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Ada Plans Book

  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMURAY 1 “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” Mother Teresa. As Mother Teresa has said it, we have dedicated this plan book and our campaign to hopefully help and assist the physical disable. We understand the differences the dog would made to physical disable and we energetically translate it to our campaign. Research affirms that Assistance Dogs Australia are lacking of awareness in terms of their doings as whole. Besides that, research also shows that Assistance Dogs Australia is facing lack of resources in term of money and human resources. To help Assistance Dogs Australia to translate a better message on their on-going effort for the physically disabled, we will be tackling the key issues which are the awareness of Assistance Dogs Australia and the organization’s profile, increasing public support and donations rate. One of the greatest challenges would be raising the awareness of Assistance Dogs Australia hence we choose to tackle it on our first year of the campaign. To help tackle the issue of awareness, our campaign would be focusing on creating a strong and impactful message to the target audience. The aim is to create a message that makes the target audience feel more compelling towards the organization of Assistance Dogs Australia – Making Lives Whole. The climax of our message is to enlighten the target audience that their support through Assistance Dogs Australia is a means for them to lend a helping hand to the physically disabled. Our campaign would have a strong integrated marketing plan to ensure driving maximum traffic to Assistance Dogs Australia website which has the more eloquent details about the organisation. Our media selections also ensure maximum reach while maintaining minimum funds. With our plan book recommendation, we hope we would be able to touch the hearts of our target audience and create a better world for the physically disabled – that the adventure of making the physically disabled feels as a whole begins from here...
  5. 5. 2 CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES The overall objective of this campaign is to raise public awareness of Assistance Dogs Australia amongst the target audience. THIS CAMPAIGN WILL BE FOCUSING ON - Raising general awareness of the importance of Assistance Dogs Australia dogs to the physical disable. - To help the public understand the role of Assistance dogs and their public access - To increase donation rates by 20% per annum by the end of year 2010 - To increase corporate and family support by 30% in the next 12 months. This campaign is meant to create a stronger image of Assistance dogs and to enhance knowledge of the importance of Assistance dogs to the physical disable people.
  6. 6. 3 CURRENT SITUATION - Assistance Dogs Australia consists of 90+ recipients, over 100 volunteers, 320 members in regular giving program, many donors, corporate supporters and supporters who purchase their merchandise. - Majority of support based in Sydney with a large portion based in Sutherland Shire. Furthermore, majority of volunteers live and work around Heathcote and corporate supporters are in Sydney or Melbourne. - No staff, volunteers or dogs in training on a regular basis in other states than NSW and VIC. - Currently have dogs training in community setting in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Wagga Wagga and correctional centre based in Wagga Wagga, Bathurst and Toowoomba. - Financial supporters, event attendees and sales supporters consist mainly of women between the age of 30-55 years based in Victoria, Sydney and Perth with a small representation in Perth. - The only state without Assistance Dogs Australia dogs in service is the Northern Territory. - Awareness of Assistance Dogs Australia’s service is higher in VIC, followed by NSW. - Overwhelming support from West Australians gained with via editorial print media. - Assistance Dogs Australia receives no ongoing government funding. - Up to now, majority of promotion has been pro-bono opportunities. Assistance Dogs Australia qualifying for CSA support for both TV and radio has had occasional airtime mainly on community TV. - Each dog cost $25,000 to train and are placed to the recipients free of charge.
  7. 7. 4 KEY ISSUES Communication Issues: Assistance Dogs ≠ Guide Dogs Marketing Issues: a. ‘The biggest issue facing Assistance Dogs Australia is that of profile.’ Lack of historical = Consumer has less confidence background Brand has less awareness b. An indistinct category. Weak brand differentiation = Misunderstanding c. Competition. Lack of exposure in the community d. Financial support Low on budget; High level of competition
  8. 8. 5 SWOT WEAKNESSES - There is hardly any publicity, ANALYSIS weak profile. | one - Assistance dogs are often being mistaken as Guide dogs. - People think Service dogs have no full public access rights. - The supply of service dogs’ supply is low. STRENGTHS - It is expensive (A$25,000) and time consuming (2 years) to - Service dogs have the same train the dogs. full public access rights like guide dogs. - Assistance Dogs is often used as an umbrella term to include - The innovative dogs training hearing and guide dogs and program “Pups in Prison” is well this has left much confusion in supported by the government. Australia about the legitimacy of service dogs. - The only Assistance Dogs organization in the southern - The organization is small; hemisphere accredited by majority of the corporate Assistance Dogs International. supporters are still based in Sydney and Melbourne; there is - A charity that provides dogs a lack of exposure in free of charge to the recipients. other states (South Australia particularly). - One of the few tax deductible registered charity organizations. - There is a long waiting list for the service/companion dogs. - The dog does not solely that guide the recipient but is also - ADA has had no method of serves as a companion for the r recording success or measuring ecipients. success in the past.
  9. 9. 6 OPPORTUNITIES THREATS - Assistance Dogs Australia is a - Competitors offer similar very young charity organization services with enough supply of (it has only been around for 13 assistance dogs. years) as compared to Guide Dogs (60+ years); hence there - Competitors use identical is still chances to grow. tactics and marketing objectives to entice the donors. - Regional Press is the supportive media that is always ready - Difficult to replicate the to publish the stories of their same exposure (in Sydney and recipients. Melbourne) in other states due to the lack of staff and no dogs - Innovative and creative training in those area. programs can help to attract potential donors and clients. - The lack of equal spread across the nation, especially - The demand for assistance in South Australia, allows room dogs is growing from year to for competitors to grab year. potential clients and donors. - To build on the lack of awareness. - The promise of providing companionship and hope to the recipients. - To gain greater corporate and government support. - To deliver a better understanding of the workings of Assistance Dogs Australia and how service/guide dogs SWOT play a part in the process. ANALYSIS | two
  10. 10. 4Ps 7 PRODUCT - In Assistance Dogs Australia, there are two types of dogs being trained: Service Dogs and Companion Dogs. - Service Dogs have full public access right that would be assisting an applicant that have physical disability. Service dogs are meant to assist the applicant in their everyday tasks. - As for Companion Dogs, they do not have full public access but however are trained to be well socialized and a good companionship to the applicant. Companion Dogs are meant to reduce the feeling of loneliness and help the applicant to re-connect with the community. PRICE - As Assistance Dogs Australia is an NFP, they do not technically have to set a price for Assistance Dogs. However each of the dogs need time and energy to be trained. - Each Assistance Dogs takes 2 years to be trained through various stages by volunteers, prison inmates and professional dogs’ trainers. PLACEMENT - Assistance Dogs Australia is known to be more active in Sydney and Melbourne as most of the corporate sponsors are from these two cities. PROMOTION - Assistance Dogs Australia relies heavily on free media coverage for their promotions. - Assistance Dogs Australia does have media coverage with ‘Australian Story’ which is able to generate a large amount of interest. - In general, Assistance Dogs Australia has obtained a limited amount of media coverage because of the limited budget to promote any fundraising events.
  11. 11. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS | one 8 ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIAN ASSISTANCE DOGS (NQ) INC. - Formed in the year 2000 in Mareeba, NQ, the Association of Australian Assistance Dogs (NQ) Inc [ASDOGS(NQ) Inc] is an organisation dedicated to the training and promotion of accredited Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities. - ASDOGS(NQ) Inc. is a charitable organisation, established to train and provide Assistance Dogs to help people with disabilities to achieve a greater independence. - Have an active online forum keeping the clients, donors and dog lovers updated about the latest Assistance Dogs news and events. GUIDE DOGS (NSW/ACT) - Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s has a broad range of services - White Canes, Guide Dogs, GPS and electronic mobility aids and general mobility training, allow us to help anyone living with blindness or impaired vision to get around safely and more confidently. - All of the services are provided free of charge to residents of New South Wales and the ACT. - The specialist orientation and mobility instructors visit you at home, school, work or wherever required. - Puppies Online is Guide Dogs NSW/ACT own online club to keep the potential clients and donors together. It is free to join and by joining Puppies Online you will get unique access to downloads and news from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. - Online shop that sells a wide range of great products that are purchased from their suppliers and all of the profits will be spent on training the pups and those who need them. - Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a free community service provided by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Their primary goal is to fulfill the companionship needs of people who may be disadvantaged because of age, illness, disability or isolation throughout New South Wales and the ACT.
  12. 12. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS | two 9 LIONS HEARING DOG - Provide hearing dogs and training in their use to hearing impaired people the country and free to those the serve. - Their clients are based on people with a hearing disability lving in all parts of the country and just like everyone else, they want to manage their lives with as much dignity and independence as possible. - Lions Hearing Dogs are trained in a particular work task, Sound Awareness. - One of Assistance Dogs Australia’s major competitors in South Australia. - The Australian “Lions International” organisation and our other generous sponsors, whom we list in our Sponsors page. A.W.A.R.E. DOGS - A NFP organization which mission is to; train, organize and administer volunteers and professionals alike to physically disabled people and partnered with an Assistance Dogs which have total access rights in nearly all situations. - The use of all types Assistance and Therapy dogs for the education, rehabilitation, healing, and aid of distressed, and ill or disabled individuals. This intercession will help to enable the person to lead a fuller life with a greater degree of independence and well-being. - Service available throughout Australia. in three states- Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland. - Free of Charge service. - It is aimed of making Assistance Dogs accessible for individuals with Invisible Disabilities- It is to make ground breaking changes for people living with mental health and other developmental issue. - Mainly acquire the dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups.
  13. 13. 10 TARGET AUDIENCE PROFILE | one PRIMARY TARGET AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS Age: 30-45 years old Sex: Women ATTRIBUTES - Have higher average incomes than any previous generation and more knowledge of financial investments - Values reflect concerns for making the world a better place - Women in their thirties and forties are entering a period of reevaluation, recognizing the need for financial planning for retirement and are receptive to looking at planned giving vehicles PSYCHOGRAPHICS: - They do not base philanthropy on business connections or a desire for public recognition but take philanthropy personally. They value relationships with an organization to which they contribute. They want to understand and help shape their programs.
  14. 14. 11 TARGET AUDIENCE PROFILE | two - Women are likely to give volunteer time first before committing to make a major gift. It’s the way they establish trust and confidence in an organization - Work as a volunteer is the way many women test fit between their values and the interests and values of the organizations soliciting support - They have a desire to make a difference rather than preserve status quo - They are committed to giving, traditionally expressed through volunteer work and increasingly through financial support. SECONDARY TARGET AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC Age: 19 – 29 years old Sex: male and female ATTRIBUTES - Leaders of the future. - Technology savvy. PSYCHOGRAPHIC - Socially conscious. - Believe in giving, participating in nonprofits, donation of time and resources. - Believe that they play a key role in making a world a better place. - Likely to influence the opinions of others in various areas of life.
  15. 15. 12 COMMUNICATION STRATEGY CREATIVE STRATEGY It will focus on creating a presence for Assistance Dogs Australia by helping our potential donors understand our core interest - Making Lives Whole IMC PLAN Specific IMC tools are chosen to create an integrated message for the campaign which will be focusing on driving traffic to Assistance Dogs Australia website. MEDIA RATIONALE Online/Internet is chosen as the main media channel because it can reach the maximum target audience with minimum funds.
  16. 16. CREATIVE BRIEF | one 13 BACKGROUND: - Assistance Dogs Australia is to enhance the quality of life for people with physical disabilities - An NFP Organisation offering dogs free of charge to people who are disable and looking for companionship. - Two types of dogs available in Assistance Dogs Australia , service dogs and companion dogs - Assistance Dogs Australia has been around for 13 years but still a young and growing charity . POSITIONING: - Assistance Dogs Australia is an NFP organization often mistaken as a Guide Dog due Organisation’s due to lack of branding. - The Organisation does not have any strong positioning. COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVE: - To increase general awareness and raise the organisation’s profile amongst the target audience by 25% in the next 12 months - To increase the donation rates at 20% per annum. - To increase awareness on the roles of Assistance Dogs - To increase corporate and family support by 30% in the next 12 months. WHO ARE WE TALKING TO?: PRIMARy: Females, 30-45 years old of age with middle class or affluent standing. SECONDARy: Prospective volunteers and donors. WHAT DO THEY THINK NOW?: - Many people do not understand that Service Dogs trained by Assistance Dogs Australia have the exact public access rights as Guide Dogs. - Many people do not understand the differences between Services Dogs and Guide Dogs. - There is not enough awareness on how valuable Assistance Dogs Australia Service dogs could be. WHAT DO WE WANT THEM TO THINK?: We want the Target Audience feel part of the solution, be empathetic about the disable person condition and be involved with Assistance Dogs Australia.
  17. 17. CREATIVE BRIEF | two 14 SINGLE-MINDED PROPOSITION: Making lives whole. SUPPORTING REASONS: - Assistance Dogs Australia organization makes a person with physical disability feel more complete through increasing his/her independence and thus freedom - Providing companionship through the dogs - Indirectly building their self-esteem and confidence. BRAND PERSONALITY: - Optimistic - Empathizing - Secure MANDATORIES: - Assistance Dogs Australia logo DELIVERABLES: - Online: youTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs - Ambient: In-store Display - Promotional Packaging - PR Event
  18. 18. 15 KEY STRATEGIC INSIGHTS: An assistance dog makes whole the life of a person with physical disabilities by meeting to his/her physical and CREATIVE emotional needs and more than that being there as a constant companion STRATEGY Assistance Dogs Australia is a young organization many people do not know about our profile - WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO STRATEGY: Creating a presence for Assistance Dogs Australia by helping potential donors understand our core interest - MAKING LIVES WHOLE Our creative strategy narrows its focus on the message of how Assistance Dogs Australia is making an impact in the lives of people with physical disability. In our strategy, we strongly believe that building awareness for Assistance Dogs Australia is the single first stepping stone to which we will stick in the minds of our target audience, thus moving them towards considering their involvement with us through first understanding who we are and what we do to make a difference in people’s lives.
  19. 19. CREATIVE EXECUTION | one 16 VIRAL VIDEO In our viral video, we aim to illustrate the story of what a person with physical disability faces in a wheelchair and how an assistance dog becomes the very support the person needs to overcome these difficulties. The main character in this case, a young man, suffering from physical disability, dreams of what he cannot do in his own home, is being done for him. He awakes to a terrible truth that he is back to reality, struggling to reach for his wheelchair. All he has dreamt is fulfilled by his assistance dog which comes into the picture only at the end. The scene ends with a heartwarming imagery of how the assistance dog and the recipient share an intimate relationship with each other. The video ends with a call to action to direct our viewers to the website where they can find more relevant info and be involved with us.
  20. 20. VIRAL AD - STORYBOARD | one John wakes up in the morning. He is He gets up from bed John’s wheelchair moves almost John’s shirt being removed for in a dream. magically towards him him without him having to do it (Dream-like MUSIC starts playing) Fridge door opens for him Bottle drifts towards him as he Bottle slips from his hands Bottle being lifted up to him reaches for it again 17
  21. 21. VIRAL AD - STORYBOARD | two John is outside of his home, Lift button is automatically He moves out on to the street He is about to cross the road moving towards a lift pressed for him As he crosses, a car suddenly He falls backward in shock [Scene cut back to him being [Silence] John reaches hard for zooms past in bed] John wakes up from his wheelchair a distance away from dream him, it does not move towards 18 [Dream-like music stops] him like in his dream
  22. 22. VIRAL AD - STORYBOARD | three He is utterly dejected He becomes pensive He hears something moving and The wheelchair starts to move looks towards him like in his dream His Assistance Dog, Sparky, John and Sparky sharing an slowly nudges the wheelchair intimate moment towards him 19
  23. 23. CREATIVE EXECUTION | two 20 ONLINE Facebook It is the ideal platform for users to interact. Assistance Dogs Australia can exploit this popularity by creative a fictitious account for the Assistance dogs. This account will feature the past and recent pictures of the Assistance dogs, alongside with its profile. This takes it to a more personal level because people adding the dog as a friend on Facebook are doing the same as adding their friends. It does not take much effort to update the dog’s account, taking into consideration the updating process involves uploading new photos and posting shout-outs.
  24. 24. CREATIVE EXECUTION | two 21
  25. 25. CREATIVE EXECUTION | two 22 Progress bar A donation progress bar is placed in blogs and the Assistance Dogs Australia website. It is a clear, succinct way of providing updates on number of waiting recipients, number of available dogs and how much more the organization needs before it is able to fully train a new dog. This helps to increase awareness of the happenings of Assistance Dogs Australia.
  26. 26. CREATIVE EXECUTION | three 23 AMBIENT MEDIA In order to further help people to understand the work that Assistance Dogs Australia does. We have decided to capture the attention of our target audience by bringing the situation that a person with physical disability faces into the supermarkets where our target audience is. Fridge Door – Rope Ropes are attached to supermarket fridge doors aims to simulate the home setting of how an assistance dog helps support a person with physical disability. This will bring interest in seeing something is not usually there and the call to action will lead them towards visiting Assistance Dogs Australia’s website to find out how more details.
  27. 27. CREATIVE EXECUTION | three 24 In Store Floor Stickers Stickers will be pasted on the floors near in store shelves that will capture the attention of grocers. The stickers will show the reach limit for someone who is wheelchair bound. PROMOTIONAL PACKAGING Dog Collars A replica of dog collars will be attached to ‘Homebrand’ and ‘Coles’ everyday products like bread, milk carton, and eggs in order to generate an awareness and interest for the Dogtober event for Assistance Dogs Australia.
  28. 28. MEDIA PLAN 25
  29. 29. 26 MEDIA RATIONALE | one - New media as a new direction in this whole campaign to achieve the minimum budget maximum exposure effect. - The campaign will be launched at the beginning of 2010 because we believe summer is the time when people are always pleased/happy hence they will tend to open up themselves to new message. - The target market will be targeted in areas where they are not bombarded with conventional media to avoid media clutters. CHOSEN MEDIA CHANNELS ONLINE Online is the main drive of our awareness campaign. With limited advertising budget we believe new media especially online advertising can reach the maximum target audience with the minimum funds. In a study conducted by Splash in April last year involving 500 Australian women, 89% of respondents said they used Internet more than they did five years ago in areas like commercial, social and business. Research shows that online is the place for busy working women. They keep in touch and date through sites such as, they shop at and they download their music’s from iTunes, get their tips for shopping and eating out through viral marketing and read their magazines online.
  30. 30. 27 MEDIA RATIONALE | two Four dominant media vehicles will be used in this media campaign to generate awareness of Assistance Dogs Australia towards our target audience. A promotional clip of Assistance Dogs Australia will be filmed and posted up on youTube. youTube is one of the most popular Internet video sharing website. It is attractive to us because of its ease of use, its cost effectiveness and its ability to reach an established audience. youtube is the most used video portal on the net. In addition to that, youTube gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing which then assists us in increasing awareness. youTube is the 4th most visited website in Australia. Also, a great number of 568,149 sites are currently linking back to youTube. It could be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Nielsen Online’s 2008 Internet and Technology report, based on more than 2000 responses from internet users, revealed that social networking is one of the few areas where women’s online consumption outweighs men, with 42% of women compared to 34% of men saying they use sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin “regularly”. In conjunction with the online campaign, we will set up Assistance Dogs Australia interest group on Facebook with 18 pups profiles. This can be set up with almost free-of-charge as Facebook account could be signed up for free, and Facebook group page could be set up for free. We will get the volunteers to create those Facebook profiles and maintain those sites to minimize the advertising budget. These pages will eventually provide the link to Assistance Dogs Australia website for the visitors to click on. Twitter would be the one good approach to reach Assistance Dogs Australia’s target audience as it already has 738 followers at the moment and counting. As the number of followers is growing, we can use the account to mention the current happenings and campaign of Assistance Dogs Australia. Besides that, Twitter account can also include links and pictures that can create a buzz for the current ongoing campaign with the followers, thereby spreading further awareness.
  31. 31. 28 MEDIA RATIONALE | three Blog is a supporting tool that is personal and engaging to reach the target audience. Top bloggers whom are concern about social environment and issues will be chosen to write a blog post to endorse our profile by highlighting what our Assistance dogs do and also to include our donation progress bar. Those people who read their blogs are women and concern about the social environment issues. The informal/unbiased manner the blogger employs to intrigue readers can generate real interest. The blogger can also highlight the organisation’s modus operandi and happenings, thus raising the profile of the organisation and generating more awareness. AMBIENT It is one alternative media solutions cover the broadest range of advertising. Ambient advertising will reach customers while they are in an active mindset and have the time to pay attention as part of their weekly routine. By incorporating with supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths, Assistance Dogs Australia can get the chance to attract target audience attention PR EVENT (DOGTOBER) Event will be held to continue maintaining and help raising the profile of Assistance Dogs Australia throughout the following 6 months till the end of the campaign. Event is always the first option when comes to getting in touch with the target audience because we get to see them and pass the message face to face to avoid any confusion. Moreover, event is very geographically specified. With event we get to choose where is it to be held, we get to choose a niche area to strengthen the target market we desire.
  33. 33. 30 INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN | two Based on the previous Integrated Marketing Plan chart we will be using different tools to create an integrated marketing plan for our Assistance Dogs Australia Campaign. With these IMC tools, we will achieve our objectives of: - Raising awareness of Assistance Dogs Australia. - Providing further information on how the public can contribute to Assistance Dogs Australia - Encourage the target audience to visit Assistance Dog Australia website - Encourage public involvement with Assistance Dog Australia through our interactive choice of IMC tools. The main reason we have chosen these IMC tools is to drive traffic to the homepage which will provide information of what Assistance Dog Australia is about. OUR INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN TAKES THE FORM OF: 1. Online and interactive media 2. Ambient media 3. Public Relation event 1. ONLINE AND INTERACTIVE MEDIA will be the main vehicle of our campaign. To create a strong integrated message amongst the online media channels, Blog post and Twitter will be the main vehicles to create awareness and provide links to the youtube video. At the end of the youtube video, there would be a call to action for the audience to check out the website. Blog post and Twitter would also serve as a platform to interest people on the on-goings of the organization. 2. AMBIENT MEDIA will be creating awareness of Assistance Dogs Australia through the message attached with the ambient media in Coles supermet and Woolworths homebrand productds. The message will be focusing on driving traffic to Assistance Dogs Australia website and also information on the upcoming PR event – Dogtober 3. PR EVENT will be tied in with DOGTOBER. It is an annual event for Assistance Dogs Australia. To create bigger hype and curiosity for Dogtober, physical disabled people will be ambling around the busiest parts of the city (Swanston and Bourke Streets) with their Assistance Dogs. Passersby will be intrigued by the scenario and will develop an understanding and compassion towards the cause of Assistance Dogs Australia. Hopefully, this will get them to donate as their generosity can go towards making lives of the physical disable person whole.
  34. 34. RESOURCES PLANNING 31 CONSIDERATION Assistance Dogs Australia has a limited pool of resources. We understand these constraints and will recommend the following alternatives, which will keep our make our campaign a cost- effective one. Few aspects of the resources that we include for consideration are: People, Equipment and Money To help facilitate better management of resources, we have a few recommendations for Assistance Dogs Australia. - To facilitate the lack of human resources, Assistance Dogs Australia ask for assistance from RMIT University students to help prepare for our proposed advertising campaign. - To further gain human resources, Assistance Dogs Australia could source out from their database of supporters/volunteers in regards to the Dogtober event. - In regards to hiring/utilizing equipments for production of the Video, Assistance Dogs Australia could seek assistance from Leo Burnett as they have done previous advertising for Assistance Dogs Australia. - In financing, we have minimized the cost of advertising by choosing the appropriate media that with minimum cost but maximum reach, hence the use of online advertising. Beside that, we were hoping the video uploaded to youtube would also be able to spread a little more virally and have much more view than the targeted views. - For further financial considerations, we would advise seeking for Corporate support esepcially for the ambient media and Dogtober
  35. 35. $ 32 BUDGET $ PR Event $ Youtube $ Ambient PR Event (production cost)= A$100,000 youtube (production cost) = A$45,000 Ambient (media cost+ production cost) = A$120,000 Total budget: A$265,000
  36. 36. EVALUATION 33 It is essential to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. With active measurement we can handle the response appropriately to ensure public interest in the issue within a communicative environment. To ensure success it is recommended to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research. QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH will allow us to collect statistical research regarding reach and frequency. The measures used will include: - Website hits - Online video hits - Twitter tracks - Event Attendances - Rates of enrolment into voluntary work QUALITATIVE RESEARCH will allow us to analyse and refine our campaign based on its effectiveness and impact. - Surveys - Media Collection - Donation Frequency - Event atmosphere studies - Interviews
  37. 37. LONG TERM 34 RECOMMENDATIONS The aim of our advertising in the first year is to make people aware of Assistance Dogs Australia. The second year onwards will see us soliciting/focusing on donations, and raising the profile of the organization further. Besides focusing on just donations, Assistance Dogs Australia can also focus on the limited numbers of Assistance Dogs and the large numbers of recipients in their advertising campaign. It is vital to have an on-going marketing and advertising campaign to continuously maintain the interest of the target audience and hopefully the interest of the public. Since we are now employing non–traditional media vehicles in the first year due to budget constraints, we will look into expanding the scope to include traditional media from the second year onwards. The creative direction adopted in the first year borders on compassion, of making whole the lives of people with physical disability. Considerations for the second year can include making it more apparent, slightly tongue-in-cheek (humor, satire) or alternatively, continue to tuck at donors emotional strings. We will be attempting to generate interest through traditional media vehicles; promoting the virtues of donating to our cause as well as generating thought-provoking concepts. We suggest that Assistance Dogs Australia differentiates itself amongst all the visual clutter. By being more adventurous, we can establish ourselves as a charity that tries to be unique; one that goes the extra mile to attract donations, so that the penultimate aim of aiding the physical disabled is fulfilled.