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OMG - Social Networking!! or Social Marketing with a Purpose


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If you're in the category of folks who are baffled, frightened and confused about using FaceBook and Twitter and blogging, this presentation is for you. With humor, tips and tricks, you'll see how you can make Social Marketing Fun!

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OMG - Social Networking!! or Social Marketing with a Purpose

  1. 1. Social Marketing With a PurposeIdeas to Begin or Enhance Your Website,Blog, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Beyond....
  2. 2. OMG • @tekmiss
  3. 3. How did this happen?1971 - The first E-mail “QWERTYUIOP” is sent between 2computers that were sitting NEXT TO EACH OTHER • @tekmiss
  4. 4. How did this happen?1978 - BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) unleashed via dialup(telephone) connection. • @tekmiss
  5. 5. How did this happen?1978 - The first copies of Web Browsers are distributedthrough USENET an early online Bulletin Board, whereFLAME WARS and TROLLING are born. (bashing or insultinginteractions between emotional “trollers” on the internet) • @tekmiss
  6. 6. How did this happen?1994 - One of the web’s first Social Networking sites,GEOCITIES is founded. Users can create their own websites! A thing of beauty.... • @tekmiss
  7. 7. How did this happen?1995 - THEGLOBE.COM gave users the ability toPERSONALIZE their online experiences by PUBLISHINGTHEIR OWN CONTENT and INTERACTING with others withsimilar interests.1997 - AOL Instant Messenger is launched - POPULARIZINGINSTANT MESSAGING • @tekmiss
  8. 8. How did this happen?1997 - SIXDEGREES.COM launches allowing PROFILECREATION and LISTING FRIENDS.2000 - THE DOT COM bubble BURSTS • @tekmiss
  9. 9. How did this happen?2002 - FRIENDSTER is launched - REAL WORLD FRIENDS- Grows to 3 MILLION users in 3 MONTHS.2002 - LINKEDIN is launched - social networking forPROFESSIONALS2003 - MYSPACE is launched - CODED IN 10 DAYS. • @tekmiss
  10. 10. How did this happen?2004 - FACEBOOK is launched. Originally to connectCOLLAGE STUDENTS at Harvard.2005 - launches allowing videos to beUPLOADED BY INDIVIDUALS2006 - TWITTER is launched2008 - FACEBOOK becomes the LEADING SOCIALNETWORKING site • @tekmiss
  11. 11. WHAT NOW?The home video: “Charlie Bit My Finger” has been viewedOVER 300 MILLION TIMES. • @tekmiss
  12. 12. 2010 - 2011... In one year...LinkedIn - grew from 50 million to over 100 Million usersTwitter - went from 75 million to 175 million user accountsFaceBook - last year had 350 million, now over 650 millionTwitter went from 27 million tweets a day to 95 million a dayOR 1.3 MILLION an HOUR to 4 MILLION an HOUR More mind blowing facts at: Published in March of 2011 • @tekmiss
  13. 13. And once again -- OMG! • @tekmiss
  14. 14. The BIG 3LINKEDIN Primarily Business Focused Most users have at LEAST a college degree - and an ASTOUNDING 33% have a GRADUATE degree #1 Social Media Platform for SALES professionals, ENTREPRENEURS, EXECUTIVES and BUSINESS OWNERS. Generally, OLDER, more EDUCATED and AFFLUENT • @tekmiss
  15. 15. The BIG 3FACEBOOKWidest range of all ages and demographics30% of the entire user base is over the age of 3555 and older users grew 927% in 2009Only 3.4% claim a college education in 2011 (3.4 % of 300million is 10.2 MILLION) • @tekmiss How to Target Affluent FaceBook Users
  16. 16. The BIG 3TWITTER63% are LESS than 35 YEARS old58% of Twitter users have a total INCOMEof at least 60K37% of active users, USE THEIR PHONE to tweetFriday at 4 p.m. ET: The most retweetable day/time of theweek. (via Dan Zarella and HubSpot)Teenagers (on average) DO NOT TWEET Who Uses Twitter? • @tekmiss
  17. 17. The Big KahunaBLOGGINGBlogging is the MOST effective SOCIAL MEDIA tool Blogging gives credibility and LIFE to your company Blogging increases traffic to your site Google LOVES Blogs (you WILL get listed if you USE it) People LOVE Blogs (they get to know WHO YOU ARE) LINK ALL of your SOCIAL MARKETING toWEBSITE / BLOG • @tekmiss
  18. 18. The Big KahunaBLOGGINGIf you DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE, at LEAST have a BLOGIf you DO HAVE A WEBSITE, include a BLOG It can be an OUTSIDE Blog like WordPress, or Blogger If you’re developing a site, INCLUDE a BLOG IN THE SITE And... connect ALL SOCIAL NETWORKING to your Blog / WEBSITE • @tekmiss
  19. 19. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK Make Friends with EVERYONE you KNOW (and Trust)Create an ACCOUNT Create your PROFILE to reflect yourself PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY Use a PROFESSIONAL picture of YOURSELF! Only UPLOAD pictures you are OK with CLIENTS and PROSPECTS viewing Create a PAGE for your BUSINESS • @tekmiss
  20. 20. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOKMake Friends with EVERYONE you KNOW (and Trust)Add work friendsAdd your personal friendsAdd your familyAdd friends of friends (acquaintances)Don’t add young folks who swear (or old folks...)Don’t add people who discuss RELIGION or POLITICS, unlessyou want it to be PART of your PERSONAL BRAND • @tekmiss
  21. 21. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK Who is Your TRIBE?WHERE do they HANG OUT (ONline and OFF line)? PERSONAL - Starbucks, Country Clubs, Symphony, Whole Foods, NASCAR or Monster Truck Rally? PROFESSIONAL - Rotary, TechColumbus, Networking Groups • @tekmiss
  22. 22. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK Who is Your TRIBE?KNOW your AUDIENCESWHAT do they DO (corporate or entrepreneur)?WHY do they WANT to FIND YOU (your BUSINESS?)How OLD are they?Where do they LIVE (city, suburbs, rural)?Do they HAVE CHILDREN? What ages, COLLEGE BOUND, GRADE SCHOOL? • @tekmiss
  23. 23. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK PROTECT your PERSONAL BRANDLIKE the PAGES (organizations, bands, businesses, interests) LIKE pages with content that you are COMFORTABLE with the WORLD knowing you LIKE (DON’T PRETEND) to LIKE something you DON’T LIKE! Do NOT LIKE pages that “seem” FUNNY such as: Reading Someone’s Status Update and Thinking Oh, Shut the <expletive> Up! (1,343,430 people on Facebook Like this) I Am Going to Sit Back and Laugh When Karma Punches You in the Face (1,125,074 people Like this) • @tekmiss
  24. 24. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK Find your Tribe and “Like them”SEARCH for the ORGANIZATIONS and LIKE THEM • @tekmiss
  25. 25. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK Find your Tribe (Pages) and “Like them” • @tekmiss
  26. 26. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK COMMENT on the pages you Like! I Commented on this pageA potential 20K or more can read it! • @tekmiss
  27. 27. Tips and Tricks - FACEBOOK Go to other Experts OnlineThe Social Path: Smith: Media Examiner: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.comMashable: • @tekmiss
  28. 28. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet?Quick Human Answers- Ask folks on your friend’s list which digital camera to buy for under $300 US, and you’ll getback a stream of responses.Conference / News Briefings- The last several major tech events were covered by Twitter. I heard about the AppleiPhone faster through Twitter than I would via blog surfing. Similarly, I’ve watched people in San Francisco reportearthquakes that took news sources hours to confirm.Friendsourcing- Last Tuesday, I asked about a web designer for a project. I got back 14 emails in 10 minutes fromdifferent sources on Twitter. It’s a great place to find folks to help with things. We once helped a friend out of a bindwhen he got stuck at an airport, strictly by Twitter.Micro-Attention-Sharing- Lots of us use Twitter to direct folks to blog posts we’ve written, news we find needssharing, or entertaining things we’ve found on the web (Twitter has a built in function to use to shrinkURLs to keep it under 140 characters). It’s *like* using to share, but it’s instant, and you wouldn’t drop 100links on someone in Twitter in a given day.Direct People to Good Causes- I’ve seen plenty of posts of someone doing a walk for hunger or a collection fordiabetes. Twitter allows people to use their friend lists to propagate that information faster, and try to draw more directhelp down to a problem. • @tekmiss Copied Directly from
  29. 29. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet?UPLOAD an AVATAR (a PROFESSIONAL picture of yourself)FILL IN your COMPLETE BIOAdd a LINK to your WEBSITE Professional Picture Snapshot Picture • @tekmiss
  30. 30. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet? FOLLOW people, places and interests TWEET often (especially at first) Do NOT FOLLOW a lot HAVE NOT TWEETED OFTEN WATCH and be sure you have CLOSE to as MANY Followers as you are FOLLOWING Marcy Depew - she clearly uses Twitter and watches whom she follows.Hugh doesn’t TWEET - too busy doing other things!! Won’t follow you - follow them IF you’re interested • @tekmiss
  31. 31. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet?TWEET in FULL SENTENCES and use GOOD GRAMMARDO NOT use an AUTO-REPLY to ask me to VISIT your site, orthat you’re LOOKING FORWARD to connectingREPLY to TWEETS you find INTERESTING or HELPFULLOOK FOR #HASHTAGS • @tekmiss
  32. 32. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet?HASHTAG symbol # is used before RELEVANT KEYWORDSin a TWEET to show up in TWITTER SEARCHHASHTAGS# can occur ANYWHERE in a TWEETHASHTAGGED words are often POPULAR trendsUSE A HASHTAG# only if your TWEET is RELEVANTClicking on a HASTAGGED word will show ALL otherTWEETS in that CATEGORY What is a HASHTAG? • @tekmiss
  33. 33. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet? • @tekmiss
  34. 34. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Social Networking, an EXAMPLE of HOW IT WORKSI COMMENTED on a BLOG, asking about TWITTER, he EMAILED me back. • @tekmiss
  35. 35. Tips and Tricks - TWITTER To Tweet or Not to Tweet?My favorite Twitter Website: Twitip • @tekmiss
  36. 36. Tips and Tricks - LINKEDINIf you EVER wear a SUIT, YOU should be USING LinkedInHave a PROFESSIONAL picture takenCOMPLETE your PROFILE • @tekmiss
  37. 37. Tips and Tricks - LINKEDINIf you EVER wear a SUIT, YOU should be USING LinkedInASK for RecommendationsJoin GROUPS • @tekmiss
  38. 38. Tips and Tricks - LINKEDINIf you EVER wear a SUIT, YOU should be USING LinkedInUpdate your “PROFESSIONAL HEADLINE” it will show up inGOOGLE! Great Needs improvement • @tekmiss
  39. 39. Tips and Tricks - LINKEDINIf you EVER wear a SUIT, YOU should be USING LinkedInUpdate your VCARD Your VCARD DOWNLOADS to Contacts, OutLook • @tekmiss
  40. 40. Tips and Tricks - LINKEDINIf you EVER wear a SUIT, YOU should be USING LinkedInConnect EFFECTIVELY by ANSWERING QUESTIONS • @tekmiss
  41. 41. Tips and Tricks - LINKEDINIf you EVER wear a SUIT, YOU MUST be USING LinkedInSelect UNANSWERED Questions HIGHER VISIBILITY • @tekmiss
  42. 42. Tips and Tricks - BLOGGING Be AUTHENTIC, funny, ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONALLOL! • @tekmiss
  43. 43. Tips and Tricks - BLOGGING Be AUTHENTIC, funny, ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONALAwww • @tekmiss
  44. 44. Tips and Tricks - BLOGGING Be AUTHENTIC, funny, ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONALHUH?! • @tekmiss
  45. 45. Tips and Tricks - BLOGGINGBe AUTHENTIC, funny, ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONALFrom Create Lists of HOW TO • @tekmiss
  47. 47. PUT IT ALL TOGETHERUSE EMAIL MARKETING to get an INTIMATE notice outabout your BLOG (My Favorite - easy to use, intuitive and allows AUTO RESPONSES to MULTIPLE lists ConstantContact.comUse (OR equivalent TO POST to MULTIPLE places atonce) • @tekmiss
  48. 48. PUT IT ALL - get an account to update FACEBOOK, LINKEDINAND TWEET in ONE spot (and others) or • @tekmiss
  49. 49. AN OFFER you CAN’T Refuse!PURPOSEFUL ONLINE MARKETING Analysis 1.5 Hour Phone Consultation Evaluation and Analysis of WEBSITE, BLOG and SOCIAL MARKETING Written Report with IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, KEY WORDS and KEY PHRASES, GROUPS to JOIN, etc Recommended: Pages to CREATE, FaceBook ADS, LinkedIn ADS One time PAYMENT $177 Workshop attendants - until May 15, 2011 $147 • @tekmiss