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Net Impact Chapter Guide Students 2006 07

  1. 1. 2006-07 Net Impact Chapter Resource Guide Student Chapters Net Impact 660 Market St, Suite 210 San Francisco, CA 94104 T 415.984.3300 F 415.984.3301 NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 1
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Net Impact Chapter Resource Guide I. Overview Welcome………………………………………………………………………………………………4 About Net Impact………………………………………………………………………………….....5 II. Talking points What chapter leaders should know………………………………………………………………...7 III. About Net Impact chapters…………………………………………………………………………….....9 IV. Net Impact requirements Chapter requirements and Net Impact policies………………………………………………….11 2006/07 chapter requirements…………………………………………………………………….12 Net Impact policies………………………………………………………………………………....15 V. Resources………………………………………………………………………………………………...17 VI. How to’s Effectively manage your chapter………………………………………………………………….18 Establish your leadership team…………………………………………………………………...19 Recruit and retain members……………………………………………………………………….21 Organize events and activities…………………………………………………………………….23 Collaborate regionally……………………………………………………………………………...24 Publicize and partner with Net Impact for major events………………………………………..25 Plan for the Net Impact conference………………………………………………………………26 Fundraise……………………………………………………………………………………………27 Tech tools…………………………………………………………………………………………...27 Bring Net Impact programs to your chapter………………………………………..……………28 VII. Appendix…………………………………………………………………………………………………33 NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 2
  4. 4. I. OVERVIEW Welcome Welcome to the Net Impact Student Chapter Leader network! We are delighted that you have joined a group of some of the most motivated and inspired graduate student leaders in the world. As a chapter leader, you provide the structure and organization for new leaders to connect and explore the issues they care about. Your role as a chapter leader will ensure that the students at your university are able to participate in the Net Impact network in a meaningful and effective way. During your term as chapter leader, you will have the unique opportunity to extend the Net Impact mission to your program, bring people together to inspire and equip them to use business for positive social impact, and hone your leadership skills. Net Impact exists because individuals like you are passionate about growing the organization and developing increasingly stronger and more effective chapters. Net Impact Central thanks you for your dedication to the organization, and looks forward to working with you during your tenure as chapter leader to ensure your chapter is vibrant and successful. This Chapter Resource Guide (CRG) is designed to help you lead your chapter successfully; it is the culmination of feedback from past chapter leaders, in-depth interviews and survey suggestions. We have included resources, tools and best practices that have been shared with us by our chapter leaders during Net Impact’s 14 years of existence. In conjunction with this guide, we have created a chapter leader resource portal where you can find everything mentioned in the CRG and more. We encourage you to regularly visit the Net Impact website to access the chapter leader resource portal ( and learn about new opportunities and tools. Please note the password to access the portal is nileader. Net Impact Central staff is available to assist you in your chapter building so please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us ( Again, thank you for your leadership and vision and welcome to the Net Impact Chapter Leader Network! Liz Maw Abbey Banks Karin Cooke Executive Director Membership Director Program Director NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 4
  5. 5. About Net Impact Net Impact is a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Our central office supports local chapters at MBA programs, other graduate business programs, and in professional cities. Our staff provides resources, tools, and programs for members and local chapters to use business for positive social good. While we are here to support and strengthen our local chapters, we rely upon you, our chapter leaders, to create successful local events and impact. Strategy and organization Net Impact’s mission is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of new leaders who are using the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact. Our strategy (theory of change) to achieve our mission is focused on leveraging a global network; inspiring our members’ ideas and action; and equipping members for impact. We encourage our chapters to adopt a similar or complementary strategy for themselves. To support this strategy, Net Impact Central staff focuses on four primary areas: • Chapter and member network: providing tools and resources to grow an international network with locally based chapters and online networking tools • Events: organizing an annual conference and supporting other regional events • Programs: providing members and chapter leaders with opportunities to utilize their business skills in their career, education, and volunteer activities • Organization: building partnerships, creating marketing materials, fundraising, and utilizing a Board of Directors and other advisors Our Management Team consists of an Executive Director, Membership Director, Program Director, and Development Director. We also have a talented staff that includes several AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteers and a dedicated Board of Directors consisting of leaders from the nonprofit, private, and academic fields. In addition, Net Impact has several advisory groups, including a Membership Committee composed of Board, student, and professional members. This Committee provides strategic direction on membership growth, member programs, and member composition/diversity. For a full list of our team, please see NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 5
  6. 6. Who our members are Net Impact membership is open to individuals committed to the Net Impact mission who are in graduate school or have two years of work experience. Our global network of MBAs, graduate students and professionals is a diverse group of individuals who aspire to use business for a positive social and environmental impact. They are and will be: • Thought-Leaders for the future of business • CSR Leaders • Social Entrepreneurs • Environmental & Renewable Energy Experts • Nonprofit Directors • International Development Specialists • Socially-Responsible Investors History In 1993, a group of like-minded business school students began a dialogue. Where could MBAs who wanted to utilize their business skills to both make money and achieve positive social good find others who shared these values? How could they network with socially- minded leaders and learn about the latest trends on issues important to them? Where could they find jobs or volunteer opportunities that would enable them to transform their ideals into action? These students decided to form a network to foster these goals. They called the network “Students for Responsible Business,” and held their first Socially Responsible Business conference in 1993 in Washington, D.C. From there the movement gained momentum. From 6 chapters made up of just over 100 students in 1993, the network grew to 16 chapters of more than 500 students in 1994, and reached 40 chapters and several thousand students a few years later. By 1999, the group faced a new opportunity. Recent graduates wanted to stay connected to the movement. Without the collegiality of a Net Impact chapter and peers, and in jobs that often lack outlets for building values into daily work, they feared losing their commitment and ideas for how to use business to improve the world. In 1999, SRB changed its name to Net Impact. The first professional chapter launched in 2001 in San Francisco. The quot;Netquot; implies both our powerful network, and the bottom line (as in net income or net profit). The quot;Impactquot; refers to the impact our members have on their schools, companies, social sector organizations, and communities. Together, the words denote the positive change that we can all create through the power of our network. Over the past few years, Net Impact has grown in size, breadth, and depth. Our member and chapter numbers continue to increase; our conference size has increased and been filled to capacity; and our program offering has expanded to include numerous ways to inspire and equip members to utilize business for social good. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 6
  7. 7. II. TALKING POINTS What chapter leaders should know “As business faces increasingly complex leadership issues, it is critical that the voice of Net Impact students gets stronger and louder.” Sarah Shanley, Carlson School of Management “When you have the tough debates, when you can impact someone's thinking, or get a colleague to think beyond economics, it is empowering and rewarding. That's when it feels like you are in more than just a club; you are part of a movement.” M. Ram, Chicago GSB Net Impact – The “elevator pitch” points • Net Impact is a global membership organization of MBAs, graduate students and professionals using their business skills to improve the way the world does business. • Net Impact is a tax-exempt charitable organization headquartered in San Francisco with over 120 chapters on four continents. • Chapter Statistics. Chapters in all the top 30 USA based MBA programs (according to Business Week) o Chapters in Top 30 international MBA schools (according to The Financial Times and Business Week) o 22 city-based professional chapters o 21 international chapters o 20 largest chapters have more than 100 members o • Most members are MBA students or MBA graduates, although we have some chapters in other graduate programs with a focus on business, as well as professional members who are not MBAs • Net Impact members are leaders in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors • Net Impact hosts an annual conference—this year at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University—for approximately 1,300 attendees • There are three levels of membership for students: regular ($25 per year dues), newsletter (on our newsletter lists), or life-time ($350). To ensure our membership is inclusive and diverse, there are limited scholarship funds available NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 7
  8. 8. Membership – Why chapter members should join as dues-paying members Net Impact chapter leaders are important allies for Net Impact Central in encouraging people to join Net Impact. We require that all of your members join the central organization, at least as newsletter members and preferably as dues paying members. This helps ensure that they receive announcements from us and affiliate with the larger network. Membership with the central organization is important to encourage member commitment and action, as well as for the larger network’s financial sustainability. While often a student member will feel the strongest connection to their graduate school chapter, keeping them in the Net Impact network strengthens the greater Net Impact mission: changing the way the world does business. You will often be asked why people should join Net Impact as members when they are already members of your club. Here are some talking points to help: • Grow your network: network online through our member search or Net Impact LinkedIn group; network locally through chapter events • Boost your career: search job and internship postings on the Net Impact website, as well as browse other career resources • Learn and explore: access members-only resources on the online Learning Center, attend Issues in Depth calls with industry leaders, and receive members-only emails like CSR Weekly • Get involved: participate in Net Impact programs to consult with nonprofits, change the curriculum, green your campus, effect change in the workplace, and more • Save money: members receive a discount on the annual conference and special offers on socially responsible goods and services • Invest in a movement: as a 501c3 nonprofit, Net Impact relies on our members to help support the network and programs. Dues show a commitment and belief in the Net Impact mission For more information on Net Impact in a PowerPoint format that you can download and share with members or school administrators, please see the chapter leader resource portal. We also have a number of other marketing tools on the Chapter Leader Resource Portal, including a membership brochure, recruiter brochure, and media kit. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 8
  9. 9. III. ABOUT NET IMPACT CHAPTERS About chapters “Net Impact has changed the landscape for MBAs interested in making an impact by demonstrating, supporting and growing this powerful network!” Lindsay Kruse, Columbia Business School Definition of chapters Net Impact is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our chapters, in graduate schools and cities, are separate groups that affiliate with Net Impact. We support local chapters through providing tools, best practices, events, a chapter leader network, and programs for members to participate in. While chapters are asked to follow basic requirements and adhere to the Net Impact mission, they are run by volunteer leaders who set goals and activities with a high level of autonomy. Our 501c3 status does not apply to our chapters. Our chapters act as independent affiliates of Net Impact that exist to connect individuals interested in using business skills to create positive social change. Chapters are led by volunteers who are Net Impact members. While chapter leadership can be challenging and time consuming, there are also numerous rewards! We’ve listed some of them below. Benefits to leading a chapter Net Impact Chapter Leaders are a unique group of people, and we consider you an important ally for the network. We believe that the leadership experience will be beneficial and exciting for both you and your student club. Chapter leadership will benefit you by enabling you to: • Develop leadership skills • Meet other student and professional chapter leaders from around the world • Voice your priorities to Net Impact to influence our programming and services • Make a real difference in creating positive social change in your graduate school program and your community Affiliation with Net Impact will benefit your student club by: • Providing your members with a network of like-minded student leaders and students throughout the world • Sharing best practices and ideas with other Net Impact chapters (continued on page 10) NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 9
  10. 10. • Providing larger brand recognition for your local efforts • Providing publicity for your program and club to external parties, like to admitted students and the press. For example, the Net Impact Guide to Business Graduate Schools will be launched summer 2006 with recognition of many of our student chapters • Offering students an opportunity to engage in network-wide projects designed to effect broader social change. For example, students interested in curriculum change can be part of a larger Net Impact program to effect change in multiple MBA programs Please note that chapters are affiliates of Net Impact Central, not an official part of our organization. Net Impact Central is not liable for the activities or events carried out by Net Impact chapters. Types of chapters Net Impact has four categories of chapters to reflect chapter accomplishments and activities. Gold chapters are those chapters within the network that go above and beyond the minimum chapter requirements. Often Gold Chapters are those that have been around for a while longer so if you have recently launched a chapter, worry not, you too can get to Gold status! Silver chapters are defined as chapters that meet all Net Impact minimum chapter requirements and are performing strongly. Year 1 chapters are chapters in their first year of operation. Associate chapters are chapters that are working on strengthening specific areas with additional help from Net Impact or have requested to be listed as an associate chapter. See Chapter Requirements and Policies for more information on our chapter definitions. Chapter recognition As the building blocks of our organization, recognition of our chapters is of great importance to us. Twice a year (Fall and Spring) Net Impact publishes the breakdown of our chapters (Gold, Silver, Year 1 and Associate) in our publications. This is a great opportunity to showcase your chapter’s accomplishments to the network. Our chapter ranking is also available year round on our website at Chapter of the Year awards recognize our chapters for their accomplishments and are awarded at our annual conference. We have five categories and several levels of winners in certain categories including: Student, Professional, International, Rookie and Revival. The Chapter of the Year awards not only provide great recognition of your chapter and your program, but also a cash prize to be used towards chapter expenses. Applications for Chapter of the Year go out in the early Fall and are due roughly a month before the conference for judging. The judging panel is comprised of members of Net Impact’s Membership Committee. We hope your chapter considers applying for a Chapter of the Year award! NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 10
  11. 11. IV. NET IMPACT REQUIREMENTS Chapter requirements and Net Impact polices Overview Over Net Impact’s 14 years of operations we have learned what makes chapters succeed, and what can lead to chapters fading over time. In an effort to help you build a strong chapter that will live on for years, we have established Chapter Requirements. We require that all chapters meet our minimum standards to be recognized as a Silver Net Impact Chapter by the Net Impact network. Chapters that meet minimum standards and the majority of Best Practices are listed as Gold Net Impact Chapters. We encourage you to strive for our Best Practices in as many categories as you can! Chapters that are unable to meet the minimum standards are considered Associate Chapters, and will receive help from Net Impact Central to become official chapters. Net Impact Central requests that all Net Impact chapters respect and adhere to the Net Impact Chapter Requirements. We require that you meet our minimum standards (as laid out in Chapter Requirements) and pay chapter dues annually to maintain your chapter status. To determine how your chapter is performing, we send out a Fall Checklist and Chapter of the Year award application, and in the spring we send out questions for the Net Impact Graduate School Guide. Not only do these tools help you keep track of chapter success, but they also provide ways to share with and learn about other chapters in the network. If your chapter has unique circumstances by which you cannot comply with certain guidelines, Net Impact Central will work with you to develop an agreement of shared expectations. Please contact to discuss questions or concerns. Net Impact Central looks forward to working with you in your chapter building! NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 11
  12. 12. 2006/07 Chapter requirements Leadership team Chapter role How Net Impact Central can help • • Best Leadership team with two members as chapter Outreach support to help recruit co-leaders new leadership Practice • • Three to five members who are VP’s Suggested leadership structure • • One person is designated contact for Net Chapter leader resource portal Impact Central • Successfully transition chapter leadership • Minimum Leadership team with two members • One person is designated contact for Net Standard Impact Central • Successfully transition chapter leadership * We require that all members of the leadership team be dues-paying Net Impact members. Membership at launch Chapter role How Net Impact Central can help • • Best 10+ dues paying members at the time of Chapter leader resource portal • chapter launch Net Impact marketing materials Practice • Outreach support to help recruit • Minimum Five dues paying members at time of chapter members launch Standard Recruitment and retention Chapter Role How Net Impact Central Can Help • • Best Maintain or exceed 25-50 members* Chapter leader resource portal • • Recruit 25% of your MBA/graduate school Net Impact marketing materials Practice • program to become Net Impact members* Outreach support to help recruit members • Member recruitment PowerPoint • Minimum Maintain 10 members • New chapter – recruit 10 members within six Standard months of chapter launch *We understand that graduate programs vary in size and student interests. A best practice is defined as securing 25-50 full members, or 25% of your MBA/graduate school program to become Net Impact members. If you have questions please contact NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 12
  13. 13. Chapter activities Chapter role How Net Impact Central can help • • Best Monthly activities during duration of academic Chapter leader resource portal • year Event best practices Practice • • Activity mix includes networking, career, Suggested activity calendar community impact, education • Events calendar • Run at least one community impact project • Event partnership annually • Speaker database • Submit speakers to Speaker Database • Monthly chapter leader calls • If open to others, post on Net Impact Event Calendar and invite regional chapters • Minimum Four activities annually • Activity mix includes networking, career, Standard community impact, education • Submit speakers to Speaker Database • If open to others, post on Net Impact Event Calendar and invite regional chapters Net Impact network programs Chapter role How Net Impact central can help • • Best Participate in cross-chapter initiatives to drive Centrally managed programs to large-scale change on such topics as curriculum share best practices between Practice change and campus greening chapters • • Select 1-2 designated leaders for each position Recruit specialists to share • knowledge Participate in Net Impact led career and • education calls Provide supporting materials to • facilitate garnering support from Contribute ideas and suggestions faculty and administration • Minimum Promote opportunities for involvement to chapter members Standard Conference Chapter role How Net Impact Central can help • • Best At least one chapter leader attends annual 25% discount on conference conference, including chapter leader session registration for two chapter Practice • leaders per chapter Encourage chapter members to attend • Conference marketing materials to pass on to members NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 13
  14. 14. Communication with your chapter Chapter role How Net Impact Central can help • • Best Distribute monthly newsletter Regional email lists • • Maintain updated chapter profile on Chapter page on website Practice • CLUE “News for your Chapter” • Contribute to Net Impact publications sent monthly • Pass on information sent monthly by Net Impact in CLUE to your chapter • Minimum Distribute monthly newsletter or quick chapter update Standard • Maintain updated chapter profile on • Pass on information sent monthly by Net Impact in CLUE to your chapter Communication with Net Impact Central Chapter role How Net Impact Central can help • • Best Answer annual chapter leader survey Annual call schedule • • Submit annual check list and/or chapter of the Call moderation Practice • year application in the Fall Call agenda provided in CLUE • • Submit Grad School Guide information in the Call reminders sent before call Spring • Call notes • Read CLUE (Chapter Leader Update Email) • CLUE and other communications from Net Impact Central • Attend nine of the monthly chapter leader conference calls • Volunteer to lead Best Practice discussion on chapter leader call • Review call notes when calls are missed • Answer annual chapter leader survey • Submit annual check list and/or chapter of the Minimum year application in the Fall Standard • Submit Grad School Guide information in the Spring • Read CLUE (Chapter Leader Update Email) and other communications from Net Impact Central • Attend six of the monthly annual conference calls • Review call notes when calls are missed NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 14
  15. 15. Chapter dues Chapter role How Net Impact Central can help • Net Impact requires that all student chapters Minimum Your chapter dues cover: pay annual chapter dues after their first year of o Membership brochures standard operation (i.e. you do not owe dues for your o Pens first year). There is a scholarship form o Chapter Resource Guide available on the Chapter Leader Resource o Mailing of chapter kits portal. o Development of tools and resources for chapters Student chapters: $275 • Net Impact relies on chapter dues Emerging Economy Student chapters: $150 to help cover our operational costs. We work hard to keep your All dues need to be paid in US$. chapter dues low. Net Impact policies In response to frequently asked questions around fundraising, use of chapter funds and branding we have developed the following policies to streamline your role as chapter leader. Fundraising Net Impact is pleased to provide you with support on fundraising. As a 501c3 charitable organization, Net Impact is legally restricted as to how and from whom it can solicit funds. As part of the Net Impact network, we ask that you adhere to the following fundraising practices. For more information about any aspect of fundraising for Net Impact, or to recommend a company or contact that might be interested in corporate sponsorship, please contact William Critzman, Development Director, on 415 984 3300 x302 or by email at SOLICITING FUNDS FOR YOUR CHAPTER Soliciting gifts of cash or in-kind donations less than or equal to $2,499 When a chapter solicits funds for less than $2,499 from a single organization, Net Impact Central encourages you to use the resources we provide in your chapter leader resources, specifically the fundraising toolkit (to be published summer 06). Let us know if there is anything further we can provide. We would also like to know of any gift you have received and we may ask you to present a best practice so that other chapter leaders can learn from your success. Soliciting gifts of cash or in-kind donations in excess of $2,500 When approaching either a company or an individual for a gift in excess of $2,500, we ask that you please complete and submit a Chapter Fundraising Form found on the chapter leader resource portal. For these larger gifts, we would like to offer greater support from the central office, while ensuring that we (the entire organization of Central Office and 120+ chapters) aren’t simultaneously asking for multiple gifts from a single source. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 15
  16. 16. SOLICITING CONTACTS FROM YOUR CHAPTER MEMBERS Net Impact relies on our corporate partners and on their sponsorship dollars to continue supporting our network, our members, and our programs. Without Corporate Sponsors, we would never be able to do the work we do today. To that end, we are constantly looking to increase the number of companies in our sponsorship circle. We encourage you to poll your chapter members and to alert Net Impact of any strong connections you might have with specific companies’ community affairs or sponsorship offices. In exchange for your contacts and any introductions made on the organization’s behalf, we are happy to speak with you about ways we might be able to better support your chapter. While our 501(c)3 binds us to the specifics of sharing sponsorship dollars, we would like to speak with you about what your chapter could potentially gain from a sponsorship resulting from your actions. Use of chapter funds Net Impact chapter leaders should, at all times, use chapter funds responsibly with the end goal of furthering the Net Impact mission. Chapter funds should not be used for chapter leader benefit (i.e. dinners, paying for conference registrations, paying for your own membership). Branding Chapters should use the Net Impact name for their chapter whenever possible. Please refer to your chapter as the Name of School Net Impact, an affiliate of Net Impact. If your school is committed to referring to your Net Impact chapter by a different name, i.e. the Social Impact Club or Responsible Business Club, please add “an affiliate of Net Impact” to all marketing materials. We ask that you use the official Net Impact logo, which can be found on the chapter leader resource portal. Net Impact’s official tagline is: Magnify Your Impact Net Impact’s official description is: Net Impact’s mission is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of new leaders who are using the power of business to make a positive net social, environmental, and economic impact. With over 120 chapters across the world, a central office in San Francisco, and partnerships with leading for and nonprofit organizations, Net Impact enables members to use business for social good in their graduate education, careers, and communities. Please use the official tagline and description in your communication of Net Impact. If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 16
  17. 17. V. RESOURCES Chapter Leader Resources “Net Impact is at the forefront of progressive business leadership. Get involved, lead by example, live up to the challenge.” Zachary Dominitz, London Business School We are pleased to offer you a comprehensive portfolio of tools and resources to support your needs. Your favorite Net Impact website destination should be the Chapter Leader Resource Portal ( and our What’s New Now page. Regular visits to these two pages will be a quick, efficient way to stay up to date on what Net Impact has to offer. Please note: To access the chapter leader resource portal you must be logged-in to the Net Impact site as a member. You will be prompted for an additional password which is NILeader. Division of labor The following table gives you a snapshot look at what Net Impact Central provides vs. what we ask you as a chapter leader do. Topic Net Impact Central: Chapter: What we do What you do • • Communication with your Provide monthly content in CLUE Share relevant content with your chapter (Chapter Leader Update Email) chapter • • Communication with the Organize monthly (students), Participate and share your best network quarterly (professionals) conference practices on calls, and through calls emails to Net Impact Central • • Regional collaboration Provide bi-annual regional Engage in dialog with regional introductions chapter leaders • • Organize email lists on request Build regional partnerships • • Programs Create program strategy and assist Promote programs and leadership in management positions to your chapter • • Conference Host annual national conference Encourage attendance of your members • • Annual planning Provide online resource portal with Develop and execute on your tools for annual planning annual plan • • Guidelines Develop and implement guidelines Report on chapter activities bi- and best practice standards for annually (fall check list, spring chapters summary) NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 17
  18. 18. Summary of Net Impact chapter building tools The Chapter Leader Resource Portal has everything you need to effectively run your chapter. And if you don’t see what you need, email us at and we will create it for you. We update this part of our site monthly so check back with us on a regular basis. Here is an example of just some of the tools you will find: Recruitment Powerpoint presentation * Marketing brochures * Net Impact logo files * New member welcome template * Chapter fundraising form * Donation thank you letter * Event greening guide * Speaker database * Net Impact business card template * Net Impact thank you notes * Net Impact fliers and banners * New leader orientation presentation * Chapter leader contact list * Instructions on how to run membership queries and more * Chapter Best Practices VI. HOW TO’S How to effectively manage your chapter Create an annual plan, set goals, measure results One of the most common things we hear from chapter leaders is “it went by so fast!’ With two years in graduate school (or less depending upon your program structure) time will fly. One of the best ways to insure you maximize chapter growth and development during your time in a leadership role is to start with the creation of an annual plan, set tangible goals and take the time to measure results when you are done. An annual plan maps out your goals, your schedule of activities and your tools to measure your results. Please see the Chapter Leader Resource portal for an annual plan template. Suggested areas for goal setting and measurement • Membership recruitment and retention as measured by number of members who join and renew in your chapter • Member engagement as measured by member participation in events, activities and programs • Activity schedule as measured by number of activities planned and completed • Faculty support as measured by participation of faculty in chapter events and activities • Alumni support as measured by alumni who come back to campus, participate on an alumni board, etc • Participation in the Net Impact conference measured by number of chapter leaders and students in attendance • Chapter participation in Net Impact programs • School specific goals Measurement • Report back on your annual plan to measure your success at the end of your term • Survey your membership to gauge their level of involvement in the chapter NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 18
  19. 19. Establish your leadership team Building your team Developing a solid leadership team may be your most important job as chapter leader. Making sure that your leaders are trained and that the entire team is prepared for leadership transition is a critical piece of establishing your leadership team. Net Impact Central provides orientation materials to make sure incoming leaders are trained in how to be most effective, provides ongoing leadership development support to help strengthen teams, and has resources to help you plan your transition strategy. Structuring your team The Net Impact Central office recognizes the importance of autonomy and flexibility in determining individual chapter structures. Priorities, goals and resources differ among chapters; therefore, each will naturally assume a different structure. That said, chapter leaders have indicated that they would like suggestions on how to organize their chapter leadership teams. To satisfy this need, Net Impact has outlined officer roles below. We recommend 4-8 officers depending on the chapter. Possible roles include: • President Net Impact ambassador in the community at large • Liaison between Net Impact Central (including reporting) and chapter constituents • Oversees leadership team and leads development of chapter vision and plan • Updates online chapter profile and registers the chapter with NIC • Membership Recruits members, encourages them to join Net Impact, builds member relations • Manages membership lists and collects membership dues • Establishes a group distribution list • Treasurer Manages chapter budget and financials • Advises and develops creative ways to fundraise • Events Identifies interesting topics and invites speakers • Leads the event planning and logistics • Corporate outreach / Builds relationships with professional organizations and the corporate community • Professional development Explores professional development resources and opportunities for members • Community Impact Organizes projects where members work together to benefit the community • Serves as liaison to Net Impact’s community impact programs, when applicable (see Programs section for more details) • Technology Develops and maintains chapter website, listservs, discussion groups, Evites, etc. • Curriculum Change Works with Net Impact Central to enhance curriculum on campus. • Delegate Participates with Curriculum Change delegates worldwide to share best practices and work to include social impact issues in MBA programs • Marketing Develops public relations and marketing materials for Net Impact events and campaigns • Facilitates communication, both within the community and with Net Impact Central in coordination with Chapter President • Campus Greening Rep Leads projects on campus sustainability in conjunction with Net Impact’s Campus Greening Initiative NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 19
  20. 20. Committee members In addition to these leadership roles, successful chapters appoint committee members to work with the chapter leaders. By creating committee roles you increase the leadership opportunities within your chapter and develop a structure that will help you to distribute the work and accomplish more. Orientation and training An important step for all chapter leaders and members of the leadership team is to review the Net Impact orientation slide deck located in the chapter leader resource portal and attend one of the chapter leader orientation calls Net Impact conducts each December, January and February. Net Impact staff is available if you would like to schedule a separate orientation for your team and your leadership transition takes place in a month other than December, January or February. Chapter Leader orientation is designed to inform you on how to best work with Net Impact Central and make the most out of your time as a chapter leader. Strengthening your team As leaders one of the most important roles you will play will be to keep your teams motivated. We recommend that you work hard with your team to define each individual’s role and clearly lay out expectations. With some good planning up front and regular check-ins you will be on the road to making sure your team stays engaged, focused and effective. Transition strategy Often times a chapter will have a great year, and when it comes time to elect or appoint new leaders, there seems to be no one to step up to take over. To insure a fluid leadership transition we recommend that you begin grooming your next year’s leaders early. Create leadership opportunities for first year students and give them a chance to get involved with your chapter, as these will most likely be your strongest candidates for chapter leadership the next year. If you are in a part-time or one-year program leadership transitions can be particularly challenging. Developing strong relationships with your faculty advisor and/or members of the administration can be extremely helpful to you. Some chapters rely on their faculty advisor to educate and inform incoming students about Net Impact and keep the chapter going. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 20
  21. 21. Recruit and retain members “Promoting the triple bottom line, one member at a time!” Kate Butchart, Monterey Institute of International Studies Your members Recruiting and retaining members begins with understanding their needs. Why might they be interested in Net Impact? If they have already joined your chapter, what motivated them to join? What do they hope to get out of it? And what can you to do make sure they come back next year? This section contains general tips for recruiting members to your club; see the “talking points” section above for specific tips to help you recruit members to Net Impact Central. Recruit It’s never too early to start recruiting. You have a captive audience at the accepted students’ weekend. Talk to admitted students about the role of Net Impact on your campus and highlight your accomplishments and plans for the coming year. If possible, outreach to the incoming class over the summer and remind them of your plans, how they can get involved, and what leadership opportunities are available. When students first arrive (and return) to campus make sure you are organized to have an event at the beginning of the year. There’s nothing like a little chapter branding to keep Net Impact in the minds of your colleagues and Net Impact Central helps by providing marketing materials to support your efforts. Survey We suggest that each chapter conduct an annual survey. It is recommended to conduct a survey at the beginning of the academic year so that you have a strong idea of who is in your chapter and what they are interested in. Several of the online survey tools like Survey Monkey allow you to access their service for free. In addition to surveying your membership through surveys, we recommend you also use Net Impact membership queries. When members join the Net Impact database we ask several questions to understand their goals and interests. This information can be useful to you as well. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 21
  22. 22. Retain Your members will stay involved if your events and activities meet their needs. We encourage you to outreach to returning students over the summer and in the first weeks of the academic year to let them know about what your chapter will be planning and get them excited. For Member Recruitment & Retention tools including marketing templates, talking points, example activity calendars and more please visit the chapter leader resource portal at Communicate with your Chapter We hear from chapter members that consistent communication from their chapter leaders is one of the key attributes to leading a successful chapter. As a chapter requirement we ask that chapters communicate monthly with their chapters. Many chapters have their own newsletters that they send to members. Net Impact has created a webpage template that we are happy to help you set up to communicate with your members. Each month in CLUE we include a section entitled News for your Chapter which provides you with information from Net Impact Central that you can share with your membership. In fact, through sharing this information you are increasing the value of your members’ memberships in Net Impact. In addition to receiving your school chapter newsletters, if you are in an area with a professional chapter your members can sign up with a professional chapter as their secondary chapter affiliation and thus receive information from professional chapters too. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 22
  23. 23. Organize events and activities Suggestions For some of you, organizing events is a cinch. For others, it might be something new. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you might be on, the following suggestions will help ensure your event is well attended, well received, and memorable. Before your event 1. Invite a speaker or a panel of speakers to talk on issues like corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, or international development. You could use the Net Impact speaker database or partner with an existing club. 2. Send an email invitation to the student body; you could choose to invite other local Net Impact chapters as well. 3. Use marketing templates to advertise the event via email and through posters. 4. Post your event announcement on the Net Impact calendar (go to During your event 1. Distribute brochures and marketing materials. If you need more materials contact Net Impact Central or print them from the files available on the website. Make sure to ask people to join Net Impact Central (as well as sign up for your school listserv, if you keep them separate). 2. If applicable, create nametags to facilitate conversation and networking. 3. Create a sign in sheet for all attendees and guests to capture everyone at your event. Tools The tools below are useful for organizing events and are located in the Chapter Resource Portal at Outreach List (provided by Net Impact central) Membership Brochures Logo files Templates to create announcements and newsletters Net Impact Pens Recruitment PowerPoint Nametag template Poster template (you want your event to be well branded!) NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 23
  24. 24. Collaborate regionally Knowing your network As Net Impact continues to grow its’ chapter network, the odds are there may be other chapters near you. Using regional email groups is a great way for you and your chapter members to network with other chapters in your area. Any email you send to the regional group goes directly to the chapter leaders of the other local chapters. Some suggestions for regional groups: • Partner with other chapters in planning a larger event • Advertise your events to the members of regional chapters • Share best practices with other chapter leaders • Recommend speakers • Host a regional conference These groups are updated as new chapters are launched and updates can be found in the chapter leader resource portal ( The existing groups at the time of publication are: Emory, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech; Monterey Institute of International Studies, San Francisco Professional, Silicon Valley Professional, UC Berkeley (Haas), UC Davis, UCSF, USF, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, Presidio School of Management; Babson College, Boston University, Boston College, Harvard Business School, Harvard- Kennedy School of Government, MIT (Sloan), Tufts University, Boston Professional; Chicago Professional, University of Chicago, Northwestern University (Kellogg); DC Professional, Georgetown MBA, Georgetown Master of Arts and Sciences, Johns Hopkins SAIS, University of Maryland, George Washington University; Denver Professional, University of Colorado, University of Denver; Berlin Professional, Erasmus University, ESSEC, HEC, INSEAD, Instituto de Empresa, London Business School, London Professional, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), University of Geneva, IESE, Copenhagen University, IMD; Claremont Graduate School, Los Angeles Professional, Pepperdine University, UC Irvine, UCLA, USC; Columbia University, Fordham University, New York University, New York Professional Chapter; Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Portland Professional Chapter, Portland State University, University of British Columbia (Sauder), Seattle Professional Chapter, Simon Fraser University, University of Alberta, University of Washington; Dallas Professional Chapter, Houston Professional Chapter, University of Texas- Austin, Rice University NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 24
  25. 25. Publicize and partner with Net Impact for your major events Publicity options All Net Impact chapters are able to use Net Impact’s logo as part of the promotion for their event. Use of the Net Impact logo should adhere to the guidelines set out in the Net Impact Style Guide, available online under Chapter Leader Resources. Free publicity options include: • Calendar posting on Net Impact’s events calendar ( • Announcement in regional email groups Paid publicity options include: • Leading Business announcement ($40 – Free for Gold chapters) • Leading Business featured promotion ($250 for non-associate chapters) • Featured event on Home Page ($300 for non-associate chapters) Additional Support Net Impact is committed to supporting our chapters and their activities. We are happy to help you think through your events and provide insight based on our experience hosting our annual conference. Types of events that we have supported in the past include case competitions, business plan competitions, other competitions around Net Impact themes (i.e. essay, service project, etc.,), career fairs, speed networking, and conferences. One great resource when planning your event is our speaker database. Our speaker database contains many of our past speakers from conferences as well as speakers recommended by our chapters. At the time of publication we have 400 speakers in our database. Additionally, for a nominal fee, Net Impact can provide event registration technology and support. Email for more information. While Net Impact would love to attend all chapter events, our limited budget prohibits us from traveling. Net Impact will consider attending your chapter events, if there is an opportunity to speak at or participate in the event and travel expenses are covered by your event and/or chapter. Unfortunately, Net Impact is not able to provide financial sponsorship of any chapter events. A Net Impact’s resources for assisting procurement of sponsorship are limited, we regret that we are not able to assist fundraising efforts beyond the tools already provided in the Chapter Resource Guide. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 25
  26. 26. Plan for the Net Impact Conference Navigating Social Change: October 27-29, 2006 The Net Impact Annual Conference is October 27-29 2006 at the Kellogg School of Management, and is a fantastic opportunity to network with other students interested in how business can make a positive social impact. It is also a great way to learn about the latest issues in CSR, and the types of careers in which you can use your business skills to change the world. Plus, it is a lot of fun! The student leaders at Kellogg have been working hard to ensure that this year’s conference will be a tremendous success. The speakers, networking events, and social options will be outstanding. Encouraging your chapter members to attend the conference is a great way to energize your chapter and build relationships for future success. Net Impact suggests that you start promoting the conference to your members immediately. Last year the conference sold out in advance, and this year’s capacity is slightly smaller. In addition, there is a $50 discount for those members who sign up during early registration. All Net Impact members will receive ample warnings in advance of capacity constraints (another reason to convince your members to join Net Impact!). You can learn more about the conference at Capture conference momentum Net Impact Central recommends leveraging the momentum created at the conference through coordinating post conference chapter events. Examples of programs that help capture and build on the energy at the conference include: • Conference debrief and program review: Get your Net Impact Chapter members who attended the conference together for a debrief and a review of your current programs. Determine which new ideas and themes from the conference can be incorporated into your existing programs • Hold a mini-conference panel session on campus to expose more students to a favorite panel of the members who attended • Consider applying to host the next Net Impact Annual Conference. Contact for guidelines and timeline NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 26
  27. 27. Fundraise Chapter fundraising We want your chapter to be as successful as possible and having some money for your group is helpful. Here are some ideas for how you can fundraise for your chapter: • Solicit annual activity fees from chapter members (these fees are entirely separate from Net Impact central membership dues) • Sell novelty items/products as fundraisers – environmentally friendly products and fair trade sourced goods are especially appropriate • Ask your school administration for support. Please see the Net Impact fundraising best practice ( for benchmark information from other chapters on how schools support chapter activities financially • Ask your Development / Alumni offices if you can solicit donations from alumni in related fields • Set up a campaign to raise internship funding for students who choose to work in nonprofits. Some schools ask classmates to donate a small percentage of their summer salaries to the nonprofit internship fund • Charge small entrance fees for events. Sometimes this can be profitable, especially if you’ve had food or drink donated • Solicit local companies and neighborhood businesses to give in-kind donations. Vendors who work with organic/socially responsible products can be especially good prospects Please also see our Fundraising policies in the policies section above. Tech tools As chapter leaders you are able to access tech tools to help you more smoothly run your chapter. The following are available to you: • Run membership queries • Update Chapter Search Pages • Create chapter newsletter pages For instructions, please see the CRG appendix and/or the chapter leader resource portal. NET IMPACT STUDENT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006-07 27
  28. 28. Bring Net Impact Central programs to your chapter “The programs and connections of Net Impact stimulate the potential in students to move forward with our ideals to create action and implement change. Renee Baiorunos, Georgetown Net Impact Programs focus on providing members with education, career and community impact opportunities that utilize business skills to improve the world. Events and network support provide the foundation for growing and supporting our member impact. Why involve your chapter Net Impact centrally manages a number of programs to enable chapter leaders to create successful local initiatives without “reinventing the wheel”. The programs are strategically chosen for maximum impact – not only for having high potential to create change at one university, but also for having the potential to demonstrate that graduate business students can and will change the world through business. They are also chosen through listening to the interests and demands of our student members, as well as through strategic analysis of the program’s potential impact. For all of Net Impact Central Programs, Net Impact Central provides easy ways to get the word out to your chapters and encourage involvement. How to get involved • Promote to your chapter in your newsletters: look in your monthly CLUE newsletter for promotional blurbs to distribute to your members • Remind members to check the Net Impact web site frequently for updates: link to Net Impact’s web site in your emails and newsletters • Link to the Net Impact home page from your Net Impact chapter’s web site • Share your chapter’s successes by providing Best Practices to Net Impact Central. You can fill in a form at NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006 28
  29. 29. Program Details Curriculum Change Helping students bring valuable CSR and social impact themes into the classroom The goals of the Curriculum Change program are to empower students to make changes/improvements to their schools’ curricula, through leveraging best practices from other schools, providing tools and resources to facilitate the change, and connecting members with other schools working towards the same goals. In spring 2006, Net Impact Central began working with students to implement change. To learn more about the Curriculum Change Delegate position and to get in involved in fall 2006, visit Issues in Depth Education Providing in-depth and interactive learning and development opportunities Net Impact provides member education on topics related to corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit business, environmental sustainability, and more. One way is through Issues in Depth calls, which are designed to provide in-depth and interactive coverage of both education and career topics. There are about four calls per month focused on career and educational topics that members can call into; these calls are also posted on the Net Impact website. Another tool is the online Learning Center, with news and resources on a variety of topics at Campus Greening Initiative Inspiring and equipping members to push their campuses towards a higher level of sustainability Net Impact's Campus Greening Initiative (CGI) helps student members put their beliefs into action through campus sustainability efforts. The goals of the CGI are to use business skills to improve universities' impact on the environment, as well as to raise awareness of environmental problems and solutions among emerging business leaders. We also will provide participating members with tangible project management, analytical, and change management skills and experiences. This is also a tremendous opportunity for those interested in a career in sustainability to make connections, both with other students and with our professional advisors! Career Services Helping members find careers with meaning While many of you know our career services to be the Career Fair and Expo at the annual conference and our job board, many other career tools and resources are available for members. • Social Impact Career Handbook, highlighting careers in social impact fields. The updated version of this will be released in mid-August (continued on page 29) 29 NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006
  30. 30. • Issues in Depth Call Series: many of these calls provide insight into specific career paths, or share stories of success in a particular field. These are a great way to connect with leaders in the field, as well as other Net Impact members • Resume book: all paid members are able to post their resume to our job board site. Recruiters are notified when new resumes are added that match their keyword criteria. This is a great way to get noticed by recruiters who are hoping to hire Net Impact members • Company ratings: each year, leading businesses and publications release lists of the top companies in different fields. This new tool compiles this information to provide an overview of how companies rank on each of the indices. Check this out to see which companies match your interests and values! There are also some ways that your chapter can get involved: • Contribute to the Social Impact Career Handbook: if your school is doing great work in helping students find jobs in a social impact field, let us know. We’d love to feature your program to the Net Impact network • Introduce Net Impact to recruiters: in an effort to continue augmenting our job board, we are doing more outreach to recruiters. Help us meet the companies and recruiters that are of interest to you. Forward along our recruiter brochure to your contacts. This can be accessed at or by clicking on the “Recruit” link on our home page. • List Net Impact on your resume: help build the network by highlighting your involvement with Net Impact. Like many alumni organizations, the Net Impact network opens doors and provides connections in cities and states and countries as you relocate for new jobs and internships. Learn more at Service Corps Consulting to nonprofits on business issues Service Corps gives Net Impact members an opportunity to share their business expertise with nonprofits by participating in a 3-month pro-bono consulting team project. Benefits of Service Corps include: • Providing valuable business expertise and resources to a nonprofit in your community • Refining and applying business skills in innovative ways • Developing leadership skills by working with your consulting team and the nonprofit • Meeting other Net Impact members who share your values for using the power of business to improve the world (continued on page 30) NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006 30
  31. 31. Each volunteer should be able to dedicate approximately 15-20 hours per month on project work. It is very important that volunteers are able to spend the necessary time on Service Corps for the duration of their commitment. Without time and dedication, projects will not be as beneficial for the volunteers or the nonprofit partners. Learn more at Board Fellows The Board Fellows program brings valuable business skills to nonprofits, while exposing Net Impact members to nonprofit management and governance. Fellows serve on a nonprofit board for eight months to one year and, during this time, work on a strategic project for the organization. Benefits of Board Fellows include: • Engaging with a nonprofit on a strategic level • Learning about nonprofit management and governance through first hand experience • Developing deeper knowledge of specific social issues related to the work of the nonprofit Fellows should expect to spend between 6-10 hours per month working on the strategic project and attending board meetings. Learn more at For more information on any of the above programs, please see In Closing We hope that the Chapter Resource Guide has been useful for you. Remember to bookmark the Chapter Leader Resource Portal ( and that the password to enter the site is nileader. We will be regularly adding and updating material based on your feedback. We are excited to work with you over the upcoming year and look forward to helping make your chapter a success. We sincerely appreciate the leadership role you are taking in running your chapter! 31 NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006
  32. 32. Net Impact Chapter Locations Net Impact U.S. Chapters =student =professional WA MT ME ND MN VT OR ID NH NY WI MI SD MA CT WY RI IA PA NE NJ NV OH UT DE IL IN CA WV CO MD KS MO VA KY NC TN AZ OK NM AR SC GA AL MS TX AK LA FL HI Net Impact International Chapters Rotterdam Berlin Trondheim Toronto London Edmonton Copenhagen Montreal Geneva Paris Vancouver Seoul Fontainebleau Bangladesh Barcelona Madrid Athens Bangkok Hyderabad Melbourne =student =professional NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006 32
  33. 33. VII. APPENDIX Run membership queries Membership queries allow you to download information on all members of your chapter. Use this to learn about your members and customize your activities to their interests. To run a membership query, you must first login as your chapter profile; the login information should have been included in your chapter kit. If you do not have your chapter login, please email to request it. Once logged in as your chapter profile, click the “enter admin area” button at the very bottom of the page. From in the admin area, click on the “site admin” button and then “database administration,” from the resulting drop down menu. At this point, you should be able to click on “database queries and reports.” Once you select to run a membership query you will see a screen that includes many different searchable fields. You will want to make sure that you search using the field “chapter affiliation” as opposed to the “city,” or “graduate program,” search field. The “chapter affiliation” box is in the left hand column at the bottom of the screen. Once you have selected “chapter affiliation” click “Next” at the bottom of the page. On the next page there will be a drop down menu from which you should select the name of your chapter as the searchable term. After selecting your chapter, click the “next” box. On the next screen you can select what information you would like to pull up on your members. Usually first and last name, preferred email address, and register date are adequate. Select them by clicking on the boxes and then click “finish,” at the bottom of the screen. Once you have completed the query, click “direct download (via web)” and open the resulting text file using Microsoft Excel, as this will allow you to more easily manipulate the data. Update chapter search pages A great tool to attract potential members to your chapter is your chapter page on the Net Impact site. Visitors to the site can search for chapters by region or name; if there is a chapter in their area the search result will lead them to the chapter page. It is quite easy to maintain these pages and we ask that chapter leaders check occasionally to make sure their chapter’s information is accurate. The capacities of the pages are somewhat limited so some chapters have chosen to have a chapter webpage from an outside provider and simply link to it from the Net Impact page. 33 NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006
  34. 34. To modify your page please follow the steps below: Before editing your chapter’s page, you must first login as your chapter profile; the login information should have been included in your chapter kit. If you do not have your chapter login, please email to request it. Once logged in as your chapter profile, click the “enter admin area” button at the very bottom of the page. Once in the admin area click on “site admin” button and select “content pages” and then “sub pages.” You should then be able to select your chapter page. To modify the page, use the text window at the bottom of the page; it is also possible to edit the page using HTML by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the very bottom left corner of the text box. Be careful about copying and pasting information into the text window, as text copied from word processing programs often has font tags attached and can make formatting difficult. If your chapter is using the page frequently and referencing it in publications you may want to consider creating a custom URL (e.g. Email if you would like to do this. Create chapter newsletter pages If you prefer to create your newsletters online through Net Impact’s site please request to have a chapter newsletter page created by emailing Once your page is created you can modify it and send it out by following the steps below: Before editing your chapter’s page, you must first login as your chapter profile; the login information should have been included in your chapter kit. If you do not have your chapter login, please email to request it. Once logged in as your chapter profile, click the “enter admin area” button at the very bottom of the page. Once in the admin area click on “site admin” button and select “content pages” and then “sub pages.” You should then be able to select your chapter newsletter page. To modify the page, use the text window at the bottom of the page; it is also possible to edit the page using HTML by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the very bottom left corner of the text box. Be careful about copying and pasting information into the text window, as text copied NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006 34
  35. 35. from word processing programs often has font tags attached and can make formatting difficult. Once you have all the correct text on your chapter newsletter page and are ready to send it out, email with the link to your page and the membership team will to a targeted email to your chapter’s membership with the link to the newsletter page. 35 NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006
  36. 36. Student Chapter Leader Call Schedule 2006-07 All calls begin at 9am PST/ Noon EST Dial in: 1-866-206-0131 Pass code: 205710 * = designed for new or small chapters + = designed for larger or more established chapters Date Topic Description Navigating Social Change: how about navigating the actual conference? Dial in for all around conference tips. This call will cover everything from reaching out Friday, Coordinating the conference + to your members before they've even bought fall 8/25/06 books to making the most of the conference opportunities. Join efforts with others as you make efforts for others Member Wednesday, to join! Partner with other organizations such as recruitment/kick off NSHMBA, Black MBA, LABA, GWIB, etc. to expand 8/30/06 partners * your reach and grow your membership base. Back to school and back into your community. Net Impact will host this call to bring all chapters up to Friday, Net Impact date on our community impact programs: Campus programs *+ 9/29/06 Greening Initiative, Curriculum Change, Service Corps, and Board Fellows. As business students you know very well that there is money to be made out there. Tune in to hear what Wednesday, Fundraising + fundraising strategies have worked with other 10/4/06 chapters and how you can make the most of your Net Impact budget. Now that your members are charged and ready to go the best thing you as a leader can do is channel that energy into action. This call will help you execute your post-conference plan to create opportunities for your Channeling the members and your organization as you move forward Wednesday, conference and with your own chapter goals. And, with over 100 11/1/06 regional chapters it's inevitable that some of you literally are on collaborations *+ common ground. For those of you that are sharing cities or states tune in to this call to hear about successful collaborations between chapters, both professional and student based. Where did the time go? As you look forward to Effective leadership Friday, transition your leadership team this call will help transitions and post- ensure that all the progress you made this year will 12/1/06 term involvement *+ successfully transition to the next leadership team so NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006 36
  37. 37. they can have a running start on the new year to continue with your great work. Congratulations and welcome to the Net Impact chapter leader network! Dial in to learn about Net Impact central, chapter standards and resources Wednesday, New chapter leader available to you and your chapter as a chapter leader. orientation *+ 12/6/06 This call will teach you everything you need to know about taking advantage of the Net Impact resources and excelling in your new role. Friday, General chapter Call agenda based on chapter leader requests. building *+ 12/22/06 Reach for the stars with a map and a vision. This call is designed to help you focus on your primary chapter Friday, Annual planning *+ 1/19/07 goals and develop a plan and tracking system to ensure your success. Congratulations and welcome to the Net Impact chapter leader network! Dial in to learn about Net Impact central, chapter standards and resources Friday, New chapter leader available to you and your chapter as a chapter leader. orientation *+ 2/2/07 This call will teach you everything you need to know about taking advantage of the Net Impact resources and excelling in your new role. If you want something done right...well you can do it all yourself, but you can do a lot more by effectively Wednesday, Managing your utilizing your leadership team. Join us to learn how to 2/7/07 leadership team * ensure that your chapter priorities are on the top of your team's list. Going somewhere? While you're only on campus for two years your Net Impact chapter is here to stay, with Friday, Building a Net Impact your imprint! Hear what other chapters have done to legacy + 3/2/07 institutionalize Net Impact events and ensure that their chapter will live strong with each new team of leaders. There’s something for everyone with Net Impact. Reach beyond your Net Impact membership by Expanding the Net partnering with other organizations (i.e. Consulting, Wednesday, Impact membership Marketing, International Business and Finance on campus - internal 3/7/07 organizations) to help all students recognize partnerships * opportunities for impact in their own career path or through their own personal interests. Not so fast with those diplomas second years! Your strongest alumni connection is right in front of you, but Friday, Strategically engage they’re walking out the door. Dial in to hear strategies 3/30/07 alumni * on keeping your outgoing class connected and reaching out to your existing alumni base. Ever feel like you’re starting from scratch with certain Wednesday, Building an alumni Net Impact aspects? Hear how the York chapter advisory council + 4/4/07 created an Alumni Advisory Council to increase its 37 NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006
  38. 38. knowledgebase and effectively utilize its alumni’s input. They may not be on campus, but guaranteed that campus is on their mind. Summer is a great time to reach out to the incoming first year class to educate Friday, Reaching out to the them about Net Impact and help them prepare for the incoming class *+ 4/27/07 year to come. Join this call to hear about success stories and suggestions from other Net Impact chapters. Where did the time go? As you look forward to transition your leadership team this call will help Effective leadership ensure that all the progress you made this year will Wednesday, transitions and post- 5/2/07 successfully transition to the next leadership team so term involvement *+ they can have a running start on the new year to continue with your great work. The powers that be may be on your side and likely Engaging support many of them are...have you asked for their support Friday, from the faculty and lately? Dial in to hear how to effectively engage the 6/1/07 administration *+ faculty and administration on your campus and how to leverage their resources and connections. Surrounded by familiar faces when swamped with Member engagement work? This call will help you learn how chapters have Friday, successfully created opportunities to engage their and committee 6/29/07 opportunities *+ member base while involving students in areas that are of particular interest to them. Reach for the stars with a map and a vision. This call Friday, is designed to help you focus on your primary chapter Annual planning *+ goals and develop a plan and tracking system to 8/3/07 ensure your success. If your chapter has a best practice you would like to present on one of the calls, please email Our chapters really like to hear from each other, so don’t be shy – volunteer to lead a best practice today! NET IMPACT CHAPTER RESOURCE GUIDE 2006 38