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Expected Regulation for the new Telecom Ecosystem


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Topic: Expected Regulation for the new Telecom Ecosystem

Speaker: Mr. Pairoj Waiwanijchakij
Vice President - Digital Product Management, AIS

Recrafting Post-Modern Thai Telecommunication Industry: Reliefs & Reforms
September 25, 2014
Four Seasons Hotel

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Expected Regulation for the new Telecom Ecosystem

  1. 1. Recrafting Post-Modern Thai Telecommunication Industry: Reliefs & Reforms EExxppeecctteedd RReegguullaattiioonn ffoorr tthhee nneeww TTeelleeccoomm EEccoossyysstteemm By Pairoj Waiwanijchakij Vice President – Digital Product Management Thursday 25th September 2014
  2. 2. BW in Month at end of year 10X growth in mobile data traffic between 2013 and 2019 Source: Ericsson (November 2013) 3X growth in Thailand Internet BW between 2012 and 2013 Source: Thailand Internet Monthly Bandwidth Statistic (Mbps) 2000-2014 Monthly BW in 2012-2014
  3. 3. Thai Consumer – A big jump Mobility Source: หนังสือพิมพ์กรุงเทพธุรกิจ ปี 2556 Source: รายงานผลการสำารวจพฤติกรรม ผู้ใช้อินเทอร์เน็ตในประเทศไทย ปี 2556 (
  4. 4. Thailand’s Mobile Consumer 6655%% have used their smartphones every day in the past 7 days 5566%% don’t’ leave home without their smartphone device 3355%% would rather give up TV than their smartphone 7733%% search on their smartphone everyday 8822%% visit social networks once a day 5533%% use video at least once a day 9966%% watch video Source: Out Mobile Planet: Thailand May 2013 Understanding the Mobile Consumer (
  5. 5. ?? Information on 2013
  6. 6. Smartphones Allow Users to search for products … Anytime, Anywhere Smartphones Are Used While … Multi-tasking with Other Media Source: Out Mobile Planet: Thailand May 2013 (
  7. 7. But, demand and supply is not matched High and Fast Growth on Wireless Consumer’s Demand Lagging on radio spectrum resource and
  8. 8. Solution to support New Telecom Ecosystem AAddddiittiioonnaall SSppeeccttrruumm SSppeeccttrruumm SShhaarriinngg IInnffrraassttrruuccttuurree SShhaarriinngg MMVVNNOO
  9. 9. II.. AAddddiittiioonnaall SSppeeccttrruumm AA FFuunnddaammeennttaall aapppprrooaacchh – Access Spectrum (for 2G, 3G, 4G and beyond) can be considered as shortage for today or very near future. It leads to poor service quality to subscriber. We need regulator to rus h on spectrum auction ASAP. – Backhaul Spectrum (e.g. E-Band) is also important to built the infrastructure supporting the expansion of Access network. 2015 1800 MHz (lot 1 – 25 MHz) 2015 1800 MHz (lot 1 – 25 MHz) 2015 2018 2020+ 900 MHz 900 MHz E-Band E-Band 2018 1800 MHz 2018 1800 MHz (Lot 2 – 50 MHz) (Lot 2 – 50 MHz) 2020+ 2020+ 700 MHz ?? 2600 MHz ?? Others… 700 MHz ?? 2600 MHz ?? Others…
  10. 10. IIII.. SSppeeccttrruumm SShhaarriinngg MMaakkee iitt mmoorree eeffffiicciieenntt Technology and product in the market already aware and have e nough capability to support the sp ectrum sharing operation. It make s use of limit resource like spectru m more efficient. Some example of countries applied spectrum sharing : Spain, Canada, Poland, Australia, Swede n
  11. 11. III. Infrastructure SShhaarriinngg SSuuppppoorrtt ffaasstt rroollll--oouutt aanndd ccoouunnttrryy ccoosstt ssaavviinngg Not only passive sharing, but also active sharing (i.e. Radio B ase Station, Network Compon ent, Transmission ) can help sa ving the vase of double or eve n triple investment and resour ces. Fast wireless network penetration to all citizen and s aving overall National’s expen diture.
  12. 12. IIVV.. MMVVNNOO Today NBTC already set up the rule for retail service so call “Thin MVNO” However for more opportunity to new comer, the more complicated form of MVNO may need to be su pported by regulator
  13. 13. LLaasstt bbuutt nnoott lleeaasstt CCoommppeettiittiioonnss bbrriinngg BBeenneeffiitt CCoonnssuummeerrss – It is proven from all market in the world, competition between mobile network operators as well as with the OTT increasingly generate benefit to consumers – Controlling price can be one solution to be regulated to support introducing on new comer. However, too tight control will limit new service innovations – This is important to find a balance between supreme market competition and too tight price regulation.
  14. 14. TThhaannkk yyoouu