Tekriti software - Company Presentation & Portfolio


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This Presentation covers details of our company Tekriti Software, Service Offerings & Portfolio of few projects

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Tekriti software - Company Presentation & Portfolio

  1. 1. Introduction to Tekriti
  2. 2. Introduction To Tekriti• Tekriti Software is a services company with offices in New Derived from an Jersey & The DC Metro Area (USA) and Gurgaon (India), . English word - TEK For Technology• Founding members bring in their rich experiences with the worlds premier technology and services organizations such & as IIT, Microsoft and Infosys. Sanskrit word - KRITI which means Creation• Tekriti operates primarily in 2 major models; Offshore Development Centre Setup and Onsite Staff Augmentation Tekriti’s vision is to be recognized globally as a firm that facilitates innovation and entrepreneurship by simplifying cutting edge technological development Tekriti positions itself as a product partner and not just an implementation partner.
  3. 3. The Strategy Team Ashish Kumar (Founder and CEO) - B-Tech (CSE), IIT-K - Former Microsoft Employee - Recognized thought leader in Indian startup space, social media - Chosen as Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific Region by FYSE, China Ashish Gupta (Director) - B-Tech (Chem. Engg.), IIT-D - Co-founded StudyPlaces.com - Former Product Manager / Sales head at ICI India Ltd - Six Sigma Blackbelt
  4. 4. Partial List of Clients Enterprises Startups
  5. 5. ServicesProduct ConceptualizationCreative and User Interface DesigningWeb Design (HTML development)Product DevelopmentQuality AssuranceDeploymentOptimization (both hardware & software)Website Promotion: SEO, SEM, utilization of platforms such as Blogs, Facebook, Orkut,Twitter, Youtube etc to promote the main application.
  6. 6. Accolades• Tekriti recently got rated as one of the 10 most promising IT & ITES companies in India!• Tekriti also got nominated for the NEN Hottest Startup ’08• Tekriti got the honour of bringing Facebook to India by hosting the India’s first Facebook Developers Garage in November, 2008. The subsequent garage were also hosted by Tekriti.• TravelBoutiqueOnline got rated by Nasscom as one of the 100 most innovative companies.
  7. 7. Tekriti in Media Smart Techie
  8. 8. Areas of Expertise
  9. 9. Technologies Used .Net OpenSource Mobile (PHP) Flex / Flash Java
  10. 10. Platforms Utilized PHP: • Drupal • Movable Types • Wordpress • MVC Frameworks (Zend / Cake) • Code Igniter • Bespoke .Net • Sharepoint 2010 • Dot Net Nuke • Bespoke
  11. 11. Platforms Utilized Java: • Struts • Springs • ORMs such as Hibernate • CMS such as OpenCMS Mobile • iPhone • BlackBerry • Android Flex / Flash • Flex Builder • Action Scripts • AIR
  12. 12. Areas of Expertise – Web Development Web 2.0 CMS Sites Travel Facebook Apps Video Sites Flash / Flex Multi-lingual Sites E-Commerce iPhone Blackberry
  13. 13. PHP Case Studies
  14. 14. Web 2.0
  15. 15. Content Management System
  16. 16. Ecommerce Virtual Lockbox Virtual Lockbox allows a user to maintain the complete legacy of rich media and share it appropriately. Users can establish the then buy their space and create a timeline for the events in their lives.
  17. 17. Facebook Applications
  18. 18. Video Sites
  19. 19. Corporate Sites
  20. 20. Multi Lingual Site
  21. 21. .Net Case Studies
  22. 22. UGovernIT (MicrosoftSharepoint 2010) Project Summary: UGovernIT is a custom built ticketing system that acts as a powerful data analytics and reporting tool for the CIOs.Technology Summary: Some of UGovernIT’s USPs includeUGovernIT has been built on flexibility of mapping approval /Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 workflows into the system, comprehensive dashboard for analysis problem areas, project management tools and much more.
  23. 23. Max Bupa Intranet (Dot NetNuke) Project Summary: Max Bupa Intranet intents to provide a robust platform for interaction and information dissipation within the company.Technology Summary: The platform includes modules for news,Max Bupa Intranet has been forum, product details, events,built on Dot Net Nuke downloads, user profiles, archives, rich media & CEO blogs.
  24. 24. USourceIT (Dot Net Nuke) Project Summary: USourceIT is an advanced platform that facilitates outsourcing of projects from SMEs in the US to SMEs in India. In addition to a lead management andTechnology Summary: bid systems, USourceIT has a veryUSourceIT has been built on advanced RFP creation and responseDot Net Nuke mechanism that automates the process of vendor shortlisting.
  25. 25. Travel Boutique Online(Bespoke) Project Summary: TravelBoutiqueOnline (TBO) is a pioneering product in the B2B travel space. Automating many erstwhile offline processes such as dissemination of information (by user profile), giving discounts, maintaining accounts, payments etc, TBO enables Travel agents to run their entire business operations through theTechnology Summary: platform. Services include flight, hotel,TBO has been built bespoke railways and Taxi bookingson C# with extensive XML TBO today reaches out to more than 3,000integration with major agents and does transactions in excess ofproviders such as Amadeus, USD 80 mn.Worldspan, Galelio etc.
  26. 26. Kuoni Destination Management(Bespoke) Project Summary: Built for the worlds largest travel planner, the Kuoni Destination Management is a custom built CRM that allows the operators to configure custom packages and manage all the approval and client communications in aTechnology Summary: centralized manner.Kuoni DestinationManagement has been builtbespoke on C#. The system is built to handle a heavy load to cater to the thousands of package queries that the client gets every day.
  27. 27. Sony Marketingopedia Intranet(Bespoke) Project Summary: Sony Marketingopedia is an Intranet platform built to facilitate the interaction between the marketing team and various other functions within Sony.Technology Summary: The intranet featured a range of diverseSony Marketingopedia has features such as marketing plans, richbeen built bespoke on C#. media (especially for promotions), surveys, market feedback, brand guides, news & updates, instruction manuals & training material.
  28. 28. Java Case Studies
  29. 29. Java USourceIT Business Intelligence IdentityTruth Acteva Pentaho Business Intelligence Engine Customization The business IdentityTruth is anintelligence engine of Identity Theft Protection USourceIT is consumers. most popular open tool Acteva is a one of by Tekriti team to Pentaho was builtthe managing private, for platform for IdentityTruth® allow USourceITs entire portal portal team safeguards and public events. Tekritisin the corporate your main identity using source Business Intelligence to make analysis ofTekritis in captured. the BI powerfulinstrumental team building The main market. technology to uncover existing was the data is engaged with engine is a its exposedthreats. problems and potentialIntelligenceTekritis building then private through Reports platform, Business web- social network services wasUSourceITplatforms. and other team platform, and an Application for oneextension to platform of the RSVP of the largest vehicle customers. IdentityTruths engineering facilitate dealing manufacturer, in order to team and helped their Dealers and Suppliers. with build the technology.
  30. 30. Flash / Flex Case Studies
  31. 31. Flash & Flex
  32. 32. Mobile Case Studies** Includes work done by companies we are partnering with
  33. 33. iPhone Location based Dating Mobile Camviewer Speedometer iPhone To Do be a millionaire Who wants to List Management (Indian edition) Location aware dating application. Pending Mobile Camviewer isapplication to detect speed An iPhone 3.0 an application that iPhone a user toand show cameras ―Who enablesapp GPSofstream IPit with Google To-Do edition iPhone is Indian Liststore approvalan application using for the popular game and webcamerasPending API‘s of a popular web integrated withthe iPhone Maps. a the app store approval wants to beon millionaire. Sets of questions based Task management are fetched from a Service. It populated onto view his/her server andallows a user to the client for this task list game and also add/update/edit tasks from the iPhone.
  34. 34. Blackberry ClicknShare Vera Live Player MobiDEOS – Capture text, photo, audio and video from your mobile and share it with your family and friends on email or mobile. cameras live on your - Playing animated avatar clips embedded in Watch video compressed files as well as the clips hosted on mobile – Share image, audio, video from phone’s gallery. the http servers – Use phone’s contact list avatars and slide shows – allow users to access for sharing. in VAR* file format. – The shared content can be viewed on phone, webCreatingand wap.videos with animated – (email) runtime characters for playing voice messages, voice – The application is supported on Android and blogs, voice mails, etc. Blackberry platforms.
  35. 35. Work Process
  36. 36. Steps In the Developmental Process • Description: The purpose of this stage is to introduce the team that would be working on the project as well as to get a high levelKick Start understanding of the vision and the expectations from the project. • Output: Project plan with clear milestones. • Description: During this stage the requirements and solutions will be detailed out. Tekriti will inculcate these into wireframes & descriptive Data documents that will evolve through regular discussions with the client.Gathering • Output: Complete set of wireframes/documents signed off by the client. • Description: During this stage the actual look and feel of the site will beCreative designed. The creative designs will be based on the vision provided by client and Tekriti’s creative expertise.Designs • Output: PSD files for the representative pages.
  37. 37. Steps In the Developmental Process • Description: During this phase the HTMLs for the project shall be developed. Any flash design would also be done here.Web Design • Output: W3c compliant, table-less, CSS driven xHTMLs. • Description: This stage refers to the creation of the CMS backend (including SEO inputs). The technical architect will design the system Backend based on the requirement specifications made during the data gathering stage.Development • Output: Data entry backend that can be reviewed by the client • Description: This involves the linking of the backend & the front-end Front End along with deployment of all features to create a functional site.Integration • Output: Functional website ready for testing.
  38. 38. Steps In the Developmental Process • Description: During this phase the testing and fixing of the site will be Quality done by Tekriti. Assurance • Output: Bug free site ready for client testing and approval. • Description: This is the stage where the client will check the working of User the site and report any issuesAcceptance • Output: Completely functional site TestDeployment • Description: This involve setting up the code on live servers, as well as setting the site up for performance and monitoring. &Optimization • Output: Launch ready setup • Description: This stage involves taking the site live. The client may sign Launch & a maintenance contract with Tekriti post the warranty period.Maintenance • Output: Live site
  39. 39. Typical Project Pert ChartKick StartData GatheringCreative DesignsHTMLBackend DevelopmentFront End IntegrationQuality AssuranceUser Acceptance TestDeploymentLaunch
  40. 40. Typical Project Staffing Project Head (Member of Tekriti’s Management team who will be the escalation point for any issue) Project Manager Technical Architect(The main point of contact for the entire project) (Responsible for design and review of the application) Creative Web Design Quality System Developers Designer Team Analyst Administrator
  41. 41. Typical Project Workflow QA Tests the FunctionalitiesClient defines Designer Creates Web Designerthe requirements the PSDs creates the HTMLs Client does the final testing Project Manager assimilates the brief & transfers knowledge Developers implement Technical Architect along with tasks and the features and designs the systems deadlines functionalities and defines developmental tasks Sys Admin does the Legend final deployment to take the site live Client Personal Tekriti Personal
  42. 42. Intellectual Property Protection
  43. 43. Intellectual Property ProtectionNon Disclosure AgreementClauses in contract giving all IP rights to the clientClauses in contract giving all rights to code to the clientIP restriction on the productions servers to prevent illicit accessNo pen drives / CD writers on the personal workstations ofdevelopers * We have been working with client both large and small on innovations with great stress on intellectual property. These clients will vouch for our credibility
  44. 44. End Notes
  45. 45. Facts, Infrastructure & People Company Facts • Founded in 2005 • Registered with the Software Technology Parks of India (Government of India) • Part of the Tenet group of companies (Consortium consisting of partner companies like Midas Software) Infrastructure and Facility •15000 sq. ft. office in the heart of Gurgaon, India • Access control using smart cards • Physical security round the clock Our Team •Engineers with specialization in Computer Science & Engineering from top tier institutes • Designers from the prestigious National Institute Design (NID) • High Performance Work Ethic
  46. 46. Contact Us DC Metro Area For further details please contact us at: Email : julius.garcia@tekritisoftware.com Phone : +1 703-564-2295 Address : 8201 Greensboro Dr., Suite 300, McLean, VA 22102 India Office For further details please contact us at: Email : ashish.gupta@tekritisoftware.com Phone : +91 (124) 301-0099/8891 Address : Tekriti Software Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 726, Udyog Vihar Phase - V, Gurgaon (Haryana)