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Contributor and non contributor
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Contributor example and google as a contributor

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Contributor example and google as a contributor

  1. 1. Presented by:Tejas K. Mistry (125630693026)Seminar presentation onContributor
  2. 2.  First contributor The contributor citizen/people whofollowed the rule of traffic because toavoid the accident and who followeduniformly traffic rule.
  3. 3.  SECOND CONTRIBUTOR. The contributor citizen/peoplegive their contribution in growingthe tree just to reduce thepollution in environment to takejust free air which is away fromunhealthy
  4. 4.  The contributor team leaderalways increase the moral ofmember as well as encourage andmotivate the member and toachieve the goal and also involveto suggest anything if it is rightthen they also implement. THIRD CONTRIBUTOR
  5. 5.  FORTH CONTRIBUTOR The contributor employee behaverationally which is appropriatefor company. He always initiativeand he wish to achieve theorganizational goal.
  6. 6.  FIFTH CONTRIBUTOR The contributor people whoalways support on true matterlike supporting Anna Hazaare.He wish to contribute in truematter so that we get justice.
  7. 7.  SIXTH CONTRIBUTOR The contributor young person whorespect old person. He alwaysshows curtsy toward the oldperson. He use soft words to talkwith him.
  8. 8.  SEVENTH CONTRIBUTORThe contributor person who helpothers without any expectation andhesitation. He say never no to helpothers. Like Gandhiji.
  9. 9.  EIGHTH CONTRIBUTOR The contributor person always contributein association/charitable trust or anyother. He always provide their service justto provide social service.
  10. 10.  NINTH CONTRIBUTOR The contributor team player give his best performance to winas a team. He always think first for his team as well as countryfor which his play. Like Dhoni.
  11. 11.  TENTH CONTRIBUTOR The contributor professional personis rational toward his activityperform by him according to the lawand not beyond his a authority andresponsibility.
  12. 12.  is the large in the world. Now is not just a search engine, they aregetting their hands everywhere.12
  13. 13. Google began in March 1996 as a research project byHis Goal was “to develop the enabling technologies for asingle, integrated and universal digital library.“Pages web crawler began exploring the web in March1996, setting out from Pages own Stanford
  14. 14. The Significance of the story ofgoogle lies in the fact that thegrowth of this bigthe growth of the whole worldwide web.Why?
  15. 15. Who ?
  16. 16.  On september 4,1998 as a researchproject by and builda search engine named as They were both phD students at standforduniversity inWhen ?
  17. 17. When ? Play on the world googol the mathematicalterm for 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  18. 18. Mission?Google’s mission is to organizethe world’s information makeIt universally accessible anduseful.
  19. 19. Philosophy? Focus on user Simple user interface Fast response time Outstanding relevance Everything free
  20. 20. How search works
  21. 21. Facts? consists of over 4,50,000 Servers, racked up inclusters located in data centers around the world. processing 20,000 Terabytes A day , Andgrowing. hopes to index around 100 Petabytes ofinformation in the near future, The equivant data ofhalf of allmaterials ever printed in the human history.
  22. 22. servicesGmailGoogle DocsOrkutGoogle CalenderGoogle AppsGoogle MapsGoogle TranslateGoogle CodeBloggerAdwords
  23. 23. Tools• Chrome web browser• Picasa• Google Earth• Google Desktop• Chrome OS• Android OS• Google Voice• Google Sketch up• Etc…..
  24. 24. For Online Advertising For web publisher
  25. 25. Thank you.
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