State of the Mobile OS market


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Presentation about the state of the mobile operating systems and how the HTML5 Firefox OS will create a more balanced ecosystem

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State of the Mobile OS market

  2. 2. In mobile, people use proprietary apps rather than theWeb with two companies capturing a very large portionof the market 50,9% 23,8% 11,7% Android 8,8% 4,8% iOS Symbian RIM Others Android + iOS74.7% of the smarpthone OS Market Proprietary apps vs mobile WebSource: Gartner, Feb 2012 2
  3. 3. For the mobile Web to be a reality, a number of issuesneed to be addressed Cross Platform Support Mobile Browser Performance Mobile Web Standards Web Apps Monetization Mechanism Web Apps Discovery Mechanism 3
  4. 4. HTML5 is a major step towards making the Web the 3rdmobile ecosystem Providing a common framework for development of universal web pages and applications across desktop and mobile Lots of native mobile apps are in fact HTML5 based Some key Web players are already developing entirely in HTML5 (Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Financial Times, etc.) There are more developers in the world familiar with Web technologies than any other programming language HTML5 mitigates fragmentations issues and is truly cross platform for mobile, desktop and tablets Apps will be portable across devices 4
  5. 5. We have partnered with a company that has the rightexperience to make HTML5 reach its full potential Enable a mobile browser to access all devices capabilities extending HTML5 standard to achieve this Improve mobile Web performance via a lighter OS and fast browser to provide the best mobile Web apps experience Offer Web app discoverability and monetization capabilities for developers via operator billing Create a reference implementation to advance mobile Web standards in other implementations And created what we call Open Web Devices 5
  6. 6. We are building a new ecosystem, which creates value for all the players who are part of it Reduce development cost: Better functionality and user “Do it once and run experience at same price everywhere” Open Web access to any Users Developers Easy way to monetize mobile service through operator billing Key Firefox OS Internet Accelerate their mobile Take the web to mobile Companies strategy without any OPEN barriers WEB DEVICES New growth opportunity, Chipset alternative to existing manufacturers Telcos A more balanced ecosystem in mobile smartphone OS for OEMs reducing dependence on closed OS Leverage billing capabilities A new value proposition for customers, alternative to OEMS* existing smarpthone OS* Original equipment manufacturer 6
  7. 7. Initially, we are going to address cost driven customersfollowing the disruptive innovation model Better User Experience for the same price Avoid going head to head initially with than alternative smartphone OS smartphone incumbents on the high end Overcome the issue of a less developed ecosystem at launch by adressing low end customer segment Bringing an affordable smartphone for the masses with a good UX and best mobile Web support First devices to hit the market in early 2013 7
  8. 8. All of this will have a beneficial impact for Telefónica Why is important for Telefónica that a open Web based ecosystem emerges and what advantages OWD have?  A more balance and open mobile ecosystem  Eliminate developer fragmentation  Better smartphone user experience at the same price point  Accelerate smartphone adoption and reduce device costs  Accelerate standardization of HTML5 improvements  New monetization mechanism for developers 8
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