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With (R)Evolution, TekSource is transforming the way IT professionals receive training. Our courses are led by Certified Instructors and supported by online course mentors. Course content is delivered through expert video modules and interactive features, in tandem with virtual lab exercises and progress quizzes. When you take training with TekSource, you get a comprehensive training solution that incorporates the following value add components into one “revolutionary” offering:

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Revolution Brochure

  1. 1. The leader in the delivery of interactive, on demand, mentored training for IT professionals and experts in corporate technology related training Interactive | on demand | mentored | training (R)Evolution, TekSource’s core offering, is transforming the way IT Our Capabilities professionals and information workers receive training. Our courses are led | Instructor Led by Certified Instructors and supported by online course mentors. Course Training | Learning Solutions content is delivered through expert video modules, interactive features, virtual lab exercises and progress quizzes. Some of the benefits of this approach include: As a learning solutions partner for our clients, TekSource provides corporate Flexible scheduling – individual courses are supported more often, technology training and training related and students can accelerate courses or divide a multi-day course into services that are both innovative and segments. Focused Content – course content can be easily tailored to individual proven. Whether it is our (R)Evolution requirements, and more than one course can be combined to meet mentored training offering or our other specific objectives. core training and consulting services, Extended Support – our clients continue to have access to our TekSource’s commitment to our clients instructors and facility as well as online mentors for 6 months after the start of their classroom session. We encourage clients to reinforce their is constant – TekSource will provide an learning over time, at a pace that is comfortable for them. outstanding client experience, a quality offering, leadership, and expertise. Instructor Led Training TekSource can also provide standard instructor led training either delivered at our site or at a client site. This can be formal courses, desk side coaching, or support, and normally course content is tailored to meet specific project or business objectives. TekSource Corporate Learning Learning Solutions Consulting 36 Lombard Street, Suite 600, Toronto, We are experts in technology related corporate learning initiatives. Our Ontario M5C 2X3 experience in this area extends to: Vendor management, courseware and 647.827.0488 content development, learning strategy and provisioning facilities.
  2. 2. Interactive | On Demand | Mentored | Training Personalized Prior to communication Roadmap for the Access to course Initiation of training experience materials instructor contact training from instructor Certified Instructor In the in class – mentor, Certified Video Access to live Assessments Virtual Labs and Trainer and online mentor classroom facilitator and support Interactive content Quizzes Post 24/7 live online Ongoing access Learning training course mentorship to our facility community support The green boxes indicate some of the value-add components that make TekSource on demand mentored training unique Pre-class Facilitation clear objectives | a tailored Learning experience | a prepared participant We start the learning process well before you arrive at our door with lots of communication and information. Our instructors, coordinators and facilitators will ensure that when course participants arrive, they will have all the tools they need to be successful and students will have already started to learn In our Facility with Certified instructors certified instructors | comprehensive course delivery | personalized and consultative With (R)Evolution, each course is supported by a certified instructor who facilitates, coaches and mentors the students through the learning process - their only job is to ensure our students’ success. Students attend class in one day increments (which can be non-consecutive days for multi-day courses). Expert Video Modules Consistent | industry experts giving their best delivery | paced to the student (R)Evolution guarantees consistent, high quality instruction, and uniform delivery of the course material mapped to official vendor course curriculum with no missed topics. Content is delivered by World Class Experts and Certified Trainers and it has been edited and produced so that students are presented the best possible delivery of the course material. Interactive Content live lab environments | mapped to objectives | ongoing concept reinforcement Throughout the Learning experience, instruction is reinforced with practical exercises, lab exercises completed in live lab environments and progress checks that give immediate feedback to the student regarding their progress. Provides instant feedback, real time results and acts as a measure for the instructor to provide further mentorship Online Mentoring and Support 6 months, 24/7 access | Course material expert mentor | Concept reinforcement As both a 3rd training resource in the classroom and as a valuable support service that is available 24/7, students have yet another mecha- nism to support their learning. Reinforces learning and acts as a support during the classroom session Access to our facility and ability to re-take some or all of the training is absolute assurance that required learning is received. TekSource Corporate Learning | 36 Lombard Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2X3 | 647.827.0488