKE INDIA, AFRICA, INDONESIA AND CHINA. Rising operating costs force the telecom operators across the world, especially rampant in developing economies to adopt cheaper technologies, better working procedures and innovative business models to remain competitive. While identifying and attracting good talent may be the most pressing issue for some organizations in today’s market, the fact is that outsourcing remains a preferred option for many of them. This is depicted in the rising volumes of outsourced services across the industry. These factors are combining to change the nature of the business practices in Telecom Industry and hence operators are looking for innovative ways to adapt in this highly competitive business. I hope the information contained in the following pages is vital to understand the nature of Business we do. To assist both Telecom Operators and their employees, Telelabs Wireless proposes a completely new Business Outsourcing Concept. Our methodology helps operators and OEM from China & South Korea. They leverage on the cost arbitrage. Milind Nayan CEO, Telelabs Wireless 3 WHAT WE DO OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK
  3. 3. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure CONTENTS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 WHAT WE DO 5 OUTSOURCING 6 MOBILE APPS 7 TRAINING 8 CLIENTS 9 WHO WE ARE 10 BOARD OF ADVISORS 11 MEDIA SPEAK Telelabs Wireless has been started by 3 IIT Bombay graduates. We create innovative mobile applications targeted for Indian market (Android,OVI, Java ); We are a preferred managed solution provider for OEMs from China and South Korea. We also train engineering graduates to make them globally competitive. 2
  4. 4. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure WHAT WE DO VISION TO BE THE MOST INNOVATIVE TELECOMMUNICATION LAB IN INDIA WHICH OFFERS QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES MISSION TO OFFER MANAGED SERVICES TO GLOBAL CLIENTS, HI-TECH TESTING SERVICES TO OEMs AND TELECOM TRAINING TO ENGINEERS HELPING THEM BECOME GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE. INTRODUCTION WHAT WE DO OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK Telelabs Wireless does business in two verticals: Outsourcing & Training; which are closely related with each other. We offer high end testing services to OEMs from China & South Korea. We create innovative mobile apps targeted for Indian market based upon different platforms like Android, OVI and Java. Witnessing a huge demand-supply gap (Quantitative & Qualitative) in telecom job market in India and abroad and the lack of an established player in telecom industry, we started training engineering graduates in our Mumbai Lab. 4 3
  5. 5. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure OUTSOURCING INTRODUCTION Opportunity Highlights WHAT WE DO Consistent YoY increase on spending for outsourced services by Telecom Service providers & OEMs is evident in the last few years. DoT & TRAI regulations in India are becoming stringent on technology compliances. Terminal vendors in India show reluctance to maintain test labs. The global 2G/3G/4G infrastructure market is up 14.4% YoY, setting the foundation for the new investment cycle that is expected to last through 2014. Telelabs Advantage We leverage on cost arbitrage. Our technically competent team is capable of testing Hi-end devices for European, African & Indian markets. Being a start-up, we have the agility and flexibility to shorten the testing cycles 5 OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK
  6. 6. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure MOBILE APPS INTRODUCTION We are experienced in building mobile solutions on different platforms including iPhone, Android, JAVA and OVI. We can also deliver mobile internet sites on mobile phones. We believe that understanding the consumer is key to deliver mobile solutions that work. We have a broad range of customers including those from education and health sectors, served by a dedicated team of developers who work for a variety of clients in India. WHAT WE DO OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK 6
  7. 7. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure TRAINING INTRODUCTION We have developed a unique Telecom training program for fresh engineering graduates (M. Tech., M.E., B.Tech., B.E., Diploma in Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation & Computer Engg. ) and working professionals in Telecom industry in India. Learners get hands-on experience on LIVE wireless network, which is the first of its kind in India, emphasizing on core theoretical and practical training on latest telecom technologies based upon international industry standards. We invite the young technology enthusiasts to learn CDMA, GSM, 2G, 3G, RF, Protocol, mobile apps. WHAT WE DO We have adopted franchise model for Growth. Within a short span of time we have established quality and academic rigor of our training at our Mumbai Lab and two franchise centers at Indore & Udaipur respectively. We have installed ERP at all of our centers to work and collaborate on real time. In addition to classroom courses, we along with our franchise partners conduct workshops in engineering colleges around the country, which promotes awareness about latest developments and spurs innovation in the minds of young technocrats. All of our courses are designed and delivered by IITians and industry experts. We have done Job tie-ups with several MNCs in India and abroad and this is an ongoing activity at Telelabs. 7 OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK
  8. 8. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure CLIENTS INTRODUCTION Our client list includes a number of Indian Companies and MNCs. During a short period of one year of operation, we have earned credibility as an outsourcing partner in the telecommunication industry. We are constantly approaching new clients in India and abroad. Being a start-up, we have certain distinguishing factors such as the flexibility in service delivery and agility to shorten the project life time. Our clients include Alcatel, Airtel, Eastcompeace, Epivalley, Ericsson, Haier, Huawei, LG, Oberthur, Maxx, MTS, Nokia, NSN, Olive Telecom, Orange, P3 Marquistech, Prabhat Group, Reliance, Robi Axiata, Samsung, Verizon, VIA Telecom, Virtela, ZTE WHAT WE DO We are expanding our training business on a franchise model. Currently we have partners at Udaipur and Indore. We are looking forward to expand to Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. 8 OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK
  9. 9. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure WHO WE ARE INTRODUCTION WE ARE A GROUP OF IIT BOMBAY GRADUATES WHO ASPIRE TO MAKE SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO TELECOM INDUSTRY. WE LAUNCHED TELELABS WIRELESS IN 2011 WITH A VISION OF BECOMING THE MOST INNOVATIVE STARTUP LAB IN INDIA. WHAT WE DO Milind Nayan Tausif Farooqui Ruchi Singh CEO & Founder COO & Co-founder Promoter & TQM Milind spent his early years at Ranchi. He is an engineer graduate with major in electronics. He studied at IIT Bombay. He joined Tata Teleservices in 2008 as an engineer in corporate technology team which he later left to Start Telelabs Wireless in 2011. He worked on CDMA and GSM technologies. He networked with organizations like Spirent Communication, Qualcomm Inc., VIA telecom, NSN, RIM (Blackberry), Motorola, Nokia, Huwaei, ZTE, Samsung, Epivalley. Tausif is an IIT Bombay graduate who has keen interest in web coding and programming. He heads the IT operations at Telelabs Wireless. After graduating he worked with AVTEC in operations management, which he left to start Telelabs. Also being an expert in data analytics, he estimates business trends and helps in strategic decisions. Ruchi is an IIT Bombay Alumnus with a major in Economics. She has a strong business acumen and closely monitors the quality of content and product delivery at Telelabs. Ruchi likes to spend her free time with her family and traveling. At Telelabs Milind is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the company. He also leads the design of Telelabs's services and products. 9 OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK
  10. 10. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure BOARD OF ADVISORS INTRODUCTION OUR ADVISORY BOARD CONSISTS OF PEOPLE FROM CORE TECNOLOGY BACKGROUND. THEY HAVE PREVIOUS WORK EXPEREINCES IN GLOBAL GIANTS LIKE TATA TELESERVICES AND GE AVIATION. THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED LARGE PROJECTS SUCCESSFULLY. THEY BELIEVE THAT START-UPs CONTRIBUTE SIGNIFICANTLY IN TECHONOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT AS WELL AS GROWTH OF GDP IN AN ECONOMY. WHAT WE DO Pankaj K. Jha Pundalik Sutar IIT KGP Alumnus, Pennsylvania State University Mumbai university & Southern Methodist University Pankaj spent his childhood in Dakra and Ranchi. A distinguished performer in academics and a natural leader. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur with Mathematics & Computing (Major) and Aerospace engineering (Minor). After working with GE Aviation for a short stint, he left to pursue his doctorate in Aerospace Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. His extensive experience in high performance computing and deep understanding of interdisciplinary subjects are vital for Telelabs. At Telelabs, he contributes towards the strategic businesses opportunities. Aviation is very close to his heart and he looks forward to contribute significantly in Avionics and other emerging areas of wireless communication. His strategic advices have been instrumental in creating a culture of innovation with humility at Telelabs. 10 Pundalik spent his early years at Mumbai & studied at Mumbai university & Southern Methodist University, Dallas, United States. He has extensive experience with telecom technologies. He has worked with TATA Teleservices Ltd in the position of Deputy manager as a part of Corporate technology team at Mumbai, where he worked on Planning of Messaging network & Platforms, Implementation of Messaging network & Platforms for Tata Docomo network across India. His projects include SMSC, SMS Gateway, Prepaid Charging gateway, DND database, Enterprise/Bulk SMSC, Alpha-Masking application, Business Tool (Reporting server for SMS transaction), Mobile Number Portability solution for Messaging Platform, SMS Gateway, Messaging Platform deployment (GSM) for Tata Docomo. He had been involved in the R&D activities at TICET LAB at IIT Bombay, which is a joint effort by IIT Bombay, TATA teleservices & Department of Telecommunication, Govt. of India. Currently he lives in Dallas, Texas and has been instrumental in finding clients for Telelabs at Silicon valley, California. OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK
  11. 11. Telelabs Wireless : Corporate Brochure MEDIA SPEAK "Patrika" Indore, 17-feb-2011 INTRODUCTION "Dainik Bhaskar" Indore, 17-feb-2011 WHAT WE DO OUTSOURCING MOBILE APPS TRAINING CLIENTS WHO WE ARE BOARD OF ADVISORS MEDIA SPEAK "Dainik Bhaskar" Indore, 16-feb-2011 11
  12. 12. TELELABS WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD C-18, Gr. Floor, kailash Esplande, LBS Road, Opp. Shreyas Cinema, Ghatkoper West, Mumbai - 400086 Phone: 022 6448 0114, 975 743 5328 Email: Website: Mumbai Bangalore TM Indore Udaipur
  13. 13. TELELABS WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Click ‘Save’ to Download this Brochure. C-18, Gr. Floor, kailash Esplande, LBS Road, Opp. Shreyas Cinema, Ghatkoper West, Mumbai - 400086 Phone: 022 6448 0114, 975 743 5328 Email: Website: Mumbai Bangalore TM Indore Udaipur