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Controlled fuel change


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Combustion Engines Finland

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Controlled fuel change

  1. 1. Controlled Fuel Change Engine Technology Seminar, part 1 Vaasa Energy Week 21.3. 2019 Ilkka Rytkölä, Chief Technology Officer
  2. 2. Well-proven fuel handling expertise 3 1 3 25 40 15,000 Leading provider of fuel supply solutions Three strong product lines: marine, power and lifecycle services A network of agents and service experts in over 25 countries A solid track record of over 40 years of experience in design, delivery and installations for demanding maritime conditions Approx. 15.000 various auxiliary units delivered to customers worldwide
  3. 3. Auramarine products serve ships on all routes and play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and reliable operation of the engines. Fleet summary August 2018
  4. 4. Fuel supply systems for marine fuels • Suitable for a wide range of marine fuels • Available in different sizes and configurations according to total engine power requirements, ranging from 1,000 kW to over 60 MW • Compact designs to minimise the required space for any other purposes than passengers or cargo • PLC control, VFD steering for feeder and booster pumps for optimised energy consumption • Maximum reliability and safety due to shell and tube type heaters and separate controllers for viscosity and temperature • Steam, thermal oil or electric heaters
  5. 5. Fuel supply systems Mixing tank B006 for mixing the return fuel from the engines with fresh fuel and for compensating for temperature and pressure changes. Manual or automatic deaeration. Flow meter Q001 for indicating fuel consumption. With local totalizer and output signal. Available as mass or volumetric type. Pressure control valve V010 for maintaining constant system pressure at different loads. With or without bypass. Feeder pumps, D001, D002 for pressurising the system with fresh fuel according to the consumption of the engines, equipped with an automatic stand-by function. Magnetic or mechanical couplings.Suction strainers B002, B003 for protecting the pumps HFO/MGO 3-way changeover valve, V001 for selecting fuel and flushing the system. The changeover valves and feeder pumps can be ordered as separate units or as part of FuelSafeTM system. Manual or remote controlled. Fuel heaters B010, B011 for heating the fuel oil to injection viscosity, controlled via viscometer. Steam heating (SS), Thermal oil heating (TT) or Electric heating (EE) Booster pumps D003, D004 for further pressurising and circulating fuel to the engines, equipped with an automatic stand-by function. Magnetic or mechanical couplings. Fuel supply systemsViscosity control system B016 for measuring the fuel viscosity and controlling the power of the heaters to maintain constant injection viscosity, secured by a temperature controller TT. Automatic filter with bypass filter B014. Can be placed on supply side or on circulation side. Standard mesh sizes: 48 / 34 / 25 / 10 μm FuelSafeTM fuel changeover system available as an option. Delivery scope highlighted with blue colour. If there is not sufficiently cool LT-water/seawater available for the ACU-unit, an Auramarine Modular Chiller (AMC) is needed.
  6. 6. FuelSafeTM fuel changeover system • For safe and controlled fuel changeovers • Available as an option for both newbuildings and for ships in operation 16.4.20197
  7. 7. Fuel changeover challenges 16.4.20198 Temperature change rate at engine inlet max 2°C / minute Viscosity 2cSt or higher Easy and safe to operate
  8. 8. The solution: FuelSafeTM for safe and controlled fuel changeovers • The latest result of our constant research and development to support ship owners and shipyards in fuel supply –related issues • Maintains correct fuel viscosity and temperature at all times • Cost-efficient solution for both newbuildings and retrofits 16.4.20199
  9. 9. Lifecycle services 16.4.201910 › Fuel system condition pre-assessments › Expert engineering and project management services › Documents upgrade › System installation, commissioning and start-up › Technical assistance during sea trials › Full and clear documentation › On time, at right cost › Now also ship/fleet-customised for an optimised inventory on board › Repairs, service and planned maintenance › Onboard inspections and system health checks › Highly trained global team of service engineers specialising in fuel supply systems Unit installation at shipyard Genuine spare parts Strong customer and end user support Performace optimisation and upgrades, drydocking services
  10. 10. 16.4.201911 Auramarine offering for readiness and safety