Positive Organizational Development Brochure


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Positive Organizational Development Brochure

  2. 2. Case Western Reserve University traces its heritage to the founding of contents Western Reserve College in 1826 and the Case Institute of Technology in 1880, culminating in the merger of both the undergraduate and 3 Welcome from the dean Faculty director graduate schools in 1967. Approximately 10,000 students are enrolled, from more than 100 nations. Two-thirds of the student population attend 4 The Weatherhead m.S. in positive Case’s graduate and professional schools. organizational development and Change Case’s president, dr. Edward Hundert, pledged during his inauguration 5 The mpod Experience that, “Case Western Reserve University strives to be the most powerful 6 program Structure learning environment in the world.” Weatherhead is proud to be a dynamic partner in the pursuit of this goal. 8 mpod Core Faculty Case’s campus, located at the heart of University Circle, places students 9 Sponsoring organizations within one of the most extensive concentrations of educational, scientific, medical and cultural institutions in the United States. Weatherhead’s 0 Admission process neighbors in University Circle include the Cleveland orchestra, the Cleveland museum of Art, the Cleveland Botanical garden, the Cleveland museum of Natural History and University Hospitals of Cleveland. contact information Web site: www.weatherhead.case.edu/mpod E-mail: mpod@case.edu Phone: 216/368-2146 Fax: 216/368-5548 CHANGING THE WORLD, Weatherhead School of management Case Western Reserve University 10900 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, ohio 44106-7235 CHANGING YOU The Weatherhead School of Management is accredited by the AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
  3. 3. www.weatherhead.case.edu/mpod W E AT H E R H E A d A N d C A S E — T H E S E T T I N g F o R B o l d I d E A S For close to half a century, the Weatherhead School of management has been characterized by a series of bold ideas that set it apart from any other business school in the world. We see trends such as the growth of entrepreneurship and the continued globalization of business and react immediately with new learning experiences and new visions of the future. If the stock market doesn’t have an answer, maybe the rainforest does. We give faculty the freedom to explore ideas, however idiosyncratic, knowing that many of them will transform entire fields of study. We limit our class sizes to maintain an intimate, intellectual environment in which students and faculty become equal partners in the learning process, and lifelong bonds are formed. dean’s message You are about to discover that the Weatherhead School of management is different from other business schools. We are bolder in our ideas, more creative in our thinking and more nimble in adapting to the rapidly changing business environment. As a result, the people we teach are ready to add immediate value to their organizations, their communities and the world. Weatherhead is enhancing traditional management education by integrating the fundamentals of business with ideas and practices that transform individuals, organizations and society. This passionate support of innovation has built our international reputation for producing graduates who help organizations achieve sustainable competitive advantages. Weatherhead’s approach to teaching delivers the unique blend of Myron J. Roomkin functional competencies and interpersonal skills that organizations increasingly need. The input we ask for Dean and Albert J. Weatherhead III and receive from industry, corporate sponsors and alumni is critical to designing a curriculum that advances Professor of Management our graduates’ careers and the objectives of their sponsoring organizations. There’s never been a better time to learn at Weatherhead. I invite you to join us. Sincerely, myron J. Roomkin faculty director’s message during the past 20 years, as the field of organizational development (od) has matured, the world of management, work, business and organization design has changed radically. The context within which professionals in the field of od serve has shifted. There is an increasingly strategic focus on relational and human factors such as visionary leadership, transformative cooperation, multi-cultural and global networks, diversity and spirituality at work. The consequence is that the triple bottom line—business viability, human well-being and environmental sustainability—is defining the arena of innovation and productivity for today’s od professionals. our m.S. in positive organizational development and Change (mpod) is an innovative response to this Ron Fry, Ph.D. rapidly changing business environment. It has been designed for a commuting audience, structured Associate Professor of around five, one-week residencies on our campus, and a 10-day International Study Tour, all taking Organizational Behavior place over 19 months. our curriculum is at the cutting edge of change leadership and organizational and MPOD Faculty Director transformation for business and society benefit, drawing heavily from the rapidly emerging fields of positive organization Scholarship and positive psychology. our mpod program features the strengths of faculty from Weatherhead’s top ten in the world department of organizational Behavior, Financial Times (2003- 06), in appreciative inquiry, leadership development, emotional intelligence, sustainable enterprise and experiential learning. As you consider your own personal and professional development, we invite you to consider this exciting life-changing, educational opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ron Fry 3
  4. 4. t h e W e at h e r h e a d M . S . i n p o S i t i v e o r g a n i z at i o n a l developMent and change (Mpod) changing the world, changing you tHe Worl D’s lea Der in Positi V e l eaDers Hi P The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University is one of the world’s top ranked schools in organizational The Weatherhead School of management behavior and change leadership. It is home to internationally recognized thought leaders in emotional intelligence, appreciative is unparalleled in the area of organizational inquiry, transformational leadership, and positive organization behavior. For 25 years, Weatherhead has not only development and change. The demand for high quality, relevant education in the ever-changing led the charge to train effective, forward-thinking field of organizational behavior prompted Weatherhead to expand leaders and managers, but continues to be a this domain alongside the emerging fields of positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship. chief source of business and human performance While addressing the changing world of opportunities for developing innovation, research, experiential learning, human systems that flourish, the MPOD program remains grounded in the basic belief that the self can be a powerful instrument for and instruction. That’s why the Financial Times change; that personal and professional development go hand has ranked our department of organizational in hand. The MPOD learning experience fosters experiential opportunities for participants to become more self aware, to practice Behavior, top ten in the world four years in a row. and experiment with new skills, and to give and receive coaching that can be life-changing. The program educates and develops leaders who will create enduring social systems that offer extraordinary value to all stakeholders, nourish the cooperative human spirit, and contribute to ecologically sustainable societies and global well-being. CHANGING THE WORLD, “Pursuing a Master in Positive Organizational Darlene Vrotsos MPOD Candidate, 2006 Development degree directly resulted in my securing employer and title: a vice president position. This strength-based Parma Community General program is excellent in bringing together diverse Hospital, Vice President of Patient and Clinical Care/CNO groups of students and placing them in dynamic Undergraduate University learning situations around the subjects of leadership and Degree: and change management. The coursework is highly Ohio University, BSN Hometown: Brecksville, OH relevant and has better prepared me for today’s rapidly changing work environment.” 4
  5. 5. www.weatherhead.case.edu/mpod THE mpod ExpERIENCE Upon completion of the program, participants will: • Build new capabilities in strategic-level change management for value creation with customers and communities • Broaden their knowledge of leading-edge theory and practice in appreciative inquiry, strength-based human resource development, and positive organizational change research • Develop the competencies and the emotional intelligence to coach and foster leadership skills and personal character in themselves and others • Be able to form extraordinary groups and organizations — sustainable enterprises that enable human flourishing — that are economically prosperous, ecologically advanced, and contribute to uniting the strengths of markets with universal ideas • Engage in lifelong experiential learning to realize, develop, and model themselves as agents for change why earn an mpod? The context of organizational development (OD) has shifted radically within the last 20 years. Customer service, productivity, and the bottom line are no longer the only benchmarks of business success. Today’s leaders need to be prepared to embrace accelerated change, technology, distributed organizing, social entrepreneurship, and globalization. Personal and organizational success requires a strategic focus on technical, relational and human factors. The MPOD degree enables professionals to create a better world by developing human potential with strength-based methods of inquiry, design, and change management. “The market has recognized the need ricHarD Boyatzis, PH.D. Professor, for emotionally intelligent leaders Departments of Organizational who can effectively use their business Behavior and Psychology knowledge and technical skills. Our MPOD co-author of the 2002 New York Times Best seller Primal Leadership: program teaches these competencies Realizing the Power of Emotional with a proven track record, and empirical Intelligence and co-author of the new book Resonant Leadership: evidence shows that our graduates have Renewing Yourself and Connecting significantly more of these talents than With Others Through Mindfulness, they did when they entered — and their Hope, and Compassion Doctoral studies: Harvard University career progression proves it.” Hometown: New York City, NY CHANGING YOU 5
  6. 6. pRogRAm STRUCTURE: A UNIqUE oppoRTUNITY This 40-credit, 19-month program is delivered in five, week-long residencies and one 10-day international study tour, with virtual conferencing and intensive internet-mediated learning in between the residential periods. Participants in the MPOD program will meet in the Frank Gehry designed Peter B. Lewis Building, the home of the Weatherhead School of Management on the campus of Case Western Reserve University. The INTERNATIoNAl STUdY ToUR building is the most creative, dynamic, and electronically connected environment in the world for learning and exploring business ideas and one of the unique and most rewarding societal trends. opportunities of the mpod program is the This distinct learning atmosphere offers Weatherhead a unique opportunity 10-day international study tour. Students to advance its new global education delivery model called “collaborative travel together as a class and have the excellence.” This model opportunity to study and experience connects the best in experiential learning, multicultural dynamics with od students expansive virtual in other countries. In addition, they learn collaboration tools, and about the practice of od on location the exciting new fields of through engaging with change agents and positive organizational scholarship, and human consultants during intensive site visits in systems change. the host locations. Students experience, together, the call to global citizenship, and also have an opportunity to develop and deepen peer relationships and broaden international contacts. CHANGING THE WORLD, “One of the strengths of the program is its saraH Drazetic MPOD Candidate, 2006 convenience. I work full-time in a critical position employer and title: for Roadway Express and have a family that is very Roadway Express, Inc., important to me. I was worried about adding Director, Engineering school to those priorities and wasn’t sure that I’d Undergraduate University and Degree: be able to balance them all. However, given the Case Western Reserve way the program is designed, with five- to seven- University, BS in Industrial Engineering day residencies and a residency abroad, it worked Hometown: extremely well. I could do the work — including Sagamore Hills, OH the reading assignments, papers, and project work — when it was most convenient for me, my family, and my other work obligations.” 6
  7. 7. www.weatherhead.case.edu/mpod resi Dency F ocU s M aJ or toPics Foundations of positive od and Change positive organization Science Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Transformational leadership and Emotional Intelligence Building generative Relationships Interpersonal Effectiveness leading and Facilitating Extraordinary Teams practicum in AI od for Strategic Impact Systems Thinking and Strategy development Building the Sustainable Enterprise leading Whole-System Change organizing for a Knowledge World designing the Intelligent Enterprise New Forms of organizing High Impact Coaching global Citizenship and multicultural od 10-day International Study Tour Succeeding through diverse organizations Business as an Agent for World Benefit leading and organizing for the Future lifelong learning and development Consulting Skills for Strategic Impact Integrative Action learning Education between residencies will be conducted via internet-mediated learning, individual reading and writing, and virtual conferencing. “The program, faculty, and most importantly, FreD reeDe MPOD Candidate, 2006 my classmates have combined to provide an employer and title: experience well beyond my expectations. Reede Creative Services, LLC, I believe that I have a better insight into how to Founding Principal be more effective as a team member and team Undergraduate University and Degree: leader, as well as in coaching others to be more Kent State University, effective. BBA in Accounting Hometown: Canton, Ohio At first the ‘positive’ aspect of the program and Ludlow, Vermont seemed a bit presumptuous and alien to my business-tuned ear. However, I have seen the transformative effects of the positive orientation of these practices.” CHANGING YOU
  8. 8. THE mpod CoRE FACUlTY RichaRd Boyatzis, Ph.d. Ronald FRy, Ph.d. Professor of Organizational Behavior Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Faculty Director of the MPOD Program Richard is a leading expert in emotional intelligence competencies with Ron is co-creator of appreciative inquiry. He is co-author of Appreciative focus placed on leadership development among adults. He is a coauthor Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Capacity Building (2005, Taos publishing) of the best-selling book, Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional and recently co-edited the first volume of case studies on AI called Intelligence (2002, Harvard Business School press), with d. goleman and Appreciative Inquiry and Organizational Transformation: Reports from the A. mcKee and coauthor of the new book Resonant Leadership: Renewing Field (2002, greenwood publishers). Yourself and Connecting With Others Through Mindfulness, Hope, and alice KolB, Ph.d. Compassion (2005, Harvard Business School press) with A. mcKee. President of Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc., an hilaRy BRadBuRy, Ph.d. experiential learning research and development organization. Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and the Director of Alice received her ph.d. from Case Western Reserve University in the Weatherhead Institute on Sustainable Enterprise organizational Behavior. Her current work is focused on promoting Hilary’s research, scholarly activism, and teaching focus on organizational learning in higher education through institution building. Her 2005 paper change, the human and organizational dimensions of sustainable “learning styles and learning spaces: Enhancing experiential learning in development, and action research. She is co-editor of the Handbook of higher education” published in Academy of Management Learning and Action Research and the Journal of Action Research. Education is based on this work. haRlow cohen, Ph.d. david a. KolB, Ph.d. President and a senior consultant for HBCA, Inc., a Cleveland- Professor of Organizational Behavior based, change management consulting firm. david is best known for his research on experiential learning and learning Harlow has more than 20 years of consulting experience with Fortune styles described in Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of 500 firms and is an adjunct faculty member in the department of Learning and Development. His current research focuses on team learning, organizational Behavior. In the past, he has served as a faculty coach for experiential learning in conversation and learning focused institutional the mpod program Action learning course. development in higher education. He received his ph.d. in Social psychology from Harvard University. david cooPeRRideR, Ph.d. Professor of Organizational Behavior eRic neilsen, Ph.d. Professor of Organizational Behavior david is the recognized pioneer of appreciative inquiry, along with Suresh Srivastva, and a leading expert in positive organizational change. He is a Eric established the Weatherhead master in organizational development consultant for numerous businesses and organizations including American program. His research interests include organization development and Express, Bp America, the United Nations, and the U.S. Navy. He is the change, industrial history (U.S., latin America, Europe), and management co-author of several books, including the Appreciative Inquiry Handbook interfaces between North and South America. (2003, lakeshore Communications). CHANGING THE WORLD, “I have not only learned from some of the best and cHris sPencer MPOD Candidate, 2006 most innovative Organizational Behavior professors employer and title: in the world, I have also been challenged to see the Lennox Industries, Territory Manager world and organizational change in a new way.” Undergraduate University and Degree: Bowling Green State University, BA in Communications Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio 8
  9. 9. www.weatherhead.case.edu/mpod A Diverse Group of Professionals Learning from Each Other The MPOD is crafted specifically for organizational development s oMe o rganizations and human resource professionals, managers, and aspiring change rePresente D in agents around the globe. tH e cUrrent MP oD cla s s e s Participants include: Allstate Insurance • People who have a passion for leading positive change for business Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and society Chase • Leaders of Fortune 500 firms who wish to enhance their people Cleveland Clinic Foundation skills and transformational capacity Coors Brewing Company • Senior executives and managers of nonprofits, corporations, and civic organizations who have significant change responsibilities deloitte Consulting • Senior executives and managers of functional areas such as human Eaton Corporation resources and development, organizational effectiveness, and Eileen Fisher Incorporated organizational development Energizer Battery manufacturing general Electric “Our class is very diverse with students from a wide general motors variety of career fields and various geographical Keithley Instruments locations throughout the world. Our interactions KeyBank Corporation have added depth to our studies. We have formed lennox Industries limited Brands relationships that will last a lifetime.” mTV Networks sHirley sHaDWicK parker Hannifin MPOD Candidate, 2006 progressive Insurance employer and title: Huron Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Health System, Director of Human Resources University Hospital Health System Undergraduate University and Degree: Regis University, BS in Business Administration Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio “Several of our employees have attended Weatherhead organizational JeFF Darner Executive Vice President, development programs at Case. Key has benefited from their learning in Director of Leadership various ways. For example, each month our chairman meets with top talent and Employee in the organization. Recently, Kurt Yerak, the session’s facilitator and an Development KeyBank Corporation MPOD student, revised the format and adopted appreciative inquiry to develop a more conversational approach to this critical dialogue. The participants have embraced the change and have found the sessions much more productive.” CHANGING YOU
  10. 10. THE FIRST STEp ToWARd CHANgINg THE WoRld the admission process PHASE I – TAKE A CLOSER LOOK PHASE II – APPLICATION PROCESS There are several ways to get additional information Participants are admitted to the program once a year. on the MPOD Program: Admission to the MPOD program is based on the following criteria: • Attend an Open House – An open house is a great opportunity to meet current students, alumni and faculty • Minimum of 10 years of work experience, with job and ask any questions you may have. Open houses are held opportunities related to organization change efforts. at the Peter B. Lewis Building. For information on the open • Time and willingness to make a 19-month commitment to house schedule, please visit the MPOD Web site and click attend residencies, online group meetings and 12-15 hours ‘Open House.’ of personal study per week. • Arrange an Information Interview – An informational • Evidence of ability to complete graduate level coursework. interview is especially valuable to individuals who are evaluating program costs (time and expense) and benefits • Potential for advancement into roles where you will impact (career advancement and learning experience). The strategic organizational change. interview allows us to address your specific questions about • To obtain application, please visit the MPOD program. You can schedule an informal one-on- weatherhead.case.edu/mpod and click on Apply Now. one information session with a member of the MPOD staff. Application deadline is June 1. • Visit an MPOD Class – Be a student for a day. Arrange a class visit and experience life as an MPOD student — minus the homework. A class visit allows you to interact with faculty and current participants in an academic setting. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS COMPONENT SUBMITTED ✓ Transcripts: An official certified 1 Completed Application transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended should be Three Recommendations mailed by the Registrar of the issuing Official Transcripts1, which are to be sent directly to Case by each institution before the admissions college or university attended. Document copies are not accepted. interview. Please mail to: $50 Non-Refundable Application Fee The MPOD Program Weatherhead School of Management Personal Statement Case Western Reserve University 000 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 4406-35 Applicant Interview Following the receipt of all application materials listed above, an interview will be scheduled (in person or via phone) to evaluate the applicant’s objectives and experience, and overall fit with the MPOD Program objectives. 0
  11. 11. www.weatherhead.case.edu/mpod the Mpod CHANGING THE WORLD, “In a continuously evolving field like OD, the MPOD program PaUline J. gooDWin MPOD Candidate, 2006 has expanded my thinking to help me facilitate and lead change employer and title: within my organization. The -month MPOD program has Progressive Insurance, given me professional and personal learning experiences that Dealer Network Manager I anticipate using and learning from for the rest of my life.” Undergraduate University and Degree: Boston College, BA in Theology Hometown: Berlin, New Hampshire Learn more about MPOD, today! Visit: weatherhead.case.edu/MPOD CHANGING YOU “I applied to the MPOD program because I wanted to focus on what rita KoWalsKi MPOD Candidate, 2006 makes organizations, teams, and people successful. I had my fill employer and title: of hearing about the “glass being half empty” and wanted to help Veterans Health people recognize when the “glass was half full” and how to use that Administration National Center for Organizational recognition to move forward and fill the glass completely. Development, Program Specialist MPOD gave me the luxury to assess myself and to take the time to Undergraduate University reflect on where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. and Degree: The faculty helped me re-frame myself and my thinking so that St. Bonaventure University, BA in English when I work with clients, having spent time on myself, I have the Hometown: tacit knowledge to help others to reflect on themselves, their Buffalo, New York organizations, and their dreams.”
  12. 12. phone: 216/368-2146 fax: 216/368-5548 e-mail: mpod@case.edu web site: www.weatherhead.case.edu/mpod apply online: weatherhead.case.edu/mpod/apply The Weatherhead mpod program • Weatherhead School of management • 10900 Euclid Avenue • Cleveland, ohio 44106-7235 THE WEATHERHEAd mpod pRogRAm… CHANGING THE WORLD, • Lead transformational change in your organization at the individual, group, system and multi-system levels • Strengthen self-confidence and increase leadership capacity • Facilitate creative, diverse, and multi-functional teams • Expand your network of professional contacts • Appreciate the impact of the triple bottom line: business viability, human well-being, and environmental sustainability CHANGING YOU The mpod program Weatherhead School of management Case Western Reserve University 10900 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, ohio 44106-7235