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Mosquito killing Machine | Mosquito Control Machine


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mosquitofreeworld is leading online mosquito killing machine seller. We provide the most advance mosquito killer-control system across india.

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Mosquito killing Machine | Mosquito Control Machine

  1. 1. AERO mosquito killer system
  2. 2.  AERO - All that is needed for successfully hunting mosquitoes  Mobile rack system makes it easy to move and choose the optimal installation location.  The kit comes with a 10-liter tank filled with carbon dioxide so that you don't need to fill the tank before starting the installation process.  Octenol cartridge ensures efficient operation of the system within 3 weeks.  Quick-monitoring grid magnets AEROBAG Description
  3. 3.  AERO is a modern, innovative system based on the principle of attracting mosquitoes to the installation by mimicking human life. What this means is that AERO generates heat, carbon dioxide and body odour like a living human being. This attracts hordes of mosquitoes to the system that are then sucked into it and killed. How does it works?
  4. 4.  Bungalows and farm house.  Hospitals  Hotels, resorts, garden and restaurants.  Schools, colleges and university campuses.  Residential society,township projects,consturction sites.  Health departments,public parks and municipalities. Applications
  5. 5.  The absence of high-voltage grids allows the use of the system in humid climate, during rains and even near water sprinkling system. (IP 14 protected).  The unique patented and smart trap design holds mosquitoes inside and prevents them from escaping.  The body is made of plastic ABS UV, which protects from direct sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) and thus prevents discolouration of the body. Features
  6. 6.  AERO is cleverly designed and employs smart technology, making it your best bet against the stubborn mosquitoes. AERO is meant for modern environments and situations as it takes care of all concerns AERO Advantages
  7. 7.  Environmentally safe  Selctive action  Silent operation advantages
  8. 8.  Mosquitoes are the dangerous bloodsucking insects that make us a victim of hazardous diseases such as malaria & dengue. Due to the incorrect practices in metro and urban cities, local areas there have become largely prone to deadly female mosquitoes which are solely responsible for the spread of malaria and dengue virus. At our homes, we use mosquito coils or mosquito repellent liquids but an influential mosquito killing machine or mosquito control machine is essential for the effective removal of mosquitoes over large areas. Mosquito killing control machine
  9. 9. differentiations between conventional mosquito repellent liquids and modern mosquito control machine. A conventional mosquito repellent liquids keep mosquitoes away only from your home. But a modern & technologically advanced mosquito killing machine can destroy all the mosquitoes from a specified large area in a definite period of time. This could really prove to be beneficial as attacking the root cause is always emphatic. It eradicates the cause of the occurrence. In similar ways, modern mosquito control machine attacks on the root cause of the spread of mosquitoes. AERO outdoor mosquito eliminating system, when placed outside near the origin of mosquitoes, has an ability to kill all the mosquitoes in the nearby areas.