Backing young prople for a better future - Global Millennial Survey


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Telefónica’s Chief Operating Officer, José María Álvarez-Pallete introduces the key findings of the Telefónica Global Millennial Survey of adults, aged 18 – 30.

Mr Álvarez Pallete explains what Telefónica is already doing to make a positive impact and how we will use these findings to continue our efforts to empower the next generation. - See more at:

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Backing young prople for a better future - Global Millennial Survey

  1. 1. Global millennial surveyBacking young peoplefor a better future_
  2. 2. The Global Millennial Survey is the most comprehensive survey of 18-30 year olds evercommissioned and it is helping us understand the hopes, fears, needs and aspirations of emerginggenerations.At Telefonica we have a proud heritage of working with young people.  Because we believe thatyoung people hold the key to a better future for everyone.  Unlocking their potential will unlockprogress for everyone, and with 30% of our customer base in the Millennial age group, we think wecan, and should help.  This starts with listening.At Telefonica we have spent years building programmes designed to equip young people with theeducation and skills needed to forge a successful future.  The Millennial Survey has shown theimportance of continuing to listen, understanding what matters to this generation to help themforge a successful future.Find out more about our initiative at and join the conversation at#TEFMillennials.Global Millennial Survey 2013
  3. 3. Global Millennial Survey 2013A new type of leaderfor this millennium_New media focusedCivically EngagedOptimisticTech Savvy11%11% of survey participants form a group known as the Millennial Leaders. They have the selfbelief, the skills and the willingness to influence the world that surrounds them. Many ofTelefónica’s youth initiatives aim to promote the qualities which make these leaders stand out.
  4. 4. Sharing the skills of the future_45% of Millennials believe that a decent paying job is a privilege rather than a right63% say it is difficult for their generation to transition from school to theworkplace environmentOut of a range of options, 36% of Global Millennials believe an educationin technology is most important to ensuring future successIn a world undergoing rapid transformation, many young people face a number of major challenges transitioning into professional life.The old rules no longer apply and there is an ever-increasing demand for versatile, creative and tech-savvy people in the global economy.As a result, our approach to developing young minds must change. Telefónica, as one of the world’s leading digital businesses, believesthat it can, and should, play a part in addressing this.
  5. 5. Think Big is all about the power of young ideas. We believe that with the right skills and support, young people have theability to transform our world in a way no-one else can. By putting faith in their talent, and by helping them unlock their fullpotential, we think they can help make a better society for everyone.Through a range of programmes, across six countries, we equip young people ages 13-25 with entrepreneurial and digitalskills. Whether it is by funding them to start a community project, or bringing them into creative coding workshops, ThinkBig provides a platform for the future success of young people and the European economy.Start Small, Think BigGlobal Millennial Survey 2013Sharing the skills of the future
  6. 6. Young people directlybenefitted since 201085,000Feel more confidentbecause of theirexperience66% >150Expert partners2,000School pupils trained indigital and entrepreneurialskills, targeting 50,000by 20156,500Youth led projectssupported so farMass online digital skillsprogramme to belaunched later this year.Global Millennial Survey 2013Sharing the skills of the future
  7. 7. Since 1998, the Foundation has supported positive change around the world by promoting education and skills development in allTelefónica markets.ICT is becoming an increasingly important part of how we contribute to the educational, social and cultural development of thecommunities in which we are present.We promote learning and spread knowledge, connecting people and institutionsin order to contribute to a better society.Global Millennial Survey 2013Sharing the skills of the future
  8. 8. Global Millennial Survey 2013Sharing the skills of the futureDifferent countries20 1,542,898Beneficiaries in 2012478,312Young participants in 2012
  9. 9. Nurturing young business_Only half of western European Millennials believe they have anopportunity to become entrepreneurs in their countries.Millennials from North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe andAsia identified ‘the economy’ as the greatest issue facing the region inwhich they liveThe future of the global economy is dependent on innovation. An unconventional and agile approach to business is the key to a betterfuture for society and Telefónica. We’re investing in innovative young ideas and people because they have the power to drive positivechange for everyone.
  10. 10. Wayra is Telefónica’s startup accelerator programme, created to find and nurture the best technological ideas and talent. Originallylaunched in Latin America, Wayra Academies are now operating in the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Spain and the UK, offeringstate-of-the-art workspaces where entrepreneurs can develop their fledgling business and feed off each other.Many of the innovators involved are under 30 and Wayra gives them the perfect platform to establish themselves on the international techscene. The best projects are turbocharged through funding, expert advice, and access to Telefónica’s world class technological research.The rules are not yet writtenGlobal Millennial Survey 2013Nurturing young business
  11. 11. Academies across Europeand Latin america13Academy dedicated tosocial business opening in2013 (Wayra UnLtd London)+1Tech start-ups currentlybeing incubated234Applications received19,000Global Millennial Survey 2013Nurturing young business
  12. 12. In partnership with the Lisbon Council, Telefónica has set up StartUp Europe, a think tank dedicated to analysing Europe’sentrepreneurial eco-system and identifying the barriers to innovation.This body provides the insights needed to help make a more entrepreneurial and more prosperous young Europe.A think tank for the futureGlobal Millennial Survey 2013Nurturing young business
  13. 13. Youth unemployment is of growing concern, with almost a quarter of under 25s in Europe out of work. If we are to avoid a lostgeneration, government and business need to share responsibility to reverse this trend. Telefónica is acting to give young talent theopportunity it deserves.Creating opportunity for all_83% say “Technology allows me to get a job, but 62% alsosay it has widened the gap between rich & poor”69% say “technology creates more opportunities for all”as opposed to “a select few”
  14. 14. Talentum, Telefónica’s new recruitment initiative is based on a simple idea – betting on young people and technology as the future ofEurope. Talentum does this by creating job and digital learning opportunities for thousands of young people and university graduates.Along with recruitment into Telefónica, Talentum also offers experiences specifically focused on technology and innovation. This year,Talentum Startups will be taking university students and placing them in technology startups across Europe, including thoseaccelerated by Wayra.A new young TelefónicaGlobal Millennial Survey 2013Creating opportunity for all
  15. 15. Graduates to be hired in 2013>400 6,000Young hires in Europeover 4 years1,000Positions to be createdfor under 30s in 2013x2As many young peoplein the business by 2015>1,000Internships provided tostudents and graduatesin 2012Global Millennial Survey 2013Creating opportunity for all
  16. 16. Campus Party Europe 20132nd – 7th SeptemberO2 Arena, London
  17. 17. In August 2012 Telefónica brought 10,000 digital enthusiasts to Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport for Campus Party; an event whichdemonstrates how technology can challenge convention and forge a new digital path for Europe.This September, Campus Party is coming to the O2 in London and it promises to be even bigger and better. This time we’re aiming for10,000 attendees per day and we have a host of internationally renowned speakers lined up to share their inspirational views on tech.Innovation and skills at oneof the world’s biggest digital tech festivalsFundación Telefónica JA-YEGlobal Millennial Survey 2013http://campus-party.euCampus Party Europe 2013