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Link acquisition is an important part of any website’s online optimization plan. With the recent emphasis Google and the other search engines have placed on high quality, relevant links, many companies face the challenge of determining whether link acquisition should be done through an in house team or be outsourced to an expert agency.

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In House vs. Agency

  1. 1. IN  HOUSE    {      }     VS.  AGENCY   Are  you  making  the   right  choice  for  your   company?  
  2. 2. I N   H O U S E   O R   A G E N C Y ?                                                                         I n   H o u s e   v s .   A g e n c y   In  House  or  Agency?   Link  acquisi?on  is  an  important  part  of  any  website’s  online  op?miza?on  plan.    With  the  recent   emphasis  Google  and  the  other  search  engines  have  placed  on  high  quality,  relevant  links,  many   companies  face  the  challenge  of  determining  whether  link  acquisi?on  should  be  done  through  an   in  house  team  or  be  outsourced  to  an  expert  agency.    When  determining  what  works  for  your   company’s  business  goals  and  budget,  it’s  important  to  take  into  considera?on  several  factors   that  can  make  or  break  your  link  acquisi?on  program.    From  the  ?me  it  takes  to  build  a  quality   backlink  network,  to  understanding  the  algorithm  updates,  managing  and  mi?ga?ng  the  risks,   and  everything  else  in  between,  this  eBook  will  help  you  understand  what  is  right  for  you.   Time  is  Money   You  Get  What  You  Pay  For   MiEgaEng  Risk  and  Understanding  Penguin   Quality  over  QuanEty  
  3. 3. Time  is  Money   Time  is  money,  as  the  old  saying  goes,  and  the  same  holds  true  with  link   acquisi?on.    Building  a  strong  backlink  network  takes  ?me;  from  researching   poten?al  sites  to  link  to,  nego?a?ng  link  placement  and  details,  to  managing  the   results  and  understanding  the  impact  on  your  overall  SEO  strategy,  there  is  no   quick  shortcut  (and  anyone  that  tells  you  there  is,  isn’t  following  white  hat   techniques).  
  4. 4. T I M E   I S   M O N E Y                                                                                             I n   H o u s e   v s .   A g e n c y   The  challenge  with  ?me  is  that  most  of  us  rarely  have  enough   of  it,  especially  when  it  comes  to  our  responsibili?es  that  we   need  to  fit  into  our  workday.    If  your  company  has  an  SEO   expert  on  staff  that  has  the  knowledge  and  experience  to   handle  link  acquisi?on,  it  can  certainly  be  more  affordable   than  looking  at  an  outside  agency.    The  problem  is  that  many   SEO  experts  have  a  broad  range  of  responsibili?es  within  the   company  that  extend  above  and  beyond  link  acquisi?on.     Staffing  up  with  cost-­‐effec?ve  resources  at  a  lower  level  to   support  the  SEO  expert  can  also  be  an  affordable  op?on,   although  oYen  can  prove  to  be  a  risky  one.    Remember  that   much  of  the  link  acquisi?on  communica?on  is  done  online   which  means  via  wri[en  word.    Anything  that  is  wri[en  can  be   shared,  posted,  and  tweeted  (for  example).  It’s  important  to   consider  just  who  is  doing  the  wri?ng  and  corresponding  on   your  company’s  behalf,  and  how  it  makes  your  company  look.     One  mistake,  one  wrong  email,  or  one  slip  up  can  have  a  vast   impact  on  reputa?on  as  well  as  rankings.    Even  the  best  SEO   expert  can’t  manage  every  detail  of  every  intern  or  entry  level   employee  otherwise  they’d  be  doing  the  work  themselves.     {      }     The  problem  is  that   many  SEO  experts   have  a  broad  range  of   responsibilities  within   the  company  that   extend  above  and   beyond  link  acquisition.    
  5. 5. T I M E   I S   M O N E Y                                                                                             I n   H o u s e   v s .   A g e n c y   From  an  agency  perspec?ve,  they  have  (or  should  if  they  are  a  reputable  white  hat   agency)  in  house  staff  that  is  trained  and  dedicated  to  link  acquisi?on.    They   understand  the  algorithms  from  the  search  engines,  have  a  clear-­‐cut  process  and   methodology  to  review  websites  and  blogs  for  quality  and  influence,  and  set   communica?on  guidelines  for  each  company/brand  they  represent.    The  benefit   here  is  they  have  the  ability  to  work  in  a  much  more  focused  capacity  with  years  of   experience,  oYen  at  a  significantly  reduced  cost  than  if  you  were  to  staff  up  with   similar  exper?se  in  house.    Remember,  if  the  agency  outsources  their  work   (especially  to  anywhere  outside  of  the  United  States  for  domes?c  programs)  that   should  raise  a  red  flag.    The  most  important  thing  to  keep  in  mind  is  that  you  are   considering  an  agency  for  their  ?me  and  experience,  so  be  sure  they  have  both  of   those  things  in  spades.     An  experienced  marke?ng  agency  will  understand  that  link  acquisi?on  is  a  manual   process.  They  will  u?lize  the  most  up-­‐to-­‐date  technologies  executed  by   experienced  employees.  Link  acquisi?on  success  is  about  building  long-­‐term   rela?onships;  this  cannot  be  automated  and  any  company  that  says  it  can  is  selling   you  –  and  your  company  –  short.     From  an  agency   perspective,  they   have  (or  should  if   they  are  a   reputable  white   hat  agency)    
  6. 6. You  Get  What     You  Pay  For  
  7. 7. Y O U   G E T   W H A T   Y O U   P A Y   F O R                                                       I n   H o u s e   v s .   A g e n c y   Whether  you  choose  to  do  link  acquisi?on  in  house,  or  through  an  agency,  always  remember  you  get  what   you  pay  for.    Lower  level  resources  yield  lower  level  and  oYen  riskier  results.    The  higher  the  amount  of   exper?se  and  experience,  the  more  you  can  expect  to  pay,  but  within  reason.    When  reviewing  in  house   capabili?es  vs.  poten?al  link  acquisi?on  agencies,  keep  in  mind  that  teams  with  varied  marke?ng   responsibili?es  generally  do  not  have  ?me  to  analyze  their  company’s  website  rankings  for  key  terms  or   perform  an  in-­‐depth  analysis  in  Google  Analy?cs  to  show  the  value  or  success  of  link  acquisi?on  over     the  long-­‐term.               A  good  link  acquisi?on  agency  will  communicate  the  value  of  their  links  to  the  client  via  in-­‐depth  repor?ng.     Reports  and  presenta?ons  should  be  easy  to  hand  off  to  key  people  in  the  company  that  need  to  see  the  ROI   from  link  acquisi?on.  A  quality  agency  will  be  well-­‐versed  in  the  latest  tools,  strategies,  repor?ng,  and   processes  for  the  highest  level  of  produc?vity  and  success  at  the  best  cost  for  your  company.   Lower  level  resources   yield  lower  level  and  often   riskier  results.     Always  remember  you   get  what  you  pay  for.  
  8. 8. MiEgaEng  Risk  &     Understanding   Penguin   Link  acquisi?on  is  risky;  perhaps  the  riskiest  area  of  SEO  in  light  of  the  recent  emphasis  Google  Penguin  has   put  on  it.    Penguin  updates  have  been  devaluing  sites  that  engage  in  black  hat  tac?cs,  and  it’s  important  to   know  what’s  white  hat,  what’s  black  hat,  and  what  falls  in  the  vast  expanse  of  gray  middle  ground  that  Google   Penguin  is  taking  an  increased  aim  at  cleaning  up.    
  9. 9. M I T I G A T I N G   R I S K   &   U N D E R S T A N D I N G   P E N G U I N                                    In  House  vs.  Agency   With  the  ongoing  focus  on  Google  Penguin,  companies  con?nue  to  get  hit  by  these  updates  and  many  see   drops  in  their  rankings.  As  many  as  94%  of  businesses  hit  by  Penguin  have  s?ll  not  recovered  (Search  Engine   Round  Table:  May  2013  h[p://­‐penguin-­‐poll-­‐16788.html).  Ranking  decreases   have  a  major  impact  on  company  revenue  and  reputa?on,  and  shouldn’t  be  taken  lightly.  A  junior-­‐level   employee  or  quick-­‐results  promising  agency  that  is  striving  to  for  fast  results  can  easily  fall  into  these  traps   and  put  your  company’s  online  presence  in  jeopardy.    Choosing  to  work  with  a  high  quality  agency  can   mi?gate  these  risks  and  provide  your  company  with  peace  of  mind.  From  reading  industry  news,  following   trends,  and  closely  tracking  algorithm  updates,  they  can  help  your  company  stay  ahead  of  the  curve  and  in   the  top  of  the  rankings.   With  the  ongoing  focus   on  Google  Penguin,   companies  continue  to   get  hit  by  these   updates  and  many  see   drops  in  their  rankings  
  10. 10. Top  ranked  organic  keywords  when  worked  on  ethically,  can  hold  their  posi?on  and  con?nue  to  drive  traffic   with  some  regular  maintenance.  It  is  important  to  always  track  all  important  keyword  rankings  in  order  to   understand  where  your  company’s  website  is  posi?oned  and  what  keywords  are  contribu?ng  to  your   website’s  traffic  and  revenue.  An  experienced  link  acquisi?on  agency  can  deliver  these  las?ng  results  while   reducing  the  risk  of  any  nega?ve  impact  from  the  Penguin  updates,  and  in  many  cases  you  can  even  see   ranking  benefits  when  your  link  acquisi?on  is  done  right!   An  experienced  link  acquisition  agency  can   deliver  these  lasting  results  while  reducing   the  risk  of  any  negative  impact  from  the   Penguin  updates   M I T I G A T I N G   R I S K   &   U N D E R S T A N D I N G   P E N G U I N                                    In  House  vs.  Agency  
  11. 11. Quality  over     QuanEty   All  links  are  not  created  equal,  and  all  link  builders  are  not  the  same.  A  lot  more  goes  into  the   link  acquisi?on  process  than  most  companies  realize,  and  the  days  of  obtaining  any  100  links  per   month  to  reach  #1  in  Google  are  long  gone.  Whether  you  choose  to  manage  the  program  in   house  or  through  an  agency,  make  sure  whomever  is  in  charge  of  your  link  acquisi?on  is  aware   of  all  of  the  factors  that  can  impact  success.    The  SEO  landscape  is  an  ever-­‐changing  one,  so   working  with  a  team  or  agency  that  has  the  experience  and  exper?se  to  understand  the  detailed   ins  and  outs  is  key.    In  many  cases  you  will  find  that  for  the  amount  of  knowledge  required  for   long  term  success,  an  agency  is  the  way  to  go.    If  you  are  one  of  the  lucky  companies  with  a   budget  that  supports  a  full-­‐scale  in  house  team,  then  by  all  means  go  for  it!    Just  remember  that   at  the  end  of  the  day,  quality  will  always  win  out  over  quan?ty  and  be  sure  whomever  is  in   charge  of  your  link  acquisi?on  program  has  that  in  conjunc?on  with  the  bo[om  line  in  mind  at   all  ?mes.    
  12. 12. Teknicks has pioneered the art of link acquisition, engaging, and increasing quality search engine rankings, traffic, and ROI since 2004. The company’s portfolio of clients includes some of the most well-known brands in the world. The ever- evolving, dedicated team of SEM experts at Teknicks is always learning how to stay in lock-step with search engines, like Google, in order to implement the latest white hat strategies before algorithm changes take place. About Teknicks