The Value of a #1 Ranking


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In today’s Internet-based and data-driven world, SEO is critical to a website’s success. Regardless of a company’s focus or industry, implementing a strong SEO strategy will help improve rankings and drive more traffic to their site, and a strong SEO strategy can help achieve page 1 and even #1 rankings on Google. However, SEO is challenging and staying in front of the 500+ algorithm updates Google puts out a year to achieve that ever-elusive #1 spot is certainly a lot of work. So what is it really worth? What exactly is the value of a #1 ranking in Google?

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The Value of a #1 Ranking

  1. 1. THE  VALUE     OF  A  #1     RANKING  
  2. 2. In  today’s  Internet-­‐based  and  data-­‐driven  world,  SEO  is  cri8cal  to  a   website’s  success.  Regardless  of  a  company’s  focus  or  industry,   implemen8ng  a  strong  SEO  strategy  will  help  improve  rankings  and  drive   more  traffic  to  their  site.  A  strong  SEO  strategy  can  help  achieve  page  1   and  even  #1  rankings  on  Google  that  can  be  extremely  valuable  to  any   business.  However,  SEO  is  challenging  and  staying  in  front  of  the  500+   algorithm  updates  Google  puts  out  a  year  to  achieve  that  ever  elusive  #1   spot  is  certainly  a  lot  of  work.    So  what  is  it  really  worth?    What  exactly  is   the  value  of  a  #1  ranking  in  Google?  This  eBook  will  help  marketers   understand  why  being  #1  when  it  relates  to  SEO  really  does  maPer.   #1  
  3. 3. UNDERSTANDING     RANKING  FACTORS   “ W e   l o o k   a t   i t   a s   s o m e t h i n g   d e s i g n e d   t o     t a c k l e   l o w -­‐   q u a l i t y   c o n t e n t .   I t   s t a r t e d   o u t   w i t h   p a n d a ,   a n d   t h e n   w e   n o 8 c e d   t h a t   t h e r e   w a s   s 8 l l   a   l o t   o f   s p a m   a n d   p e n g u i n   w a s   d e s i g n e d   t o   t a c k l e   t h a t . ”   Ma7  Cu7s  
  4. 4. U N D E R S T A N D I N G   R A N K I N G   F A C T O R S                 T h e   V a l u e   o f   a   # 1   R a n k i n g   To  get  started  in  SEO,  you  need  to  understand  the  key   factors  Google  looks  at  when  calcula8ng  rankings.    With   over  200  factors  contribu8ng  to  the  Google  algorithm,  it   can  be  hard  to  understand  exactly  what  goes  into  gaining   that  #1  spot.    And  while  both  Panda  and  Penguin  are   important  algorithm  updates,  the  overall  approach  is  that   quality  is  far  more  important  than  quan8ty.  Between  on-­‐ page  and  off-­‐page  SEO  efforts,  the  focus  should  always  be   on  the  quality  of  the  strategy,  tac8cs,  and  links  to  ensure   that  you  are  in  line  with  the  Google  best  prac8ces  and   quality  assurance.    That  will  give  you  the  best  chance  of   achieving  that  #1  ranking.  
  5. 5. GOOGLE’S  TOP     ORGANIC  SPOT   So  just  how  important  is  that  #1  spot  on  Google?    Well,  as  marketers,  the  goal   almost  always  8es  back  to  ROI  which  means  the  first  step  is  to  understand  how   different  organic  Google  rankings  translate  in  terms  of  ROI  for  your  site.  While   there  are  many  intangibles  related  to  SEO  prac8ces,  there  are  ways  to  measure   varying  factors  in  order  to  understand  the  value  of  that  #1  ranking  for  you  and   your  company.    
  6. 6. G O O G L E ’ S   T O P   O R G A N I C   S P O T                                   T h e   V a l u e   o f   a   # 1   R a n k i n g   Recent  studies  have  been  on  par  with  past  results,  and  a  2013  Chi8ka  study  was   similar  to  their  2010  research  in  that  nearly  33%  of  all  traffic  share  goes  to  the  number   one  posi8on  when  it  comes  to  Google  organic  rankings.    The  number  two  spot  holds   almost  18%  of  the  traffic  share,  number  three  has  11%,  and  the  drop  off  con8nues   drama8cally  from  there  (data  illustrated  below).    Considering  the  difference  in  traffic   volume  by  rank,  there  absolutely  is  a  higher  value  in  being  ranked  in  the  covered  #1   spot.     Now  that  there’s  a  clear  understanding  of  traffic  share  by  volume,  the  next  step  is  to   evaluate  the  revenue  associated  with  your  key  terms  and  review  that  against  the   posi8on  they  are  ranked  organically.    Since  this  will  vary  based  on  your  website,   business,  and  industry  among  other  factors  such  as  goals,  this  is  where  it’s  really  up  to   each  marketer  to  do  their  own  research  based  on  the  data  available  to  them,  specific   to  their  site.    
  7. 7. G O O G L E ’ S   T O P   O R G A N I C   S P O T                                   T h e   V a l u e   o f   a   # 1   R a n k i n g   Google’s  Organic  Traffic  Share  by  Rank     32.50% 17.60%11.40% 8.10% 6.10% 4.40% 3.50% 3.10% 2.60% 2.40% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  8. 8. WHAT  THIS  MEANS     FOR  YOU   “ I t   i s   i m p o r t a n t   t o   r e m e m b e r   w i t h   S E O   i s   t h a t   i t   i s   n o t   a   “ s e t   i t   a n d   f o r g e t   i t ”   t y p e   o f   s i t u a 8 o n .   R e g u l a r   o p 8 m i z a 8 o n   a n d   u p d a t e s   a r e   r e q u i r e d   f o r   a   s i t e   t o   c o n 8 n u e   t o   fl o u r i s h   i n   l i n e   w i t h   a l l   o f   t h e   o n g o i n g   G o o g l e   a l g o r i t h m   c h a n g e s .   a l g o r i t h m   c h a n g e s . ”  
  9. 9. W H A T   T H I S   M E A N S   F O R   Y O U                                         T h e   V a l u e   o f   a   # 1   R a n k i n g   By  conduc8ng  compe88ve  SEO  research  periodically,  a  company  can  track  their  site’s  staying  power  at   the  top  of  Google.  It  is  important  to  remember  with  SEO  is  that  it  is  not  a  “set  it  and  forget  it”  type  of   situa8on.  Regular  op8miza8on  and  updates  are  required  for  a  site  to  con8nue  to  flourish  in  line  with  all   of  the  ongoing  Google  algorithm  changes.    Targe8ng  the  right  terms  for  your  business,  coupled  with   research  to  understand  poten8al  search  volume  and  value  of  those  terms  is  the  founda8on  of  a  good   SEO  strategy.  Tracking  site  traffic  for  those  keywords  year  over  year  will  help  quan8fy  that  success,  and   determine  if  or  when  any  changes  need  to  be  made  to  what  terms  you  are  targe8ng.       Once  you  know  your  core  terms,  and  have  worked  to  op8mize  them  and  track  their  performance  over   8me,  tools  such  as  Google  Analy8cs  will  help  you  8e  traffic,  conversions,  and  leads/sales  back  to  your   SEO  efforts.    Knowing  what  terms  are  in  the  top  posi8on  in  Google,  and  being  able  to  quan8fy  their   value  through  cold,  hard  data  will  go  a  long  way  in  understanding  the  true  value  of  those  #1  rankings.     Tying  in  top  keywords,  their  posi8on  in  organic  lis8ngs,  and  their  data  from  Analy8cs  will  help  8e  all  the   pieces  together  to  quan8fy  the  results  of  your  efforts.    Keep  in  mind  that  SEO  is  an  ongoing  effort  and   while  organic  clicks  are  free,  the  effort  that  goes  into  obtaining  the  rankings  to  get  those  clicks  comes  at   the  cost  of  hard  work  and  resources,  be  it  internal  or  from  an  SEO  agency.    Understanding  the  cost  of   that  work,  tracked  back  to  the  success  of  the  targeted  terms  and  their  corresponding  revenue,  can  tell   the  true  value  of  SEO  and  those  #1  rankings.  
  10. 10. WHITE-­‐HAT     SEO   Each  8me  Google’s  Webspam  Team,  headed  by  MaP  CuPs,  develops  and  deploys  an  algorithm   change,  the  impacts  can  be  felt  across  the  web  as  to  how  website  rankings  change.    While  many   online  marketers  and  SEO  specialists  prac8ce  white-­‐hat  tac8cs,  as  the  algorithms  are  updated   and  look  deeper  and  deeper  into  a  website’s  history,  past  issues  or  poor  tac8cs  can  become  a   source  for  ranking  decreases,  even  years  later.    To  prevent  this,  make  sure  you  are  always   staying  within  best  prac8ces  for  Google,  and  it  should  go  without  saying  that  a  long  term  white-­‐ hat  strategy  will  beat  out  any  short  term  quick-­‐win  when  it  comes  to  SEO.  
  11. 11. W H I T E   H A T   S E O                                                                           T h e   V a l u e   o f   a   # 1   R a n k i n g   CuPs  and  Team  con8nue  to  update  algorithms  (over  500  per  year  on  average!)  in   a  constant  effort  to  deliver  the  best  results  for  the  end  user,  regardless  of   company  size  or  adver8sing  budget.  To  make  sure  you  are  in  line  with  what   Google  is  looking  for,  here  are  a  few  quick  bullets  to  keep  in  mind:     •  Focus  on  building  links  from  high-­‐quality,  content-­‐ rich  sites   •  Avoid  paid  links  completely   •  Keep  link-­‐building  to  sites  that  are  relevant  to  that   specific  industry   •  Avoid  overly  op8mized  anchor  text  links   •  Create  a  content-­‐rich,  well-­‐wriPen  website   •  Follow  all  generally  accepted  SEO  best  prac8ces   (i.e.,  no  black  hat  tac8cs)  
  12. 12. CONCLUSION   SEO  is  not  something  that  can  be  measured  linearly  and  an  SEO  program  takes   8me  to  develop  so  a  liPle  pa8ence  is  required.  Calcula8ng  the  success  of  a  well-­‐ executed  SEO  strategy  is  more  than  coun8ng  leads  or  sales.  It  includes  monitoring   improved  rankings,  traffic  increases,  and  a  company’s  increases  in  ROI  and   profitability.    It  is  clear  that  the  top  spot  in  Google  organic  search  rankings  can   result  in  great  financial  rewards  for  any  company,  regardless  of  industry.  And  with   MaP  CuPs  and  his  Webspam  Team  at  the  helm,  companies  had  bePer  play  by  the   rules  of  organic  search  as  set  by  Google  or  they  may  find  themselves  suffering  a   penalty,  which  could  kill  their  business.    
  13. 13. Teknicks has pioneered the art of link acquisition, engaging, and increasing quality search engine rankings, traffic, and ROI since 2004. The company’s portfolio of clients includes some of the most well-known brands in the world. The ever- evolving, dedicated team of SEM experts at Teknicks is always learning how to stay in lock-step with search engines, like Google, in order to implement the latest white hat strategies before algorithm changes take place. About Teknicks