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We NSG India, a ESRI Gold Partner, have been working with many companies on a collaborative mode and delivering solutions on ESRI platform configured to their businesses.

NSG has global presence in India, UAE, NewZealand, United states and we offer services in the following ESRI and Microsoft technology areas: NSGI has a special focus on application development, geo-database implementation and web deployment. We develop applications across the entire ESRI suite of products – from ArcPad to ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online,

ArcFM Desktop and ArcFM Server based application customisation using.NET, Java using SQL Server and Oracle spatial databases.

We are ESRI-Centric working on Strategic GIS Consulting, Enterprise GIS Implementations catering to specific vertical markets and domains like Ports, Building Inspection Management and Citizen centric incident and complaints management system for Local Government (Municipal Councils, Counties), Climate Change, Marine, Utilities and Spatial Data Infrastructure.

We have expertise in small to medium to large scale ESRI and Microsoft Based projects. We specialize in offshore-based application development & have proven track record in providing turnkey solution to GIS Companies and Governments. We provide offshore technical and development support on Geocortex Spatial application infrastructure with future proof technologies with minimum custom code requirements. Our offshore development model has a proven cost saving and enable the organization to:

1. Create GIS applications that meet the demand for maps and applications for administrators and project stakeholders;

2. Provide end-users with simple and repeatable processes for accessing information, inside applications tailored to their needs.

3. Reduce the cost of development, support, maintaining/administering applications.

4. Share geospatial information with internal or external stakeholders on an array of desktop/mobile devices.

I have also attached a brief presentation on our corporate background and service capabilities. If you need any additional information or have a query, please do feel free to contact us.

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North South GIS India

  1. 1. NorthSouth GIS… • Global group of Information Technology companies • Service provider consulting group of companies with a focus on the implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) • Specialise in; – – – – – system design application development implementation application training support Focus on delivering GIS solutions in specific vertical markets worldwide NorthSouth GIS
  2. 2. NSGI - Capabilities NorthSouth GIS
  3. 3. NSGI – Global List of Clients NorthSouth GIS
  4. 4. NSG INDIA - END TO END GIS Mapping SERVICES NorthSouth GIS
  5. 5. United States • Ports – Port of Los Angeles – Port of Stockton • Local Government – City of Los Angeles – Other cities, counties NSG wins Esri Business Partner of the year 2009 NorthSouth GIS
  6. 6. Middle East • • • Marine GIS (ROPME, Kuwait) Local Government (UAE - Abu Dhabi, RAK) Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu ( RCJY), Saudi Arabia Managed by NorthSouth GIS NZ •Kuwait / Saudi Border Mapping Project NorthSouth GIS
  7. 7. Asia - Pacific Managed by NorthSouth GIS India Singapore Land Transport Authority Geospatial data verification systems India and Thailand NorthSouth GIS
  8. 8. Aerial Data Acquisition Why is This Technology Exciting Digital Photogrammetry ( GPS Geodetic cadatsral control + Image + Topographic features+map) Almost 200 Sq.Km survey in one hour with aircraft GPS Satellites GPS Receivers Base Station NorthSouth GIS
  9. 9. Print Blue Photo Ortho NorthSouth GIS
  10. 10. LiDAR + IMAGE acquisition NorthSouth GIS
  11. 11. LiDAR Data Processing
  12. 12. Feature Extraction From Ortho Photo Sample
  13. 13. Data Mapping, Digitisation and Network Creation Services
  14. 14. 3D GIS Modelling and Mapping Services E D C B A
  15. 15. Property Address & Building Applications-Abu Dhabi NorthSouth GIS
  16. 16. MIMS- Abu Dhabi (Complaint and Inspection Management Solution) NorthSouth GIS
  17. 17. Traffic Accident Analysis-Singapore LTA Project NorthSouth GIS
  18. 18. 3D Modelling, Ocean Data, Decision Support System Case Study NorthSouth GIS
  19. 19. NSGI Port Applications & Capabilities NorthSouth GIS
  20. 20. Online Tracking View Inspections, Fines, Staff in Map Inspections Inspection Completed Fines Inspections Completed Staff NorthSouth GIS
  21. 21. XPL Aligner-PAI and Conflation Product for Utilities NorthSouth GIS
  22. 22. XPL Tracker (Automated Vehicle Location) NorthSouth GIS
  23. 23. Routing and Scheduling for Industrial meter reading Solution NorthSouth GIS
  24. 24. Routing Solution for Commercial Services NorthSouth GIS
  25. 25. Routing for Service Job NorthSouth GIS
  26. 26. XPL Vision-Image Server Solution NorthSouth GIS
  27. 27. Strong inUtilities-Arc FM Solution Development Capabilities One of the key requirements of an Electric Utility is to be able to trace the Electric Distribution Network. Using the core functionalities of ArcFM Server 10.0.3 from Miner and Miner we were able to provide a full-fledged electric trace module on the Silverlight Viewer of Geocortex. Even though ArcFM Server 10.0.3 provides their own API for Silverlight, it lacks some key functionality like adding barriers, which is why we developed Custom SOEs (Server Object Extensions), accessed using the REST APIs of ArcGIS Server to meet the requirements. Key features of this module •Supports Trace by Phase(RYB) •Supports adding multiple Barriers •Supports Upstream, Downstream, Distribution and Trace with Protective Devices •Provides Trace Length of Lines and Cables •Allows saving and loading flag and barriers •Allows starting a trace from a feature in the Active Collection(Results) NorthSouth GIS
  28. 28. Discover Denver (FiGSS) • • • • • • Historic Denver, Inc. in collaboration with the City and County of Denver launched Discover Denver, a citywide historic preservation survey (funded in part by the State Historic Fund). The goals of Discover Denver are: Engage and educate the community. Provide tools and information that have long term value to the City, State, property owners and overall community. Make the best use of technology. The Field Guide Survey (FiGSS) application is an extension to ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 ArcMap application to facilitate collection of such Historic geographic data. It is a simple wizard based application which makes collection of extensive data and photos manageable. NorthSouth GIS
  29. 29. Port of Oakland Field Inspection Application • • • • • A web based Incident Reporting and Security Inspection field application for handheld devices and tablets. The application is built using Geocortex HTML5 Viewer 1.2.1 libraries and Geocortex Essentials 3.14.0 Workflows. The application uses Geocortex Essentials Security using SQL Server based membership and role providers for Site and Application security. Administration Tool The Administration tool allows configuration and setup for the Incident Reporting and Security Inspection functions. The application will allow configuration of dynamic Inspection forms and Inspection parameters and to define role based permissions on Incident Types and Inspection Layers. NorthSouth GIS
  30. 30. NorthSouth GIS
  31. 31. Tree Asset Management for Treescape • • • • • • • A web based application built using Geocortex Silverlight Viewer 1.7, Geocortex HTML5 Viewer 1.0 libraries and Geocortex Essentials 3.11.0 Workflows. Provides integrated solutions with both in-theoffice and in-the-field functionality Provides capability to interact and communicate with Auckland Council Provides capability to plan, schedule record, edit and manage tree asset information Provides mobile capability to record asset establishment, maintenance and removal information in the field Provides simple query and reporting capability for export to Microsoft Excel to support work scheduling and business planning Provides capability to query and report on asset: establishment, maintenance and removal activities NorthSouth GIS
  32. 32. Service Request and Work Order Management System for LA Department of Transport • • • A comprehensive work order management system to manage public service requests, installation and removal of sign boards, curb paintings etc. with a public web GIS application to find addresses, streets, intersections or blocks and request for services or register complaints, an in-office application to view service requests, vet requests, assign them to field crew and monitor the status, and a field application for the field crew to view and act on the work orders assigned. The application manages workflows of different user groups called Clerical Users, Engineers, Field Crew and Supervisors The application is built using Geocortex Silverlight Viewer 1.9.1, Geocortex HTML5 Viewer 1.2.1 libraries and Geocortex Essentials 3.14.0 Workflows. The application has a Silverlight Viewer with advanced capabilities for inter departmental users and a HTML5 based mobile and tablet compliant web GIS application for public users to request for services. NorthSouth GIS
  33. 33. Cloud computing - geoCirrus Applications Secured GIS Services Unsecured GIS Services IT Infrastructure NorthSouth GIS
  34. 34. NSGI - Strategy NorthSouth GIS
  35. 35. Focus Overall • Esri-centric • Strategic GIS Consulting • Enterprise GIS Implementation • Specific vertical markets Domain • Ports • Local (municipal) Government • Climate Change • Marine • Utilities • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)