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Education, Research, Innovation : Key Figures


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Education, Research, Innovation : Key Figures

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Education, Research, Innovation : Key Figures

  1. 1. TÉLÉCOMPARISTECH INNOVATE AND FOSTER ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN A DIGITAL WORLD + THAN 1,500 STUDENTS INCLUDING 780engineering students 436Post-Master’s degrees 270 PhD students 20auditors 70Masters’ students from Université Paris-Saclay INNOVATION 1st incubator in numbers for creating digital companies in France 3 startups created each month 353 companies created since 1999 including more than 80% of which are active 1 FabLab and 1 design studio dedicated to student entrepreneurship WORLDWIDE 164 partnerships with 42 countries including: 33 double degrees 47 Erasmus programmes 48% of international students at Paris and 75% at Sophia Antipolis 1 ParisTech Shanghai Jiao Tong Graduate School in partnership with the ParisTech graduate schools CORPORATE RELATIONS 37 corporate partners who support us 347 companies which pay the Apprentice Tax 500 current stakeholders from business 90 “corporate” activities organised at the graduate school or externally The 1st digital engineering graduate school in a dynamic & innovative ecosystem A state engineering graduate school at 2 sites: Paris and Sophia Antipolis Télécom ParisTech 46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris 1st engineering graduate school for maintaining close links with business* (L’Étudiant 2016) 2nd engineering graduate school for international reputation* (L’Étudiant 2016) 3rd engineering graduate school* (L’Usine Nouvelle 2016) 1st engineering graduate school in creating startups* (Industrie & Technologies 2016) The College for Digital Innovation at Paris-Saclay KEY FIGURES FOR 2016 Post-Master’s degrees (MS): > 436 students > 10 active MS including 4 “executive” MS > 2 MS in partnership with ESSEC > 1 MS in partnership with INA Continuing education by Télécom Evolution: 136 training courses on the Internet of Things, smart transport systems, big data, cybersecurity, digital transition management, telecom networks, audio-visual and multimedia, including: > 12 Advanced Studies Certificates (CES) > 2 Executive MBA in partnership > 13 MOOC > 109 short courses December2016edition * among French graduate schools
  2. 2. %% %% %% %% %% %% %% %% ASCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE Télécom ParisTech is an internationally renowned research center, dedicated to digital technologies and uses. Its research activities draw on the highest level scientific laboratories, including I3 , managed by the CNRS, Mines ParisTech, École polytechnique, and Télécom ParisTech. A ssessed as excellent internationally and with a Carnot label, Télécom ParisTech’s research is multi-disciplinary and in touch with the socio-economic world and industry. The graduate school has a unique ability to mobilise its research capacities around 6 cross- disciplinary strategic objectives which aim to meet the challenges of the digital transformation: 161 lecturer-researchers and permanent researchers 270 PhD 70 post-docs € 10,5M of contractual turnover per annum 600 international publications and 20patents per year 18 teaching and research chairs and joint laboratories 50% of research funded by companies > Very large networks and systems: 5G, IoT, Cloud, SmartGrid, Social networks > Design-Interaction-Perception : FabLab, Human-Computer Interaction, 3D Virtualization > Modelling for a Digital World > Digital innovation TÉLÉCOMPARISTECH, AMONGTHEMAJOR CENTRESOF EXCELLENCE EDUCATIONAT TÉLÉCOMPARISTECH An Institut Mines-Télécom graduate school 1st public institution dedicated to higher education and research in innovation in France. The College for Digital Innovation at Paris-Saclay and a world centre for innovation. Télécom ParisTech is a founding member of Université Paris-Saclay. Télécom ParisTech is part of the ParisTech group working to support diversity, French companies, innovation and to export its “Grande École” model (like in Shanghai with ParisTech Shanghai Jiao Tong) > Télécom ParisTech, along with Mines ParisTech, trains the engineers for the Corps des Mines. > Our graduate school complements the education of students from the École polytechnique during their year of application: 19 pupils in 2016. “INNOVATE AND FOSTER ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN A DIGITAL WORLD” , Télécom ParisTech is training students to become players in our society. With a varied education, focused on innovative, collaborative and ambitious projects throughout their training, and leading cross- disciplinaryresearchdevelopedinourlaboratories,ourgraduates are trained to become drivers of change, entrepreneurs or inventors. Project-based education Developing the entrepreneurial spirit and sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship in young graduates is a major objective for Télécom ParisTech. The three-year course incorporates a project-centered approach: > collaborative > autonomus > multi-disciplinary > in connection with companies or laboratories >leadingtoconcreteresults(software,prototype,application,etc.) 20% scholarship students A digital document resource center open ‘7/7 530 beds in student accommodation nearby (Paris site) > Big data : data and knowledge dynamics > Digital trust: security, cybersecurity, safety, risk analysis