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Telefonica 2014 Global Millennial Survey - Global Results Infographic


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In 2013, Telefónica carried out the largest ever survey of Millennials, creating a new understanding of the beliefs and motivations of the Millennials generation. In 2014, the survey was updated exploring the opinions of 6,702 Millennials, aged 18-30 across 18 countries in three regions.

This year’s survey found that today’s 18-30 year-olds are largely satisfied with their lives and decidedly optimistic about their prospects for the future. Nowhere is that optimism more evident than in Latin America where Millennials have exceptionally high hopes for their own future and their country’s future.

Seventy-two percent of Latin American Millennials think their country’s best days are ahead, compared to only 51 percent of U.S. Millennials and 50 percent of Western European respondents who share that view. Millennials also have an entrepreneurial mindset: 72 percent agree they have opportunities in their countries to become an entrepreneur or develop and bring an idea to market.

Contained here are the 2014 Global findings in an infographic .

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Telefonica 2014 Global Millennial Survey - Global Results Infographic

  1. 1. Whole world in their hands_ Optimistic for the future and ready to lead: Millennials have their say This year’s survey shows a generation with a hunger to make a difference and the resources to realise their dreams and bring down social barriers. Bright future_ Taking control_ Millennials are optimistic, focused on their careers, and ready to take control of their own future 72% of Latin American Millennials think their country’s best days are ahead 71% of Millennials are interested in working abroad 43% see having a stable, well-paying job as their most important personal goal over the next 10 years On the cutting edge_ Socially aware_ Ownership of mobile technology is on the rise for both personal and professional reasons 72 percent of Millennials believe they have opportunities to become an entrepreneur 42% of Latin American Millennials are self employed, showing entrepreneurial spirit 24% of millennials are most likely to pursue a career in technology, and 15% in engineering 20% of Latin American Millennials believe their region can become a global leader in technology and innovation within the next 10 years. Poverty, corruption, the economy and education are major concerns to young adults 65% 40% believe they can make a difference to their local community say they are on the cutting edge of technology. Most use mobile every day believe the top benefit to having digital skills is improving the quality of their work 80% own a smartphone – a rise of 8% from 2013 think mobile has significantly transformed their education. say mobile has significantly transformed work productivity 45% own a tablet, compared to 28 percent last year. 44% 36% 26% 26% Embracing technology to make a difference_ 22% US 19% Latin America 11% Western Europe believe that education should be one of their governments top priorities for improvement believe they can make a global difference. They believe the best way to do so is through learning about ways to help, donating their time, mentoring and teaching, voting and taking issues to social media. 60% 44% see poverty as the most important social issue the world faces today, ahead of corruption (36%), the economy (26%), and education (26%) Millennials believe they have what it takes to realise their dreams and make a difference and it is clear that they see technology as key to making a breakthrough. This belief is particularly strong in Latin America and the US, where the survey identifies more Millennials who agree they have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, believe they can make a local difference and who strongly agree they are on the cutting-edge of technology. 83% 73% 49% 33% Global Millennial Survey in numbers 6,702 regions: the United States, 18 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela quantitative interviews Western Europe and Latin America Research conducted from 23 June –4 August 2014 by Penn Schoen Berland. Learn more at