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Telecare & 24-7 Emergency Medical Alarms


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TASK Community Care, Ireland's longest established telecare company provide a wide range of products that can be used in a home setting or within Nursing and Care Homes. This presentation gives an overview of some of the telecare products that can be used help people stay safe. Visit WWW.TASKLTD.COM

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Telecare & 24-7 Emergency Medical Alarms

  1. 1. 24/7 Monitored Telecare Alarms TASK Care Solutions
  2. 2. TASK Ltd Protecting People & Property Since 1974 24/7 Monitoring TASK Community Care TASK Security Systems Customers Motor Neuron Association Our Lady’s Nursing Home, Belfast Dublin City Council Presbyterian Church of Ireland, Dublin /Munster Region Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society Royal Hospital, Donnybrook St. Brendan’s Village Project, Co Mayo
  3. 3. Reducing Risk & Increasing Independence Care Settings Individual at Home Residential & Nursing Care Other Specialist Care Categories Supported Housing Specialist Dementia Care 1 2 3 4 5 Supported Housing
  4. 4. Support Needs & Conditions Falls Customized Solutions Epilepsy Medication Management Dementia & Memory Continence Management Physical & Sensory Impairments✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Reducing Risk & Increasing Independence
  5. 5. • Fall Detection Chair/Bed Exit Pads Pull Cords Automatic Fall Detectors • Dementia Door Exit Monitor Flood/Overflow Alert Medication Dispenser • Medication Management Automatic Pill Dispenser/Reminder Interventions that can be appropriate to help manage conditions Assistive Technology • Physical & Sensory Impairments Easy Press Button Flashing Beacon Vibrating Pads •Epilepsy/Seizures Epilepsy Bed Pad Enuresis Sensor • Continence Management Enuresis bed pad
  6. 6. Products Telecare Products
  7. 7. Pendant Alarm
  8. 8. Automatic Fall Detector The Fall Detector is equipped with an automatic alarm. Sends alert on impact. Alternative version also works by tilting of the device. It also has a panic button which can be pressed in an emergency situation to transmit a message that help is needed. Fall Detector –2 Year Warranty
  9. 9. Emergency Pull Cord The alarm is triggered by pulling the cord. Pull cords are usually positioned next to the residents bed or in a bathroom. Pull Cord – 3 Year Warranty
  10. 10. Bed Exit Alert Raises a call immediately as resident exits the bed. Alternatively can send alert only when resident does not return to bed within a set time. Additional Option - Automatically switches on bedside light when getting up during the night and switches back off when resident returns to bed. Bed Occupancy Sensor Pad – 1 Year Warranty
  11. 11. Chair Exit Alert Placed out of sight under the cushion of a chair. Can send the alert immediately when a resident rises from the chair, indicating a possible fall. Alternatively, can be programmed to alert only when a resident does not return to the chair within a set time. Chair Exit Sensor Pad – 1 Year Warranty
  12. 12. Automatic Medication Reminder Reminds the resident by means of an alarm and flashing light when to take their medication. When the alarm sounds the internal tray rotates one position and the correct dosage comes into view. Keeps other pills locked out of sight. Tilting the container to remove the pills cancels the alarm signal and flashing light. Pill Dispenser – 1 Year Warranty
  13. 13. Flood/overflow detector These sensors may be ideal if residents forget to turn taps off in sink or bath. However, these sensors will also alert you of burst pipes and leaks. Placed on a flat surface under the sink or in the bathroom, under the bath, or behind the toilet. Two or more sensors may be required, e.g. one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Flood Detector – 2 Year
  14. 14. Environmental Sensors Smoke Detector Caron Monoxide Detector Heat Detector Low temperature Detector
  15. 15. Property/Door Exit Alarm Can be used when there may be a risk of a resident wandering, particularly at night. Can be set to operate during pre-determined times only (e.g. 8pm to 8am). Alternatively PIR’s (beam version) can be placed at doorway. Can also be fixed to cupboard doors if required Door Exit Alarm - 2 Year Warranty
  16. 16. Inactivity Monitor Can be set as required to send an alert when no movement is detected for a specified length of time. PIR/Inactivity Monitor - 1 Year Warranty
  17. 17. Fridge Temperature Monitor/Thermostat Wireless unit is placed in the fridge and sends an alert if the temperature falls below a safe level. Fridge Monitor - 1 Year Warranty
  18. 18. Bogus Caller Button Can be pressed before answering your front door, even if you are only slightly unsure of a caller’s identity. Just press before opening your door and staff at our 24/7 Response Centre can listen in to check everything is ok, while you can be sure that you are not left to deal with things alone. . Bogus Caller button –2 Year Warranty
  19. 19. Lockey Key Safe Can be used to store & share keys (house keys, shed, garage, padlock or other emergency keys). It allows only authorized persons to gain access to keys by entering code. Can be fitted with a transmitter for added 24/7 security. Code can be given to Emergency Services if requested. Key Safe -1 Year Warranty
  20. 20. Epilepsy Sensor A monitoring system to detect bed movement and/or sounds associated with epilepsy spasms Can be used with bed occupancy sensor and/or enuresis sensor. Epilepsy Sensor - 1 Year Warranty
  21. 21. Enuresis Support Consists of sensor mat located under the sheet and a control unit. Detects moisture from urination or vomit. Enuresis Sensor Hub – 3 Year Warranty Replacement Pads – 3 months
  22. 22. Easy Press Adapter For residents who have limited strength or co- ordination and who find it difficult to press a conventional pendant or use a pull-cord. Easy Press Adapter – 3 Year Warranty
  23. 23. CareLink Example Change devices with changing needs of residents Bed/Chair Exit Pads x15 Door Exit Alarm x4 Enuresis Sensor x4 Automatic Fall Detector x4 Medication Reminder x3 Epilepsy Monitor x2
  24. 24. Flexible, Tailored, Responsive Solutions Customer Support CareLink Lifetime Warranty Speedy replacements for items on warranty 24 Hour Technical Support We only work with reputable suppliers. All repairs are carried out in-house. A family business with 40 years experience installing and repairing a variety of systems. Flexible, tailor-made packages are our expertise. Our warranties include parts and labour.
  25. 25. TASK Care Solutions Benefits Prompt assistance means speedier recovery. A&E visits reduced. . Reduce pressure & time for carers Reduce risk Peace of mind for family People supported to maximise independence Cost savings for care providers