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Final Telecoms Pricing Programme and Speaker line-up.

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31st march master document 4 doc

  1. 1. 11th – 14th April, Mayfair Conference Centre, London Sponsor: Media Partner: www.telecoms-pricing.com
  2. 2. Monday 11th April 2011Registration and coffee will begin at 09.30.**The workshop will take place between 10.00 & 16.00 with appropriate breaks for lunch andrefreshments.Establishing how to leverage segmentation to develop a successful marketing strategy andtacticsIn this workshop you will learn why and how to use a segmentation model as a powerful tool to helpidentify, understand and communicate with your customers. Hear how to use your segmentationstrategy to identify customers with similar lifestyles, lifestages and attitudes towards technology and thedigital world, and to develop strategies that radically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of yourmarketing and pricing activities.Agenda • Understanding what segmentation is and what the different models are • Analysing the typical use cases for segmentation and how it can be exploited by your marketing team • Learning from proven operator case studies how to use segmentation to increase the efficiency of your marketing activities • Understanding how segmentation and viral marketing can be leveraged as a powerful tool at a time when customers are flooded with information and publicity • Examining how your segmentation strategy can give your company a competitive advantageLed by: Lyne Landry, Head of Mobile Marketing, Orange TunisiaTuesday 12th April 201108.30 Registration and coffee08.55 Welcome addressJoanna Sturgess, Conference Producer, Telecoms IQ09.00 Opening remarks from the chairFollowed by speed networking09.20 Evaluating the pricing models being used by fixed, mobile and cable operators acrossEurope, Africa and the Middle East- Understanding the key differences between, and the consequences of using, flat rate and usage-basedpricing for both the operator and the customer- Determining how to optimise the effectiveness of your tariffs: • Simplicity • Relevance • Perception • Targeting- Establishing how to develop personalised tariffs for different customers: • Residential • Small / Medium / Large business • Family / Single • Young / Old- Identifying the key elements that need to be considered when developing tariffs for: • Fixed voice • Mobile voice • Mobile data • Fixed broadband • Mobile broadband- Scrutinising multiplay tariffs – can they be used to avoid customer churn? • Analysing the typical multiplay structures • Determining which multiplay combinations are the most efficient • Understanding what your customers wantHalvor Sannæs, Director, Teligen Tariff Services, Strategy Analytics
  3. 3. 09.50 Establishing how to effectively implement tiered data pricing modelsFor details of this presentation, please visit www.telecoms-pricing.comByron Schulte-Werflinghoff, Manager of Enterprise Pricing, Vodafone Netherlands10.20 Determining how to leverage your pricing strategy to make money from data services- Evaluating the pros and cons of the different pricing plans being used to charge for data servicesacross fixed broadband, mobile broadband and other 3G services: • Per day or minute • Per megabyte • By bandwidth- Examining the pricing models that have been put in place to support: • Light users • Medium users • Heavy users- Identifying preferred pricing models for different services and devices based on capacity and usage- Determining whether traffic prioritisation can be monetised- Examining two-sided business models where content providers and third parties pay to use yournetwork- Evaluating the effectiveness of developing large bundles with charges for use outside the bundle- Establishing how to ensure the long-term sustainability of your chosen pricing models- Effectively managing network capacity whilst driving revenue generationJames Allen, Partner, Analysys Mason10.50 Morning refreshments11.20 Determining how to leverage your pricing strategy to make money from data services –O2’s Perspective- Understanding what your customers want and what value operators can provide to them- Determining how to use your pricing strategies to optimise the data experience- Identifying the technical improvements that are required to develop the best pricing strategies- Understanding how to leverage your pricing strategy to achieve different results and customerbehavioursKatie Hollier, Mobile Broadband Marketing Manager, Telefónica O2 UK11.50 Establishing how T-Mobile have created an effective pricing strategy to support mobilebroadband- Examining how T-Mobile targeted different customers with different mobile broadband products inorder to meet their needs: • Occasional users • Regular users • Heavy users that are always on-line- Identifying the key challenges faced during this campaign and how T-Mobile overcame them- Evaluating the success of T-Mobile’s approach in terms of: • Customer satisfaction • ProfitabilityMarek Zilka, Senior Head of Pricing Strategy, T-Mobile Czech Republic12.20 Debate: ‘Tiered pricing models are enough to make data profitable’In this session the motion that tiered pricing models are enough to make data profitable will be up fordebate. Two speakers will present their case for or against the motion and the delegates will then voteto see whether the motion should be passed.FOR: James Allen, Partner, Analysys MasonAGAINST: Katie Hollier, Mobile Broadband Marketing Manager, Telefónica O2 UK12.50 Lunch
  4. 4. 13.50 Understanding how KPN developed a data pricing model for handsets and laptops- Determining how KPN have developed a pricing model that moves away from flat fees and ensures fairusage- Establishing how KPN are keeping their customers informed of their usage- Understanding how KPN have leveraged their pricing model to increase ARPU- Learning from KPN’s experiences of developing an integrated model for voice and data pricingMaarten van Deurzen, Manager, Mobile Pricing, KPN14.20 Understanding how Makedonski Telekom are maintaining a price premium in a dynamicand competitive environment- Examining how Makedonski Telekom are increasing the value of their products as an alternative tolowering prices in order to drive uptake and maintain their profits- Identifying which product features are perceived to be of the highest benefit and value by theircustomers- Understanding how Makedonski Telekom are enhancing their business processes and customerservice support in order to support the improved product performance and optimise the customerexperience- Determining how to implement strategies for the other “Marketing Ps” to: • Strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship between your company and your customer • Ensure that customers value the quality of your product over the priceAleksandra Gavrilovska, Head of Pricing & Analysis Office, Makedonski Telekom14.50 Learning from Makedonski Telekom how to introduce and manage price increases whilstminimising churn- Identifying the key drivers for introducing a price increase- Understanding how Makedonski Telekom introduced bundled pricing as a means to: • Develop strong relationships with their customers • Help reduce churn • Minimise price erosion • Increase service usage and ARPU in the long term- Examining how Makedonski Telekom introduced loyalty offers and used up-selling to minimise churn- Determining how to implement a balanced strategy that increases revenues without increasingcustomer churn: • Continually monitoring customer usage of service bundles to ensure you deliver a combination of services that optimise the value for your customers and the revenue for your company • Introducing different pricing strategies (tariff plans and packages) that meet customer needs and target potential ChurnersAleksandra Milosevska, Senior Pricing Specialist, Makedonski Telekom15.20 Afternoon Refreshments15.40 Using “smart costing” to develop a profitable pricing strategy- Understanding the role that costs play in pricing: balancing marketing with cost control- Evaluating the role that customers play in setting prices: • How important are discounts and offers?- Identifying and overcoming the key costing challenges in a converged operator: direct versus indirectcosts- Incremental versus fully allocated costs: evaluating the consequences for pricing of using a bottom-upmarginal view- Understanding fully-allocated, backward looking Activity Based Costing (ABC) models- Scrutinising incremental, forward looking costing calculations: • Examining the marginal view • Handling and re-evaluating assets- Carrying out SWOT analysis to identify incremental costing benefits- Establishing the link to the customer value model- Determining how to analyse your costing information in the most effective way, taking into account: • The product lifecycle as well customer values • The incremental or total cost view and its relationship to market pricesGábor Földes, Senior Group Controlling Manager, Magyar Telekom
  5. 5. 16.10 Roundtable Discussion Session – Part ITake advantage of this facilitated discussion session to share best practice and benchmark yourstrategies in Telecoms Pricing. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in two out of threediscussion sessions. At the end of each session, the facilitator for each group will summarise the keyfindings before opening up the discussion to the floor.Topic 1: Understanding the strategic role of pricing in today’s marketTopic 2: Determining how to carry out and leverage customer segmentation to develop targeted andprofitable plansTopic 3: Determining how to ensure price transparency to optimise customer ARPU and loyalty17.10 Closing remarks from the chair17.20 End of conference day oneWednesday 13th April 201108.30 Registration and coffee09.00 Opening remarks from the chair09.10 Examining how O2 Ireland are bundling fixed and mobile services to keep ahead of thecompetition- Understanding how O2 Ireland are getting to know their customers in order to develop the right bundlefor the right customer- Analysing the cost structure of the individual services within a bundle in order to establish the bestpricing model- Determining how to add value to your bundles over and above pricing- Understanding how to evolve established bundles to grow your revenuesRobert McGrath, Senior Pricing Analyst, Telefónica O2 Ireland09.40 Determining how to effectively price service bundles in order to provide real value to yourcustomers whilst remaining competitive in the market- Establishing how TeliaSonera are reselling “plain old voice” in the B2B market by regularly introducingnew pricing and bundling models- Understanding how TeliaSonera are bundling smart phones, voice and data services to reduce churnand attract high ARPU users in the SoHo segment- Learning from TeliaSonera’s experiences of bundling fixed and mobile broadband in the B2C and B2Bmarkets- Analysing the customer demand for bundling mobile broadband: • Determining whether to include bandwidth or megabytes within the bundleJuho Härme, Director of Pricing, TeliaSonera10.10 Establishing how B2B operators can increase their margins in today’s economic climate- Examining how today’s economic climate is affecting the market and attitudes to pricing- Establishing how to ensure that only profitable business is sold in a competitive and sometimesirrational market- Determining how to price your services effectively at a time when customers are particularly pricesensitive and are using third parties to benchmark your products- Evaluating to what extent an operator should “forward price” onto a future cost base- Establishing how to challenge customer price assumptions and enable the development of pricepremiumsHelen Cammack, Director of Pricing, Cable & Wireless Worldwide10.40 Morning refreshments
  6. 6. 11.10 Examining the key elements for developing a successful pricing strategy in an economicdownturn- Understanding what your customers value and need- Determining how to define and differentiate your customer segments based on value- Evaluating your competitive advantage and determining how to leverage this to developan effective pricing strategy- Establishing how to develop price bundles to avoid price transparencyRiccardo Bozzini, Strategic Pricing Manager, Telefónica O2 UK11.40 Learning from Colt’s experiences of using their pricing models to increase their margins- Understanding how Colt have developed a thorough understanding of their market and competitorsand used this information to help protect their margins when customer spend is continually under review- Examining how Colt are using customer and product segmentation to maximise their revenue andmargins- Establishing how Colt have maximised the effectiveness of their pricing tools and processes in afiercely competitive market place- Determining what KPIs and parameters you should use to forecast and maintain your margins: • Relying on more than just established sales behaviourJohn Burdass, Head of Enterprise Pricing, Colt12.10 Establishing how Turkcell have developed and leveraged their pricing strategy to retaintheir customers and increase their revenues- Analysing the market in Turkey- Identifying the products and pricing plans that Turkcell are offering to their customers- Determining how Turkcell are using their pricing plans to retain their customers- Evaluating the success of recent product launches and price plansNagihan Yanik, Senior Marketing Specialist, Turkcell12.40 Lunch13.30 Roundtable Discussion Session – Part IITake advantage of this facilitated discussion session to share best practice and benchmark yourstrategies in Telecoms Pricing. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in two out of threediscussion sessions. At the end of each session, the facilitator for each group will summarise the keyfindings before opening up the discussion to the floor.Topic 1: Leveraging customer data to effectively price and market new promotions to maximisecustomer uptake and usageTopic 2: Determining how to leverage pricing as a tool to increase customer loyaltyTopic 3: Establishing how to price fixed and mobile Value Added Services to drive new revenues14.20 Identifying and overcoming the pricing challenges associated with regulation- Examining the role of the regulator in pricing and their motivation- Understanding the regulatory measures that influence pricing: • Which ones are important?- Determining how to minimise the negative impact of regulatory decisions on your pricing models- Establishing how to price competitively within a strong regulatory framework: • How can incumbents comply? • How can new entrants gain an advantage?- Examining price regulation in Ireland: • The history • EU rules, LRIC and retail minus • Margin squeeze • The future – where is it going?- Learning from Eircom’s experiences of developing a consumer bundle of fixed and mobile services thatultimately failed to comply with regulation:- Understanding what measures were taken to ensure that it did comply- Discussing future regulatory challenges: determining how rapidly declining mobile termination rates willimpact pricing plans and customer satisfactionPaul Walsh, Head of Pricing, Eircom Group
  7. 7. 14.50 Afternoon refreshments15.10 Leveraging customer data to effectively price and market new promotions to maximisecustomer uptake and usage – examining the launch of PTC’s new hybrid tariff- Analysing the Polish mobile market- Understanding the rationale and drivers behind PTC’s new hybrid tariff- Examining the pricing characteristics of the new tariff and the marketing strategies used to promote it- Evaluating the success of the hybrid tariff and analysing the lessons learntMaciej Adamski, Senior Pricing Strategy Specialist, PTC Sp. z o.o15.40 Learning from Astelit’s experiences of developing effective pricing strategies as a budgetoperator- Understanding how Astelit has developed a winning strategy for competing with the market leader- Establishing how Astelit have developed affordable pricing models that provide real value to theircustomers- Determining how Astelit are effectively communicating with their customers and establishingthemselves as thought leaders in the marketSergey Gulyaev, Pricing & Analysis Division Manager, Astelit16.10 Closing remarks from the chair16.20 End of conferenceThursday 14th AprilRegistration and coffee will begin at 09.30.The workshop will take place between 10.00 & 16.00 with appropriate breaks for lunch andrefreshments.Understanding how to effectively price and promote bundled services to maximise customeruptake and revenuesThis in-depth workshop will equip you with the tools and know-how to make critical decisions on how toprice bundles. Learn how to address the pricing challenges associated with bundling for fixed products,mobile products, or both, to ensure customer satisfaction and profitability. Benefit from the leader’sextensive experiences of working with global operators and take this opportunity to benchmark yourstrategies against those of your peers.Key topics to be addressed include:- Analysing the new trends across fixed, mobile and quad play bundles- Comparing the various price plans for fixed, mobile and quad play bundles- Determining how to effectively promote each bundle to maximise customer uptake- Learn how to evaluate and optimise the success of fixed, mobile and quad play bundlesLed by: Margrit Sessions, Managing Director, Tariff Consultancy Secure your place now: Email: telecoms@iqpc.co.uk Call: +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 Register online: www.telecoms-pricing.com Quote PDFW when registering